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Congratulations to all of the winners!   You all deserve the recognition...

These are winners from my Summer 2001 Awards


Best Story (overall)

"Nobody Loved You" - Neesha


Best Author (overall)



Best Fiction Site (overall)

Basic-Nstynct - Shellie    (visual)


Best Short Story

"Alone In the Crowd" - PbMaxCa


Best Short Story Author

Gretchen   (slash)


Best Long Story

"All That You Can't Leave Behind" -  Lois Lane  (slash)


Best Long Story Author



Best Drama

"Nobody Loved You" - Neesha


Best Incomplete Story

"After the Rain Has Gone" - Angie


Best Story Based on a Song

"I Thought She Knew" - Marlowe


Best Tearjerker

"One Thing I Learned Today" - Gretchen   (slash)


Best Slash

"College Life" - Gretchen


Best Visual

"Smokers Cough" - Anya   (slash)


Best Comedy

"Justin Fixes the VCR" - Patti


Best Romance

"Heart Transplant" - Matthew (slash)


Best Horror

"Death By Design" - Kait & AJ


Best Justin Story

"Nobody Loved You" - Neesha


Best Joey Story

"Two Rooms Away" - Colleen  (slash)


Best Chris Story

"I Thought She Knew" - RainbowBriteLives


Best Lance Story

"Forgotten; Found" - Gretchen (slash)


Best JC Story

"Playing it by Heart" - Twinkiegurl


Best Use of a Cheesy Plot

"The Same Inside" - Helen (slash)


Most Original Storyline

"Stay the Night" - Em  (slash)


Favorite Original Character (non-Nsync)

(Stephen) "My Surprise Romance" - Gabriella  (slash)


Favorite Supporting Character

(Justin)  "All That You Can't Leave Behind" - Lois Lane (slash)


Best Story Where One of the Members is Dead or Dies

"Never Forever" - JCShell


Best Story Where One of the Members is or Gets Married

"All Good Things" - Twinkiegurl


Best "Daddy" Story

"Bedtime Stories" - Isabella


Best Opening Line or Scene That Grabbed You

"And They Call It Puppy Love" - Lois Lane (slash)


Justin as Anything But "perfect"

"Luster" - Gretchen   (slash)


Joey as Anything But "a player"

"I Thought She Knew" - Marlowe


Chris as Anything But "goofy/hyper"

"Happy New Year" - Ice   (slash)


JC as Anything But "serious/professional"

"It's All Coming Back To Me Now" - Shellie (visual)


Lance as Anything But "quiet/serious"

"Love's Cuffs" - Mariah  (slash)


Funniest Scene

"I Can Love You Like That" - Anna  (chapter 19, scene 3 - Flirting scene / Justin in shower)


Best Fight Scene

"My Little Mary" - Ms Storyteller  (chapter 17  JC/Chris)


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