"Goin’ down to Nashville, gonna have myself a time!" Joey sang as they boarded the plane to Tennessee.

"Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation!" Justin joined in with his best "Southpark" voice.

"Except Kelly." Joey added softly as Chris laughed and picked up where Justin left off.

"Goin’ down to Nashville, gonna leave my woes behind!" He laughed and tossed his backpack on the floor by the window, then slid into his seat. "Come on JC, don’t leave us hanging."

"Ample parking day or night, people shouting howdy neighbor." JC mumbled as he fell into the seat in front of Chris.

"Lame Jace." Joey rolled his eyes and sat beside JC. "Bring it home, Lance."

"Headin’ down to Nashville, gonna see if I can’t unwind." Lance laughed.

"That’s not the end." Chris frowned.

"Yeah but what does Kenny say?" Joey asked as he turned around in his seat.

"Something about big fat titties." Chris shrugged.

"He does not." JC rolled his eyes.

"Then what does he say?"

"It’s just gibberish." JC looked out the window.

"Nah, he says stuff." Chris laughed and kicked his backpack under the seat in front of him. Chris dropped the argument and they flew to Nashville without incident.

They were met at the airport by another security guard and the van they’d be using for the next couple days in the city. "Are we going to the hotel first?" JC yawned as he slid in the back seat.

"Nope, straight to the studios. Johnny wants to see you before he leaves, and the hotel is out of the way." Mack explained.

"Great." JC sighed and stared out the window as the van pulled away from the curb. They drove thirty minutes out to the suburbs and turned down a street that looked more residential than anything.

"This is it?" Justin asked as they pulled up in front of what looked like a converted brick house. There was a small plaque by the door that said "Take Two Studios" and a welcome mat with a quarter note on it.

"Check the address." JC leaned forward in his seat.

"Yeah it could be wrong. There might be another Take Two studios on this street in Nashville. You never know." Chris said sarcastically as he pulled the heavy sliding door open. Their security exited the car first and came around to the side door to escort them into the building, though it was unnecessary. There wasn’t a soul on the street.

"This is like… a house." Lance frowned.

"Are you sure this is it?" Justin asked as he tagged along behind the rest of the group.

"This is it." Mack, one of their security guards, smiled.

"Hey guys, how was your flight?" Johnny asked as they filed into the tiny studio.

"Uh, fine." JC said as he looked around. "This is Take Two?"

"Yep, this is it." Johnny waved his arms around and smiled. "It’s small, but it’s got some of the best equipment you’ll find anywhere. Here, come on into the booth and check it out."

The guys reluctantly followed him down the hall and down a set of stairs to the basement studio. As soon as Johnny pushed the door open, all five guys gasped.

"Holy shit, is that a T-900 switch?" Chris’s eyes widened at the dual turntable in the corner. "Shut up." He said under his breath as he reached out to touch it.

"Look at this place, this is nuts." Joey stared at the acoustic ceiling and walls.

"No offense Johnny, but this place looks like a dump outside, this is unbelievable." Justin shook his head and slid the controls up and down on the soundboard as Mario the sound tech looked on.

"I know, this is our little hideaway." Johnny smiled. "Wanna hear what Kelly’s laid down this week?"

"Sure." JC shrugged and continued to look around the small studio. Mario flipped a few switches and the control board came alive with lights. He hit a button and music surrounded them, taking them by surprise.

"Wow, man that’s a sweet system." Lance smiled up at the speakers embedded in the wall.

"Hey hey hey, no peeking!" Kelly laughed as she came in through a side door. "Come on Johnny, turn that off before they steal my riffs."

"I’m just impressing them with the sound. How you doing?" He draped a fatherly arm over Kelly’s shoulders and smiled.

"I’m doing great. Dominic gave me a couple days off to play with your boys, so I’m doing fabulous."

"Uh oh, I’m gonna have to talk to Dom. That means I’ll have to give them a couple days off." Johnny laughed.

"You promised." Chris whined playfully from his position by the turntables.

"Yeah yeah, this is your mini vacation. I wanted you to check out the studio, maybe play around with Mario and the other techs, see how it sounds. If you like it, we’ll book you time for the next album."

"I like it." Chris laughed.

"Play around a little, then we’ll talk. You’ve got the rest of today, Sunday and Monday here. Play in the studio, sit in your rooms, hit the clubs or whatever, that’s up to you. Just be in my office at eight on Tuesday."

"We have a show in Atlanta on Tuesday." JC frowned.

"Yep. Which is why our meeting is at eight. It’ll be a couple hours and that’ll give you almost eight hours to get to Atlanta. Michelle is putting your flight packets together, you’ll have them Sunday night, so you have to pick them up from the front desk, which means no all nighter on Monday night."

"You’re no fun dad." Joey pouted.

"You wanna see no fun? Be late on Tuesday." Johnny smiled as he stepped out of the studio, but they all knew he was serious.

"So um, can we play around with a track? See how it sounds?" JC asked as he ran his fingers over the soundboard.

"You bet." Mario smiled. "Do you want a back track? Or acapella?"

"Right now?" Justin looked surprised.

"Sure, if you guys wanna get a feel for it or whatever. We can do a track over the next day or two so you can check it out."

"Awesome." Chris couldn’t keep his eyes off the turntables.

"Yeah, that’d be great." Lance nodded. "Did we bring any tapes?" He asked JC.

"No." JC shook his head and frowned.

"That’s cool, we can whip up something here, or you can do it acapella. You guys have got great harmonies." Mario smiled and handed out the headphones. "Go on in there and warm up a bit, we can play around with the track a little later."

The five guys made their way into the sound booth and made themselves at home as they sang a few bars of an old standard. Kelly looked on through the soundproof glass and smiled at Justin.

They spent the afternoon feeling out the studio, recording some verses and playing with the mixer. They broke for a late lunch and ate on the huge wooden deck behind the house. After an hour of fresh air they trickled back into the studios.

"Hey Kelly… what are you doing tonight?" Joey asked as he slid onto the bench beside her.

She smiled sweetly and said, "I’m showing you guys the town."

"Oh really? All of us?"

"Yep, if you want to go I mean." She looked around at the others.

"What if I’m the only one that wants to go?" Joey raised his eyebrow flirtatiously.

"Then it’ll be me and you tearin up the city." Kelly laughed.

"You’re taking us out?" JC asked as he came into the little sound booth.

"Yeah, I’ve spent the last month or so here, so I thought I’d take you guys around to all the cool places. I know you guys technically have the night off, so if you wanna just hang out at the hotel or whatever, that’s cool." She shrugged and tucked her hair behind her ear.

"I’m in." Joey raised his hand.

"Like I’d miss a chance to swoop on some sweet southern girls." Lance laughed.

"Are you gonna take us to a strip club?" Chris asked over the intercom from the studio room.

"Oh yeah! Will you?" Joey perked up.

"You say that like you’ve never been to a strip club." Justin nudged Joey’s side.

"Well not with Kelly. Oh man… that would be sweet." Joey sighed.

"I think not." Kelly shook her head and spoke into the mic; "No strip clubs Chris."

"Dammit." His voice echoed through the small room.

"Will you come anyways?" Kelly asked.

There was dead silence on the other end, then Chris cleared his throat and said, "Um… yeah. You said come." with a drop-dead Butthead impersonation.

Kelly blushed and laughed as she covered her face, "You set that one up perfect." Justin laughed with the others and patted her back.

"So are you all going to co – join me?" Kelly asked as her color slowly returned to normal.

"Yeah, sure." JC nodded.

"Yay! A night with the boys." Kelly cheered.

"Oh yay." Lance rolled his eyes, but smiled.

"It’ll be fun." Kelly smiled and poked Lance in the side playfully. "We can go to this restaurant called Smokin Dan’s, you’ll love it."

"Sounds dirty." Chris made a disgusted face.

"It’s good, it’s my new favorite restaurant in the south." Kelly smiled.

"Do they have fish?" Chris asked.


"Good, I hate fish."

"You’ll like it. Trust me. If you don’t like it, the meals on me."

"I don’t like it!" Justin raised his hand as the others laughed.

"Shut up, you will too." Kelly rolled her eyes.

"Are you guys done fighting about dinner?" Mario asked.

"No." Joey mumbled under his breath as he headed for the sound booth.

"What was that?" Mario smiled.

"Yeah we’re done fighting about dinner." Joey said softly as he took his seat.

"Yep, thought so." Mario laughed. "Come on guys, we’ll let Kelly try her hand at mixing you up."

Kelly laughed devilishly and rubbed her hands together, "Can I make JC sound like James Earl Jones?"

"You bet." Mario laughed.

"Sweet." She laughed and tossed her hair over her shoulder.

"And you can make Lance sound like Michael Jackson."

"Ah ha, but can you make Joey sound like me?" She asked.

"Hey!" Joey shouted his disapproval from the studio.

"I’d pay good money to see that." JC laughed and gave Kelly a thumbs up. She smiled back as Mario played back the track while letting Kelly have her hand at the vocal controls.

They goofed off for most of the day, just getting used to the studio, they’d lay down a track over the next couple days, but for now they just played around and sang old TV theme songs.


"We need a kareoke bar." Joey laughed as he tipped his drink back and drank down the whiskey shot. They were sitting in dark booth at Smokin Dan’s and were just finishing up with dinner.

"We who kemo sabe?" Justin laughed. "I’m not doing kareoke."

"Oh! Joey, I’ve got the perfect place for you." Kelly laughed and bounced in her seat, "There’s a place called A Bucket and they have 24 hour kareoke."

"Get out, 24 hours?" Joey laughed.

"Don’t give him any ideas." JC rolled his eyes.

"Is it rad?" Joey asked.

"I don’t know, I’ve never been myself, but I saw it advertised. It’s a bar, so they won’t exactly let me in." She smiled and stirred her straw around in her soda.

"When are you turning twenty-one?" Lance asked.

"I won’t even be twenty until July." She crinkled her nose and shook her head.

"Oh man, a baby!" Chris laughed.

"Hey now." She pretended to pout.

"You’re even younger than little ole Justin."

"Not by that much." She said with a laugh.

"A bunch of kids." JC shook his head at Chris and laughed.

"Yeah, yeah." Justin smiled at Kelly from across the table and asked, "So where to after dinner?"

"Wherever you want." She shrugged and looked around at the others at the table. A fan made her way over to the table but was stopped by a security guard, "It’s okay." Kelly smiled at the guard; "We’re done eating." The guard moved aside and the young girl approached the table with piece of notebook paper and a pen. She nervously asked for autographs and they all took turns signing the paper and talking with the ten-year-old.

"Let’s go to that blues bar you were talking about." JC folded his napkin into small squares.

"The jazz bar?" Kelly asked.


"No… let’s go downtown and hit some clubs, how often do we get time off?" Joey shook his head.

They argued among themselves for a while before deciding that Kelly would take them downtown and show them around, then they’d split up and go where they wanted. "So where are you lovebirds taking off to?" Chris asked as JC and his security took off to the jazz club up the street.

Justin rolled his eyes and stuffed his hands in his pockets, "I’m gonna to with Jace I think, the jazz club sounds cool."

"So no one’s gonna go Disco Bowling with me?" Chris sighed.

"I’ll go." Kelly laughed. "I don’t bowl very good though."

"You’ll go?" Chris raised an eyebrow at Kelly then glanced at Justin.

"Sure." Kelly shrugged. "It sounds like a lot of fun." She laughed and looked over her shoulder at Ron; "You ready to kick my butt at bowling?"

"You bet." Ron smiled and reached for his phone to get a cab.

"Really?" Chris asked, looking from Justin to Kelly.

"Yeah." Justin laughed. "I’m gonna head out though, JC’s got a three block lead on me. I’ll see you guys tomorrow at the studio."

"I won’t be there, but have fun."

"What are you doing tomorrow?" Justin asked as he walked backwards a few steps.

"Dominic needs to talk about promos so we’re going to be on a call most of the morning." She frowned.

"Ewww… promos… what fun." Justin laughed and waved over his shoulder, "See you Monday then."

Chris and Kelly waved, then Chris asked, "So what’s up with you two?"

"Hmm? Me and Justin?" Kelly laughed. "Nothing, we’re just friends." She had said that sentence so many times it was just an instant reaction.


"Really." Kelly smiled. "So… do you bowl?"

"I haven’t bowled in like, ten years." Chris laughed as they climbed into an awaiting cab and headed off for their night of Disco Bowling.


Sunday was spent in the studio recording to get the feel of the studio. Take Two was a definite possibility for recording their next album, and they wanted to see how comfortable they were there, and how they liked the sound.

That night Joey and Chris decided to go back out to some of the places Kelly told them about, while JC went to a jazz bar. Lance, Justin and Kelly hung out in Lance’s room watching videos and basically just kicking back.

The next day was their last day in the studio, so they were planning on finishing up the track they were working on then going back to the hotel for a few hours of doing nothing before they had to jet off to Florida.

By noon the guy’s minds were wandering to thoughts of sleeping and sitting poolside, and it was showing in their vocals. "Okay guys, you’re lagging. Go outside and get some fresh air, meet up back here in fifteen." Mario said through the intercom as he dropped his headphones on the board.

The guys sighed and stood up to stretch, then filed up the stairs and out the back door to the large wooden deck by the pool. Chris laid on one of the low wooden benches and closed his eyes as he raised his can of soda to his lips, "Ugh, can I just lay here all day?"

"Sure, JC can sing your parts." Justin laughed lightly.

"Cool." Chris sighed and draped his arm over his eyes.

"Let’s go for a walk." Kelly said softly, then nodded toward the front of the house. Justin followed her around the side of the house and out to the sidewalk where he looked both ways up and down the street and took her hand. Ron, Kelly’s security guard followed a half of a block behind them as they walked slowly up one side of the street.

"How cool is this?" Justin asked as he leaned over to whisper in Kelly’s ear. He squeezed her hand and swung his arm lightly as they walked down the street.

"This is pretty nice." She whispered back with a smile.

"I miss the South." Justin sighed and looked around.

"Justy babe, I don’t know how anyone could live here. I mean, this is nice and all, but I’d lose my mind if I had to live in this heat constantly. I need the fast pace of LA, this place is like "my life on Valium" or something." Kelly laughed and smiled as a car came to a stop at a corner to let another couple cross.

"You’re just not used to living in a small town, you’ve been in LA too long." Justin smiled down at her and tugged her down a side street into a residential area.

"The smallest town I’ve lived in is Maplewood, and that’s not exactly small."

"No, it’s not." Justin shook his head and stuck his free hand in his pocket. "This feels kind of weird, walking down a street and not having to worry about covering up my hair or wear sunglasses or whatever."

"It’s nice huh? Can you see why I’ve loved it here for the last month?"

"Are you staying near here?"

"I’m at the same hotel as you, so not ‘close’ really. But this was nice because if I was getting stressed or whatever at the studio, I could just sneak out to the back yard, or walk down the street and not have to worry about anything. Ron would still come with me out of habit, but he didn’t have to."

"I’d give anything to just spend a week where I was no one. You know, go to Pizza Hut and eat in peace, hit the mall and buy underwear, go to the movies and sit next to strangers… anything like that. One week man."

"If you liked that life, why’d you ever become a pop star?" Kelly laughed lightly at his side, but squeezed his hand in understanding.

"I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be hounded buying toothpaste at Rite Aid." He shook his head.

"That’s part of the package. You just need to learn to embrace it. Save your private time for at home. Some people hate their jobs and hate the people they have to face every day. You’re so lucky Justin, we both are, that we love our jobs so much and that we get to work with so many amazing people."

"I know, but it’s like the job has taken over my life." Justin frowned as he always did when he started to actually think about his life and his work.

"Naw… come on grumpy. You’re having fun right now aren’t you? You’re not working, you’re not Justin Timberlake, you’re just my Justy walking me home from the park." She laughed lightly and tucked her hair behind her ear. "The job hasn’t taken over your life babe, you’re just looking at it wrong." She stopped and bounced up on her toes to kiss him quickly. "The job is giving you a new life."

"How do you do that?" Justin wrapped his arms around her waist and smiled down at her with a look of amazement. "How do you always say the right thing right when I need you to?"

Kelly just smiled and shrugged, "Because we’re cut from the same fabric Justin. You and me… we’re just, just the same I guess."

"Yeah, I guess so." He reached up and brushed her bangs out of her eyes. The tiny scar on her forehead was barely noticeable, but he touched it gently, "God I’ve missed you. Will we ever get to spend more than a day here and there together?"

"Soon." Kelly nodded. "Your tour will wrap up in a few weeks, and I won’t be releasing my album for another month. I think there should be a week in there where we’re both commitment free."

"I hope so." Justin whispered as he leaned down to kiss her softly. "Can you sneak over tonight?"

"Sneak huh? I have to sneak around now?" She smiled flirtatiously up at him, then took his hand and started to walk back toward the studio.

"Well… you don’t have to sneak, it’s just… the guys you know…"

"I know." Kelly laughed. "I was giving you a hard time. Don’t worry about it, you know you can always come to my room too."

"Yeah, I guess I could." He nodded. "Do you want to go get dinner?"

"Like a real date?!" She feigned surprise.

"Yeah, like a real date." Justin laughed at her expression.

"Why Mr. Timberlake I’d be delighted!" She gushed with a thick southern accent, then immediately began to laugh.

"You’re such a dork sometimes. I swear, what would your fans say if they knew you were such a dork?"

"They’d say that I’m just like them."

"Oh ho! So now you’re calling your fans dorks?" He laughed, he loved kidding her and she was such an easy target.

"Not at all, I think everyone’s a big dork sometimes. I mean, look at JC, even he’s a dork."

"JC is like, the least dorkiest out of all of us."

"Yeah but he’s still a dork." Kelly laughed as they walked up the front steps of the studio. "People are dorks Justin. Just like us."

"You’re a dork." He shook his head and held the door open for her, something she appreciated and he enjoyed doing.

"Hey JC, did you know Justin thinks you’re a dork?" Kelly continued to laugh delicately as they walked down to the studio together.

"Oh really?" JC laughed. "He hasn’t got a lot of room to talk."

"That’s for sure." Kelly tossed her hair over her shoulder and bounced down the stairs to the sound booth, then sat beside Mario on the bench. "Are we almost done here?" She asked.

"Miss Kelly you were done three days ago, you can go one home whenever you like. These guys here though, they’ve got another hour or so if they want to finish up this song." Mario explained with a smile.

"It’s her fault we’re lagging, she kept us out till like six in the morning." Chris whined as he fell to the floor with his headphones on.

"Honey, I was back at the hotel and asleep by eleven." Kelly shook her head at Chris.

"Yeah but you showed us where all the cool places were and they tweedle dumb over there got all gung ho over the stupid kareoke bar thing that you told him was open 24 hours." Chris waved his arm up at Joey standing in the corner leaning against the wall.

"You did kareoke until six in the morning?" Lance laughed at Joey and Chris.

"No." They said in unison.

"Go ahead and tell them Joey, tell them where we were till six in the morning." Chris prompted from his prone position on the floor.

"The airport." Joey said softly.

"What!?" Justin busted up laughing as he walked into the studio and put his earphones around his neck.

"What for?" JC laughed and shook his head.

"Mr. Braniac over there swore it was Tuesday and that our flight left at five in the morning, so we were there at four thirty thinking we were early. Then no one showed up at five, then five thirty and still no one. So we thought you guys had overslept and we called the hotel and Joey got Lonnie on the phone – "

"At five thirty in the morning?" Justin laughed. "And you lived to tell about it?"

"Yeah no kidding. So then we found out it was only Monday and I beat Joey senseless for a couple minutes. Then we hopped a cab and got to the hotel just in time to leave to come here." Chris yawned.

"So you’re running on empty right about now?" Kelly asked with a look of concern.

"I’m running on a six pack of mountain dew and a chocolate chip bagel." Chris mumbled.

"Man, maybe you guys should just call it a day." She frowned and retied her ponytail.

"We only have about an hour more to do." Mario shook his head.

"And we leave tomorrow." Justin pointed out as he moved the earphones to his ears and scooted his seat closer to the mic.

"At six in the morning." Chris grumbled.

"All right guys, let’s finish this up so you can get outta here." Mario tapped his mic and set the track back to where they left off.

They finished up with the track they were working on and were back at the hotel before dinner. "I’ll be by to pick you up at seven." Justin said softly as they stepped off the elevator with Joey and Lance.


"You’ve forgotten our date already?" Justin smiled.

"Oh! Yeah, I’m sorry. I’ll be ready, just come on over." Kelly had the incredible urge to kiss him there in the hall, but waited until Lance passed and went into his room. "What should I wear?"

"Something nice. But not like, dressy or anything." Justin shook his head and looked over his shoulder quickly before planting a small kiss on her lips. "Seven o’clock, on the dot."

"Got it." She laughed lightly and pulled her room key out of her pocket. "See you then." She unlocked her door and let herself in, then watched as Justin continued down to his room at the other end of the hall.


Justin stood outside of Kelly’s door more than an hour later, and smiled as he knocked. He held the single rose nervously in his fingers as he waited as she crossed the room and opened the door, "Hi Kelly, I’m here for our date." He smiled sweetly and held the rose out to her.

"Aww you’re so cute." She smiled and took the flower. She sniffed it quickly and stepped out into the hall with her clutch purse under her arm, "So where are you taking me?"

"To Mr.A’s. The concierge told me it was a perfect date restaurant."

"Wow, you’ve done your homework."

"How many real dates do we get to go on?" Justin smiled and held his arm out to her as they stepped onto the elevator.

"True." She giggled like a schoolgirl and bounced up on her toes to kiss him quickly, "I get to go on a date with the Justin Timberlake."

"And I get to go on a date with the Kelly Sullivan. Woo hoo!" He laughed and pressed the button for the lobby. "You’re a nut."

"Yeah but you adore me."

"Of course." He smiled and placed his arm around her waist.

They walked the three blocks to the restaurant and sat at a quiet table near the back. "This is really nice." Kelly looked around the dark red colored restaurant and smiled.

"Yeah, it is." Justin kept his eyes on Kelly, constantly amazed that she was here with him. "We should do this more often." He added softly.

"Yes… we should." Kelly whispered back as her eyes met his. She held her smile for another second, hen let it fall slowly, "Dominic mentioned a tour again."

"When?" Justin asked a second later.

"Three weeks after the album is released."

"For how long?"

"Sixty-five cities in sixteen weeks."

"Four months?" Justin looked up quickly.


"That’s something like 4 shows a week." He frowned.

"I know, it’s going to be the tour from hell." Kelly creased her forehead and sighed. "But it’s gotta be big to compete with the other tours out there."

"How long do you have to prepare?"

"I start next week with Darren and Denise to choreograph it. And I’m uh, I’m meeting with the tour team this week to talk about the details."

"Are you serious? So right when I’m finishing my tour, you’ll be starting?"

"Well you’ll finish here in a week or two, and I won’t start the tour for more than a month."

"Yeah but you’ll be doing tour prep and promo." He sank lower in his seat, his mood sinking lower as he did so.

"I can get a few days off."

"A few days off in the middle of a huge tour prep? Dominic is nice, but he’s not that nice. You can’t choreograph an entire album and plan a tour and then think you’ll have a couple days off to go hang out. Kelly I just went through this, we pulled 20 hour days putting this tour together, and my ‘days off’ didn’t come until long after we kicked off."

"I knew you’d be upset." She said softly as she folded her napkin in her lap.

"Kelly… I’m not upset." Justin said softly. He reached across the table and placed his hand warmly on hers. "I’m not upset I’m just frustrated. I hate not being able to see you."

"Well I am too. But it’s not like we can help it." She sighed and kept her eyes on her place setting.

"We could leave right now and run away to Bora Bora." He thought to himself. "I know." He said softly. "This just sucks."

"I know it does. But I’m going to do everything I can to get a few days when your tours over."

"I can always come out to see you too, where are you prepping?"

"In LA." Kelly nodded. "We kick off at the Forum."

Justin nodded in silence then sighed as he opened his menu. So much for the romantic night he had hoped for. He tried to keep the conversation flowing through the meal, but his mind began to wander to Vegas… thinking about how this wouldn’t be a problem if his life was normal; if he was dating a ‘normal’ girl who could take a couple days off if she needed to.

They finished their wonderful meal and left the tension behind at the restaurant. By the time they got back to the hotel it was after ten and they were both putting the upcoming tour out of their minds.

"Do you want to come over?" Kelly asked softly as they crossed the lobby hand in hand.

"Sure." Justin nodded and smiled down at her, feeling his disappointment ebb away as she slowly blinked and smiled back.


"I’d love to Kell." He whispered and brushed his lips over hers as they stepped on the elevator. He pushed the button for their floor and leaned back against the mirrored walls.

Kelly stepped closer to him and placed her hand on his chest as they rode the elevator   upwards. Justin winced with a mix of pain and pleasure as her hand brushed over his piercing. "What?" She stepped back quickly with a look of concern, "Are you hurt?"

"No, I uh…" Justin stumbled, Kelly of course didn’t know about the nipple ring, and he wasn’t sure how she’d respond. "Uh… I got my nipple pierced." He whispered with a sly smile.

"You did not." Kelly scoffed and reached for the button at his collar.

"I did to." He placed his hand over hers to stop her from undressing him in the elevator. He moved her fingers to his chest so she could feel it through his shirt.

"When did you do that?" She laughed and looked up at him, completely shocked.

"Um, last weekend when we were in Denver."

"Did Joey get one too?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No, just me." Justin shook his head and blushed as the doors opened.

"So just out of nowhere you decided you wanted a ring in your body?" Kelly laughed and followed him down the hall. She unlocked her door with the key and let him into her room.

"It makes it more sensitive." He explained as the door swung shut behind them. "A lot."

"Really?" She laughed flirtatiously and reached for his top button. "Let me see it." Justin stood perfectly still as he inhaled the faint rose scent of her hair. Kelly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it out of his pants before tossing it aside and leaning close to his chest, "You really did it." She laughed lightly, her breath cool on his overly sensitive piercing. He shivered as she looked up at him, "You were right."

"Yeah." He managed to utter as he closed his eyes.

"This could be interesting…" She said slowly.

"Kell…" He shuddered again as she traced the silver circle with her fingertip. "Don’t tease." He gave a shaky laugh and grabbed her wrist.

"Who’s teasing?" Kelly asked innocently.

Justin put the disappointment from earlier out of his mind, and reached behind Kelly to release the narrow zipper. Her tiny dress fell to the floor as he turned her around and set her on the edge of the bed. As he looked her in the eye and smiled, he knew he’d have to make a decision… soon.


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Copyright 2001 Amy Lynn