"Yes I Will"  by Meg

Summary:  Haley Maguire has been burned in the past by every guy she cared about... And, now, she has to deal with the feelings inside her for that gorgeous blue-eyed singer... but another woman in JC's life re-enters, and Haley can't force herself to tell JC how she feels... Is it too late for her?  Or is the other woman there for good...?


"In the Public Eye"  by   ~* Nicole *~

Summary:  It's about a girl named Alexia Morgans who is sick and tired of the bubble gum image of pop stars and decided to put out a song and hide her face form the media to see if all it really does take is a good voice to climb to the top. She succeeds and in doing so forms a love triangle between a man she just met and the only best friend she's ever known.What she gets is more than she can dream for, but in the end, ends in tragedy. She finally knows what true love is and in an instant loses it for good, or so she thinks.


"Somewhere, Someday" by Jena

Summary:  This story tells about a girls dream who comes true.  She is able to tell the guys of *NSYNC how much they meanto er and what they have done for her.  It shows how a person can help another without even knowing it.


"Shattered Dreams"  by Amanda Di  

Summary:  Jordan Elise Mitchell catches the eye of the very handsom JC Chasez while at a club one night. Krista, a well known model and Jordan's best friend, finds companionship with JC's friend Justin. After spending some time together they all became really close. JC would give anything for Jordan and she promises never to leave his side. Will the surprising news that Jordan find out shatter JC's dreams forever? Read this and find out! 


"Choices" by Amanda Di

Summary:  JC and Nikki met at JC's 20th birthday bash that the guys threw for him. She was a friend of Lance's and when she met JC the sparks lit up like a fire. They dated a couple times, and then started to see more and more of one another. Then one day she tells JC something that sends him out of the room in raving anger, and a lot of pain. They stop all lines of communication until one day, two years later, when they cross paths again. Will their old love flame up again? Will Nikki tell him about the biggest choice she was forced to make? And in the end, will JC have to make a choice of his own? Read this to find out! 

"Just a Kiss" by J 

Summary:  Its a J.C. romance fic (with happy ending)...I wrote it a long while ago, so the dates and actualitys of it are far from true. Read and find out what its all about!


"Stranger" by Beth 

Summary:  A desperate mother, struggles to maintain two jobs, until the kindness of an unforgettable stranger gives her the strength to keep fighting.

"Never Again" by Hollie

Summary:  In this short story something happens and JC realizes that never again will he do somethings...


"Gone" by Candy

Summary:  In this short story JC relives the previous night, after being confronted with how being a celebrity can change a person, and the consequences.


"How Long"  by Jenna 

Summary:  This is a song fic based on the song "How Long" by Dream. Its a short story.


"Best of My Life"  by  Julez

Summary:  When Michelle joined Nsync's tour, she didn't know what to expect. As the weeks turned into months, she felt her relationships with the guys strengthen, but what happens when her relationship with two of the guys turns out to be something more? No matter what happens.. One thing is for sure These months are the best ones of her life...

"See You in My Dreams"  by Gina Z. 

Summary:  As both of their groups tour the United States together, JC and Kerrin realize that they could be a whole lot more than friends. But when a freak accident takes Kerrin's brother, and a whole lot more, their relationship is suddenly put on hold. When the one year anniversary of the accident brings them together again, they realize they need a lot more than the music in their lives. They need each other.


"Tears in Heaven"  by Anna S.

Summary:  There is nothing in this world that JC Chasez loves more than his girlfriend, Rowling. But one night can change everything. JC was coming home from a party, driving drunk, and he hits Rowling in her car. She dies in his arms, leaving him with a terrible feeling of guilt. He told no one that he was the drunk driver who killed her. Can he ever find the courage to tell?


"The Two of Us"  by  Brisync

Summary:  Josh and Ally have known each other since they were born, follow them through thier frendship, as it develops in many different ways.


"Babydoll"   by Kelly

Summary:  Amanda is in for a big surprise when she moves in with her father and his new step-wife. At first she loathes the idea of moving in with her dad, but her mom just decided to take up a job offer in England, leaving her stuck. She knows nothing about her dad's new wife, but when she meet's her, she learns that she knows more than she thought. The story follows her throughout the struggles of love, and coping with her new family.


"Two Can Play This Game" - Amanda Di

Summary:  Mercedes Jocelyn Cooper is finally back in the United States and she is ready to pursue her life and career as a lawyer. Mercedes contacts her good friend Chris when she gets to Orlando, six years after the last time she had seen him. The two of them grew up together so he was always there for her whenever she needed him. Well this was one of those times. She needed a place to stay while she did all her interviews in Orlando. Chris gladly takes her in. A month later she is ready to move out to Orlando since she got the job she wanted. Chris offers JC's Orlando house to her while JC is in LA. As much as she didn't want to take it, she did until her place was ready. JC comes back early and their fighting starts up again. Mercedes and JC never did hit it off. They were always fighting about something. What kind of drama will all their arguments bring into their lives? And what kind of games will they play out just to irritate one another? Read this to find out!


"Thursday Nights" - ClumSyGyrl      visual

Summary:  It's Thursday Night- A bored college co-ed goes out looking for some music and drinks to relax after the stress of college life.  Guess who she runs into at a club?


"Kinder" - Kris

Summary:  This story is about a woman named Kinder  who's life has been rough. She has some HUGE responsibilities that men aways run from...NO she doesn't have a baby...Anway, she meets JC and, even though she desperately tries NOT to, she falls for him. He pushes his way into her life and she finds her own way of dealing with him until one night when all HELL breaks loose.


"I Felt it too" - Tara

Summary:  She was going to meet him at a club, but she didn't have the nerve to go up to him. When he asks her dance, not realizing who she really is, will she have the nerve to tell him?


"Alone" - Lacey 

Summary:  JC's life is perfect. How could he ask for a better wife,job,children,and best friends. When he's away, something terrble happens to his family. Can he take it, or spend the rest of his life....Alone?

"Down a Different Path" - Melody   *originally hosted here: ~click~ *

Summary:  JC and Karly never get to spend any time together.  When they finally do, something comes up and Karly breaks up with JC.  JC is upset and can't understand what's happening.  But then he remembers something...something that makes him feel better.


"From the Mouths of Children Comes Wisdom" - Kathryn T.

Summary:  JC survives a harrowing near-drowning incident.  Will the rest of the group be able to aid him in his recovery or will the much needed help come from another unexpected source?


"I Love You" - Cali

Summary:  JC reflects after saying three very short, but very meaningful words. Why would he say that?  Especially to the last person he'd think he's say it to?


"Formation" - Jessica R.

Summary:  This is a short story about the group.  They are trying to learn new dance moves for the upcoming tour, but just aren't getting it.  The choreographer is just a tyrant.  Will the get it and why does JC defend her?

"Shoebox" - Jay  

Summary:  Even with all the glitter of the music life surrounding him, he spends his nights remembering.


"It's Over Now" - Reesie

Summary:  Nicole and JC have been through a lot of ups and downs during their relationship. But when the pressures of popstar life seem too overwhelming, JC takes the first step in making his life easier. He re-prioritizes, and Nicole isn't one of those priorities anymore.


"Doesn't Seem Fair" - Jenny

Summary:  Every wonder what runs through a celebrity's head...


"The Perfect World" - Rachel

Summary:  JC and the love of his life decide to finally go public after 2 perfect years. Some things go wrong and Alexandra leaves JC. They meet up again at Justin and Britney's wedding a few months later. Can Alexandra fight against what she still feels for JC? Read to see what happens.


"Eternity" - Tami

Summary:  Savanna and JC have been friends for a long time, but when JC comes between her and her boyfriend becaues of a secret, things blow up in their friendship. Will one tragic event be enough for them to regain their friendship? Or will it take a little work from their friends?


"Need to be Next to You" - Erin

Summary:  Growing up in D.C. Gaby was nothing more to J.C. than the girl down the street, his beast friend's baby sister but when an unexpected phone call brings her back into his life years later she's no longer the gawky tomboy he remembers. When J.C. can't fight the way he feels about her any longer can he find a way to be with her? Will he be forced to choose between his best friend and the woman he loves? Find out in Need to be Next to You.


"Unspoken" - Allie

Summary:  After JC and Sara break up, both find themselves at a loss for words. Neither know what to say to each other, which causes headaches and possible heartbreak. Can they find the words that only their thoughts can read, and their hearts can say?


"Second Chance, Second Life" - ck_ff_n

Summary:  Nicola Jasmina White has an awufull past that she tries to keep hidden. When she takes a job as a nanny for Jc's two children will she finally be able to tell him and her new friends about her past or will she keep it hidden and have it be the thing that once again destroys her life?


"His Name" - Melody

Summary:  JC's girlfriend explains their love


"Movie Rental Romance" - Jo

Summary:  What started out as any ordinary day for N'Sync's JC Chasez will end a little differently today. A late night errand run ends JC up at Hollywood Video, thinking the only thing he'd be taking home with him was a couple of rentals he hadn't seen. Little did he know that he was going to run into Jennifer, a 20-something-year-old fan who would bring a little more excitement to his night.