Categories in RED are closed with the maximum of 10 nominees.

"Hey Baby...*wink*" - Biggest flirt

"You complete me" - Most romantic character

"Wait... who?" - Best story where you don't find out until the end (if at all) who the story is about.  (think: Jumper)

"Who let the dogs out?" - Biggest dog in a story.  Total player... you know the type.

"Dear..." - Best letter in a story.  Romantic, break up, confession... doesn't matter.

"Bizarre love triangle" - Best love triangle including at least three characters.   That doesn't mean a threesome kids...

"How's that?" - Most original story format (think: The Sound of Your Voice)

"I, me, mine" - Best story told in the first person (Nsyncers point of view)

"I, me, mine" - Best story told in the first person (non-Nsyncers point of view)

"Whaaaaambulance" - Biggest cry baby or whiner in a story

"Who sings that?" - Best song sung by an Nsyncer - but it's not a Nsync song (for instance, if Joey sang "Beat it" - that would qualify)

"It's like... WHOA" - The ending you never saw coming.

"More issues than TV guide" - Best story that takes place in rehab/counseling.

"Will you...?" - Best proposal

"I do..."  Best wedding scene

"Leave my sight" - Best break up

"Return to me"  - Best make up

"Got crackers?" - The plot is cheesy, but wonderfully done

"The year is..." - Best story set at least 5 years in the future

"Have you heard?" - Best story no one has heard of (site has little/no exposure, I will approve these nominees)

"Once... twice... three times..." - Story you can (and have) read countless times

"First timer" - Story that deserves an award, but has never won one (must have no awards at the time of voting)

"Three foot nuthin" - Best short story (less than 3 chapters)

"Grande, tall" - Best long story (3+ chapters)

"Discontinued" - Story that is no longer updated... but worth reading what's up and hounding the author for more.

"Best JAF" - Best Joey story

"Best JLB" - Best Lance story

"Best JRT" - Best Justin story

"Best CAK" - Best Chris story

"Best JSC" - Best JC story

"It's all your fault!" - The author that got you hooked on fanfiction

"Worth the wait" - Author that doesn't update regularly, but when she does it's well worth the wait

"Sugar is sweet" - The nicest author.  She responds to e-mails and is overall nice and helpful



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