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Dayna leads a confusing life.  She works on her ex-boyfriends tour, she's infatuated with an unavailable man and can't shake the affections of another.  As if that's not bad enough, just wait until she tries to fix it.

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Joey and Elizabeth have been friends forever... but things are going to change when Joey hooks her up with one of his best friends...

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Justin is dating two very different girls, from two very different worlds.   Sooner or later he's going to have to choose.

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Lance's heart has been in trouble for a while now...  Only one person can fix it, but is she willing to make the ultimate sacrifice?

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"Whenever I'm weary... from the battles that rage in my head... you made sense of madness... when my sanity hangs by a thread.  I lose my way, but still you seem to understand..."

After more than four years Joey shows up on Alyssa's doorstep.  But things have changed...

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(first story in the trilogy)

JC needs help... Sara needs a friend.  Together, they can save each other.

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(second story in the trilogy)

It's a year later and Sara is back in JC's life, only this time the roles are reversed.

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(third story in the trilogy)

JC and Sara have helped each other through a lot... but now it's time for them to focus on themselves...

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Claudia was there at the start, the annoying "little sister" no one could stand.  But after a year she's matured and everyone has changed... love is in the air.  She touches the lives of everyone involved, and changes everyone forever.

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Carrie gives Joey the ultimate challenge:   To be the perfect boyfriend.  Can he do it?  Will he change his ways?  Or will he revert to his comfort zone of flirtatious behavior?

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Meg has a crush on Lance... but their relationship "isn't allowed" - Can they keep it quiet?

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(first story in the series)

JC's life is turned upside down when Kyle shows up.  An unknown child in his crowded world may be just what he needs.


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(second story in the series)

JC and Kyle are home in Florida now... and JC is finding out that life at home where it's just the two of them is quite a bit different than life on the road.

A cheesy Christmas story.

JC meets Santa... he just doesn't have the faith he needs to believe.

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Not really a story... more of an observation through the eyes of the boys of Nsync...


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Chris has a run in with nurse Grace... but she fixes more than just his injuries.

Authors note:  This is the first Nsync fanfic I ever wrote... please keep that in mind as you read it. :)

Grace returns to give their relationship another try... but someone is in her place.  Will she give him up?  Or fight for what she wants?



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Inspired by the Third Eye Blind song of the same name.


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