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Well Vegas was a lot of fun :)  I met up with some friends and tore the town UP :)  It was great!  Tonight I finally got into my links email and got to update all of my link pages.  I've added new links to my cliques, journals, reviews and fiction link pages - AND my "what I'm reading now" page... check em out!   :)


FINALLY.  Chapter 9 of "In just one night" is up :)   *whew*  And that's about all I've got to say tonight.  I leave for Vegas on Friday - yay!!


Well, I know I shouldn't start work on a new story while I have two in progress... but I did anyway.  It's called "Once in a Lifetime" and it's a slash story.   If that's not your style, don't bother reading it. :)  It's not graphic, but it does involve m/m relationships.  I hope to have the new chapter of "In just one night" up by this weekend as well... don't worry - it hasn't been forgotten. :)


Happy New Year!!! And yes, I know I'm late with that. :)  Anyway... I'm writing away on both "in progress" stories... but Kare had a "Truth or Dare" challenge, so I decided to see what I could come up with.  And this is it:  "In Between" <-- I wrote it late last night... and I'm easily amused.  You've been warned.  Oh, and it's slash.


"Sweet Dreams" <- that my friends, is a little bit of non-sexual TrickyFish slash.   It's short and sweet and... warm. :)  It was inspired by my friend Kare's text messages to me during the day... so yay Kare! :)

12/29 (again)

Well I have no patience whatsoever.  Chapter 11 is up, so I'm going to take off and spend the day away from the computer.   :)


Chapter 10 of "Said and done" is up.  The chapter took off and got longer than I expected so I broke it up into two chapters.  Chapter 11 will be posted Monday night... and as soon as I post it I'm leaving the country because that's the chapter that kills me, and I don't think I want to see the reactions to it. LOL j/k


A long time ago I started a songfic and never finished it.  I don't particularly care for songfics, but this one needed to be written. :)   So tonight I finished it... "She misses him"... enjoy :)


Well well well... chapter 9 of "Said and Done" is up, just in time for the weekend!  I'm going to go get some Christmas shopping out of the way now... have a great one!


Chapter 8 of "In just one night" is up :)  I finished it while I was on vacation in Toronto this weekend. :)  I had a great time!!  to read what I did and who I hung out with and everything... click on over to my journal!   I should have pictures up soon!


I found this friends test thing online... a lot of people over in the LJ world made one so I thought I would too.  So if you're bored and have a few minutes to kill, click on over to take the quiz to see how well you know me :)  Oh c'mon.  It'll be fun! :)  **note** The quiz is now closed, thanks to everyone who participated!


I wrote this a while ago, and never posted it because it's not a story.  But as you can tell by looking at my stories page, I've taken to adding scenes/captures to the list as well... and this is one of them.   It's called "Brick" because I'm terribly unoriginal, and that was the song that inspired the little scene.  It's Chris/Joey but not slash.  I suppose you could read more into it than what's there, but slash was not the intention.  Enjoy.


Chapter 8 of "Said and Done" is up now. :)  And that's all I'm gonna say about it.


All righty - I'm almost done with the next chapter of "Said and done" and I should have an update in a matter of days.  In the meantime I've posted a little slashy bit.  It's TrickyNick if you're interested: "The release"


WOW!  I've gotten a lot of email about my before and after pictures - Thank you all so much!  I've put my diet story up on a page as well since so many people were asking how I did it.   This should explain just about everything, but if anyone still has questions don't hesitate to ask.  I don't mind personal questions or anything (about the diet anyway!) :)  Thanks again!


Happy Halloween! :)  I hope everyone had a great (and safe!) night!  I've posted some pictures of me, doccumenting my weightloss.   I've put my "before" pictures from earlier this year, beside pictures that were taken this evening.  You can see them here:  Before and after  I've lost 101 pounds as of this last Monday, and I still have another about... 30 to go.  Not too shabby!!


So.  A long ass time ago Allecto asked for an Nsync/BSB crossover slash AU punk story... with specific pairings (Chris/Nick, JC/AJ and Joey as a daddy) and things like that.  So after a few weeks of pondering and fighting away bunnies... I came up with this:  Tattooed.   It's just a scene.  A short lil nothing that won't become a story because I can't get into BSB's heads even if it is an AU story... so yeah.  If you've got a spare minute and a half and think a crossover/au/slash/punk thing sounds interesting, check it out :)


All righty - "In just one night" has been updated - chapter 7 is now up.  *sigh* and now I'm going to bed. :)


As promised, chapter 7 of "Said and done" is up.  The next chapter of "In just one night" will be ready soon - by the end of the week if all things go well :)


Hey!  I updated!  "Said and done" chapter six is up now. :)   I've finished chapter seven and it will be up next week.  I'm working on the next chapter of "In just one night" as well... that one has had me stuck for a little bit but it's getting there.  Thanks for your patience!


Well - New York was a blast!  To read all about my trip, meeting Joey and seeing "Rent" - click here: EEEK!  This is my time to go teeny, so you'll have to forgive all the typos and squealing :)


I don't have a story update at the moment, but it's been a while since I posted anything here... so...  well I'm blocked at the moment.   I'm working on new chapters for both of the 'in progress' stories... but they just aren't flowing how I want them to.  I'm going to NY for the weekend, so I'm hoping that being around some friends will inspire me or just bump me out of this slump.  :)

As for the people sending rude email's demanding that I update?  The day I get paid for this is the day you can demand anything.  Till then?  I update when I can, and when I want to.  Thank you.


Yep.  Chapter 5 of "Said and done" is up.  Finally.   This one was a hard one - I had it almost done then decided to change the whole thing.  Bah.  So here's the finished product.  More to come!

9/13 *again*

The new chapter is up :)  "In just one night" - chapter 6.   AND  I've added a little fun questions page.  I asked around to fellow authors on livejournal and had them answer some questions regarding their fic. and themselves.  Kinda.  Anyway - if you're bored, come check it out!  If you're an author you can even submit your own answers!


"Said and done" has been updated... chapter 4 is now up.  With both of these stories updated, I'm taking the weekend off - WOO HOO! :)  Hav ea great one :)


Well I did it.  I updated an "in progress" story - and I changed the story page layout.  Chapter 5 of "In just one night" is up.  A new chapter for "Said and done" should be ready this weekend. :)


Hey - guess what?  I wrote a slash story.  As most people know, I'm a big fan of slash... but this is my first time actually writing one.  It's a short bit of Timbertrick, and it's called "Boy Wonder" :)


Hi all :)  First things first - "The other man" is now completed!  Second - I am walking in the San Diego AIDS walk on October 6th, and I'm looking for sponsors... so if by chance you'd like to sponsor me, and see why I'm walking, click here: My Sponsor Page.  Thanks!!


New layout!  Kind of... a little. :)  I'm going for the Joey/Rent theme because I'm just so excited! *happy dance*  But uh... that's all I've done.


Wow!  A lot has happened in a week.  I'm going to NYC to see my Joey in 'Rent'!! :)   I'll be there from Oct. 11th - Oct. 13th (Fri, Sat & Sun) so if anyone is in that area and wants to meet up, let me know!

I've also updated "Said and done" - Chapter 3 is now up.   Enjoy!


Today is a great day!  I bought my tickets for Toronto (so if anyone lives there - or near there - and would like to meet up in November, let me know!) and I have two updates tonight. :)  The fourth chapter of "In just one night" and my new short story, "I find myself".  Enjoy!


I've added a "What I'm reading" page even though I don't read much... I like to share what I am reading or have read. :)  Also!!  Heather made an Nsync Timeline a few weeks ago and I never posted the link.  I think you'll like this... it's very well done!  See the timeline


Not really an update, just a heads up.  I'm close to finishing a new short story, so the banner is up on the "in progress" page.  I should have it up in a week or so where it will stay on the "in progress" page for a week - then it will be moved to the "completed stories" page.  I know there's a bridge in the pic - but it's not another "Jumper" :)  Promise.


Thank you all for your birthday wishes!! I had a wonderful day... and I got some writing done :)  Chapter 7 of "The other man" is up.  This is the chapter that I've had written for a while - and I'm so excited to post it. :)   *eeee!!*


Happy almost birthday to me!!  (an hour and 21 mins to go!)  I updated "Said and Done" (finally) so click on over and check out chapter 2.   WOO HOO!


Well I had today off so I played with my links page.  The Bravenet thing wasn't working for me, so I just went and did it myself.  *hrmph*  If you have a site and it's not listed there, email me and let me know which category (yes, it can be in more than one category - IF IT FITS)    :)


"The other man" has been updated!  Chapter 6 is up :)


"In just one night" - the third chapter is up. :)   I'm working on the other two stories as well, and I hope to have something this weekend or early next week.


Okay, this is my updating weekend.  Chapter 2 of "In just one night" is up now.  With these two updates done, I'm going to take a couple days off from writing *whew* It's well deserved I think! :)  Enjoy!


Just in time *whew* :)  I've put up the first chapter of "Said and done".  I sent out an update on Topica, but they seem to be lagging when it comes to sending out the actual e-mails, so I hope people check here too :)


I updated "The other man" (finally!).  So chapter 5 is up... :)  There ya go!  I've spent a lot of time this week coming up with more ideas for "Said and done" (the next JC/Kyle story), I just need to sit down and type them up.  I've added some more awards sites so if you're in the mood to nominate or vote for some great stories, click on over to the awards page :)


I submitted my site to be reviewed at Orange-Jellos reviews.  They seem pretty cool and I like their grading techniques.  It's worth a look if you have a site, but check out the rules first! :)

6/19/02 *again*

I've also put up two cut scenes from "Heart of mine" if you'd like to see those... click here.

Yay!   I posted the first chapter of "In Just One Night".  It's kind of short, but it gets the ball rolling. :)  Enjoy!


Sheesh... I'm really lame (and sorry).  I never put the update for "Heart of mine" up here.  Ii mean, it's on the story page... but I didn't put it here, and I realize some people get their update info from here.  The end is up (it was completed on the 12th) so if you haven't already read it, you can do so here:  the ending...


As promised chapter 15 is up... click on over and check it out.  It's pretty emotional.  I'm giving you that warning now.  Hrmph.  But enjoy it... and know that the ending will be posted sometime this week, whenever I get to the point where I just cant wait any more LOL :)


Well now, chapter 14 of "heart of mine" is up :)  There are only 2 more chapters to go on this one, and they are almost done.  I will be posting chapter 15 this weekend sometime, and the ending hopefully next week or next weekend. :)   *whew*


I would like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to vote at the Kiss My Ass Awards and Unforgettable Awards!   I won a few over there, and looking at the winners lists, there are a lot of great writers and stories out there. :)  I also wanted to take a second and mention Ice - she has given me her "seal of approval" which is a definite honor!


"the other man" has been updated :)  part 4 is up... after almost a month of waiting *sigh* I lag.


So I got an e-mail today from koralin and cat and they have opened a new fiction review site.  I've been looking for another one of these , since the only other ones I've found were never updated *grr* so if you guys have a story you want to be reviewed, or if you'd like to be a reviewer (I think they're looking for those too) click on over:

pitfall.jpg (1742 bytes)

5/26/02 (again)

well.  I came back and added a new links page.   it's one of those "link yourself" type pages, but it's through bravenet and put together a lot better than the old one - and lots easier to navigate.  this will take the place of my "links" page, and save me lots of time.  so if you have a site - ANY kind of site (journal, messageboard, personal... ) click on over to the new links page and put it up there. :)  if there's another category you'd like to see, let me know!

*grrrr* I've about had it with guestbooks.  getstring can pretty much jump up my ass right now.   they were cool and had a rad layout - too bad they've been down half the time I've had an account there.  so now I'm going with bravenet.  it's got a sucky banner and stuff - but it WORKS :)  so... *sigh*  here's the new one:  guestbook.   and hey!  I added some cool new questions so it wont be a total waste of your time :)


See?  Another update for "Heart of mine" :)  chapter 13 is now up... but you may have to refresh the page when you get there, some people have had problems seeing past chapters.  bah.


All righty - chapter 12 of "Heart of mine" is up.  I know it's been more than a month, but *sigh* I've been working on later chapters which means there will be another update for this one very very soon.  Possibly this week. :)


So I added a new little preview bit: "in just one night".  It's a new lance story... I've been working on it lately, but I'm not sure when I'll actually start it.   I've got a lot more homework to do on it :)

On a side note, as listed in my disclaimer... none of my characters are up for grabs.  Please do not use them in your stories.  I understand it may seem like a fun idea, but it's not.  It's still plagiarism and it will not be tolerated.  I appreciate those who have asked, but the answer is, and will always be, no.


I added a cliques page (as well as a bunch of cliques) so clique on over. :) hahahha I crack myself up.


as promised, the final part of the "alone together" ending is up.   that's the only update for today :) 


"alone together" was updated tonight :)  this is part one of the ending, part two will be posted tomorrow or Thursday.  I was going to keep it all in one piece, but it got to be too long... longer than I'd want to sit down and read in one sitting :)  so there ya go.  part one of the ending.


I have added a site info page because lately it seems like a lot of people are asking for this kind of information :)


"the other man" has been updated... after a month.  egads - I'm sorry for the delay with this chapter :(  however, I'm also working on the final chapter of "alone together" and I hope to have that up within a week (keep your fingers crossed!) and I'm also working on "heart of mine" but I've actually been working on scenes that will be happening in later chapters.  I just need to work them all together. :) 


new site of the month announced!  of course, it's been more than a month.  I'm kinda bad about updating that page... but hey!  more exposure for those sites right? 


time for a little shameless self-promotion.  there are a bunch of awards sites that are open for voting right now, so if you'd like to vote for me, or any of the other nominees, or find some really cool stories... click on over to the vote/awards page to check them out.    :)      that's about as shameless as I get.  honest.  so um... go vote.  if you want to.

dangit.  I noticed that I forgot to put the "10 commandments" link in the last update thing so I'll do it here.  that's actually a bad name for that little tid bit thing, but *shrug* there it is if you want it   :)

I am also not hosting stories any more.  I will keep the ones I have up there (and any pending stories that have already received their confirmations) but I will not be accepting new stories.  too many people are not paying attention to the rules, and it's really turning into more trouble than it's worth.


as you can see I've changed things around a little bit tonight :)   I've gotten rid of my old guestbook and I've made a new one (I just needed a change).  I've also removed the regular nsync quotes from the page because they were bugging me.  blah.  and finally - I've made this little blogger type update page thingy that's not a blogger really - its my own lame ass version of a blogger. :)  but this way you'll be able to scroll back and go "now wait a minute... when did this foolio change this!?" and it'll be here!

while I'm announcing the changes and updates, I've gotta pimp the zero tolerance clique again.  we've added 57 new members already and it's growing fast!  if you're an online writer of any genre, click on over to see how you can support the anti-plagiarist cause :)

if anyone has trouble with this new layout or whatever, please let me know so I can try to fix it as soon as possible.  you can email me at with any questions or suggestions at any time.  

anyway, have a look around, really... not much has changed except this page and the guestbooks, but I'm working on doing more with the whole site... slowly.   :)