"I've Changed"  by Cindy

Summary:  After his girlfriend leaves him, Justin realizes how badly he had been treating her.  Can one letter change her opinion about him?...will she believe Justin when he says "I've changed"...?


"I'm a Person Too" by Tara

Summary:  Erin loves dolphins and finds the perfect addition to her collection.   However, Justin Timberlake wants the exact same model for his girlfriend, Britney Spears.  Will Erin give him the model, just because of who he is, or will she ignore who he is and keep it for herself?

"Stormy Waters in Paradise"  by Monica & Keeley

Summary:  The story is actually focused on Lance, Justin and JC but they are all in it. Here's the summary we have for the story: The men of Nsync need a break from the world and decide to go on a cruise. While on the cruise they narrowly escape being kidnapped only to end up running for their lives on a deserted island. There are unexpected twists and turns at every corner and just when you think it is over the plot thickens...

"The Perfect Girl" by Steph    Visual

Summary:  The storry is about Justin who seems to have the perfect relationship with his girlfriend, until he goes to see her one night and catches her with another guy.   Of course his heart is torn in two and he doesn't know if he can go on living with the pain.


"Escape" by Beth 

Summary:  Justin Timberlake is trapped.  He can't deal with the constant pressure of being in the spotlight.  He's alone.  But little does he know he's not the only one that feels that way, and together they can get away from it all.


"Nobody Knows"  by Sparkling

Summary:  How can Justin cope with the tragedy of losing his love... when nobody knows?


"Just Justin" by Brisync

Summary:  Justin is tired of being the "cute" "perfect" member of NSYNC, and he just can't take it anymore. Follow his, and the group journals to see what become of him.

"Best of Me" by Stephanie  Visual

Summary:  This story includes Lance also. India is stuck in a weird fix when she cheats on her husband in order to fulfill something that they could never have together. He finds out on a surprise visit to her office...


"Poster Boy" - Pany 

Summary:  The story deals with pressure, temptation and suicide.


"I Can Tell" by  Tay     Visual

Summary:  Justin comes home from tour and back to his girlfriend. Justin notices she's acting different and distant. Will Justin blow off the 'distant act' or will his heart be shatered?

"The Breakfast Boys" by Peachy

Summary:  The members of NSYNC aren't as good friends as they appear on television. Their manager decides that needs to change.

"If You Were Me... Could You Imagine"  by  Jessica S. 

Sumamry:  In the words of "Justin Timberlake" himself...Justin sits down and writes his TRUE feelings about fame...And how he was consumed by it.

"A Cry For Help" by Amanda Di

Summary:  Justin and Annie had been dating for quite some time before a problem started to leash out. Out of no where, his anger strikes him ten times harder one night and his actions cause Annie to be hospitalized. Justin feels horrible for what he did, but refuses to believe that he actually needs help. He thinks that he can control it all on his own, and what happened that night with Annie was all just a huge mistake. Will Annie and the other guys be able to convince Justin that things will only get worse until he realizes that he needs help? Will he ever try to get help? And will meeting Tracey help him discover what he really needs, or just lead him astray? Read this to find out! 


"Gone"  by Jennifer Lynn     Visual

Summary:  The lyrics of the song Gone narrate Justin's experience with his girlfriend and his struggle to adjust to life without her.


"Funny Farm" by Katie   

Summary:  Kate Hensen, fresh out of college, is sent to interview Justin Timberlake to discover the secrets behind his being committed.  Unknown to Kate, however, the whole thing has been a sick plot to peg someone for murder.


"Without You"  by Stephanie    visual

Summary:  This story is about a girl named Christine Wilkes who was the outcast her entire life.  She was alone and had basically no one.  One day she must take her younger sister to a concert.  At the show, she catches Justin's eye and he is immediatly intrigued about everything about her.  It then becomes his goal to make her fall for him.  However, Justin's heart is still healing becuase his girlfriend Sara had left him just six months earlier.  She completely tore his heart in two when she unexpectedly walked out of his life.  Justin has to deal with giving his heart to another and he also has to deal with having Sara come back into his life late in the story.  Chrissy has to deal with the fact of everything new in her life and that Justin may still be in love with another person.  It all comes down to it at the end and ends with some amazing emotions. 


"Years"  by - Cait

Summary:  She has known him since middle school. She still remembers him, but does he remember her?

"Fight 4 Love" - Julia      visual

Summary:  it's about a girl named Kayleene..her n justin fall in love and sadly kayleene catches an infection and its becoming fatal..her n justin r so much in love that they ignore it until it becomes unbarable. Kayleene promised to be with Justin 4ever so now they have to fight 4 their love. It's supposed to be kind of sad.

"You Were Mine" - Lindsay

Summary:  Justin left Jennifer and his 2 children with everything they could every want, but nothing they needed. They needed a husband, a father, and someone to be there for them and look out for them? He left and broke their trust. His wife his shaken to the core. Can they ever work out their differences? Or will their problems haunt them until death?

"One More Day" - Morgan   

Summary:  Justin is dealing with the loss of his wife, Summer. He asks for just one dream come true but will it as he keeps a short journal of how his heart feels. Read through his short journey of love and sadness as he recollects his heart openly.

"The Hardest Thing" - SCiP

Summary:  Bailey Ranka (an 18 year old from New Bedford, MA.) has just become *N Sync's personal assistant. She loves it... until Justin starts to fall for her. He kisses her more than once, and it's not what she wants. Then she begins seeing Lance. Soon following, Justin and her become cool again; they're back to being 'just friends'. But a time will come and she'll hafta choose... one's a friend, one's a love, and one will lose. It's the hardest thing.

"Faded" - Erica

Summary:  Justin meets Alexia while shopping. He finds her attractive and wants to take her out. One problem, Alexia is in the middle of ending an abusive relationship. Will she accept Justin's offer? Will the abuse go away?


"Too Many Sorries" - Rayven

Summary:  Endless nights sleeping alone. Many of the excuses about why he must stay out the whole night and not come home, Mischa heard it all. How much more can she take, how much more could she take Justin's lies he was feeding her.


"The Minor Details of Love" - Cheeky     slash

Summary:  Justin doesn't know what to do about his love for Chris... but Chris does.


"You're Gone" - Colleen  

Summary:  A story that I got inspiration by the song "Gone" by *Nsync. A closer look from both Justin and her feelings on why she left and why she is gone.


"The Kiss Meant Goodbye" - Fanfickag

Summary:  We had confessed to each other on our first anniversary of our love, but just a year-and-a-half later, he confessed of his need to be free. She loved him and he loved her...so why did he leave?

"Remembering Megan" - Jamie

Summary:  Justin's life is changed forever when his wife, Megan, is killed in a car accident. Now he has to pick up the pieces of his shattered dreams and learn to live without her... even if painful memories of her and their life together are everywhere.


"The Beach" - Nat

Summary:  Melissa and Justin have been friends forever. When Melissa feels for Justin...how does Justin react?


"When You Look at Me" -  Jess

Summary:  Life is never easy...that is true. But when Faith McKenzie realizes a life shattering reality she is in desperate need for a new start...though she doesn't expect to make a drastic change in a strangers life along the way


"So Right" - Jessica

Summary:  Jess is jobless, friendless, and seriously pissed off. But then, she gets involved with Justin, and everything changes...


"Behind the Makeup" - Allie   *originally hosted here: *click*

Summary:  Maya has been watching Justin Timberlake grow in his career from Mickey Mouse Club to NSYNC. What she didn't know was that he had his eye on her as well.


"Gone" - Bliss

Summary:  Justin thought his life was perfect. He had his dream job and the girl he always wished for but one day that all changed and the girl he had always wished for was no longer with him. Will his life go on without her, or will it change forever now that she's gone?

"He Told Me it Was Okay to Cry" - Jen   *implied slash*

Summary:  Justin has to deal with a terrible tragedy. Slightly implied Ju/La slash, nothing big.


"Do You Remember?" - Jen

Summary:  This is a short story from the POV of a friend forgotten. If I say anymore it will give it away.


"Confidential Confidence" - Erin and Ally

Summary:  Undercover agent Erin Jacobs has never received the respect she deserved from best friend and colleague, Ally Kenzington.  The partners are assigned to go undercover to help solve a crime being committed against Pop Superstars, 'N Sync.   Can Justin's support help Erin to stand up for herself and demand the respect she deserves?  Or will his good looks become just another distraction?


"What's Perfect?" - Jo

Summary:  When Justin meets the perfect girl, fate seems to be working against them, making it seem quite impossible for them ever to be together. While technically still having a girlfriend, Justin discovers some things about Jordan's past that make him wonder if they'll ever have a chance together. So many things seem to steer them away from even a lasting friendship. Will things come together in the end to make it possible for this perfect pair to be together? Or will Justin go through life remembering the one he may have had a chance with, but got away?

"I Could be in Love" - Jo

Summary:  Starring Justin Timberlake of N'Sync and Melanie Hopkins, celebrity hair stylist. The two have proved that there's nothing more than friendship between each other but the thought of more than that lingers. Now Melanie has reached her low and vulnerable point, with Justin right by her side to pick up the pieces as a true friend would. Will Melanie's state of vulnerability cause her to let go of her disposition and spill everything she keeps private from her dearest friends? Would Justin even understand?

"Taste" - Jo

Summary:  Some find complete and utter gratification in the way things taste. The clout of some flavors has the power to drive a person crazy, over the edge even. The pleasure can be so hypnotic that a person could get lost in the very satisfaction of the feel, savor and texture of it all. It can seem like a mere dream, spiraling you into a new oblivion, far from the reaches of the real world, lost in your own mind. That's when you begin to gain a thirst of it all. You not only desire and yearn for more; you need more.

"Seeking the Truth" - Jo

Summary:  Knowing that you have kind and loving parents that would do anything to ensure your safety and happiness should be enough. But what if you found out that those people weren't really who you had always believed them to be? What if they told you that you were adopted? You'd eventually feel the need to know the two people that had part in creating you, right? That's exactly what Jody wanted, to meet her real parents. After discovering that Justin Timberlake was her brother, would Jody be able to handle it? Would she cope with her new family and find peace and love? Would she find the truth?

"Strange Match" - Jo

Summary:  You know what happens when you mix oil and water? Not much, right? That's what happens when you match a small spunky female with a dislike for boy bands and an I'm-always-right attitude with the golden boy of the pop world, Mr. Justin Timberlake himself. Would Justin be able to look past her playful, yet demeaning remarks and find her as the interesting and complex person she was? Would she even allow the curly-haired guru a place in her long line of people trying to gain entry into the real and sophisticated life she lived? With a good friend to push you along and over-active hormones that are just surging for some action, I'm sure it's a possibility.


"Summer Dreams" - Shirley S.    *visual*

Summary:  Brenda never believed that her and Sam would ever meet Nsync let alone meet the one guy she has always loved, Justin. Then by the luck of the draw Sam surprises Brenda by winning front row tickets and backstage passes. Will Brenda's dream finally come true?