Lately I've had a lot of trouble with writers block.  I've seen other authors take word suggestions from friends and just write little snippets or drabbles using those words.  So I figured it couldn't hurt and I asked some friends to give me words.   These are the little tid bits I came up with.  They aren't good, they aren't stories... but they get me writing, and in the end I think that will help :)  Thanks to everyone who tossed words at me :)

#1 - inspired by the song "You think you're a man" (my own cracked out inspiration)

#2 - Thong(s), basket, windchime, and haircut. (dramafumanchick)

#3 - Epidemiologist, air conditioner, spare, absent-minded (mysteryqueen)

#4 - evian, confetti, denim, Woolite (clumsygyrl)

#6 - brownies, monkey, 1 miilion dollars, glitter fabric spray, and a Lancer  (claudalicous)

#7 - Graphite, Plaster, Cock, Midnight (ssecca01)

#8 - Gold fish, tennis ball, guitar, beach (phyrekraker)

(added 9/28)

#9 - Fluffy, purple, delightful (pugappeal)

#10 - Grandma, stars, Kansas (dramafumanchick)

#11 - comforter, warmth, cherish (clumsygyrl)

#12 - rain, wine, heretofore (fumanlina)