Martin picks out my shoes.

Christine does my hair.

Jesse manages my work time.

Mark get’s me out of bed in the morning.

Kevin makes sure I’m in bed on time.

Jimmy keeps my voice up to par.

Robbie and Stan keep people away from me.

Morris minds my legal matters.

Cheryl takes my personal phone calls.

Steve and Jeff carry my luggage.

My girlfriend takes care of my animals.

Kat keeps me mentally in check.

Anna makes my travel arrangements.

Karen and Suzanne do my make up.

Sabrina makes sure I make it places on time.

Hank tells me when I can see my girlfriend.

Ian keeps the press in line.

Leslie keeps the press up to date.

Simon makes sure my mic sounds good.

Marilyn takes care of my teeth.

Ruth keeps my contract in my best intrest.

Sandy manages my personal time.

Vicki buys my clothes.

Stephen drives me from city to city.

Les drives me where I want to go.

James and Jamie make sure my lighting is right.

Keith tells me where to go and at what time.

Dave makes sure I eat whats good for me.

Tanya and Greg keep me in shape.

Vivian, Brendan and Kip handle my mail.

Wade tells me how to dance.

Jennifer keeps my face blemish free.

Tammy chooses what I wear.

Lois keeps my health in check.

Elise makes sure Jesse and Sandy’s schedules don’t conflict.

My mom takes care of my plants.

Christina makes sure I’m on the "important" TV shows.

Devon keeps me out of the "bad" ones.

Whose life is this?


It’s mine.




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