Chapter 1:


"Kallie, will you please move your little Abercrombie ass down here. We have to go!"

"Okay, I am coming. I guess someone is PMS today" Kallie(19) stated while running down the stairs.

"Yes, and dam proud of it too!" Jordie(19) said with a smirk" We are going to be late and we have to pick up Emma(18), Jessica(21) and Sugar(18)."

Jordie couldn’t believe it she was going to an *Nsync concert and they were sitting first row, center. She had won the tickets on the local radio station. And qualified to bring 3 more friends. And I won! After a couple of minutes waiting, Kallie was finally ready. Kallie, had auburn hair that was shoulder length and crystal blue eyes. She wore a light green halter top with a pair of black Capri’s. Jordie had brown hair that just hit her shoulders and sharp blue-green eyes. She was wearing a midnight blue halter top with a low cut back and black Capri’s

"God, Jordie we have 6 hours until the show you know."

"Yeah, but still I want to see if I could meet the guys" Jordie said while walking out the door. She had just gotten her license and for her gradation present, her parents bought her a Blue 2001 Jeep. She hopped in while Kallie went in the passenger seat.

"Kallie you know what…….?"


"It’s gonna be me!" Jordie said while singing alone to the song, "Its Gonna Be Me"

By now, Jordie had already picked up Jessica,Sugar and Emma. Jessica was the oldest of the bunch and was trying for a singing career. She had cut a cd but no one had taken her yet. Jessica had brown hair that was just past her shoulders with highlights in it. She wore a navy tube top with a pair of white Capri’s. Sugar (her real name Samantha) was wearing a purple halter top, which accented her short brown hair and brown eyes, with white Capri’s. Emma on the other hand with her semi-long hair was put in a French twist and was wearing a baby blue halter top with rhinestones on it and black pants.

The trip had been semi-long but with the music of *Nsync in the car, who would mine. They made it to Madison Square Garden in record time. As they were pulling in they saw some screaming girls.

"Hey, remember when we did that…?"Emma asked.

"We still do" the rest replied in unison.

Jordie parked the car and realized she had parked in the same lot as *Nsync’s tour bus.

"Holy sh*t" Jordie gasped.

"What?" asked Sugar. As Sugar asked Jordie pointed to the left.

"I am going to faint" and as Emma had said that. There they came the 5 hot members of *Nsync. Lance,JC,Justin,Chris and followed by Joey.

"Its so nice to be home" sang Joey.

"I love New York" Lance said to no one in particular.

"Me too" exclaimed Justin.

The girls didn’t notice that JC was watching them. But what happened next, Jordie, Kallie,Emma,Jessica and Sugar did not expect.

"Hey girls"

Chapter 2

Sugar quickly turned around and almost fainted. JC was her favorite and she insisted that she was going to marry him.

"Hi" Jordie managed to say.

"Hey" JC said to Jordie taking his hand in hers and shaking it. At that moment Jordie was faint. "Who are your friends?"

"Ummm…."Jordie never in a million years thought she was going to be talking to JC from *Nsync. Pointing to each of the girls "That’s Kallie, Sugar is to your left…."

"Sugar….. I have never heard that name before."

"Yeah well its my nickname. My real name is Samantha Lynn Smith" Sugar said with pride in her voice but mumbled "But I wish it was Chasez."

"Oh I see and the rest of your friends have names" JC said with a laugh.

"Yeah, anyway next to Kallie is Jessica. And next to Sugar is Emma."

"Well, its nice to meet all of you. And you never told me you name….?"

"Jordie, and likewise it is very nice to meet you too."

"JC man, come on and stop flirting with the fans" Joey yelled. "That’s my job"

"Ha,Ha be right there. Well it was very nice to meet you young ladies. I hope you enjoy the show and I hope to see you."

"Yeah, trust me. We will enjoy it now a lot better" Emma mumbled.


"Bye girls".

"Bye, Bye,Bye" the girls said together.

JC laughed and ran towards the guys.

"Oh my god. I have died and gone to heaven a millions times!" Sugar yelled.

"Jordie, never wash your hand again! Or I will kill you. Got it…..?" Kallie stated.

"Okay" Jordie said as she was about to faint. She loved JC a lot but she liked Lance a little more. How she wished it was Lance.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*Meanwhile with the *Nsync boys*~*~*~*~*~*~*

"Dude, who were those fine chicks" Joey asked.

"God, Joe is that all what’s on your mind? Women?"

"Hell yeah" Joey said with a smirk.

The door opened and in came Justin and Lance.

"Hey, where is Chris?" JC asked.

"Where do you think? With Danielle of course" Lance said.

"Oh okay whatever"

"Who were those chicks you were talking to?" Lance asked in wonderment. Lance had spotted a girl in a dark blue halter-top. He liked her from the get-go.

"Some girls." JC said thinking of Sugar and Jordie. He thought they were the hottest and looked really nice and mature. The others seemed to be….he couldn’t put his finger on it.

"Yeah, do you know their names?" Justin asked now wondering about them.

"Yes, I do"

"What’s is the one with the dark blue halter-top on?" asked Lance. Lance really wanted to know her name and find out where she was sitting. He could do that because he was the person performing.

"Oh" JC said a little disappointed. "Jordie."

"Awesome thanks man." With that Lance ran out the door.

"Oh, no problem. Anyone else?"


*~*~*~*~*~*~*With the girls*~*~*~*~*~*~*

"It's tearing up my heart when I'm with you -But when we are apart, I feel it too -And no matter what I do, I feel the pain -with or without you." The girls sang not caring if anyone saw them.

"Not to ruin a good moment or anything. But, what are we going to do…..?" Emma asked.

"Good question." Jessica thought. The girls still hadn’t left the parking lot and good thing because if they, they would miss out on something they soon would not forget anytime soon.

"Excuse me??" Sugar turned around

"Oh my dear lord" Sugar stared mouth wide open. While the rest of the girls turned around

"Yes?" Joride said while turning around.

"Are you Jordie?" Lance Bass asked while extending his hand. Jordie took it without hesitation. Jordie and Lance both felt something. And all Jordie could say or do was nod her head.



Chapter 3

"Would you like to see backstage and hear the sound check?" asked Lance. He knew if she didn't say yes at that moment he would never see her again. "You do know, your friends came come."

"Yes!" Jordie said with excitement.

"Okay, follow me." The 5 girls walked quietly behind Lance into the building. So many thoughts were going through each of their heads.

*~*~*Jordie's thoughts*~*~*

Oh dear god. This is not happening! Ahhhhh! Lance Bass asked ME to go backstage with him. I wonder if he felt what I felt when we shook hands? How do I look? Am I gonna to meet the rest of the group? Okay, it official this has to be a dream...I have died and gone to heaven!

*~*~*Kallie's thoughts*~*~*

JC! JC! JC! OMG I am gonna meet JC! Holy sh*t! I hope he likes me. Wait..... doesn't he have a brother???? Ohhhh, I hope so. Meeting 2 Chasez's in one day! Ahhhhhh! I hope I look good. Okay, I need someone to catch me. I am about to faint!

*~*~*Sugar's thoughts*~*~*

Samantha Lynn Chasez Samantha Lynn Chasez Samantha Lynn Chasez Okay, that sounds good. Do I look okay??? Okay, I need to see those crystal blue eyes of my future husband. NOW! Samantha Lynn Chasez Samantha Lynn Chasez Samantha Lynn Chasez

*~*~*Jessica's thoughts*~*~*

Maybe this will boost my career. Ohhhh, I hope so. Jess- snap out of yourself. Yes, you want a singing career very bad, but you are about to meet the amazing and talented group *Nsync! Calm down....take deep breathes. Deep breathes. Joey is soooo hott! Deep breathes!

*~*~*Emma's thoughts*~*~*

Okay, I am wearing Justin's favorite color. He has to notice me! What does he see in Britney?? If I have to show more skin. It's worth it! Dude! I am going to meet Justin Timberlake! Okay..... wake me up!!!NOW!

"Okay, girls we are hear." Lance said. And all the girls could do was nod and say yes. In a matter of seconds, in came the rest of the guys. There they were- Joey, Chris, JC and Justin. They was two other guys. Only Kallie and Jordie knew who they were. They were Steve (Joey's brother) and Tyler (JC's brother).

"Well, girls long time, no talk" JC said with a laugh.

"Yes." Sugar managed to say. JC really liked Sugar. He didn't know what it was though. He knew that Jordie was out. He knew because he could see Lance and Jordie exchanging looks. He looked over to his brother. He was staring at Kallie. And visa versa. Emma was just talking to Justin. Joey was flirting with Jessica.

"Anyway, would you all like to look around the arena?" Tyler asked.

"Yes!" the girls said in unison. They walked around for about an hour. Then finally Joey asked "Why were you all here so early."

"Me." Jordie said casually. "Yeah, I had one tickets from Z100. I got two. I qualified to bring 3 friends. And I won."

"Cool. Where are you sitting?" asked Justin.

"First row, center on the floor" Emma said proudly.

"WOW!" was all the guys could say. Just then, Johnny (their manager) came to get them.

"Guys.....sound check" Johnny yelled.

"Be right there." JC yelled back.

"Well we will see you all later and if you want you can watch us do sound check?" Lance said to Jordie.

"Hell yeah!"

"Okay. Follow us." With that Lance took Jordies hand and lead her down the hallway. Lance and Jordie thought no one saw. But were they wrong.

Chapter 4:


JC was the first to see. He couldn’t believe it-Lance and Jordie. Already?? JC nudged Sugar and whispered, "Look at Lance and Jordie."

"Ohh my god!" Sugar said a little to loud. Everyone turned around it see what was the commotion.

"What?" asked Tyler and Kallie.

"Ummm…..nothing….I just saw a spider. Yeah, a spider. You see, I hate spiders."

"Oh okay….yeah whatever Sug." said Jordie. Something told Jordie that wasn’t the truth.

As the group was walking down the hall, they heard screaming.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN??? THEY QUIT???" yelled Johnny.

"This can’t be good" said Lance. Just then a thought popped into Jessica’s head. If one of the opening acts quit, that can mean the BIG time for her. Out came Johnny very angry.

"What was that about?" asked Tyler and Steve.

"Well, you all know the opening act- Angels 4 ever. Well, they quit because they want to make it big by themselves. Now we are short one act." Johnny exclaimed while talking to the boys. "Who are they?" referring to the girls.


"Well, it looks more then that." said Johnny(looking at Lance and Jordie). They quickly untied their hands. "What are your names?" asked Johnny.

"I’m Jordie. Next to JC is Sugar. Next to Joey is Jessica. Next to Tyler is Kallie and next to Justin is Emma."

"Hi. Well……I have to get going."

"Wait!" yelled Jessica.

"What?" asked an astonished Johnny.

"I sing, I have a cd but yet, no one has taken me. The girls know the dance moves the songs….." said Jessica waiting for Johnny to catch up.

"Okay, why don’t you give us a little taste."

"Okay here is goes" Jessica thought. *Don’t screw this up! *


"Can this be true"

Tell me can this be real?

How can i put into words what i feel?

My life was complete

I thought i was whole

Why do i feel like i'm losing control?

Never knew that love could feel like this

and you changed my world with just one kiss.

How can it be that right here with me

there's an angel?

It's a miracle

Your love is like a river

peaceful and deep

your soul is like a secret

that i could never keep

when i look into your eyes

i know that it's true

God must have spent

A little more time

On you



"Wow!" was only thing anyone could say.

"That’s better then ours!" exclaimed Justin.

"Thanks." said a blushed Jessica. Jordie knew from that moment on. Jessica was going to be famous. The group walked down the hall and the boys took the stage for sound check.


About an hour later, the girls had "dress rehearsal". Jordie and Sugar went to find some lucky fans and gave them their tickets.

"Jordie, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, shoot Sug."

"What’s happening between you and Lance? I know you like him and I can tell he really likes you……but…..come on you just meet him."

"Sugar, I know." And with that Jordie walked away.

Chapter 5:

Jordie cried softly as she was walking back. Why didn’t Sugar understand? Lance didn’t have a rep of being a player. She knew how much Jordie liked him. But, she had to say something…..Jordie didn’t say anything about JC and Sugar. For crying out loud Sugar was only 18 and JC was 24! She was just old enough not to be considered "Jailbait". Jordie on the other hand was 19 and Lance was 21.

"Jordie?" asked a voice in front of her.

"Yes" said Jordie looking up. It was JC. "Hey JC."

"Hey, what’s wrong?" asked JC a little concerned.

"Nothing" Jordie said while wiping a tear away. "Its just, that Sug thinks I should be careful around Lance. And I don’t understand."

"Ohhhh….I see. Don’t worry about it, she just looking out for you." JC said while putting his hand on her shoulder and taking her in a warm embrace.

"Thanks JC….Ummmm I have to go and find Jess and Lance. See you later." With that Jordie went out of JC’s arms and walked down the hall.


"How is everyone feeling tonight!!!!!" yelled Jessica. Cheers and screams filled the arena.

"That’s good! WOW! My name is Jessica Drew and I will be here tonight instead of Angel 4 ever. Most likely none of you have heard of me because I am a up and coming artist. I would like to sing a song called "Don’t Mess With Me"." Out came the girls. The music started and they were off. The adrenaline was pumping in everyone especially Jessica. She put 110% in the performance. They did a few more songs and Jessica talked about *Nsync (**If anyone has been to an Nsync concert- you know what I am talking about**) and what it was like.

"Goodnight and Peace and love to all of you! You guys rock!" and off walked Jessica.

"Ohhhh my god!! Jess- you did it!!!" screamed Jordie.

"I know and I am going to faint. Now I know why Brittany lip-syncs. (**sorry to brit fans**). I did it." And with that the group of girls did a little dance and had a group hug. (**I know corny!**)

"Where are the guys" asked Emma only thinking about Justin. They had hit it off and Emma was very thrilled.

"About to take the stage in a couple of minutes" said Kallie.

"Excuse me, are Miss Jordie Evens?" asked a young boy.

"Yes why?"

"These are for you" and with that he handed Jordie a dozen red roses.

"Ohhhh my god. Thank you." said Jordie. The young boy walked away. There was a note in the roses.

The note read:

Jordie ~

I know we have only known each other for a couple of hours. But, I would like to get to know you better. Please meet me tomorrow at the Hotel Lobby (The Plaza) and maybe we can go walk around Central Park? I would really like that. How about 12 noon? Also, please come to the after party at Planet Hollywood. I know everyone wants all you guys there.



PS. I hope you like the roses.



*~**~**~* The Concert *~**~**~*

The boys did another GREAT performance. But this one was a little different.

"We now would like to dedicate a song to some special friends of ours. Jordie,Kallie,Samantha or Sugar, Emma and Jessica. This one is for you." Then the guys sang, "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time On You".

"I am going to cry." said Emma and Sugar.

"I know me too. I should haven’t worn mascara." said Kallie.

The concert ended and the guys ran off the stage toward the bus. Jordie heard one of the bodyguards.

"*Nsync is now out of the building. Time to P-A-R-T-Y!"

Chapter 6:

The mood of the after party was hoppin’ and the music vibrated all over.

"So, this is how celebrities live." Kallie said. "Nice."

"Come on, this is going to be fun. You guys just think we are going to party with the stars." said Emma. Right behind her walked Lil’ Bow Wow and Destiny’s Child.

"Hi, are you Jessica?" asked Lil’ Bow Wow. "Because, if you are… were really good and plus you are hot."

"Well thank you" said Jessica.

"No problem. See ya all later. And if you are looking for the guys they are behind that door." He said pointing to the back of the club. The girls started to walk towards the back of the club when Jordie felt someone tap her on the back.

"Yes" she said while spinning around. "Oh hey Justin."

"Hey Jordie, Lance sent me to find you." He said. "Oh hey Emma."

"Hi Justin." Emma whispered.

"Follow me." Justin said and Emma, Kallie, Sugar and Jordie followed. Jessica went to the little girls room. They walked to the back of the club and opened the door. There was commotion and even more music.

"Hey." Lance said while greeting Jordie with a smile and hug. "I knew you would come."

"Couldn’t help myself."

"Good, I am very happy you all could come. Where is Jessica, I want to talk to her."


"I am right here." Jessica said walking up behind Jordie and Lance. "What do you want to talk about?"

"Your future. Follow me." And with that they sat down and started talking." Jordie… me a dance." Lance mouthed.

"Okay. You got it." she mouthed back. About an hour passed and Jordie was bored out of her mind. She didn’t know where everyone was. She knew Lance and Jessica were talking about her future, JC and Sugar were dancing, Emma and Justin- she had know idea and Kallie and Tyler were no where to be seen. She guessed they were all on the dance floor. Just then Joey came up and sat by Jordie on the bar.

"Hey Joey."

"Hey Jordie. You bored?"

"Is it that noticeable."

"Not really, I can just tell. Let me guess, the guy you are crushing on is talking to the girl I am crushing on. And we are here alone."

"Wow…I am very proud Joe. You hit it right on the nail." Jordie said sarcastically.

"Thanks. But now I am outie. And here comes Poofu."

"Bye Joey."

"Bye Jordie. Talk to you later." Joey left and up came Lance. Jordie was memorized by his eyes. She felt as she was in another land.

"Hey Jordie. Sorry that took so long."

"Its okay."

"Can we still have that dance?"

"Yeah, we can." They got up and went to the dance floor where the crowd was even bigger then when she came in. They walked into the middle of the dance floor and on came a slow song. *Nsync’s "This I Promise You".


When the visions around you
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surrounds you,
Are secrets and lies
I'll be your strength
I'll give you hope
Keepin' your faith when its gone
The one you should call
Been standing here all along

Lance started to sing. And they swayed back in forth to the music. Jordie closed her eyes and felt as if she was on cloud 9..

And I will take
You in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
'Til the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

I've loved you forever,
In life times before
And I promise you never
Will you hurt anymore
I give you my word
I give you my heart (give you my heart)
This is a battle we've won
And with this vow
Forever has now begun

She opened her eyes a little and saw JC and Sugar dancing next to them and a little ways away was Emma and Justin talking, Joey and Jessica dancing, Tyler and Kallie were dancing too. Jordie closed her eyes and wished this moment wouldn’t end.

Just close your eyes
Each loving day (each loving day)
And know this feeling won't go away
No, 'til the day my life is through
This I promise you
OOhh, I promise you

Over and over I fall (over and over I fall)
When I hear you call
Without you, in my life, baby
I just wouldn't be living at all

And I will take (I will take you in my arms)
You in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
(Right where you belong)
'Til the day my life is through
This I promise you, baby

Just close your eyes
Each loving day (each loving day)
And know this feeling won't go away
No, every word I say is true
This I promise you

And every word I say is true
This I promise you
OOhhh, I promise you


The song ended and they danced for another hour or two. The night was coming to a close.

"We have to get going." Said Emma.

"I know." Kallie said.

"Can I call you?" each of the guys asked. The girls wrote down their e-mail address and their phone numbers.

"So, I will see you tomorrow?" asked Lance. "Are you going home or staying over somewhere. Because you know I can get you all rooms….."

"Yes, you can count on it." Such a typical male Jordie thought. "No, but thanks for asking anyways. We only live over the bridge. In New Jersey. And Jess, is staying with me. I will be in tomorrow with her and maybe the others."

"Oh okay…" Lance didn’t know if he should do it or not. But something told him too. He leaned down and kissed her.


Jordie woke up the next morning not wanting to wake up and relive what happened the night before. My god, she thought. Lance Bass had kissed her and wanted to meet her today. TODAY! Ohmygod! She looked at the clock and it read 10:00.

"Ohhhh…..NOOOOO!" Jordie thought. She only had 2 hours until she was going to meet Lance again. It would take an hour to get ready and about an hour to get to the city. "Oh sh*t!" She quickly got out of bed and ran downstairs to wake up Jessica.

"Jess, wake up!" Jordie shouted.

"What do you want?" asked Jessica half awake.

"I have to meet Lance in 2 hours and we have to go in!"

"What time is it?" asked Jessica now more awake.

"10. Come one."

"Okay, Okay…I’m coming."


" Are we there yet?" asked Emma. Jordie decided that she WOULD pick up everyone.

"Yes." Kallie stated while looking in the mirror. Jordie parked in front of the plaza. Everyone walked into the lobby. Jordie and Sugar went over to the petite receptionist.

"Hi, I am here to see Lance Bass." said Jordie.

"There is no Lance Bass here." the impolite receptionist stated.

"Great!" and with that they walked away.

"What are we going to do?" asked Sugar.

"Beats me." Just then Jordie spotted Lonnie (AN: one of the security team) she had talked to last night. Jordie walked over and a few seconds later came back. Lonnie got the girls up stairs with out a problem. *Nsync was staying on the 14th floor. They came to room 8760 at the end of a long narrow hallway. Knocked three times and JC opened the door.

"Hey Lonnie. Come on in….."

"Hey JC, I have a surprise for you."


"Hey babe." Sugar said.

"You did come! Hey!" Everyone walked in and there were ‘heys’ and ‘what’s ups’. Lance pulled Jordie aside.

"Come on, I have something planed for us. Let’s blow this joint."

"Fine with me. Bye guys."

They walked out and down to Lance’s room.

Chapter 7

"Sorry, I forgot my cell phone…" Lance said opening the door to his room.

"Oh okay." Jordie said with a smirk on her face. She watched him walk to the table and she just wanted to jump him and pinch his tight ass.

"Jordie? Ya ready?"

"Oh yeah come on." The two left the room but as they were leaving Jordie tripped over a shoe and pulled Lance down with her. Lance was right on top of her. She could feel his warm breath coming out. She could feel her eyes locked with his. She could feel his lips touch hers. She could feel his tongue explore her mouth. She could feel her hands roaming his back. But, in the back of her mind she knew someone could walk in. She also knew, they didn’t know each other very well.

"Lance.." Jordie said trying to catch her breath. "Lets go."

They got up and went on their date. The date went very well. They went to a restaurant in Little Italy and walk through a park. When Jordie was in Lance’s arms, she felt as no harm could come to her.

~`~`~`~ 3 months later ~`~`~`~

Lance and Jordie decided to go public with their knew found love. Same with JC and Sugar. Jessica had a single out under Jive Records and was managed by FreeLance Entertainment. Joey and Jessica were on again off again couple. Emma and Justin became fast friends. Kaille and Tyler hit it off and started to date.

*It was Lance and Jordie’s 4 month anniversary*

Jordie walked into her apartment that she now shared with Jessica and Kaille. There was a dozen roses on the kitchen table. In the roses was a note. The note read:


Meet me at 7:30 pm at the Hilton. Come to my room (3245) dress nice and bring an over night bag.

Love always,


Jordie smiled as she read the note. Little did she know this was going to be the night of her life. After taking a shower, Jordie found a short black halter top that showed off her perfect stomach and black hip huggers. She blew dry her hair and put on some jewelry including the bracelet Lance had given her on their two month anniversary. Jordie picked up her over night bag and scribbled a note for Jessica and Kaille.


When Jordie walked into the hotel room, her eyes had to focus to the dim lighting. He had lit candles in almost every inch of the room, setting the romantic mood for the evening. As she walked further into the room, she was startled when she felt his arm wrap around her waist and pull her towards him. She quickly relaxed, immediately realizing who it was. He whispered softly in his deep, sexy voice, "Happy Anniversary baby."

Jordie turned to face him with a smile of her pretty face, "Happy Anniversary." She kissed his lips softly before pulling away. He had an entire romantic evening planned for her. Lance had gotten her favorite dish from 'That's Amoré', the same restaurant they went to on their first date. Jordie smiled up at him, surprised her remembered. After a nice long dinner, Jordie changed into her comfortable pajamas. She pulled the drawstring of her pajama bottoms tight and pulled on her tank top, before deciding to step out onto the balcony. She wasn't out there for two minutes, before she felt Lance's warm arms encircle her waist again.

"Did you enjoy tonight?" he asked.

"Of course I did. I enjoy any time I get to spend with you." she smiled sweetly up at him.

"Come inside. I want you to dance with me." He pulled her back inside the room, and pressed play on the stereo. The sound of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" filtered through the speakers. Jordie had to laugh. If that wasn't a hint she didn't know what was. Lance pulled her tightly against him as they swayed to the music. Jordie pulled back and looked up into his beautiful green eyes. She could see so much love looking back at her. She pulled his lips down to hers, surprising him a little, but he soon recovered and began to kiss her back with just as much passion. His tongue slowly devoured every inch of her mouth, wanting to taste every piece of her. Jordie moaned as Lance's soft hands began to massage her bare back underneath her top. He pulled back slightly asking with his eyes if this was what she really wanted. She just smiled up at him and kissed him again. Lance took that as his answer. He quickly pulled her top off, drinking in her image hungrily. With one yank of the drawstring, her pants landed in a pile on the floor. Jordie wasted no time riding Lance of his clothing either as they made their way back to the bedroom. By the time they reached the room, both were completely naked, and very ready for each other. As Lance laid gently on top of her, Jordie could feel his manhood pressed against her. She didn't know how much longer she could stand not having him inside her. Lance broke their kiss to look down at her for a moment. "I love you Jor." he whispered.

"I love you too." almost before Jordie could complete her sentence, Lance's mouth covered hers again as he entered her in one quick thrust. They easily found their rhythm together, both searching for their release. Lance felt his release approach as he began to move his hips faster, wanting them to fall over the edge together. Jordie felt her walls began to tremble, knowing her release was coming soon as well. Jordie soon began to scream his name, as Lance quickly followed her. Afterwards they laid in each other’s arms completely spent, but so incredibly happy. Moments later they were sound asleep.


Chapter 8



I wanna run into someones arms
Lie on a bed of roses
I wanna feel just like Juliet
I wanna fall in love
I've got a feeling


Lance woke up with his arm around Joride. He bent down and kissed her forehead. The sent of her hair was intoxicating. He wished that he could hold her forever. He was truly in love for the first time. He wasn’t going to let her go. No matter what.


Everybody wants someone to love
Somebody they can trust
Somebody they can touch
Everybody wants to give their heart away
Everybody needs a little tenderness
To feel understood
To feel passionate
Everybody wants to be in love this way
Everybody wants to be in love this way
I know I do what about you

I wanna be somebody's baby
I want to cry and still feel beautiful
Maybe I really just wanna be myself
I'm not the only one
I got a feeling

Everybody wants someone to love
Somebody they can trust
Somebody they can touch
Everybody wants to give their heart away
Everybody needs a little tenderness

To feel understood
To feel passionate
Everybody wants to be in love this way
Everybody wants to be in love this way
I know I do
What about you
I do I do doesn't everybody wanna give their heart away
I do I do doesn't everybody wanna be in love this way
Cause I do

I wanna feel like an angel
I want to fly on a beam of moonlight
I wanna see heaven from the inside
I wanna feel just like Juliet
Juliet Juliet


Jordie and Lance had an unspoken bond. They trusted each other with everything. And just to think they meet them at a concert, only 4 months ago.


**At Sugar’s and JC’s place**

"JC…" Sugar said with tears in her eyes.

"Yeah baby. What’s wrong?" JC asked concerned.

"I never knew…that I could fall in love with someone. I never thought it would happen to me. But it has, JC. It really has. I want you to know, no matter what people might think, I will always love you."

"I love you too, Samantha." Using her real name. It put a smile on her face. He leaned down and kissed her with as much passion as his body could hold.


A couple days later……………

"Jordie!!!!!!!" Kaille screamed for her best friend as she ran into their apartment.

"What?" asked Jordie coming out of the bathroom.

"Tyler is going on tour with the guys…" she said trailing off and trying to catch her breath. "He asked me to go with him!"

"Oh my god! That’s great!" Jordie said with joy and sorrow in her voice. Why hadn’t Lance asked her?

"Oh and guess what?"

"What sweets?"

"Jessica is going on tour with them too. Tyler told me and said to keep it secret. Oh my god. I am so happy. I’m going to go and call everyone." Kaille said before walking to her room. Jordie sighed and went to make herself a sandwich.

The door opened and in walked Jessica, Joey, Lance, Emma and Justin. Jordie heard them come in laughing.

"Jor…Kai…you home?" asked Jessica

"Yeah in the kitchen. Be right out." Two minutes later Jordie walked out with some food on a plate and sat down next to Emma and Jessica.

"Hey guys. Whats up?" Jordie asked while taking a bite of her PP&J sandwich.

"Nothing much at all. You?" asked Justin.

"Nothing…I’m bored. But Kaille told me some exiting news. But I think she might want to share it with you." Jordie said. "Kaille, come in here and tell everyone the news."

" K. Be right there." Kaille walked out and a big grin.

"Okay what’s the big news." Asked Lance even though he knew what it was.

"I’m going on tour with you and……" Kaille said trailing off realizing Jess was there.

"Oh that is great!" everyone said. "This tour is going to be off the hook!" Kaille and Jordie both looked at Lance giving him the When-are-you-going-to-tell-her look.

"Hey, I also have 2 really big things to say to make too" Lance piped up. "Jessica, would you like to go on tour with us?"

Jessica was in complete shock.

"Of course, Lance I would love to…" she said trying to find words.


"Now what was the other ‘big thing’ you wanted to tell us, sweetie." Jordie asked looking at Lance.

"Jor, I love you and you know. Hell everyone here knows that. And everyone in the world knows that. Would you do me the honor……of……"






"Jor, I love you and you know. Hell everyone here knows that. And everyone in the world knows that. Would you do me the honor……of……spending the rest of my life with me?"

All Jordie could do was gasp along with her fellow friends.

"I’m not asking you to marry me now. We are too young and I know that. I just want you to know that, I love you with all my heart and one day we will spend the rest of our lives together. I don’t want to let you get away."

 "Oh…Lance…I would be honored too." Jordie said excitedly while getting up from the couch and hugging Lance. There was ‘ohhhs’ and ‘awwws’ all around.

"Then this…" Lance started to say, taking out a small diamond ring and placing it on her finger. "…belongs to you." He sealed it with a kiss.

"Ohhh…Lance…I love you so much." Jordie said kissing Lance passionately.

"Oh girl…you are so lucky!" Emma said to Jordie while embracing her in a hug. "I wish I had someone like you have Lance." Everyone stared at Justin.

"What?" Justin asked confused.

"Nothing…Nothing at all" The small group of friends replied while laughing.

"Thanks Em, I know I am really lucky!" Jordie said with a smile plastered on her face. "What would I do with out you guys in my life?"

"I don’t know…You would probably go insane with our sexy bodies to watch and see everyday." Joey explained.

"Yeah that must be it." Jordie laughed. "Do ya’ll know where Sug is?"

"Most likely with Jace. But if you guys will exuse me I am going to go and call my man, Tyler. Bye babez. And Congrats on everything." Kaille said to Jordie and Lance. She pulled Jordie to the side and whispered. "Jor, I have know all my life, you are my best friend and you are like my sister. I know how much you have loved Lance since the first day you saw him. I am so happy for you. You deserve only the best. I love you with all my heart. Just save me a spot, when the time comes for you two to get hitched in the wedding party. K?"

"Oh..Kai… Thanks so much. I love ya to girl! How could I forget the packed we made in 3rd grade? No matter what you will be my maid of honor. Now go to your man." Jordie said to her best friend with tears down her eyes.

"Okay..see ya later dayz." Kaille walked into her room and shut the door. Jordie went back over to everyone to see how they were.

**2 months later**

Dear Diary,

Hey I know I have written in awhile…but I wanted to tell you how things are going. First off, Jace and Sugar are very much in love. We all decided we would go with them becuz of Jessica and of course them..anyway…Jessica is doing great- she is getting awesome reviews! I love being her back-up dancer. Its like a dream come true. Joey and her decided to try their relationship again..and so far its going really good. I’m truly happy for them. Emma and Justin FINALLY got together…thank you god! I swear…you couldn’t cut the sexual tension with a knife it was so thick. Tyler and Kaille are very happy. They are so cute together. Well, as for me and Lance I couldn’t be happier. I love him to death and I thank god everyday I parked where I parked the day at the concert, becuz if I didn’t I would have never meet the man I always dreamed of being with…I’m no longer dreaming…its reality and its perfect.

Love always~

Jordie Evens

There should be a squeal coming called Thank God I Found You….look for it soon…


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