"Hey guys."  JC said as he and Jessica walked into the living room.  "How'd it go?"

            "Hey."  Chris jumped up off the couch.  "Joey let Kyle pee in the bushes."

            "What?!"  JC looked at Joey, ready to accuse.

            "What?"  Joey looked lost as he glanced from JC to Chris.

            "You let Kyle pee in the bushes?"

            "We were outside."  Joey shrugged and tipped his cup back to chew on a piece of ice.

            "Joey…"  Jessica smiled.

            "He had to go."  Joey explained with a sly smile. 

            "Any bushes I've got are within like, five feet of the house.  Joey…"  JC sighed.  "Did you really let him pee in the bushes?"  Joey just shrugged so JC looked to Chris.  "Did he really?"

            "Yeah he did, and he gave him a star."

            "Jesus."  JC rolled his eyes.

            "What?!  He had to pee, he peed and I gave him a star.  That's what we were supposed to do."

            "In the toilet Joe.  That's kind of the whole point of toilet training."  JC sighed and tried not to smile.  "This will be fun trying to explain to him why he can't just pee anywhere he wants to."

            "He had to go Jace, I wasn't gonna make him hold it."  Joey said.

            "It's like, five steps to the bathroom."  JC tried to argue.  "Forget it, nevermind."  He shook his head and looked over at Chris,  "Anything else I should know about?"

            Chris looked at Joey and raised his eyebrows, silently asking if he should spill it.  "Chris…"  JC gave him his best "dad" look and put his hands on his hips.  "Shit, you know what?  I don't want to know."  JC shook his head and smiled.  "Just tell me if there was any blood lost or structural damage to the house."

            "No, no nothing like that."  Chris shook his head emphatically.

            "Nothing permanent."  Joey agreed.

            JC sighed and looked back at Jessica as she snickered.  "You look amused."

            "Oh I am."  She nodded.  "Definitely amused."

            "Okay but we have to go now."  Chris said as he ducked by JC.

            JC didn't want to start anything, but he knew he'd have to give the house a once over before they went to bed that night.  "Have fun."  He sighed.

            "We will."  Joey and Chris said in unison.

            "Oh how cute, will you start finishing each other's sentences next?"  JC tilted his head to the side.

            "You're funny Jace."  Joey rolled his eyes and picked his stuff up off the floor.  "So how much did we earn?"  He held out his hand for payment.

            "For letting my kid pee in the bushes and whatever else you're not telling me?"  JC asked with an amused smile.  "Yeah, I'll tell you what.  I'll send you a check first thing tomorrow."

            "I'll be looking forward to it."  Joey laughed and slapped JC on the shoulder.  "But for reals man, we had fun."

            "Good, I'm glad to hear it."  JC said as Chris opened the door.  "Thanks for watching him guys.  I appreciate it."

            "No problem."

            "Don't get arrested."

            "We won't."  Chris laughed.  "Or well… I won't.  I can't vouch for Guido over there."  He nodded in Joey's direction as they made their way down the lighted brick path to the driveway.

            "Fair enough."  JC smiled and waved, then watched until Joey started the car and backed out.

            "Whatever happened here is your own fault."  Jessica laughed when JC came back in.

            "I know, but it was worth it."  He pulled her close and kissed her quickly.  "We won't get much time to ourselves while we're on tour you know."

            "I know."  Jessica smiled and nodded.  "Trust me, I know."

            JC grinned slowly and tried not to yawn.  "I'm going to go check on Kyle, are you coming up or…?"  He glanced around the family room.

            "Yeah, I'll be up in a minute.  Would it be alright if I called my mom  to say goodbye and stuff?  She's going to be out tomorrow and I wanted to talk to her before we left."

            "Yeah, no sure go ahead."  JC nodded.  "Tell her I said hi."  He snickered as he leaned in and kissed her cheek quickly.  "I'm beat though, so I'll be upstairs."

            "Okay."  The corner of her mouth raised in a slow half smile as she watched him unbutton the top two buttons of his shirt as he walked away.  She took the cordless to the kitchen table and called her mom's number.  They talked for a few minutes and she told her she'd call when they got to Europe and send lots of postcards.  She was just about ready to wrap up the call when her mom asked, “So how's Florida?"

            "It's nice."  Jessica said softly.  "We're uh, we spent the day at the beach today and I got a little sun.  Kyle loves the beach so we had to go."  She laughed lightly.

            "How are they doing?"

            "JC and Kyle?  They're doing pretty good."

            "And you and JC?"

            Jessica blushed.  She'd never come right out and told her mom that they were dating, but apparently it wasn't that much of a secret.  "We're doing fine too."

            "That's good honey.  I'd love to meet the two of them."

            "Maybe next time we're in town."  Jessica nodded; thanking her lucky stars they were going to Europe and not staying in the U.S.  She loved her mom and thought she was great, she just really thought that Jessica should already be married, so any new guy Jessica brought home was immediately considered prime husband material.

            "That'd be great.  I've heard a lot of good things about JC you know."

            "Oh God mom, what have you heard?  Who are you talking to?"  Jessica covered her eyes and sighed.

            "Well I was on the internet the other day and I went and found a few pages about him and the boys.  They seem like such a sweet group of your men."

            "They are… they're really nice.  But mom, you can't believe everything you read on the internet.  I promise that next time we're anywhere near you  we'll stop by or something."

            "Maybe I could go to a show."  Her mom suggested.

            Jessica cringed as she pictured her mom at an Nsync show surrounded by thousands of screaming fans, “Yeah, we'll see."  She uncovered her eyes and looked at her watch.  "Oh man, its late mom, I need to get going."

            "Okay sweetie, well have a safe trip tomorrow and have a wonderful time visiting all of those beautiful museums and cathedrals."

            "I will mom, give Lovey a hug for me."  Jessica smiled and thought of her mom's ten year old golden retriever.

            "I will.  Bye Jess, I love you."

            "I love you too mom."  Jessica bit her lip as they hung up.  "That's just what I need mom… for you to think I might marry JC… great."  She whispered to herself as she put the phone back on the charger and trotted up the stairs.

            After a quick look in Kyle's bedroom, she tiptoed down the hall and into JC's room.  "How is your mom?"  He pulled the blanket back on the bed and folded it over the footboard.

            "She's fine."  Jessica said softly as she headed for the bathroom to change.

            "Maybe when we get back we can go see her or something."

            Jessica winced and dropped her hands on the counter, “You want to meet my mom?"

            "There must be something in the air tonight," she thought to herself.

            "Well… I don't know.  I think it'd be cool.  From what you've said she sounds like a cool person."  He slid behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, then smiled at her in the mirror.

            "Let's talk about that later.  Much later.  Like when we get back."  Jessica reached up and took her earrings off.  "Can you unzip me please?"

            "Sure."  JC kissed her shoulder then slowly lowered the zipper of her dress.  "It'd look better on the floor anyway."  He laughed.

            "That's real nice Jace."  She laughed and gave him a look in the mirror.  "I thought you were beat?"

            "I am."  JC smiled and fought the urge to yawn.  He kissed her neck quickly then took a step back, “Are you taking this with you?"  He tugged on the strap of her dress.

            "Yes, I need to re-pack it tomorrow."

            "Well here, take it off and I'll hang it up for you."  JC moved the straps down her shoulders and held the dress so she could step out of it.  "There see?  Now it won't get wrinkled."

            "Thank you." Jessica laughed lightly and watched as he carefully hung the dress on a hanger on the back of the door.  He smoothed it down with his hands, then crossed to his side of the bed and pulled the sheets back.  JC lay on his side as he played with the digital alarm clock on his nightstand.

            "What time are we getting up tomorrow?"  Jessica asked as she ran the water to wash the make up off of her face.

            "Whenever we want, I was just turning it off."

            "Right on, I love sleeping in."  She leaned down and splashed the warm water onto her sudsy face.  "Do you think Kyle will go along with that?"

            "I hope so.  The guys usually wear him out; it takes at least ten hours to recuperate from that." JC laughed and fluffed Jessica's pillow on her side.

            "I know the feeling."  She laughed and finished getting ready for bed.  With one of JC's old t-shirts as a nightgown, she crossed the room and turned off the lights before climbing under the sheets beside JC.  Jessica brought her knees up and curled up against JC's side, resting her head on his bicep.  He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and sighed with content.

            Jessica smiled into his chest and sighed with him before she put her mom out of her mind and thought only of spending her last night at home with JC.


            They all slept in the next morning; even Kyle didn't barge into their room to wake them up until almost nine.  The three of them had a nice leisurely breakfast outside on the back patio as the temperature rose steadily.  It hit eighty degrees before they brought their dishes in and went upstairs to get dressed.

            "What time are we being picked up?"

            "Um, five I think.  Our flight is at seven fifteen and we have to be there early to check our luggage and make sure everyone's accounted for and everything."

            "So basically we're just going to double check everything today and hang out till four thirty?"

            "Yep, basically."  He smiled.

            "Cool."  She smiled back and placed her dishes in the sink to rinse them off.


            After the dishes were washed and put away JC, Jessica and Kyle double checked their bags and every room in the house to make sure they weren't forgetting anything.  They moved their luggage to the garage so that when the van came to get them everything would be halfway there already.

            They spent a little time outside in the pool to soak up the last bit of the gorgeous Florida weather, then they showered and dressed in their traveling clothes.  JC talked Kyle out of wearing his Teletubbie slippers and convinced him instead to wear his sneakers as planned.  Kyle grudgingly agreed, but placed the slippers in his backpack so he'd have them on the plane.


            By four thirty JC was a nervous wreck and Jessica was standing back watching his little performance in awe.  He began to head for the kitchen the stopped suddenly and turned to Jessica, "You have your passport?"  He asked for the third time as he tugged on his lower lip and furrowed his brow in concentration.

            "I've got it right here." Jessica patted her back pocket.  "I've got my passport and twenty British pounds in case we need it at the airport in London."

            "And your bags are - "

            "They're in the garage lined up and ready to be picked up when the van gets here.  Kyle's car seat and his luggage are out there as well.  Your luggage is still upstairs as far as I know and you were grabbing yours and Kyle's passports."

            "I've got them, yeah."  JC felt for them in his breast pocket.  "I've got my wallet, my suitcases are out with yours.”  He frowned and kept his eyes on the floor, deep in thought.  “I feel like I'm forgetting something."

            "Your carry on luggage?"

            "It's out there with the rest of it."

            "Kyle's carry on?"

            "It's just his backpack, and that's by the door because he's adding more to it."

            "He's got his jacket and a pillow?"

            "I've got a little pillow and blanket in my carry on for him, yeah.  He's loading up some books and little toys and stuff."  JC frowned and stared blankly out the window.  "I still feel like I'm forgetting something.  Dammit, I hate this."  He turned and ran up the stairs to triple check everything.

            The doorbell rang as Kyle appeared with Lello in his arms and a sad look on his face.  "What's wrong buddy?"  Jessica asked as she headed for the door.

            "I go bye?"

            "Yeah, we're going to be leaving here real soon.  I think this is Heather, why don't you come see who's at the door with me?"  Jessica smiled and continued to the door as the bell rang again.  She pulled the door open with Kyle hugging her knees and smiled at JC's sister,  "Hey, I'm glad you’re here.  JC's kinda losing his mind, can you help?"

            Heather laughed as she stepped in with a large bag over her shoulder.  "Sure, where is he?"

            "Upstairs I think. He swears he's forgetting something, but he's already checked everything like a dozen times."  Jessica sighed and checked her watch,  "We're going to be picked up in another twenty minutes and he really needs to chill."

            "Jessi I chill?"  Kyle asked, still holding tight to her jeans.

            "Yep, you're chilled."  Jessica laughed and scooped him up.  "Say hi to Heather you goof.  You know Heather."

            "Hi Hever."  Kyle said shyly.

            "Hi champ."  She roused his hair and kissed his cheek quickly.  "Is your dad being weird today?"  She asked as she tilted her head to the side.

            "Yeah."  Kyle smiled.

            "Should I go straighten him out a bit?"  Heather laughed.

            "Yeah."  Kyle giggled and wiggled to get down, his shyness suddenly gone.  "I go and stait?"

            "Sure, you can come straighten him out with me.  Come on."  She took his hand and they began up the stairs.  "I'll have him downstairs and calm in five minutes."  Heather said over her shoulder.

            "Thanks."  Jessica smiled, then sighed and tucked her hands in her pockets.  She went straight to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of orange juice.  Heather was only going to be at the house for a couple days and there was more then enough food there for her.  Jessica wanted to help finish off some of the perishables so they wouldn't go to waste.

            From the pantry she took a box of crackers and stuck it in a grocery bag, then tossed in a few apples and some box juices for the flight.  They'd be given snacks and a meal or two, but nothing a two year old would want to eat.  She tucked the food into her almost empty carry on in the garage and re-counted the suitcases, mentally kicking herself for turning into JC.

            Ten minutes later JC bounced down the stairs with Kyle on his hip and a smile on his face.  "Jess?"  He called as he wandered toward the kitchen.

            "I'm out here."  She said as she walked from the garage into the house.  "Did you find what you were forgetting?"

            "Yeah."  JC rolled his eyes.  "My watch was on the counter in my bathroom.  I wouldn't have gotten too far without that."

            "So you're okay now?"  Jessica laughed.

            "I fixed him."  Heather smiled as she leaned on the counter and rolled an orange from hand to hand across the tiles.

            "Thank you.  I owe you big time."  Jessica smiled at Heather and laughed.

            "We sait daddy."  Kyle giggled from the floor.

            "You what?"  JC asked.

            "We straightened you out.  I gave you your pre-flight pep talk and now you're fine."  Heather laughed, then tossed the orange to JC.

            He caught it and laughed,  "Oh, that whole 'don't go getting psycho about this whole thing, get on the plane and enjoy it.’ was a pep talk?"

            "Yeah."  Heather chuckled.  "Hey, it worked, right?"

            "Right."  JC smiled.

            A horn blasted from outside and they heard car doors slam.  "That's us."  Jessica smiled down at Kyle.  "You've got Lello so I guess we're ready to go."

            "Yeah."  Kyle ran to the front door and pulled on the handle.

            "Thanks for staying here Heather."  JC pulled his sister in for a hug.

            "No problem, thanks for letting me stay here."  She laughed and patted his back.  "I'll be here for a few days this week, then I'll be back in another two weeks."

            "Make yourself at home."  JC nodded.  "I'll call mom when we get to London and I'll have her give you a call too.  I've left my numbers and itinerary by the phone in case you need to reach me, and mom and dad have a copy too."


            "No parties."

            "No parties."  She nodded with a smile.

            "No fires."

            "No fires."

            "No pool parties."

            "No pool parties."  Heather laughed.

            "No drug dealers in or around the house and no setting up a meth lab in my garage."

            "Dangit, I'll have to call Marco back."  Heather frowned, then laughed.  "Don't worry Jace, your house will be fine.  I'll be fine, you'll be fine.  Just go and have a great time."

            "Okay."  JC sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

            "And bring me back some magnets."

            "I will."  He laughed then hugged her again.  "I've gotta go."

            "Then get out of here."  Heather laughed and they walked out through the garage together.  JC picked up Kyle's red backpack and zipped it shut as he got to the driveway.

            "It's about time."  Frank said as he lifted the last of the suitcases into the back of the rented black van.  "Hey there kiddo, long time no see."  He slammed the back door and smiled at Heather.

            "Hey Frank."  She grinned and waved.

            Frank looked at JC,  "Kyle and Jessica are ready to go, we're just waiting on you."

            "Okay, okay."  JC adjusted the backpack on his shoulder then waved at his sister,  "Thanks again."

            "No problem.  Have fun."  Heather waved back then crossed her arms over her chest as JC climbed into the front seat and turned around to drop Kyle's backpack at the toddlers feet.

            "You almost forgot your stuff buddy."  He said as he slammed the door and got his seat belt on.

            "Uh oh."  Kyle bounced Lello on his lap.  "I have Lello."

            "I see that, that's a good thing.  Lello's gonna be a life saver on the flight I think."  JC caught Jessica's eye in the rearview mirror,  "Are you ready?"

            "As ready as I'll ever be."  She couldn't help but smile when he looked at her.

            "I ready."  Kyle announced from his seat as he pressed his free hand against the window.  Frank climbed in and started the car and they were on their way to meet up with the others at the airport.


            When they arrived Frank parked against the curb in front of the British Airways sign and cut the engine as JC hopped out of the car.  He opened the back doors and began to take the luggage out with JC's help.  When the bags were on the curb JC climbed back in the van to get Kyle out of his seat.  "You guys go on in with Frank, I'm going to get our luggage checked."  He pulled the car seat out of the car and set it by his feet.

            "Oh… okay." Jessica nodded and bounced Kyle on her hip.  "Don't they usually check luggage?"  She asked, looking at the two other guards by the curb.

            "Yeah, but I can do it."  He smiled and leaned down to kiss her quickly.  "The guys are already here, so go on in and visit for a while.  I think Amy's here too."  JC got his carry on out of the car and handed it to Jessica,  "Can you take this with you?"

            "Sure."  Jessica took the bag and added it to her others.

            "Thanks.  I'll see you in a few minutes buddy."  JC ran his hand over Kyle's new haircut.

            "Daddy you come?"

            "I'll be right behind you."

            "Now?"  Kyle asked.

            "I have to put your bags here so they'll go on the plane with us." JC explained.  "I promise the plane won't leave without me."

            "And me?"

            "That's right, it won't leave until everyone is on."  JC nodded.  "Go inside with Jessica and see if you can find the guys." 

            "Kay."  Kyle sighed, but he didn't look reassured.

            "He'll be in with us in just a few minutes."  Jessica smiled as she and Kyle headed for the airport with Frank in tow.  They made their way through the thin crowds without incident and stepped into the VIP lounge with a deep sigh of relief.  "Okay kiddo, let's see who's here already."  Jessica set Kyle on the floor and took his hand to make sure he didn't stray too far.

            "I see a pane and Jussin!"  Kyle laughed, his dad momentarily forgotten.

            "Right on!  See?  There's a lot for us to see here."  Jessica swung his arm gently as he jumped up and down.


            "Hey."  Justin whispered as he leaned on Joey's shoulder,  "That's Jessica."  He nodded to where she stood with Kyle bouncing around her feet.

            "Uh huh."  Joey looked in Jessica's direction.

            "She's got Kyle."

            "Uh huh."  Joey sounded almost uninterested.

            "And JC's bag… what, is she like, with JC now or something?"  Justin laughed shortly.

            "Uh huh."  Joey gave him a look;  "You didn't know that?"

            "Wait, she is?"

            "Yeah… for a couple weeks now."

            "What?!"  Justin asked, in shock.

            "You didn't know?"

            "How was I supposed to know?"  Justin asked as he raised his voice a notch.  "It's not like he sat down and had a meeting.  How come you didn't say anything?"

            "We thought you knew."  Joey shrugged.

            "We?  So everyone knows except me?"

            "You know."

            "Okay but till like two minutes ago I was the only one that didn't know?"

            "Out of the eight of us?  Yeah."

            "Eight?"  Justin frowned and took a drink of his soda.

            "Us, Amy, Jessica and Kyle.  Eight."  Joey counted them off on his fingers.

            "Wow… since when?"  Justin asked.

            "I dunno, a couple weeks."  Joey shrugged,  "When she was out to do our - " He stopped abruptly as she began to walk over to them.

            "Hi guys."   Jessica smiled as she bounced Kyle on her hip.  He was almost too big to be carrying around now.

            "Hey!"  Justin laughed and lifted Kyle from her arms.  "What's up kid?"

            "Hi Jussin!"  Kyle giggled as Justin tickled him under his chin.

            "Can I take him over there to watch the airplanes?"  Justin asked Jessica, completely forgetting his original train of thought.

            "Sure."  She laughed and rubbed Kyle's hair,  "See you later."

            "Lato Jessi."  Kyle giggled as Justin's fingers tickled his sides.

            "Are you ready to go on an airplane?"  Justin turned to carry Kyle over to where he'd propped his carry on bag by the wall.

            "I fly gan."  Kyle smiled as he craned his neck to look out the window.  The entire VIP lounge was lined with windows looking out onto the runway so there were dozens of planes for him to check out.

            "Yep, you get to fly again.  But this is going to be a really long flight."  Justin frowned and shook his head.  "Hey check out my hair.  I've got more than you now"  He ran his free hand over his short curls and made a face at Kyle.

            "You have mo!"  Kyle reached up to pat Justin's head.

            "Yeah, I'm letting it grow."

            "Get a cut?"

            "Nope, I think I like it like this."

            "My hair."  Kyle placed both of his hands on his head;  "I have my cool."

            "Heck yeah your hair is cool."  Justin laughed as Chris spotted them.

            "Nice hair cut buddy."  Chris laughed.

            "I have a cut."  Kyle nodded.

            "Yeah you did.  Did you tell Justin why you had to cut it?"  Chris smirked and rubbed Kyle's head, noticing the spot in the back that was shorter than the rest.

            Kyle sighed and looked away for a minute,  "I have candy init."

            "You had what?"

            "He got some candy in it."  Chris laughed.

            "Isa sucker."  Kyle said softly.  "It suck in my hair."

            "Oh, a sucker huh?  That's no good.  But it's out now, right?"  Justin looked at the back of Kyle's head.

            "Yeah daddy cut it."

            "You let your dad cut your hair?"

            "Yeah."  Kyle sighed, like he had any choice in the matter.

            "Well you look good.  You got a cool hair cut so that's cool."  Justin high-fived Kyle and smiled.

            "And you know what else?  You look taller.  Did you grow a lot since last night or what?"  Chris looked the little boy over.

            "I big now."

            "I see that."  Chris nodded.

            "No dipo.  I go in the potty."  Kyle smiled proudly.

            "Get outta town, you use the big boy potty now?"  Chris looked surprised, though he'd known about that for a few weeks.

            "Yeah, and I have star."  Kyle nodded enthusiastically.

            "Dang, I don't get stars."  Justin pouted.

            "I have and you have."  Kyle wiggled to be put down.  Justin held tight to his hand and they walked over to the window.  "You go ina potty and have star."

            "If I go in the potty you'll give me a star?"  Justin laughed.

            "If you don't go in the potty I'll beat your ass."  Chris uttered under his breath as he and Les stood beside them.

            "Hey hey kids."  Les smiled as he slapped Chris on the back.  "Are you guys ready to go?"

            "Yeah, when do we board?"  Justin asked.

            "In like, twenty."  Les checked his watch.  "Does he have a car seat?"

            "I don't know."  Justin shook his head,  "Where's JC?"

            "Checking his luggage."

            "He's checking his own?"  Chris laughed.

            "Yeah."  Les shook his head,  "I don’t know what's got into his little head."

            "He's whacked."  Chris looked at Kyle,  "Your dad's whacked, kiddo."


            "In the head.  He's nutty in the head."  Chris ran his hand over his goatee.

            "Noooo."  Kyle shook his head.  "Is no nut."

            "Yeah he is, he's a nutty nut."

            "No you."  Kyle looked up at Chris and made a face.

            "Where's Jessica?"  Chris asked as he lifted Kyle up onto his shoulders.

            Kyle grabbed onto Chris' hair and looked around, "Jessi?"  He spotted Jessica by the entrance as JC walked in.  "Jessi and daddy dere."  He pointed then looked back toward the window.  "Chris?  See pane?"

            "I see that, it's pretty big huh?"  Justin and Chris turned to face the window to watch the plane pull away from the terminal to make room for the plane they'd be taking.


            "Hey."  JC walked up to Jessica slightly out of breath.  "Man, remind me to let someone else check our luggage next time.  Where's Kyle?" 

            "Justin and Chris are entertaining him."  Jessica nodded to the large windows where they stood pointing up at the sky.  "Are you ready for this?"

            "Yeah."  JC smiled and sighed in content.

            "I mean the nine hour flight."  She smiled as he rested his arm around her waist.

            "It could have been worse."  JC shrugged and kissed her temple as he looked out at the sun setting.  "We could have left this morning and had to have been awake the whole flight.  This way we'll at least sleep through most of it." 

            "True."  Jessica nodded.  "Which will be good for Kyle.  Nine hours is an eternity for a kid."

            "Yeah tell me about it.  I flew from LA to here with him, remember?  Right in the middle of the day.  There just aren't enough peanuts or kids movies in the world to entertain a kid in a seat for that long."  He laughed and looked up as Lance and Amy walked into the lounge.

            "Hey guys!"  Jessica smiled as she pulled JC over to them.  She hugged both Amy and Lance and bounced with excitement.  "How's it going?"

            "Good, how are you?"  Amy asked happily.

            "Great."  She nodded, and gave Amy that knowing look.

            "So you ready for a forty hour flight?"  Lance asked with a heavy sigh and a smile.

            "It's not quite forty hours."  JC laughed,  "But yeah, we're ready."

            "Did anyone notice that I'm late?"  Lance glanced around the room at the spread out security and 'in charge' people.  He dropped his duffel bag and his backpack at his feet and rolled his shoulders as he held Amy's hand.

            "Nah, I just got here myself, I don't think anyone's done a headcount yet."  JC shook his head and looked around again.  If they were late and people were worried, they'd have heard about it by then.

            "Where's the rug monster?"  Lance asked.

            "He's hanging out with the other kids."  JC nodded toward the windows against the far wall.  Kyle was still on Chris' shoulders and he had his arms out to his sides like he was flying.  Justin was laughing and pretending to be an air traffic controller.

            "Man, this flight is gonna be a breeze for you.  Just put Kyle between those two and you won't even know he's there."  Lance laughed.

            "Yeah I wish it was that easy."  JC rolled his eyes and looked for the bar.  "Come on, lets go get a drink and let the girls do their chick chat stuff."   JC leaned in and gently pressed his lips against Jessica's cheek,  "We'll be right back."  He and Lance walked over to the bar and left the girls alone.

            "Okay… how cute is that?"  Amy laughed as she watched them go.  "You guys are so adorable."  She shook her head.

            "No we're not."  Jessica smiled and blushed, knowing that they were.

            "I miss that new relationship glow."  Amy sighed wistfully.  "You guys are lucky."

            "Are you kidding?  Have you seen the way Lance looks at you?  You've still got the new glow working for you."  Jessica laughed.  "I think that's a cool thing about the guys being away so much, when they come home and visit it's like a whole new relationship kind of.  You guys are the lucky ones."

            "Yeah, I see what you're saying but at the same time… relationships like that never get past the 'new' stage and that's why they stall."  Amy explained.  "It takes a really strong person to be able to deal with the 'new' relationship issues when you've been dating for three years, you know?"

            "True."  Jessica nodded.

            "It took me a few years to realize that."  Amy laughed,  "But you won't have that problem, you'll get to see him just about anytime you want."

            "It's not that simple.  They're going to be real busy over there."

            "Yeah but you'll at least be in the same city… same continent."  Amy raised her eyebrow and smiled.  "Same hotel room."  She winked slyly and laughed.

            "Shush."  Jessica laughed and looked over at the bar to where Lance and JC were standing with bottled water in their hands.  "So you're okay with your fianc� traipsing around Europe with four of his buddies?"  Jessica kidded as she leaned against the wall beside Amy.

            "Yeah… well, that's what you're there for, to keep him in line."  She smiled.

            "Me?  Keep Lance in line?"  Jessica laughed.  "To be honest, he'll be the one keeping everyone else in line."

            "That’s probably true.  Besides, I'll be out for the Save Hope Banquet next month."  Amy lightly ran her fingers over the ring on her left hand.

            "That's right, that'll be a lot of fun.  I know Chris is bringing Colleen out too."

            "We'll all have to have a girls day or something.  A day at the spa or something."

            "Sign me up.  You don't have to ask me twice."

            "Me neither."  Amy laughed and looked over Jessica's shoulder.  "Here comes trouble."  She smiled as Lance walked up with a drink in each hand.  "I'll see you in a couple weeks Jess."  Amy gave Jessica a quick hug then headed off to a private corner with Lance.


            JC had started walking back with Lance, but instead he made a detour when he saw Kyle and Justin standing off to the side of the crowd.  Justin was looking around at his eye level looking kind of lost.  "Here he is."  Justin smiled as JC walked up.  "See?  I knew we'd find him."  He smiled down at Kyle.

            "Are you okay?" JC asked as he balanced his water bottles in one arm as he took Kyle's hand.

            "Yeah, he's okay.  He was just worried that you had gotten on a plane already so we were looking for you."  Justin explained.  "See?  Your daddy wouldn't leave without you."

            "Daddy say."  Kyle nodded.

            "Yep, I'm staying with you today.  We're going to get on the same plane with everyone else."  JC nodded.  "Don't worry about that."

            "Kay."  Kyle smiled and sighed as he looked at Justin.  "Where Jessi?"

            "Yeah hey speaking of Jessi, I heard you two've got a thing going?"  Justin asked softly.

            "Me and Jessica?"  JC looked over his shoulder to where she was standing alone.  "Yeah.  Yeah we're kinda seeing each other."


            JC nodded,  "We're dating.  We're uh… yeah, we're seeing each other."

            "Cool."  Justin laughed at JC's uneasiness.  "You gotta tell me these things before I go embarrassing myself."

            "Sorry."  JC smiled and swung Kyle's hand.

            "Daddy where she?"  Kyle sighed as he hung on JC's hand to get his attention.

            "She's waiting right over there."  JC pointed and caught Jessica's eye.  He held up a bottle of water in question, and she nodded to indicate that she would like one.  "Let's get her a water and hang out."


            "See you on the plane."  JC waved to Justin as he and Kyle made their way over to the bar again and got another bottle, then walked over to where she was waiting by the window.

            "You look almost giddy."  She smiled and took the bottle and twisted the cap off.

            "I am."  JC smiled and tilted his bottle back to take a drink.

            "Daddy I have some?"  Kyle asked.  "Peese?"

            "Hang on, I've got a bottle just for you."

            "I no have bottle."  Kyle shook his head.  "I'm big."

            "I know you're a big boy so you don’t use a baby bottle.  This is a different kind of bottle, see?  I drink out of them and Jessica too."

            "And Chris?"

            "Yep, Chris too."  JC nodded.

            "And Fank?"

            "You bet."  JC smiled and tucked his bottle under his arm to twist Kyle's bottle open.  He held it to his son's lips and watched him carefully as he drank a few large swallows.

            "Is that pretty good?"

            "Yeah."  Kyle wiped his mouth on his sleeve and smiled.  JC held Kyle against his shoulder as he adjusted the old red backpack and smiled.  "We fly?"  Kyle yawned softly.

            "Yep, we're gonna go fly."

            "Like supeman?"

            "Kind of."

            "And Joey?"

            "Yep, Joey will be there too."

            "Kay."  Kyle sighed and rested his head on JC's shoulder.

            "Here we go."  Jessica bumped her shoulder against his arm as the others started down the ramp to the airplane.

            "Yep."  JC smiled and nodded as he laced his fingers through hers then squeezed her hand softly.  He brought her their hands to his lips and kissed her fingers then smiled and leaned in to kiss her lips softly.  They paused at the top of the ramp to show their passports to the agent at the podium, then they were waved through.  "Here we go."

            JC and Jessica started down the ramp hand in hand as JC's stomach tightened with excitement.  With his son on his shoulder, Jessica at his side and the guys leading the way… he felt more complete than he had in a long time.

            Kyle squirmed in JC's arms then sighed against his neck,  "We're almost on the plane buddy."  JC said softly.

            "Kay."  Kyle nodded slightly as Jessica reached out and patted his back with her free hand.  "Jessi too?"

            "Of course."  She laughed lightly.  "I'm coming too."

            "Rad."  Kyle smiled and closed his eyes as they stepped onto the plane to begin their trip to Europe.

            "Rad."  JC grinned as he looked at Jessica.  She laughed and blushed slightly as he squeezed her hand again, the feeling was mutual.

            Chris stood in the aisle trying his hardest to shove his jacket and duffel bag into the overhead compartment.  "For the love of Pete."  He grumbled as JC and Jessica entered at the front of the plane.  He stopped his struggle and watched as they stood only inches from each other looking like a matched set.

            For a moment he was amazed that JC had been able to completely turn his life around to accommodate Kyle and make their life together even better by adding Jessica to the happiness.  But then he stopped; of course JC could pull that off and come out smiling.  He was JC… and JC could do anything.


~The end~


"Said and Done" - The third story in this series


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