He walked up behind her and draped one arm over her shoulder and one under her arm to hold her in a crisscrossed embrace. His chin dipped and rested on her shoulder with his mouth against the side of her neck. "Whatcha doing?" He asked in a low, rumbly voice that could have been mistaken for his 'I just woke up' voice, but at three in the afternoon it was actually his 'I want to take you here and now' voice that he occasionally used unintentionally.

"Buying cereal." She said softly as his lips brushed against her neck.

"The kind with little marshmallows?"


"Count chocula?"

"No." She laughed and raised her shoulder to stop him from tickling her neck with his warm lips.

"We have to get count chocula." He rocked her back and forth sending her short frame off balance. While her feet came off the ground his remained stable and he laughed softly. "Please?"

"Fine." She gave in as usual, but didn't move from his arms to grab the box from the top shelf. Her fingers trailed down his t-shirt covered arm and stopped at the cuff to trace around his wrist against the material. She slid her hand forward, put her hand over the back of his and laced her fingers through his. Though his were longer and rough, they fit nicely with her delicate fingers with light pink tips.

"I'll even let you have some." He nipped at her neck, then let go of her hand to grab the cereal off the shelf and put it in their cart. "See how much I love you? I'm willing to share my coveted Count chocula cereal with you."

"The sign of true love." She rolled her eyes but smiled knowing that to him, it was.

He gave her body a squeeze then released her from his embrace to hold her hand and push the cart the rest of the way down the aisle. She walked close to him, stepping on his feet and bumping into him with every step. "Am I crowding you?" He asked as he looked down at her with a playful grin. "You're walking all over me."

"The cart isn't wide enough for both of us to push."

"Okay, here." He kept one hand on the handle of the cart and let her slide in front of him. "There you go." She stepped between him and the cart and put her hands on the handle, then he put his hands beside hers and walked behind her as they both pushed the cart. "Is this better?"

They stumbled down the aisle like that for a few steps before they both started giggling. "You're crazy." She shook her head and turned her chin up to look at him. "You know that?"

"Crazy for you maybe." He dropped a quick kiss on her smiling lips.

"I'm not going to let you come shopping with me again."



"Okay then. Let's get out of here. This is boring. We've got Easy Mac and Count Chocula what more do we need?"

"Nothing." She shook her head.

"Right." He kissed her again then bumped her out of the way as he took control of the cart. "Let's go."






Copyright 2003, Amy Lynn