#2 - Thong(s), basket, wind chime, hair cut  (from dramafumanchick)




            As the sun set on a Saturday night, I sat in JC's backyard sipping on a mai tai with a little umbrella in it.  His wind chimes played random tunes as the ocean breeze swept across the covered patio.  This was something we did.  Something we looked forward to during the hiatus.  Just me and JC.  The other guys were out doing their things, none of which I cared much about.  If I really wanted to know I could go look at the calendar JC kept by his phone in the kitchen.  But they weren't in LA so it didn't really concern me.  They weren't there.  I was.  End of story.

            So while they were off doing… whatever… I was there sitting on JC's patio sipping girly drinks and thinking about how much I loved this time that we had alone.  When no one else knew.

            "You're doing it again."  He said softly as he sat a basket of warm French bread in the middle of the glass topped table.

            "What?"  I focused my eyes on him and smiled.  "Hmm?"

            "Zoning out."  JC sat in the chair beside mine, took a piece of bread then leaned back to prop his feet on the table.

            "Get your stinky feet away from me."  I laughed and pushed his dirty bare feet away.

            "What're you thinking about?"  He slid his feet back to where they were and took a bite of the bread.  He chewed slowly, squinted into the setting sun and smiled at me with moving lips.  He needed a hair cut.  He'd said so twice today already, though I knew he wouldn't go get one.  He loved his hair, and so did I.  It was long, and silky and… long.

            I smirked back and read his cocky grin.  "Lance in a thong."  I replied, being as serious as I could as I tried not to laugh.

            "Hmm."  JC nodded, swallowed, then took a sip of his mai tai.


            JC smiled and tilted his head to the side.  "Really?"

            "Uh huh."  I nodded, though a small smile escaped.

            "Hmm." He said again as he dropped his feet to the floor and leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees.  "I might have a picture of that if you wanna see."

            I choked on my sip, sputtered, then looked at him.  "Hmm."  I replied when I could breathe again.

            "What else are you thinking about?"  He licked a stray bread crumb from his finger and reached for another piece.  "Seriously."  He was always asking what I was thinking about and no matter what he always knew which answers were bullshit and which were sincere.

            "What if I was seriously thinking about Lance in a thong?"

            JC shrugged and took a bite of the flaky crust.

            I sighed, he'd won again.  "I was thinking about how this is cool that we can do this.  Hang out I mean.  Without the other guys."

            "Yeah."  JC brushed the crumbs from the table top and leaned forward to press his lips against the corner of my mouth.  "I like this too."