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Best Story (overall - any genre)

"Bedtime Stories" - Isabella


Best Author (overall - any genre)



Best Fiction Site (overall - any genre)

James Lance Bass Fiction - PbMaxCa


Best Short Story

"Home is Where the Heart is" - Mel


Best Long Story

"Let Him Fly" - Pepsicolagirl


Best Series

"Back to Your Heart" / "The Truth Remains" - Ashley


Best AU (long)

"The Best Deception" - Starlight Catcher


Best AU (short)

"Gone" - ~A


Best Slash (long)

"The Road Less Traveled" - Gretchen


Best Slash (short)

"Body Shots" - Hunnie B.   


Best Visual (long)

"Secrets and Lies" - Sues


Best Visual (short)

"Behind Closed Doors" - Scarlett


Best Incomplete Story

"Better Than Ice Cream" - Cherries


Best Story Based on a Song

"Wasted Love" - PbMaxCa


Best Tearjerker

"The Truth Remains" - Ashley


Best Drama

"If I Fall" - Pepsicolagirl


Best Comedy

"Nine Months of Trouble" - Isolde


Best Romance

"I Knew I Loved You" - Kat


Best Horror

"Bloodstained Letters" - Jags


Best Justin Story

"Wasted Love" - PbMaxCa


Best Joey Story

"To Love Again" - C


Best Chris Story

"My Little Mary" - Ms. Storyteller


Best Lance Story

"And So It Goes" - Cherries


Best JC Story

"Best of My Life" - KB


Best Use of the "girl on tour" Plot

"Let That Be Enough" - Roxy


Best Use of the "best friends from before" Plot

"The Two of Us" - Brisync


Best Use of the "I hate you/I love you" Plot

"If I Fall" - Pepsicolagirl


Most Original Storyline

"Silent Whispers" - Kait & AJ


Best Plot Twist

"The Truth Remains" - Ashely


Favorite Original Character (non-Nsync)

(Taylor Corman) "Back to Your Heart" - Ashley


Most Realistic Couple

(Joey and Ali)  "To Love Again" - C


Best Story Where One of the Members is Dead or Dies

"Two Alone" - Isabella


Best "Daddy" Story

"5 Guys, a Girl and a Toddler" - Erin K.


Best Story That Does Not Include a Performance

"Prince Charming" - Karly


Best Opening Line or Scene That Grabbed You

"Prince Charming" - Karly


Justin as anything but "perfect"

"Just Justin" - Brisync


Joey as anything but "a player"

"The Dark Side" - Hunnie B.


Chris as anything but "goofy/hyper"

"The Man You Need Me To Be" - RainbowBriteLives


JC as anything but "serious/professional"

"Up Against the Wall" - KB


Best Line (any genre)

"One Last Tear Drop" - Angels Tear Drop - "I just wanted to say I love you, once more, if only I could hear you say it again."


Best Ending

"Prince Charming" - Karly


Best Cliffhanger

"Let That Be Enough" - Roxy


Friendliest Author  (any genre)



Best New Author  (any genre)

Erin K.


Best "Old timer" Author   (any genre)




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