Fumanlina: rain, wine, heretofore



            "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring. He bumped his head when he went to bed and he couldn't get up in the morning."  Chris sang under his breath as he rested his forehead against the window.  "I hate the rain."  He grumbled.

            "Then stop looking at it."  Lance rolled his eyes and noisily flipped the pages of the hardback book in his lap.

            "There's nothing else to look at."  Chris could find something to complain about in any situation.

            "Look at the TV."

            "There's nothing good on."

            "Look at a book."  Lance held up the book in his hands.

            "Reading sucks."

            "Look at the floor."

            Chris sighed.  "It needs to be swept."

            "Chris."  Lance sighed.

            "What?"  Chris shifted his gaze from the window to the blonde sitting on his couch.  "What?"  He asked again after meeting Lance's eyes.

            "Do you want some cheese with that?"

            "With what?"

            "Your whine."  Lance chuckled.

            "Do I have wine here?  Do I even have cheese?"  Chris stood up and left his perch to open the refrigerator.

            "It's a figure of speech, Chris."

            "Well it made me hungry."  He stood in front of the fridge and frowned.  "All I have is American slices, will that work?"

            "Work with what?  If you're hungry, eat whatever you want."

            "But will it work with wine?"

            Lance gave up and set his book down, "Do you have wine?"

            "Yeah.  I got like, a dozen bottles for my house warming thing last year."

            "And you didn't finish them?"

            "All of them?  No.  They're right up here." He pointed to a wooden wine rack on top of the fridge.

            "That's a horrible place to keep wine."  Lance reached over Chris' head and pulled a bottle down.  "Good wine though.  Do you have a corkscrew?"

            "If I do, it'll be in the drawer right there."  Chris pulled the sliced cheese out and tossed it on the table.

            "Wine glasses?"  Lance asked as he held the corkscrew in one hand and the bottle in the other.

            "Don't go getting fancy on me."  Chris rolled his eyes and opened the cupboard with the multi colored pint glasses.  "These'll work just fine."  He took two down then returned to the table.

            Lance bit his tongue as classless words threatened to insult Chris' attempt.  "Sure they will."  He sat down opposite Chris and uncorked the bottle.  After pouring a generous amount of the dark red wine in each glass, he sat back and took a piece of the sliced cheese.

            "This is classy, man."  Lance unwrapped the cheese and folded it into quarters.

            "Chris Kirkpatrick, heretofore known as an unclassy guy, has crossed the Martha Stewart painted line into the high class society that Lance Bass knows so well."

            "I wouldn't go that far."  Lance laughed and licked his lips.  He'd meant that Chris was now high class, but Chris, of course, took it wrong.

            "Yeah well, compared to me you're high class."

            "Uh huh."  Lance sipped at the wine and took a bite of the over-processed cheese.

            "This is good though, huh?"  Chris smiled and drank the wine like it was water.

            "Better than hating the rain."  Lance smiled over the rim of his cup and took another delicate sip.