October 12th 1976

Karen Chasez walked through the doors of Immanuel Hospital with her husband by her side, and her 2-month-old son Joshua in her arms. Her best friend, Carol Lee had just given birth to a baby girl, and the Chasez's were there to welcome little Alison Lee into the world. "Joshua Scott meet Alison Joy" Karen proclaimed placing her little boy next to the even smaller child.


January 5th 1982

"Joth! Joth! It's sthnowing!" yelled 5-year-old Alison, running next door with her mom to the Chasez's house. "Snow?!!" yelled the hyper little boy, throwing down his blue crayon. "Let's play!" she yelled again, a piece of blond hair falling into her eyes. "Put on your boots Josh!" his mother called as the 2 children clamored out the door. "I'm a snow princess, and you're my prince!" Alison told Josh. "Oh c'mon Ally! Why do I hafta be your prince?" she glared at him like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Joth," she still could not pronounce his name correctly "All princesses have to have a prince! It's the law!" He looked down. "But why?!!" he asked, rolling a ball of snow. "Because it's romantic!" she told him. "Okay, okay I'll be your snow prince, he resigned.


New years transition from 1984-1985

Josh and Ally kneeled at the top of the stairs. They were supposed to be asleep a while ago, but they were too entranced by the new years party going on downstairs. "Josh! It’s midnight!" Ally told him. "So?" he replied scratching his head. "We're supposed to kiss!" she told him. "Ewww!" he almost yelled scrunching up his face. "Aww c'mon you dummy! Kiss me!" He sighed. "Go on and close your eyes!" she commanded him. "You too!" he whined. They both closed their eyes as tight as they could. "1, 2, 3, go!" They leaned their faces in and hit each other square in their noses. "Oww!" they both screamed, rubbing their noses. "Josh! Ally! Go to bed!" Their parents yelled from upstairs. "Kissing is for dopes!" Josh pouted as they climbed into their sleeping bags.


July14th 1990

It was sweltering outside, and the sun beat down hard on Josh, Ally, and Josh's friend, Nick. "Ughhh" moaned Ally. "It's soooo hot" she took a long drink of her soda. "Yeah, and there's nothing to do!" groaned Josh. "Hey Josh! Look at this!" Nick yelled picking up a piece of paper off the ground.




JULY 14TH 5:30 PM



"Hey Josh! I dare you to enter this contest!" Nick prodded, punching him. "But what would I do in it?" he asked his friends. "Sing of course! Mrs. Tamkits is always telling you you've got the best voice in the choir! Go for it!" He thought for a while. "Okay! I'll do it! But only because Nick dared me. And I could use the money. What time is it now?" Nick glanced at his watch. "4:45" "Great!" Josh sighed. "Let's go get our bikes!"


Josh and Ally rode as fast as they could to Culver middle school. Nick had had to go home. "Ughh! I'm nervous!" he told Ally as they waited backstage for his turn. "Don't be! You'll do fine!" she told him squeezing his hand. When Josh's name was called he walked out with confidence and sang beautifully. "And 1st place goes to.....Josh Chasez!" Josh and Ally jumped up and down and screamed! "I won, I can't believe I won!" he said for the millionth time on their bike ride to their homes. He stopped "Thanks." he said, hugging he awkwardly over her bike. "For what?" she asked. "For being here" he smiled.


March 2nd 1991

Ally was just about to go to sleep when she heard a knock on her window. "Ally! Ally! Wake up!!" She sighed, and got out of bed. "Josh! What are you doing here so late at night?" She opened her window, and he climbed in. "Ally. You are NEVER gonna believe this! I mean it's just so awes-" she cut him off. "Just tell me Josh!" He grinned. "You know you better be nice, because you're talking to a mouseketeer" She grabbed him by the arms. "No way! You're lying right?!! Oh my gosh Josh! That's so awesome ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" they jumped up and down. "Allison! What's going on up there?" they heard Mrs. Lee yell from downstairs. She grabbed Josh by the arm and dragged him downstairs. "And he's gonna be on the MMC!" Ally finished. "Aww Josh, that's great! You know, I remember the day you were born, you were so small and-" "C'mon mom! We've heard this story a million times! Let's have some ice cream to celebrate!" Josh and Ally took their ice cream out on the deck. The night was lit up by a few stars, and it was quiet. "Ally?" "Yeah Josh?" "You'll come and visit me in Orlando right?" "Of course" she replied, getting sad just thinking about it. "We'll write everyday, and talk on the phone." "It's not gonna be the same" he sighed. "I know! We haven't been separated since we were born!"


March 12th 1991

The car ride to the airport was almost silent. As soon as everyone had checked their luggage they rushed to the gate their plane was leaving from. Josh, Ally, and Josh's brother and sister looked out the large window as the planes took off. "I got you a present!" Ally whispered. "Oh yeah?" Josh asked. She nodded, handing him a small box. It was a necklace. His sign, the leo, in a silver circle. "Thanks!" he said putting it over his head. "Josh, Ty, Heather!" time to go!" hollered Mr. Chasez. The moms were already crying. The dads were shaking hands and laughing. Ally scooped 10-year-old Tyler up in a big hug. "Miss ya Ty, write me", she told him. "I will". "Bye Heather!" "Bye Ally" "Don't make me cry!" You're making me cry!" Then Josh. "Bye Josh" she murmured looking down at her feet. He held his arms out, and she hurled herself into him and started sobbing. "Don't cry Ally! You can come visit real soon. Please don't cry." she wiped her eyes as her best friend, who somehow along the way had become more, walk away.



July 19th, 1991

Ally smiled as she waited in line for a ticket. It had been 4 months since she had seen Josh, and her parents had flown her down to Orlando to see him. It was a surprise though. She was going to be in the audience for the MMC taping today. She couldn’t wait to see the look on his face! She sat impatiently as the audience person told them all what to do and told them to be quiet and stuff. Then the music came on, and the mouseketeers began running out. Ally knew all their names, from watching the show, and listening to Josh talk about them. Tony, Tara, Ilana, Marc, and more came running out...then finally Josh. Ally laughed to herself when she saw the "JC" embroidered across the front of his blue MMC jacket. He had had to change his name to JC for the show, because there was already a Josh on the show. Ally sat silently through the show. JC didn't spot her once!

"Now it's time to say goodbye, to all our company"

"M-I-C see ya real soon"

"K-E-Y, why? Because we like you!"


Finally the audience was given the signal to come on stage. Ally ran down onto the stage, almost getting swallowed up in the crush of people. She headed straight for JC, when she finally got to him he was mugging for the camera while singing the ending song with Tony and Jason.   Ally backed up. She decided she probably shouldn't bug him while the show was still on. It seemed like an eternity until the director finally yelled, "cut".

There were clumps of people all over the stage as the kids surrounded their favorite Mouseketeers. JC, Jason and Tony had a large group around them. Ally finally made her way close to them. "Josh!" she yelled. "He's over there,” Jason told he pointing to the other Josh on the show. "No, I mean..um...JC" Ally told him. "Can you get JC's attention for me?" Jason tapped JC on the shoulder, and he turned around. "Ally!" he yelled spotting her. "Josh! C'mere!" she called to him. He made his way over to her, and they gave each other a friendly, but brief hug. "C'mon, come to my dressing room, we can talk back there." They both smiled brightly as JC lead her backstage. "You have your own dressing room?" she asked him in awe. "No way!" he told her. "I share with 5 other guys!" Ally made a face. "Will they mind that I'm in here?" He laughed. "Ally, it's no problem, they're cool. So, what are you doing here?" She smiled. "Why Josh! I mean JC, I mean, oh gosh what do I call you?" He laughed, and then turned serious. "Josh, call me Josh still." She nodded. "Anyways, Josh, I thought you'd be happy I was here!" "Oh I am!" he assured her. "C'mon to the cafeteria, I'll introduce you to the guys."

Ally felt strangely out of place as Josh lead her into the cafeteria filled with his new friends, the Mouseketeers. "These are my main men,” he told her smiling. "This is Tony, Dale, Josh, Jason, Blain, Kevin, Marc, Matt, and Ricky. Guys, this is my best friend from back home Ally." There was a chorus of "Hey's and "Hi's. "Girlfriend?" asked a brown-haired guy that JC had not introduced. "No" JC said quickly. "What? Are you deaf Fatone? I said best friend!" He rolled his eyes. "Ally, this Joey Fatone, He's not one the show, he just hangs around the set, because he has nothing better to do." "Josh!" Ally scolded him to be nice, and poked him. He laughed, and poked her back. "C'mon Ally, let's go outside! It's nicer out there" he grabbed her by the arm, and led her out of the cafeteria. "Girlfriend, definitely girlfriend: Joey told the other guys as JC and Ally left together. "Well if she's not, she will be soon." Tony laughed.

Girlfriend. The word rolled around in JC's head as he and Ally walked around outside. Why not? Though they shared many close moments on that visit, JC never got up enough courage to ask her out.


June 8th, 1993-The Morning

Ally, now 17, and a junior parked her new car and headed over to her homeroom. She barely listened as Mr. Stebbins read off the roll sheet. "Allison Lee?" he called out. "Yeah here" she said quickly, then returned to her conversation with her friend Katie.  Mr. Stebbins smiled as he finished calling out the roll. "Oh yes, and we have a visitor today. Josh Chasez?" Ally jumped up. "Here" she heard from behind her.

She turned around. There, standing, leaning against the door was Josh. "Ahh Josh!" she yelled running towards him. "Hey Ally!" he smiled as she hugged him. He pulled her out into the hall. "What are you doing here?!!" "I'm on break,” he told her smiling at her excitement. "Cool, so, what, you're gonna follow me to my classes all day?" "Just until after lunch" he told her. "I'm gonna go hang out with my cousins and stuff." "Come over to my house later then OK?" "How about 3:30?" he asked. "Umm, I won't be home until about 4:00, so here's a key. Mom and Dad won't be home until about 11:00, so you'll need it." He took the key from her hand.

Ally looked at her watch in 3rd period Human Biology. "Only 5 minutes until lunch" she whispered to Josh. He nodded, writing fast and furiously back to the girls who had passed him notes. "Oh my gosh" her friends had said. "Why is JC Chasez with you?" She had laughed. "This is Josh Chasez, and he's my best friend" she had told them. "Yeah, and he just happens to be on a TV show" Ally's other best friend Meg, had told them, rolling her eyes. "It's finally lunch!" Ally moaned as she gathered her things into her purple bag. “We always eat at Jaquith Park when it's nice outside" He nodded, and Ally led him to her car.


None of Ally's friends were there yet when Josh and her arrived. "I remember playing here when we were little kids!" he sighed, sitting on a swing. "I know, remember, you always used to be my prince-" "-And you were the princess, that needed to be saved from the bad guy" They both laughed. "Wanna swing?" he asked her, looking down at his shoes. "The other swing is broken,” she told him pointing it. "You can share mine,” he told her. She looked at him for a moment, like he was crazy, then smiled. "Josh, don't you think we're pretty old to be sharing a swing?" He laughed, "Oh c'mon Ally! Don't be a dork!" "Fine!" she yelled sitting on his lap on the swing. "But, you're the dork!" He laughed as they began pumping. "Idiot!" "Ditz" "Brat!"

"Hey Ally!" they heard from behind. "Oh, hey Andy!" Josh could feel her tense up. "Who's that?" the tall, muscular boy asked her. He was wearing a letterman's jacket. Blue and Gold. Ally's school colors. "Andy, this is Josh" she told him, slowing the swing by dragging her feet. "We've been best friends, for, well, forever." She jumped off the swing, and Josh watched as the other boy wrapped his arms around Ally. His Ally. Wait! He thought to himself. She wasn't his. "Josh, this is, um, my boyfriend Andy Briley." The boys shook hands. "Well, it was nice to meet ya Andy" Josh rubbed his hands through his brown hair, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. "I'll see ya later, OK Ally?" "Bye Josh!" she yelled after him, then she went back to Andy. Andy was hers. Josh wasn't. Why?


June 8th, 1993-The Afternoon

Josh sighed. He had had a tiring time hanging out with his cousin, Toni, a 14 year old girl; all she talked about the whole time were boys, boys, and boys, including some of JC's friends from the MMC. He had hoped to get some time with his 19-year-old cousin Todd, but Todd was gone. He let himself into Ally's house, and laughed quietly. The house hadn't changed a bit. He flopped down on the couch, hoping to get some sleep when the phone rang.


"Josh! We got in an accident, Andy's hurt, come here, hurry!" JC was dumbstruck by how fast she was talking. "Wait, wait, where are you Ally, are you OK?" He could tell she was holding back tears. "Yeah I'm OK, but Andy got hurt, really bad! I'm at Immanuel Hospital, please come!” He got up and began tying his shoes. "I'm comin' Ally."


At the hospital

JC rushed around the hospital trying to remember Andy's last name. 'Riley, Brier, Rier, Briley, yes Briley! That's it!’ "Andy Briley" he told the desk. "7th floor" the gray-haired lady told him, looking disinterested. He rushed to the elevator, pushing the 7 button. The ride seemed to last a lifetime. "Josh!" Ally yelled, hurling herself into him before he even knew what hit him. She buried her face in his chest, crying. "Ally, Ally! Look at me!" he forced her head up so he could look at her. "Are you OK?" she sighed. "Yeah, yeah, Josh I'm fine." He smiled with relief. "How's Andy" he asked. "He's- he's not good, they don't really know yet, they're sending the doctor out to talk to us." he nodded. She introduced Josh to Andy's family, and then they sat down on the cold plastic chairs. They were not very many steps away from where their lives had began. Now, one might be coming to an end. The doctor, a blond-haired man, entered the waiting room, a grave look on his face. "How is Andy? How is my son?!" Mrs. Briley asked hurriedly. He turned his eyes to the ground. "I'm sorry, but we lost him. There was nothing we could do." the blond-haired man waited for a moment then walked back down the hall, his head down to his clipboard. Josh watched Ally for a reaction. None came. Her eyes were distant, and she didn't respond to the terrible noise of the sobbing all around her. "Ally!" he tapped her. No movement. "Ally!" he shook her. Her eyes returned to normal, and she took off running towards the elevator. "Ally wait!" he yelled, running after her. He slipped into the elevator just before it closed. She backed up against the elevator wall, then slid down it in defeat. Getting down on his knees, he held her in his arms; he wanted to keep her there forever. Forever in HIS arms, and only his, and this is when Josh realized he was in love with her, his best friend.


December 18th 1997 8:45 PM

It was peaceful, and snowing outside. 21-year-old Allison sighed contentedly as she sat in front of her fireplace with a book, and her dog, Max. She was going to stay for Christmas break, with her parents the next day. She had heard from Tyler that JC might be coming home for Christmas. She laughed to herself, in a bitter way. When she was younger, she never thought she would be able to bring herself to call him JC. He had always been Josh to her. He had joined up with a musical group, NSYNC in 1995, and since then, he hardly had time to speak to her anymore. They didn't even let him come home on his birthday, his own BIRTHDAY! Ally's thoughts were interrupted when she heard a bang, then a scuffle outside. She rushed to her door, and flung it open, only to see the most beautiful pair of blue eyes she had ever seen, staring back at her. "JC!" she yelled, throwing her arms around his neck as he dropped his bag to encircle his own around her waist. She pulled back so she could look at him. "What are you doing here? Oh I've missed you!" she pulled him close again. He laughed, a low chuckle. "Whoah c'mon Ally, your gonna crush me, can I come in? It's freezing out there!" Ally grabbed his hand, and pulled him inside, closing the door. "You came just in time!" she told him. "It's A Wonderful Life is coming on in 4 minutes. You go put on some pajamas and I'll make us some hot chocolate." He chuckled again, and began to dig through his duffel. When he had finished changing, JC met Ally in her room. He was so beautiful she could barley take in the sight of him. Gray sweatpants covered his strong, long legs. A white tank top covered his muscular chest. But, the thing that her attention was most drawn to was a small, silver medallion that hung around his neck. It had his sign, a Leo, inside of it. She reached for it, and moved it around in her fingers. "You still have it,” she whispered, smiling. "I never take it off" he replied, shivering from her cold fingers on his neck. "I missed you Josh" she whispered. "I missed you too Ally" she felt shivers go down her spine as he placed a soft kiss at the corner of her mouth. "Well, let's watch that movie!" he sighed, breaking the tension that had grown between them. Ally flopped down on her bed, and turned on the small TV on her desk. JC lay down next to her on his stomach, and they watched, and sipped hot chocolate as the movie began.


About half way through the movie JC looked over only to discover that Allison had fallen asleep. He covered her with one of her blankets, and quietly flicked off the TV. He could hear her soft, even, breathing; all he wanted was to be close to her. Leaning closer he draped his arm over her waist, and began to whisper. "Ally, well I didn't have to guts to tell you this when you were awake, but I wrote you a song. I want to sing it for you. OK? Like you are going to answer. OK, well here it is." He put his mouth closer to hear ear, and began to softly sing.


“Girl when we started baby we were friends

But that's now how this fairy-tale is gonna end

See I was thinking then it clicked one day

That no one else has ever made me feel this way

Next time I saw you girl I know I had to try

To tell you everything that I was feeling deep inside

And listen good 'cause what I say is from my heart

So if you're ready


You see I toss and turn when I'm alone

And I just can't wait till you get home

Waiting for your call 'cause tonight we're gonna do it all

Girl it's just the two of us

'Cause I'm thinking about you day and night

And I just can't get you off my mind

When you get a minute baby I was thinking we could hook up

It's just the two of us, the two of us

'Cause in a room full of people you're the only one around

And nothing in this world could ever bring us down

Baby I'll be there telling you I care this I swear

Girl it's just the two of us, the two of us


Baby I wonder if you feel the same as I do

I wonder if you're going through the things I'm going through

I send you flowers on a Saturday

Inside's a letter with a message and no name

See I just love the feeling knowing I can make you smile

And I haven't felt that way about someone in quite a while

Just listen to these words I have to say

Just take a chance


It just gets better with each day

Baby, someday

I always wanted to tell you

But I was so afraid”



The Next Morning

Ally woke up happy. She had heard every word Josh had said, and she now saw him in a different light than she ever had before. The beautiful song had touched her, and she felt as though every word he sang was meant just for her. He had sang that he thought about her night and day. Ally had had a feeling

that JC had these kinds of feelings about her for a while now, but she finally felt ready to return them. She suddenly realized how she had had the perfect prince she had dreamed of, in front of her her whole life. She now had and uncontrollable urge to want to hug him, and hold him, and tell him what she felt for him. She did not want to wake him, however, so she contented herself with just touching his face, and running her fingers through his hair. She smiled when he finally opened his eyes. "Ally, what are you doing?" he whispered, feeling her fingers in his hair. Before he could say another word, she leaned in and kissed him. He returned the kiss, and she could feel him smiling. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that" he sighed, as she pulled away. "Why though Ally? Why did you do that?" She smiled brightly. I heard you singing to me last night, I heard everything Josh, and then I woke up." He chuckled. "Took you long enough" "I guess we're more than best friends now huh?" she asked, running her thumb up and down his cheek. "Well, I don't know about you Ally, but I don't kiss any of my other friends like that" She giggled, and kissed him again. "What are we going to do now?" she asked. "I don't know" he replied. "But we'll do it together"




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