"I'm not getting one."  JC insisted as he crossed his arms across his bare chest.

            "Yeah you are."  AJ looked up from the binder with plastic coated pages.  "We all are."

            "Joey's not."

            "Joey doesn't have any more room."  AJ raised his eyebrow and looked over to where their drummer was bouncing his daughter on his hip as they looked at the flash on the wall.  Tattoos covered his bare arms with images of animals, symbols, names and knots.  His most treasured tattoo was hidden from sight with his low hanging jeans, his daughters baby footprint on his calf, his one soft tattoo that surprised even AJ.

            "A… I don't want to."  JC whined softly as the blood left his face.

            "C… you have to."  He whined back.  "I'll distract you, and you won't even feel it."  He flipped through a few more pages then pointed to one.  "Here, that's small."

            "That's a shamrock."  JC made a face.

            "Yeah, for luck.  You're lucky."

            "I'm lucky?  How is this lucky?  How is having four of your buddies drag you half drunk into a tattoo parlor lucky?  I'm gonna die, that's not luck."

            "Don't be such a drama queen."  AJ leaned over quickly and bounced a kiss off of JC's forehead.

            "I hate needles."

            "It's not like a real needle."

            "Real or not, it's a needle.  I'm not getting one." JC repeated.

            "Stop being a fuckwad."  Chris raised his voice from the front of the store.  "Pick a little fucking daisy or something and let's get on with it.  I've got places to go and people to do."

            "People?"  Nick raised his eyebrow and licked his lower lip in Chris' direction as he checked out the jewelry in the cabinet by the door.

            "I've got places to go and a person to do." Chris amended his comment.

            "Is Breezy baby gonna get one too?"  Nick's voice raised a few octaves as he reached for the pudgy little hand of the baby in Joey's arms.

            "Na na." She smiled to show off her front row of teeth and kicked her feet as her flowery pink dress hitched up around her armpits, leaving the white ruffled diaper cover out in plain view.

            "Yes yes, I'm your Na na.  How cute are you?  You're too cute.  You must be part puppy."  Nick cooed as he kissed her chubby cheeks.  "So is she?"

            "How much did you smoke?  I'm not tattooing my kid."  Joey moved her to the other arm, adjusted her dress with delicate care and gave Nick a look.  Nick looked back at Joey with a slow smile and glassy eyes.  "Shit, you guys need to cut back or something."  Joey shook his head and ran his tongue over the inside of his lip, causing his labret piercing to bounce.

            "How about pierced?  You could get her ears done with little diamond studs or something." Nick tucked her soft curls behind her ear and admired the baby smooth peachy skin of her neck.  "How cute would that be?"

            "Nick, get away from the baby. Keep your perverse piercing ideas away from that little island of innocence."  Chris reached over and pulled Nick by his baggy waistline.

            "I'm getting one."  Nick said slowly as Chris reached up and flicked his already pierced nipple under his wifebeater.

            "You've got one."

            "No, another one."  Nick raised an eyebrow at Chris and smirked.

            "Liar."  Chris shook his head and tried not to laugh.  "If you get one…” His eyes wandered to Nick's crotch and tried to mentally picture a flash of silver.  "I'll get one."

            "You will not."

            "Neither will you, so we're safe."  Chris nipped Nick's lower lip and crossed his eyes.  "I'm high."

            "Yeah, exactly."  Nick laughed and looked over to where JC and AJ were still arguing over the book in JC's lap.  "He hasn't picked one yet?"

            "He says he's not getting one."  AJ shook his head.

            "I'm not."  JC insisted.

            "It's either one of those or one of these."  Nick raised his shirt to show the tattoo surrounded barbell through his left nipple.

            "Christ."  JC's color disappeared as he closed his eyes and licked his lips.

            "Fuck Nick, he's gonna pass out."  AJ scowled as he dropped his arm over JC's shoulder and gave him a squeeze.  JC turned his head so that his nose was nestled in AJ's armpit, the only part of his right side that wasn't covered in ink.  "Come on man, you've gotta do this."

            "Fuck you AJ."

            "Yeah well, we'll get to that later.  I'll make it worth your while…" AJ's arm drifted down to JC's lower back and his fingers traced a line from his hip bone to the top of his ass.  "I promise you it won't hurt.  I wouldn't lie about that, right?"  AJ's voice was soft against JC's ear as his lips brushed the baby soft lobe.

            "I know it won't hurt."  JC tried to sound macho, but the words had difficulty leaving his pale lips.

            "Then lets do it."  He met JC's gaze and gave him the smile that was reserved only for JC.  "Come on... ten minutes is nothing.  You can do it."

            "You too?"

            "Yep.  Me too."  AJ nodded and waved the tattoo artist over.  They had decided.


~* an hour later *~


            "You guys are too fucking much."  Joey shook his head as the baby drooled down the side of his neck in her sleep.  "I swear I can't take you anywhere."

            "Shut up."  Chris grumbled under his breath as he tried to walk as bow legged as he could.  "Get off me."  He scowled at Nick who was attempting to use his shoulder for support.  "You're a bastard."

            "Hey you're not the only one here who can't feel their dick." Nick winced as he stepped off the curb.

            "Can't feel it?  That's all I can feel."  Chris glared over his shoulder, trying to walk slow enough so that nothing below his waist moved.  "You're a bastard."  He repeated his insult of the evening.

            "You're both just idiots so shut up already."  Joey said over his shoulder.  "I swear, if Nick jumped off a bridge, Chris you'd be following right after him."

            "We only did that once."

            "And fucker, that was your idea."  Chris reached out and smacked Nick's head.

            "Jace?  You okay back there?"  Joey stopped in the middle of the street as the light flashed 'walk' to make sure the other two guys were keeping up.

            "Uh huh." JC nodded with his arm over AJ's shoulders.

            "He's okay.  I've got him."  AJ took two careful steps and almost fell over with the extra weight of his boyfriend leaning into him.

            "Here, take the baby."  Joey handed the sleeping child to AJ who took her like an expert while Joey half carried JC the rest of the way across the street.  "What did you give him?"


            "What's he rolling on?"

            "Nothing."  AJ shook his head, his silver hoop earrings grazing Brianna's forehead.


            "He was a little drunk when we got there.  Not bad though, just kinda slippery."  AJ explained as they crossed the street.

            "Did the guy give him anything?"

            "Just a tattoo."  AJ grinned and reached to pat JC's bandaged bicep.

            "No."  JC flinched away and knocked Joey off balance.

            "Don't touch him man, he's passing out."  Joey moved JC in front of him and lifted him around his waist to get him on the opposite curb.  "Fuck, those two are useless."  He said as he watched Nick and Chris hobble their way down the sidewalk, cursing at each other and wincing every time their dicks moved.

            "Joe?"  JC asked.

            "Good, you're awake.  What'cha need pal?  I'm trying to get you to the car."

            "I got a tattoo."  JC smiled and looked delirious.

            "Uh huh, I know it.  Rock on."

            "And I love AJ."

            Joey looked over at AJ as the tattooed man holding his daughter smiled and blushed under his oddly shaped goatee.  "I know you do man.  That's rad."  Joey said softly to JC.

            "He's on me forever."  JC's sluggish hand reached out and touched AJ's matching bandage on his opposite bicep.

            "Yep.  Tat's are forever and ever amen."  Joey nodded.  "Let's get you home tough guy."  He adjusted his shoulder under JC's arm again and they started after Nick and Chris.




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