Would you like to be hosted??

If you would, please read these rules and submit the form.  I will e-mail you back with directions for how to get your story to me and onto the site!

1)  The story must be complete.

2) Stories can be on other sites - I don't mind about that.  But if your story already has a URL, please send that to me in place of the story itself.

3) If your story does not already have a URL, it must be in either .html format, or Microsoft Word .doc format.

4) The submission form must be complete

5)  I will not accept stories that are sent to me unless I have e-mailed you asking you to send it.

6) If your chapters are short they will need to be grouped together (ie. put chapters 1-3 together)    ** this only applies to stories that are being sent to me **

7) Length doesn't matter.  Short or long, I'll host it.

8)  If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me here:  amyknu@aol.com


See?  How easy is that??  If you're cool with that, go here:

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