"I'll Be There"  by:  Jennifer L.P.

Summary:  This story is about a girl who is raped by her date. And Joey tries to comfort her through her the very traumatic process.


"The Next Best Thing" by Breigh

Summary:  It's a JC and Joey story, mainly Joey, but it's not slash. JC has an affair with Joey's best friend, Kate which results in a baby boy who Kate asks Joey to help her raise after JC has refused. Over a four year period JC realizes how big of a mistake giving up his son was, and after a tragic turn of events he seeks custody of his son, while Joey fights for the little boy who's become his best friend.

"The Memory Remains"  by Ronnie     slash

Summary:  Josh, his Josh, is gone. Left him all alone and scared to deal with his life. At first, writing down his thoughts, seemed like a good idea to Joey, but old memories bring old pain. They bring times to make a decision and to take actions. Is Joey really ready to let go? Does he really want to let go?

"Back to Living"  by Nancy

Summary:  Dee Scott meets Joey when NSync ends up in the emergency room of the hospital where she works.  With Joey's help, she realizes that the tragedy in her life needs to be put behind her and she needs to get back to really living.    This also includes Lance and a chapter at the end with all of the members of NSync.


"The One I Gave My Heart To" - ClumSyGyrl

Summary:  it's my take on a great aaliyah song...we've all been there... been the one left behind... he's found a newer better person to move on too... this can be about any of the men... I always had Joey in mind..but I also thought of Justin... I figure it's up to the reader...

"Beaten" - Colleen

Summary:  This story contains course laguage, and violence. Joey becomes addicted to cocaine and he can't stop. What does it do to him?


"Perfect Image" - Britt-Britt

Summary:  The second the doctor left he fell to his knees and cried. He cried for hours, but the tears just kept coming. He felt a gentle pat on the back, soon followed by a hug. He heard somebody talking about how the O-Town Magic was doing. Then a soft voice telling him “whatever happens, it will work out for the best”. Then a boy kneeled down next to him and asked him the magic question “How are you really doing?”
              *note includes some issues around depression that may be sensitive to some people.

"Thermometer" - Jessica R.  

Summary:  This is a short story about Joey.  He is shopping one day and hears something.  Sometimes the most famous people can be the nicest.


"In Any Given Moment" - Jenna

Summary:  In any given moment...your life can change...will the help of a chocolate-eyed stranger help Jessica through her tough times?