Please read the rules carefully before submitting your nomination.  If the rules are not followed the story/author will not be put on the ballot.  If at any time during the awards process I discover a rule was not followed, that story/author will be removed or moved to the appropriate category (at my discretion)

The rules are subject to changes and additions at any time if I find there is an ongoing problem.

These are *Nsync fiction awards - therefore the stories must feature a member of the group. 

1)  These rules are not optional.   They apply to everyone.

2)  I (AmyK) am not eligible to win any of these awards.  I mean c'mon, I'm giving them away :)

3)  Everyone else is eligible to win.  Previous winners included.  I'm the only one that can't.

4)  All stories must be complete.

5)  All stories must be on a working site.  With being down more than its up, and message board being so hard to follow, stories on those sites will need to be hosted or uploaded somewhere else in order to be nominated.

6)  If at any time during the awards a story is removed from the site, it will be removed from the ballot.

7)  The nomination form must be filled out completely.  Any form that is incomplete will be ignored.

8)  Each category will contain only 10 nominees.  They will be listed on a first come/first served basis.  If you want to be sure your nominee is on there, submit it ASAP.

9)  Each author may only be nominated 5 times.  Again, this is on a first come/first served basis.  They will be listed for the first 5 categories they are nominated for.

10)  Slash/Visual stories (or stories with slash scenes or visual/graphic sex scenes) are not being accepted this time around.

11)  An author may not have more than one story nominated per category.  What's the fun in running against yourself?

12)  Authors may nominate themselves for one award - all the rest must come from readers.  They may not nominate themselves for an "author" award - hard to be partial when it's yourself.

13)  Nominees do not need to put a banner up on their site, I will not be checking.  But it's hard to get voted if no one knows you're nominated. :)

14)  Each category must have at least 2 nominees in order to get on the ballot.  If a category has only one nominee - there will be no award given.

15)  When the voting begins, you may only vote once.  If you submit 2 votes, all of your votes will be subtracted from the totals.  None of them will count.  Only vote once.

16)  The nomination period ends on March 1st (11:59pm California time).  The voting period begins on March 18th (12:00am California time) and ends on April 15th (11:59pm California time).  Any nominations or votes received outside of these time frames will be ignored.


Questions or Comments may be directed here:  Fantasy Awards