Clumsygyrl: comforter, warmth, cherish



            A smile couldn't be stopped as JC laid in his bed, surrounded by the warmth of his goose down comforter… and Joey.  Joey, who even at his worst moments, would always be a comforter.  Whether Justin scuffed his new shoes, or Lance's dog died… Joey was there to do what he could.  To make everything better.

            And when JC came home after a rough day in the studio, defending himself to everyone who walked in demanding he make changes upon changes… Joey was there.

            The moment JC walked in, he knew that somehow Joey had already made everything right, without knowing what exactly was wrong.  JC's first single played softly in the back ground; it was the pre-cut, not the one that made it to the radio waves.  It was rough, but Joey liked it better.  The scent of garlic… something… wafted down the hall and met JC at the front door.

            As he rounded the corner into the kitchen he saw Joey dancing in front of the stove with a little apron on over his board shorts and snarky t-shirt.  "Hey."  JC dropped his bag on the floor and leaned against the wall.

            "Hey."  Joey didn't stop stirring as he looked up and smiled.  "Tough day at the office?"

            "Ugh.  You don't even want to know."

            "Well c'mere, let me fix it."  He set his spoon down and waved JC over for a hug.  He wrapped his arms around JC and kissed his temple.  "There ya go.  Mama always said a kiss and some Italian bread can make everything better."

            "She was right."

            "Eh.  I think a little action 'tween the sheets helps too, but that's nothing Mama was gonna tell me."

            JC laughed and leaned back to let Joey finish cooking whatever was on the stove top.  "No.  I can't see your mom telling you that."

            "I can't see me listening to her tell me that." Joey laughed and sampled the red sauce bubbling in the sauce pan.  "Ooh, taste this."  He held the spoon out and JC tested the almost tangy sauce.

            "It's wonderful.  Your grandma's recipe?" JC asked as he smacked his lips.

            "Prego.  Garlic mushroom."  Joey laughed and went back to stirring.  "Grab a seat.  It's almost done."

            "That'll make everything better?"  JC sighed and ran his hands through his hair, knowing that whatever Joey said... it already was better.

            "Eh.  This... and a little action 'tween the sheets."  Joey laughed and kissed JC again.  That was one thing JC would always cherish about Joey, he always remembered the important ingredients to make everything better.