Warning:  drunk Justin, voyeuristic Chris, soinlove Joey and Lance and "kinda" straight JC ahead.



            "Justin's drunk."  Chris announced with a snicker as he poked his head in the game room.

            "Mother fuck.  You'd better be lying."  JC jumped off the couch and was at the door in a split second.  "You're lying."

            "I'm not lying Jace, relax."  Chris reached to pat JC's shoulder reassuringly, but laughed instead.

            "It's seven thirty.  We have a concert in like, an hour."  JC ran his hand through his hair causing his too-small t-shirt to hike up and reveal an inch of his stomach.

            "It's pouring down rain."  Chris wiggled his fingers to indicate lots and lots of rain,

            "We've got a show."

            "Noooo."  Chris shook his head.  "We've got a stadium full of pissed off fans, but no show."  Chris patted JC's shoulder with a smile, and then looked past him to where Joey and Lance were entwined together on the couch playing a video game that both of them sucked at.  "Who's winning?"  Chris asked, knowing it would spark an argument that would end in a kiss.

            "I am."  They said in unison.

            Joey took his eyes on the screen and looked at Lance.  "Dude.  I'm winning."  He shifted his leg behind Lance's back and Lance lurched forward at the movement.

            "Don't kick me."  Lance said without looking away from the monitor.  "I'm winning."

            "Um, I'm the green guy.  I've got 96 thousand points."  Joey resumed playing as he shook his head.

            "I'm green.  You're the little red guy stuck in the corner."

            "No I'm not."  Joey frowned and wiggled his remote.

            "With six hundred points."  Lance laughed.

            "Shut up."  Joey swung his leg over Lance's head and leaned closer to the TV.  "Fuckin asshole.  Are you serious?"  He tossed his remote down and pinned Lance to the couch.  "I'm always the green guy."

            "Not this time."  Lance laughed as his character walked in place on the screen, both controllers abandoned on the floor.

            "You suck."

            "Uh huh."  Lance's eyes danced as Joey hovered above him.

            "Kiss and make up already, then come to the quiet room."  Chris demanded with a frown.

            "What's in the quiet room?"  Joey tore his eyes away from the man beneath him and affixed his stare on Chris.

            "Me.  And a drunk Justin."

            "Justin's drunk?"  Lance squirmed under Joey, who held him in place with his knees.  "Let me up."  He smacked Joey's chest.

            "Kiss him, then let him up and come on."  Chris put his hands on his hips.  "Oh come on already, before I have to do it."

            Joey leaned down and kissed Lance hard on the mouth.  Even from the doorway Chris could hear their teeth tap against each other.  Joey was rarely nice with his kisses, which was half the reason Chris loved to watch him kiss Lance.

            "Bastard.  You're gonna knock out a tooth one of these days." Lance said as he rolled out from under Joey with his hand on his lips.

            "Yeah maybe."  Joey crawled off the couch and dropped his hand over Lance's shoulders with a quick lick of his neck.  "But you'd still be hot."

            "Shut up."  Lance tried to sound mad but the blush and smile washed away anything negative.

            "Hurry your pansy asses up."  Chris grew more and more impatient by the door.

            "Can I come?"  JC asked.

            "You've got to play if you come."  Chris shook his finger.

            "I'll play."  JC stepped out into the hall behind Joey and Lance.

            "You have to play and follow all the rules."  Chris amended his previous provision.

            "I'll follow the rules."

            "That means if you get a dare to -”

            "I'll follow the rules."  JC frowned over his shoulder at Chris.

            "You can't pull your 'I'm straight' card this time."

            "Chris…"  He sighed and paused for Chris to catch up.  "I'll follow all the rules.  I've watched you guys play enough to know that I can handle whatever you throw at me."

            Chris' eyes glinted for a moment with a certain childish devious look, "All righty then." He walked through the quiet room door being held open by Joey.  Lance had already taken his place on his huge blue bean bag while Justin lay flat on the floor with a can of 7-up by his hand.

            "I thought you said he was drunk." Joey whispered.

            "He is."  Chris nodded.

            "On 7-up?"

            "On vodka, 7-up and orange juice."  Chris laughed and bounced over to Justin.  "Hey boy, you want another one?"

            "Anthony's gonna kill me."  Justin giggled as he rolled onto his side and knocked his empty can over.  "You. He's gonna kill you for doing this to me."

            "I didn't force feed you."  Chris shook his head.

            "Yeah you did."

            "Only the first one."  Chris shook his head and dug around in the velvet card pouch for the dice.  "Did you put them back in here?"

            "They're in there."  Lance nodded and held is hand out for the bag.

            "I don't think so."

            "They are."

            "Because all I'm feeling are those porno tarot cards JC bought when we were in New Orleans."  Chris shook his head and felt around the soft pouch some more.

            "Here."  Lance sighed and held his hand out.

            Chris handed it over as Joey swung his leg over the bean bag and sat behind Lance, their thighs touching and Lance's back pressed firmly against Joey's chest.  "Here, we only have four."  Lance handed the dice to Chris to hand out like he always did.  There were patterns to follow when they played 'Truth or dare'.

            "There's one in the Yatzee game."  Justin slurred from the floor as he pointed at the stack of games by the stereo system.

            "I'll get it."  JC offered.

            "Lock the door."  Chris pointed at the closed door as he handed everyone their dice.  He kept the red one, Justin got blue because if anyone else took it he became a pouty bitch and refused to play.  Joey took the green because it reminded him of Lance's eyes and he was sentimental like that and Lance took the yellow... because it was the only color left.

            "No one comes in here."  JC said as he got the game down and pulled the lid off.

            "Lock the door."  Lance, Joey and Chris said in unison.

            "That's one of the rules."  Justin sang as he rolled back onto his back.

            "You guys, he's drunk."  JC said as he retrieved the extra die from the game then flipped the switch on the door.

            "Duh."  Joey rolled his eyes.

            "That's why we're playing."  Chris added.

            "That's one of the rules."  Justin sang again, and then dissolved into a fit of giggles.

            "He has to be drunk in order to play?" JC looked at Chris with a disapproving look.

            "Dude, it’s like… ten times more fun if he's drunk."  Chris shook his head and pulled a cushion off the couch to complete the circle.  He patted the other half of the cushion as he sat and waited until JC dropped his butt down.

            "You know the rules?"  Lance asked JC.  As the newcomer JC was viewed with skepticism.

            "I know the door has to be locked and Justin has to be drunk." JC shrugged.

            "Yeah but you've seen us play, right?"  Lance asked.

            "I… yeah kinda.  You guys usually play when I'm writing or working."  JC licked his lips.  "But I think I get the idea."

            "Okay."  Joey sighed and rolled his die between his hands.  "We all throw, and whoever's highest gets to choose who to ask and what to ask."  Joey explained.

            "Okay."  JC nodded, anxious to start.

            "And if there's a tie, then those two -”  Lance took over the explanation.

            "Or three."  Joey interrupted.

            "Right those two or three roll off and keep doing that till someone is higher."  Lance nodded.

            "Okay."  JC bobbed his head and took a deep breath.

            "Fuck."  Lance closed his eyes.  "JC you've seen us play right?"

            "Yeah.  Yeah I've seen you play."

            "And if someone dares you to do something, you have to do it."

            "I know."

            "Even if you don't want to."  Lance clarified.

            "Lance… I know how to play truth or dare."  JC looked annoyed as he dropped his die from hand to hand.

            Lance stared at JC for a second, then looked at Chris.  "No nudity tonight." He said quickly.

            "Hell no!"  Justin flopped his arm around and smacked Lance's side.  "That's the best part.  Shut up.  Don't listen to Lance he doesn't make the rules.  Nakedity is a rule.  It has to be a rule.  Chris, tell him it's a rule."  Justin's head lobbed from side to side as he looked from Chris to Lance with glassy eyes.

            "It's a rule Lance."  Chris shrugged helplessly.

            "No holds barred."  Joey sighed when Lance looked to him for support.

            "Maybe you should be drunk for this too."  Chris said as he looked over at JC.


            "It might help."  Chris jumped up and got the bottle of vodka from Justin's backpack.  "He didn't finish it."

            "That's mine."  Justin frowned and reached for the bottle from his position on the floor.

            "You're sharing it with JC."  Chris scowled at Justin and kicked his shoulder.

            "But it's mine."

            "I bought it so shut up." Joey kicked Justin's foot.

            "I don't need to be drunk." JC shook his head but took the bottle that was offered.

            "It can't hurt."  Lance shrugged and nuzzled Joey's neck.

            "We'll all take some."  Chris nodded as JC brought the bottle to his lips.

            "Me too?"  Justin giggled.

            "You've had enough."  Joey shook his head and closed his eyes as Lance traced his earlobe with his tongue.

            "Ugh."  JC made a face and wiped the back of his hand across his mouth.  "Ugh, that's awful."

            "That's the good stuff."  Joey held his hand out for the bottle.

            "Ugh."  JC licked his sleeve to get the taste off his tongue.  "I'll take a margarita over that any day."

            "Wasted away again in Margaritaville."  Justin sang through laughter.

            "Okay seriously, next time I'm in charge of getting him drunk. He's just annoying tonight."  Lance took a drink from the bottle then handed it to Chris who capped it and set it on the floor.

            "Are you ready?"  Chris asked.

            "Yeah." Joey and Lance said in unison.

            "You bet."  JC slapped his hands on his knees and leaned forward expectantly.

            "Looking for my lost shaker of salt."  Justin sang and balanced his die on his nose.

            “Okay, let’s roll.”  Chris played with his die while watching Justin try to stick his tongue out far enough to knock his die off his nose.

            "Forget rolling; let's just see what we can make Justin do."  Joey laughed and moved his hand under Lance's shirt.

            “We’ve got rules.  Roll.”  Chris tossed his die and laughed as it ricocheted off of Justin’s ear.

            The other conceded and threw their dice; JC looking unsure as they fell into place.  He secretly hoped he wouldn’t get the highest because he had no idea what to ask of his friends.  His die landed on two, and he knew he’d be safe.

            “I got five, anyone beat that?”  Lance asked.

            “I got fifty three trillion million.”  Justin said as he tossed his die in the air.

            “He got two.”  Chris shook his head and looked at Joey.  “Joe?”

            “It’s by your foot, I can’t see.”

            Chris looked down to see the green die by his shoe.  “Six.  Asshole, how do you always get to be first?”


            “Yeah, I’ll show you magic.”  Chris frowned and winged the die back to Joey who caught it expertly and rolled it around in his hand.

            "JC."  Joey smirked over Lance's shoulder.

            "Hmm?" JC looked up at the sound of his name.

            "Truth or dare?"

            "Truth." JC said without pause.

            "Who here have you kissed?"  Joey asked, knowing the only one he could eliminate for sure was himself, and he was interested to see how far their straight friend had gone.



            "You mean like…?"

            "Like this."  Joey turned Lance's head to the side and kissed him how he knew he liked it.  Deep and a little rough, tongue lashing in and out and Joey's hand grabbing his hair.

            "Oh."  JC blushed and cleared his throat as Chris suddenly because overly interested in the bottle of Vodka.


            "Um.  Justin and Chris."  JC nodded and looked over at Chris who was matching his blush.

            "Shut up."  Lance laughed as he ran his hand across his red lips.

            "What?"  JC asked innocently.

            "You kissed Justin?"

            "Well he kissed me, but yeah."

            "Was he drunk?"  Joey asked.

            "No, but I was."  JC smiled and gave a little laugh.  "It was… he was kind of sloppy"

            "I wasn't drunk.  I was…" Justin giggled and waved his hands in the air above his head.  "Nibblin’ on sponge cake… watching the sun bake."  He sang with his eyes closed.

            "How does he do that?  He's drunk off is rocker and he knows the lyrics to a song that’s like, a decade older than him?"  Lance shook his head and watched Justin with obvious wonder.

            "How come it surprises you that I kissed Justin but not Chris?"  JC asked as he ignored the drunk kid at his feet.

            "Everyone's kissed Chris." Lance shrugged and bounced the die in his hand.

            "Everyone?" JC looked around the group.

            "Yep." Joey nodded.

            "I have."  Lance agreed, but leaned back into Joey… where his affection was always returned.

            "I licked Chris from head to toe and lingered around the middle." Justin giggled and hummed the chorus of "Margaritaville" under his breath.

            "He's got this belly button thing."  Chris sighed and shrugged.  "Not nearly as hot as you might be thinking." He raised his eyebrow at JC.  "Unless…"  He pulled his t-shirt up to expose his furry belly.

            JC blushed and rolled his die between his hands.  "Roll?"

            "Roll."  Joey snickered at JC's uncomfortableness and rolled his die.  Four others followed it to the floor with Justin's landing closer to the door since he'd lost the ability to not throw the die.

            The red die landed with a single dot on top.  "Damn.  I always get ones."  Chris sighed as he picked up the dice and handed them back to their owners.  "Lance and JC roll off."

            "Go Jace."  Lance nodded as Joey nibbled on his ear. He pinched Joey's knee to get him to stop; it was hard enough to concentrate on the game with 'little Joe' pressing into his back, but having the tongue of fury swishing around his ear lobe made it damn near impossible.

            JC rolled and got a three.  "Beat that." He laughed, knowing Lance would.  And he did.  Lance rolled and got a four.

            "Ahh, not by much." He smiled at JC and winked.  "I've gotta pick on the new guy.  JC, truth or dare."

            "Stop fucking picking JC." Justin protested from the floor.  "He's getting everything tonight.  Pick me!"

            "Stop your whining it's only the second roll." Chris kicked Justin in the ribs and nodded at JC.  "Go."

            "Okay dare I guess?"  JC shrugged and took a deep breath as he sat on his hands.  "Dare." He repeated softly.

            "I dare you to…"  Lance paused to think for a minute.  He laughed softly and shook his head, "Well since Justin’s feeling left out and apparently has a belly button fetish… I dare you to lick Justin's belly button."

            "Doh!" Joey laughed.

            "Gross." JC made a face and looked at Justin.  "Have you bathed?"

            "No."  Justin laughed and raised his shirt.

            "He hasn't bathed." JC looked at Chris who was laying back on the cushion laughing.

            "He's bathed."  Lance rolled his eyes.

            "You can sanitize it first." Chris kept laughing as he handed JC the bottle of vodka.  "That'll kill any germs he's got."

            "Just lick it?"  JC took the bottle and unscrewed the top. He dribbled a little onto Justin’s stomach and spread it around with his fingers.

            "Lick it like you mean it." Justin moaned seductively before he giggled.

            "Man, we need a camera."  Joey said as he rested his chin on Lance's shoulder to watch.  JC scooted forward on his knees, then lowered his mouth to Justin's stomach.  Without flinching or making any more comments, JC licked from the waist of Justin's sweats all the way to his belly button where his long tongue circled, then licked up the vodka surrounding it.

            That would have been enough for Lance, but JC kept going.   JC's hands went to Justin's sides and held him still as he squirmed.  JC took great care in licking up the rest of the vodka with long strokes of his tongue, then flicked it once over the top of Justin's sweats before sitting up.

            "Like that?" JC asked as he finally made a face.  "Ugh, I hate vodka."

            "I…"  Lance stared, speechless.  "Yeah."

            "You want some gum?"  Joey reached into his back pocket for the pack he kept handy.

            "No, I'll be okay." JC's nose stayed crinkled in distaste for a minute as the liquor taste finally left his lips.

            Justin was oddly quiet as he lay on the floor with his stomach still exposed, and a protrusion in his sweats making a little tent in the fabric.  "Um… let's roll." Chris smiled and took Justin's die from where he'd dropped it on the floor.  "J, I'm gonna roll for you, okay?"  Chris asked.

            "Some people claim that there's a woman to blame… but I know… it's JC's fault." Justin sang slowly while keeping his eyes closed.

            "Okay." Chris nodded and they all rolled.  "Dammit.  I swear mine is loaded so I always get a one." Chris scowled and picked up the dice.  "Go Justin."

            "My turn?"  Justin mumbled as he opened his eyes and looked up at Chris backwards.

            "Yep.  Lucky you."

            "Okay Chris I dare you to finish off what JC started down here." Justin's hand went to his pants.

            "You have to ask if I want truth or dare first, genius."  Chris shook his head.

            "No!  Come on… that's not fair." Justin whined.

            "That's why it's called truth or dare." Lance smiled and shrugged.

            "Fuck it.  Truth or dare?"  Justin asked with a frown.

            "Truth."  Chris said just to piss him off.

            "You're an asshole."

            "Yeah… well… I'm an asshole with nothing to hide."  Chris shrugged and watched as Justin adjusted himself uncomfortably.

            "Okay fine.  But it's all about me baby.  Tonight it's all about me."  Justin went off on tangents faster than anything.  "Other than you because you're an asshole, who would you like to watch blow me?"

            "Dude Just, I don't wanna watch anyone blow you."  Chris made a face.

            "Ah!  No, come on.  The rules." Justin pointed at Chris over his head.

            "That's the honest to God truth.  I don't want to watch you get a hummer.  I swear."  Chris held up his hands.

            "Well for fucks sake.  Play along.  If you had to choose."  Justin sighed and sat up for the first time since they started.  "Oh man." His hands went to his head as the room spun.

            "Are you gonna barf?"  Joey asked as he looked around for a trash can.

            "Yeah." Justin nodded.  "Wait.  No." He swallowed a couple times and opened his eyes.  "No.  I'm not gonna be sick.  The room stopped moving."  He blinked and looked at Chris.  "Okay man, who is it?"

            "You can't go changing the question after you asked already."  Chris laughed.

            "Humor him." Lance smiled and shifted his hips slightly so that his backside rubbed against Joey, driving him half insane.

            "Fine.  You."  Chris said with a raised eyebrow.  "You wanna keep talking Mr. Smarty pants?  I want to see you do it."  He said to Lance.

            "Oooh, Lance lips.  I haven't had those."  Justin closed his eyes and licked his own lips.  "Oooh Lancey baby.  Who's your daddy?  Who's your daddy, bitch?" Justin pretended to hold an invisible head in his lap and pump it up and down.  "Lance!  Lance!  Lance!"  He pretended to faint in ecstasy as he slid back down to his position flat on his back on the floor.

            "Stop."  Joey's foot lashed out and caught Justin in the ribs.  "He knows who his daddy is."  Joey smiled and ran his hands under Lance's shirt and up his chest.  "Don't you?"

            "You guys are both sick.  The only daddy I've got is my - OW!  Joey!"  Lance jumped in place as Joey gave his nipples a hard pinch under his shirt.

            "See? He knows” Joey laughed and removed his hands.

            "Roll."  Chris rolled his eyes as Justin rolled his die along his lips.  "If that goes in your moth and you choke on it I'm not going to give you the Heimlich."

            "The Hiney Lick?"  Justin laughed hysterically as he dropped the die in his mouth and moved it around with his tongue.

            "Justin, stop." JC reached over and pinched Justin's cheeks, then reached in with his fingers and removed the die.  "You're going to choke.  Let Chris roll for you."

            "I can roll."

            "Here." JC handed the slippery die to Chris.

            "That's gross."  Chris made a face.

            "You'll let him lick you from head to toe and touching a slobbery piece of plastic is gross?" JC raised his eyebrow as Justin launched into the second verse of his song for the evening.

            "I don't know the reason… I stayed here all season…"

            "My God… roll already." Joey scoffed and tossed his die to the floor.  Everyone else followed suit and were silent when they saw that JC won.

            "Jace."  Chris picked up the dice and handed them back, keeping Justin's in his hand with his own.

            "Hmm."  JC pinched his lower lip and thought for a minute.  He knew he couldn’t dare Justin to do anything in the state he was in, and there was nothing he desperately wanted to know the truth about with him either. Lance and Joey were connected at the groin so daring them to do anything would be more fun for them than anyone else… except Chris, who apparently liked to watch the goings on but never really took part.  "Chris…"  JC said softly.

            "Me?  Okay… uh… dare."

            "No holds barred?" JC asked with a quick look to Joey.

            "No holds barred." Joey nodded, then got a worried look on his face.  "Christ.  Maybe we should change that.  You're a quiet little dude and that means you've probably been thinking up some freaky shit."  Joey looked at Chris.  "Rule change?"

            "Nah.  I can handle it."  Chris licked his lips nervously and looked at JC.  "Lay it on me."

            "It's now or never." JC thought to himself as his heart began to race in his chest.  "Okay…" JC leaned closer to Chris ear and lowered his voice.  "I've been thinking about this for a while."

            "Shit, you're toast." Joey laughed and shook his head.

            JC ignored Joey and got the courage to finish his thought.  "I dare you… to lick my nipples."  He laughed then leaned back to gauge Chris' reaction.

            "Your…?"  Chris looked down at JC's shirt.

            "Yeah."  JC peeled his t-shirt over his head and leaned back on his arms.

            "Dude Jace."  Justin craned his neck to see what was going on.  "You're the gayest straight guy I've ever seen."  He mumbled as he brought his foot up to take his sock off.  "For real.  You tongue fucked my stomach and now you want Chris the power tongue master to lick your nips?  Why don't you just take Mary and Rhoda here over to the corner and have a three way or something."

            "How… how is he this coherent?" Lance furrowed his brow and looked at Joey on his shoulder.

            "I have no clue."  Joey whispered as he leaned forward anxiously, half squishing Lance.  "Be quiet though.  Justin shut up." Joey kicked at Justin again to shut him up.

            "Well?"  JC asked, waiting as Chris sat perfectly still.

            Chris licked his lips again and left his eyes on the thin hair covering JC's chest.  "Seriously Jace… you're the gayest straight man."

            "So you guys keep saying."  JC let his head fall back, exposing his whole neck to Chris as well.

            Joey cleared his throat and said, "Get to it Chris."

            Chris blushed and took a drink from the vodka bottle by his side.  "Liquid courage." He thought to himself.

            "Chris.  Chris.  Chris."  Lance chanted softly to help encourage him.

            "Shut up." Chris said over his shoulder as he moved toward JC.  "You asked for it."

            "Yep." JC said without raising his head.

            Chris stuck out his tongue and flicked the tip against JC's left nipple.  The victim in the scenario inhaled quickly as Chris placed his tongue flat and let the hardness of JC's nipple indent the length of his tongue.  While his mouth took pleasure of one, his hand fondled the other much to JC's pleasure.

            "Wasn't he just supposed to lick?"  Joey asked quietly.

            "Shush."  Lance whispered with his eyes glued to the spectacle in front of them.  Justin's eyes had drifted closed, and Lance knew he'd be sorry he missed this when he sobered up.

            Chris moved to JC's other side and sucked hard, then nipped at JC until he gasped and jerked his head up in a mixture of pain and pleasure.  He stopped abruptly and looked JC in the eye, "Good enough?"

            "G-good."  JC nodded and licked his lips as his stomach rippled and his cock hardened.

            "The gayest straight man." Lance whispered under his breath as he shook his head slowly.

            "I'm not exactly straight."  JC said through his deep red blush as he reached for his discarded t-shirt.

            "You're not exactly gay." Joey smirked.

            "I'm in between." JC shrugged.

            "When did you get in between?  Because last time you tried to play you were all the way straight." Joey pointed out, though that was almost two years earlier.

            "I don't know.  Sometime between then and now I figured it out."

            "Did Justin's tongue in your mouth help?"  Joey asked with a short laugh.

            "No." JC laughed, "I barely remember that one."

            "Mine?" Chris asked almost shyly.

            "Well... at least I was sober." JC shrugged.

            "Jesus Chris, you're turning straight guys gay now?  You've got the power."  Lance laughed.

            "Hell, it worked on you two.  And I'd better be invited to the wedding."  Chris shook his finger at the two lovebirds on the beanbag, noticeably avoiding eye contact with JC.

            "I was gay before I kissed you Chris."  Lance shook his head.

            "I was too."

            "Oh you were not."  Chris lowered his voice as Justin crawled over and dropped his head in Chris' lap before sighing deeply.  "Absolutely not."

            "I just wasn't aware of it till you turned on your elfish charms."

            "Bite my ass."  Chris scowled, but a smile crept up behind it.

            "Yeah well… maybe if you dared me."  Joey instead bit Lance's neck and tightened his legs against Lance's.

            "Yeah.  Roll."  Chris sighed and tossed his die, then Justin's.  The sound of the dice falling on the thin carpet was the only sound heard as Lance leaned to read the dice.

            "Ha.  Me."  Lance smirked and squinted at JC.

            "Oh come on." JC sighed and rolled his eyes.  "You guys are just picking on me tonight."

            "You're the new guy.  We haven't seen you do anything yet."

            "You saw me lick all up and down Justin's stomach!"

            "Uh huh."  Justin nodded with his head on Chris' thigh.

            Christ stroked Justin's hair and looked up at JC, "Too bad he won't remember that tomorrow."

            "Okay JC, truth or dare?"

            "Dare."  JC threw up his hands in silence resignation.  "Just get it over with."

            "Let Joey kiss you."  Lance smiled and squeezed Joey's knee.

            "Oh!"  Chris put his hand over his mouth.  "Lance, that's just mean."

            "What?"  JC looked from Lance to Chris... then met Joey's eye.  "What's that mean?"

            "Lance."  Chris gave him a warning look but Lance just shrugged and smiled.

            "He chose dare."

            "Joey."  Chris shifted his gaze to Joey.  "Be nice."

            "Dude.  I'm gonna kiss him, it's not the end of the world."  Joey scooted out from behind Lance and placed a quick peck by his ear.  "Remember, you asked for this."

            "I know."  Lance smiled slowly and watched as Joey stood up and stretched his arms over his head.

            "Ready?"  Joey looked down at JC who was starting to look scared.

            "I swear Joe; if you draw blood I'll kick the ever loving shit out of you."  Chris said softly.

            "You're full of threats tonight." Joey looked at Chris.

            "I'm serious."

            "When have I ever -”  Joey started.

            "You practically bit Justin's tongue in half!"  Chris' eyebrows shot up as his voice raised a notch.

            "What?!" JC shifted so that Chris was between himself and Joey.

            "It wasn't that bad."

            "I thang with a lithp for a week." Justin said with his lisp.  "I thounded like thith."  Then he offered up a song with his lisp.  "Wathtin away again in magawitawill.  Therthin for my lotht thaker uh thalt."

            "Shut up, it wasn't that bad."  Joey scowled then sighed.  "I promise not to hurt the pretty boy."

            "Okay fine. Just go."  JC sat up from behind Chris and closed his eyes as he braced himself for impact.

            The blow he was expecting never came, instead he felt Joey almost crawled into his lap and placed one hand at the back of his neck.  Joey's thick fingers played in the curls and tickled his hairline for a second before they tugged just a little and tipped JC's head back.  Before he knew what hit him Joey moved and had JC flat on his back, knocking his head on the hard floor.  Joey kissed him slowly, but harder than JC could have imagined as the breath was sucked from his lungs.  That added to the fact that Joey was on top of him made JC squirm to try to get breath.  He tasted the warm metallic taste of blood on his tongue, but nothing hurt.

            In fact, he found he kind of liked being taken down like that.  Before he was ready to be done, Joey stopped the kiss and sat up beside him.  "Whew.  You kiss pretty good for a straight guy." Joey said as he ran his hand over his lips.  "Damn, you got me." He pulled his finger away to show blood.

            "You made him bleed?"  Chris looked at Joey accusingly.

            "Dude, it's mine."  Joey laughed and sat back behind Lance as JC sat up and ran his fingers through his hair.

            "Are you bleeding?" Chris asked as he helped JC up.

            "Me?  No."  He shook his head.  "I don't think so."  JC trailed his fingers over his swollen lips.  "Nope… no blood."

            "I told you, he got me. His teeth bashed my lip." Joey licked his lower lip and Chris could see a thin red line across the top.  "It's nothing."

            "So Jace… your first Joey kiss huh?" Lance raised his eyebrow.

            "First and last.  I don't know how you do it." JC shook his head and leaned forward on his knees to hide how much it affected him.

            "You've just gotta be quick and keep your teeth out of the way."  Lance laughed and ran his fingertips up Joey's leg giving the older man shivers up and down his spine.

            "Boys??"  A deep male voice shouted through the door.

            "Yeah?"  Justin shouted back from the floor.

            "Stop him." Chris said quickly as JC sprang into action and sat on the floor by Justin to hold his hand over the younger mans mouth.  Chris went to the door and unlocked it slowly.  "Yeah?"  He pulled it open a few inches.

            "Everything okay in there?"  Lonnie asked.

            "Uh huh."  Chris nodded and tried to aim his breath down so that Lonnie wouldn't smell the vodka.

            "The shows been cancelled."

            "Uh huh."

            "You guys wanna hang out here for a bit or do you wanna head on back?"

            "We'll hang out here."  Chris nodded.

            "You need anything?"  Lonnie asked.  He was just trying to be helpful, but Chris heard JC grunt as Justin strained against his hand trying to speak.

            "Nah, we're cool.  Come and get us when the place is cleared out."  Chris smiled and went to shut the door.

            "Two hours."

            "Got it.  Thanks."  Chris held his smile, then shut and locked the door again.  "We've got about two hours."

            "He won't be sober by then."  JC rolled off of Justin to let him continue with his song.

            "He doesn't have to be.  He'll pass out in another thirty seconds.  Exhausted from the work out and the marathon pace we've been holding all month… undoubtedly."  Chris raised his eyebrow and smirked at JC.  Before JC could get up off the floor Justin rolled onto his stomach and closed his eyes.  It was only another few seconds before his snoring filled the room and Lance laughed out loud.

            "It's scary how well you know him."  Lance shook his head and ground his hips into Joey's behind him.

            "It's scary how well he knows all of us." Joey said as he bit Lance's neck playfully.

            "Ha."  Chris looked over at JC quickly.  "I didn't know you too well, did I?"

            "You knew me better than I did." JC said softly as he smiled and sat back on their cushion.  Lance and Joey had apparently forgotten that anyone else was in the room as Chris tore his eyes from JC and watched them kiss for a minute.  Their hands traveled each other's bodies from hair to hips with a familiarity that sparked jealousy in Chris' stomach.

            He looked back for JC, but saw that he wasn't there.  "You watch them a lot, don't you?" JC asked, suddenly appearing behind Chris' shoulder.

            Chris jumped, then tried to play it off like he had an itch.  His hand went to his shoulder to scratch as he shrugged, “Sometimes."

            "Yeah.  Me too."  JC stood behind Chris and wrapped his arms around his middle.  "Looks fun, huh?"

            "I -”  Chris started to speak, but stopped when he felt JC's mouth on his neck.  "Y-yeah… looks… fun."  He spun around in JC's firm arms to kiss him and mean it.  Really mean it.  He wasn't as rough as Joey, or as sloppy as Justin… he was just perfect, and exactly what JC needed… and wanted.




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