#9 fluffy, purple, delightful - pugappeal



            They were purple.  They were fuzzy.  They were…


            "Handcuffs?!"  Lance looked at JC as though the older man had lost his mind.  "What?"

            "Oh come on.  They're practical."  JC reached across the unwrapped and opened box and took the fuzzy cuffs from him.

            "The look like Muppets."  Lance frowned and touched the soft fuzz.

            "Well yeah.  But see this way they don't rub and give you red marks.  Like last time."  He waggled his eyebrow and laughed softly.

            "Jesus, JC.  Come on."  Joey made a sour face and turned his head.  "You two can be as kinky as you want but yo… seriously.  Not in front of the kid."  He extended his hands to cover Justin's wide eyes.

            "He's seen worse."  JC dropped the cuffs back in the box as Lance carefully replaced the lid.  "Remember that two headed dil -"

            "Shut up!"  Joey's hands went to Justin's ears.  "I swear.  If he turns out all warped, I'm blaming you."

            Justin laughed and shook Joey's hands free.  "I'm not nine, Joe."

            "I know you're not.  But still…"

            "I think they're cute."  Chris commented as he chewed loudly on his pretzels.

            "You would."  Joey rolled his eyes.

            "I think they're charming."  Chris licked his lips and put the bowl of pretzels on the table.

            "Yeah.  They're fuckin delightful."  Joey sighed.  "Listen.  Like I said, we all know you're kinky mofo's, but really.  Purple fuzzy handcuffs?"

            "The leather ones -"  JC began to explain again but it was too late.  Joey was already on his feet and headed for the kitchen.

            "I don't even want to hear it."  Joey's voice echoed down the hall.

            The four remaining boys erupted in laughter as Lance chose another gift from the pile in front of him.  "He's such a prude."  JC shook his head with a smile.

            "You'd think he'd never sucked cock or something."  Justin rolled his eyes as Chris snorted softly.  "Stop it.  We know."  He kicked at Chris' shins.

            "I didn't say a word."  Chris kept his smirk in place.

            "You didn't have to."

            "But I have to state again for the record.  Best damn blow job… ever."  Chris stood up and walked toward the kitchen.  "Speaking of which…"

            Lance smiled and looked at JC, "It's my birthday, how come he's gonna be getting all the action?"

            JC's hand traveled up Lance's thigh, "Not all the action."

            Justin cleared his throat from three feet away but neither JC or Lance acknowledged him.  "I really like the fuzzy cuffs."  Lance said almost shyly.  "You're right, man.  The other ones…"

            "I now."  JC winked.  "We'll see if these are any better."


            "Tonight."  JC smiled knowingly and raised his eyebrow as he set another gift on Lance's lap.  "Now… let's see what Joey got you."