#6 brownies, monkey, 1 million dollars, glitter fabric spray, and a Lancer – claudalicious


            "No."  Joey laughed.  "No.  Uh uh." He shook his head and held up his hands to ward off Lance's approach.  "You've got another thing coming if you think for a second that I'm going to let you put that anywhere near me."

            "Joey."  Lance whined.

            "Wrong.  No."  He shook his head again and laughed out loud.  "Not for a million dollars."

            "I don't even have a million dollars."

            "Yes you do.  And it doesn't matter.  I'm not letting you use that."  He nodded to the bottle in Lance's hand.

            "I don't have a million dollars like, in my pocket.  It'd take a couple days at least to get the cash."

            "Lance."  Joey backed up till the back of his knees hit the bed.  "Just.  No."

            "It'll be fun."

            "It won't be fun.  It'll suck.  Take it to JC's.  He'd be all over it."

            "Who do you think gave it to me?"  Lance laughed and took another step forward, knowing Joey had nowhere else to go but the bed.  Joey stepped back again and sat down.  "We can wash the sheets as soon as we're done."

            "You think that shit washes out?  You've seen JC's place right?  He used that like, once, and now it's everywhere.  It's in his washer.  Everything he washes gets covered in that shit.  Take it out of here."  Joey pointed toward the door as Lance stepped even closer, positioning himself so that he was standing between Joey's knees.

            "I'll buy you a new house."


            "I'll make you brownies."  Lance tried the sweet approach. Joey had a hard time saying no to sweets.

            "With nuts?"

            "Yes."  Lance nodded and shook the bottle.

            "And chocolate icing?"

            Lance shrugged one shoulder, "If you want."

            "No."  Joey put his hands up and placed them on Lance's chest.  He meant to push the younger man away, but Lance reached up and covered Joey's hand with his own.  "Lance.  Seriously.  Stop."

            "Why are you being such a baby about this?"

            "Because it's my house that will look like fairy shit after this.  Not yours."

            "You're the one who – "

            "Forget it.  You want to use that, use it at your own house."

            "We're already here."

            "Lance."  Joey used his warning tone again as Lance guided Joey's hand slightly lower and pressed his fingers over his nipple.

            "Yes?"  Lance lowered his voice, knowing well enough that Joey could never resist that.

            "What do I have to do to get you to throw that stuff out?"

            "What do I have to do to get you to let me use it?"  Lance retorted with a soft voice and gentle pressure against Joey's thighs.

            "I'll buy you a monkey."  The bribing switched sides as Joey became desperate.   Knowing that in the end, Lance would get his way.  As always.

            Lance just laughed and shook his head, his finger playing on the trigger of the bottle in his hand.

            "I'll buy you a Lancer."  Joey tried again.  "We'll peel the R off the end and you'll be driving a Lance.  Come on."


            "Lance."  Joey sighed.

            "It's just fabric spray."

            "No.  It's glitter fabric spray."  Joey clarified as he squirmed against Lance's knees between his own.

            "It'll wash out."


            "It'll be… amazing."  Lance lowered his lips to Joey's and kissed the smile already covering his mouth.  Joey melted into the hotness of Lance's kiss.  His hands went up to Lance's spikey, but soft blonde hair and held him closer.

            The small pfffswish he heard a second later was lost in the soft moans coming from deep in Lance's throat.  The glitter covered the black sheets, leaving a spray of fairy dust that would never go away.  And Joey didn't care.  He'd pay a million dollars, make brownies, buy a monkey and donate a car… all for the chance to keep Lance where he was right then, forever.