The Official Disclaimer (and copyright warning)


It's FICTION people


None of the stories you are about to read are true.   They never really happened.  It's fiction.  It's made up.  It's not real.  It's a fairytale.

I am in no way associated with Jive, WEG, Nsync... or any other management company, producer, celebrity, friend of celebrity or anything like that mentioned in any of my stories.

I do not own or claim rights to Nsync or any other celebrity mentioned in any of my stories.  In most cases I have never even met the subject in question. I do not know them. I am not dating them.  I am not stalking them.  Honest O:)   I can not deliver a message to them and I can not pass along marriage proposals.  These stories are my interpretations of what I think these guys are like in person, or how I feel like portraying them at the moment.   Just because I write them as suicidal players does not mean that's how I think they actually are.  IT'S FICTION.

I do however own, run and operate the other characters in all of the stories (i.e.: Grace, Kyle, Sara, Dayna, Claudia, Jessica, Carter, Fiona... you get the picture) They are bits and pieces of me and my friends, and are not for sale, lease or rent.  Do not use them.   (Several female leads are written with my friends in mind.  I don't own them... but... well... you know.)

Plagiarism is against the law and I have absolutely NO problem shutting down sites that steal from me.  It's not worth the trouble you'd have to go through to copy and paste, trust me.  Whether it's the whole story, a few scenes, original ideas or original characters.  It will not be tolerated.

All of the stories on this site (finished and unfinished) are copyrighted by ME.  If you want information of copyright laws, please click here:  What is Copyright?   Essentially that means one thing: 

Don't even think about taking them.


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If you have any questions or need anything clarified... e-mail me.