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"Hey baby... *wink*"

Colorblind - Nicole (Joey)


"You complete me"

Fly away from here - Jenny (JC)


"Wait... who?"

Someone's watching - Isabella


"Who let the dogs out?"

(no award given)



Middle of nowhere - Sarah


"Bizarre love triangle"

5 guys, a girl and a toddler - Erin K.


"How's that?"

(no award given)


"I, me, mine" (nsync)

Middle of nowhere - Sarah


"I, me, mine" (non-nsync)

To get me to you - Shellie



(no award given)


"Who sings that?"

The tale of two pop stars - Jess -n- Jules


"It's like... WHOA"

Butterfly kisses - Lady Venus


"More issues than TV guide"

(no award given)


"Will you...?"

Whenever you call - *C*


"I do..."

(no award given)


"Leave my sight"

After the rain has gone - Angie   (chapter 27)


"Return to me"

Caught in the web - Meredith


"Got crackers?"

The Mississippi - Larisa Lee


"The year is - "

Butterfly kisses - Lady Venus


"Have you heard?"

Fate - HJL of the fiction


"Once... twice... three times..."

It's only me - FictionLyn


"First timer"

It was all for you - JML & Mira


"Three foot nuthin"

A short story of a lonely guy - Sarah


"Grande, tall"

The tale of two pop stars - Jess -n- Jules



Nothing else matters - Stella


"Best JAF"

Black Threes - Pepsicolagurl


"Best JLB"

And so it goes... - Cherries


"Best JRT"

If she only knew - FictionLyn


"Best CAK"

Images - *C*


"Best JSC"

Because of you - FictionLyn


"It's all your fault!"



"Worth the wait"


"Sugar is sweet"




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