I don't read very much or very often... but when I find good stuff I like to share it.  So this is what I've read lately that I loved!

(this will all be slash stuff.  if you don't like slash, then don't click.)

note: slash is male/male relationships

Updated:  08/29/2003

"Book of secrets" -by Rhys @ Experiment V :  This is A/U and I've never really read A/U much... but I'm completely hooked. It's a wonderful era piece and though it's long, it's given me hours of great reading.  This is the kind of story where I'm up until one in the morning going "one more chapter!!" - check it out.  (6/26/03)

"Here there be dragons" - by Skeabs @ The nicest dark side :  all righty.   I've never been one who read fantasy or sci-fi stories, but she made me read this and I am now hooked.  It's a wonderful story that completely traps you in the story and I'm in the process of begging her for a sequel :)  Check it out!  (6/5/03)

"Wait for it" - by Tiffany @ I think we're alone now :  *sigh* you just can't go wrong with JoLa.  And soft, sweet, romantic JoLa??  Heaven.   This story made me go "awwww!" and want desperately to cuddle on the couch with these two.  LOVE IT :)  (1/23/03)

"The coming out fic" - by Bitterchick @ divahips : This is JC/Justin (which I never thought I'd like) and it was wonderful!  The way those two interact - it's like what I'd imagine times ten.  And the other guys play into the story so well - Chris and Lance had me rolling!  I've also read "Brooklyn" and "The Hiatus" and they were just as well written... I can't wait to get through the rest!  (1/4/03)

"Come Alive" -by Synchronik @ here :  This is TrickyC.  I got started on the "On the bus" series... and just kept reading from there.  You won't find anything bad on this site.  Some others I've read and liked here are: "Kiss", "Not" and "This side of the Pecos"  (11/22/02)

"Sailing right behind" -by Rhys @ Experiment V :  Timbertrick stuff... yet somehow it made me really miss Lance.  It takes place in the now... Chris has (gets) a mohawk and that's damn sexy.  Good read, not for beginners. :)   (8/11/02)

"Stick shift reverse" - by Rhys @ Experiment V :  This was the first story by Rhys that I read (I lag... I know) and I loved it.  I've also read half of the other stuff on the site and I have not been dissapointed.  I'd recommend anything over there.

"The long run" by Tiffany @ I think we're alone now : Yet another great author I stumbled upon over at livejournal.  I've also read "Score" and "Like all good men" and I'm looking forward to reading more!