Part One

As she was shaking in the corner of her bedroom, all she could think about was the pain that was inflicted upon her. She could not believe what happen to and what happen could have been prevented.




Janice was in-between classes and studying for her next class. Just sitting in the shade reading her books, and letting the breeze blow through her hair, she felt in complete harmony. A young tall stranger notice how beautiful Janice was. She was just sitting in the shade and minding her own business. He just had to meet this beautiful young woman that was sitting in the shade and reading her books. He had to find a way to get her attention and decided to just walk up to her and start talking to her.

Janice did not notice the tall dark stranger looking at her from a distance. Not until she looked up and see the tall dark stranger coming towards her.

The tall dark stranger came up to Janice and set next to her. "Hi."

"Hi" Janice said softly and with a shy tone. She did not know why this guy came up to her.

"What is your name, beautiful?" He asked with charm and a big grin on his face.

Janice just rolled her eyes and answered his question. "My name is Janice."

"Well Janice did anyone ever tell you, that you are very beautiful woman?"

"Yeah, you just did." She laughed at her little sarcastic comment.

"Funny and beautiful, what a combination." He smile became bigger and he extended his hand. "My name is Anderson, it is a pleasure to meet you.

She extended her hand to shake his. She notices that he had very soft hands. She looked him in the eyes and could see the sweetness in him.

While that was happening Janice’s friend Joey sees Janice talking to Anderson. He saw how this guy was putting the moves on her and Joey went into "Big Brother" mode. He did not trust any guy that came up to his best friend and start to flirt with her. Joey started to become very suspicious of this guy. He had a gut feeling that the guy was trouble.

Janice and Anderson were talking and laughing. Joey started to walk up towards them when Anderson asked for Janice’s number. Janice and Anderson planned on go on a date on Saturday night.

Anderson leaves with a smile on his face and gives a wink to Janice. Joey comes up to Janice and sees the smile on her face. He could not help but wonder what he told her.

"Hey Janice."

"Oh, hey Joey. What are you doing here? I thought you were busy in the studio today?"

"I am, we took the rest of the day off and I thought I would come by and see what you were up to."

"Well, I am currently working on homework and studying for my next class."

"Was that guy you were talking to someone you have class with?"

"No, I just meet him. He was so sweet. He asked me out on a date and well I could not pass it up."

"What do you mean you could not pass it up? You barely know the guy and your going on date with him." Joey was becoming upset with Janice. He could not believe that his little sister (or what he thinks of her) was going out with a guy she barely knows. He did not like it at all. Not ever since he laid eyes on that guy.

"Joey, what is your problem? The guy just asked me out. Nothing is going to happen if that is what you are thinking."

"Janice, I am just very worried about you. I know you have not dated very many guys, but I do know you very well." Joey was giving Janice that look of worry. He really did not want her to go with that guy. Joey knows about Janice’s pass. Where every guy in her past has always took advantage of her. He did not want to see Janice get hurt.

"Joey, get to the point. Why don’t you want me to see Anderson?"

"I don’t want to see you get hurt. I have seen what other guys have done to you."

"Whoa, wait one damn minute here. You don’t want me to see Anderson because you don’t want me to get hurt? Do you know Anderson?"

"No, but…"

"But nothing, I would like to get to know him okay. Is that okay with you ‘Big Brother’" Janice got up and start to put her book back into her backpack.

"Janice wait, I am just looking out for you. Yes, I am acting like your big brother, but you are my little sister and I don’t want you to get hurt like those other guys hurt you."

"Joey you know what, I am a big girl and I can take care of myself." Janice looked at Joey with angry eyes. She quickly closed her backpack and stormed off leaving Joey in the commons area. Janice was very mad at Joey. She did not need him to look after like that.



Part Two

Saturday night came. Janice was excited and could not wait to go on this date with Anderson. She wore her knee length, sleeveless, sexy black dress and black saddle-like heals. She had her hair up in a French twist, looking elegant and sexy at the same time. She looked beautiful.

Anderson came up to the door with a red rose in his hand. He knocked on the door and to his surprise he saw Janice in the black dress.

"Wow!!! You look…amazing." Anderson could not keep his eyes off of her. He was in awh. He had never seen anyone so beautiful.

"Thank you." Janice started to blush.

"Well are you ready to go?"

"Yeah, I’m ready." Anderson takes her hand and she wraps her arm around his arm. He could not help smiling. He felt like he was the luckiest guy in the world.


Anderson and Janice went to a quite little restaurant in town. Anderson could not keep his eyes off of Janice. Janice on the other hand loved the attention that she was getting from him. She felt like she was on top of the world. She felt her confidence rate go up and she too could not stop smiling.

As their dinner date started to wined down. Anderson had a few things on his mind, but Janice did not have a clue as to what was about to happen to her. Anderson asked Janice if she would like to go to his place and have coffee and talk some more. Janice agreed and her and Anderson left the restaurant to go to his place.


Author’s note: The next few paragraphs are very graphic and are not suitable for some readers. If you chose to, there is another version of this story. If you go to the link that is provide, you can find out what happens without see all of the details.

Anderson and Janice were on his couch talking and having coffee. Anderson kept on getting closer and closer to Janice. He put his around her and she just became comfortable with him. He was becoming very comfortable with Janice. Anderson started swooning her with compliments. Janice loved it. She was getting so much attention from him she was just eating it up.

"God, you are so beautiful. Your beautiful green eyes, your soft smooth skin."

"Thank you" She smiled at him and looked into his eyes.

"Do you mind if I kiss you?"

"No, I don’t mind at all." And with that Anderson started to kiss her. At first it was short, simple, and sweet. But then she felt his tongue on her lips. She opens up her month as their tongues began to dance. Slowly, Anderson moved his hand off of Janice’s face and onto her neck. From her neck to her shoulder and then he touch the side of her breast. All of sudden she stop kissing him. "What do you think you are doing?"

"I am just giving you want you want, baby."

"That is not what I want." Janice started to get up, but all of sudden Anderson brought her back down.

"That is too what you want."

"Let go of me!" She gave him one of her angered looks.

"NO!!! I am not going to let go of you. You are going to stay right her, while I give you what you really want." Anderson said two inches from her face.


"NO" And with that Anderson slapped the crap of Janice. "You will do what I tell you to. Do you understand me?" Janice started to shake and did not answer Anderson. "Do you understand me, bitch?" Janice just shook her head up and down.

Anderson made her stand up. She was about to run for the door, but he was quicker than she was. He gave her look and pointed her finger at her like she did something wrong.

"Wrong thing to do, baby." And with that he forced her down on the floor. He took his handkerchief and tied her hand behind her back. She made her get up and walked her over to his bedroom. And in those moments she was raped.

Part Three

The next morning Janice wakes up in horrific pain. She found herself in her car in front of her house. All that she remembered was that she was being beaten upon and raped. She slowly opens her car door and held onto her stomach while she slowly made it to the font door. She found her key under the doormat and unlocked her door. She felt some relief to know that she was home. After she walked through the door entry, she head straight to the bathroom. She felt like she was going to get sick. And got sick she did.

She washed out her mouth a head towards her bedroom. She all of the sudden started to shake and sob violently in the corner of her room. She did not know what to do. She just slumped down to the floor holder self. She started to rock back and forth, feeling that she was no longer worth anything anymore. She just sat there wishing she was dead and end up falling asleep in the corner.

Later that afternoon, Joey came by Janice house to see how the date went and to apologize for being a jerk. He knocks on her door, but there was no answer. He thought that was unusual. He saw that her car was in the driveway, but yet she was not answering the door. Joey took out the spare key to her house. He unlocked the door and notice that something was wrong. In the pit of his stomach he knew something was wrong. He closed the door behind him and started to walk the house. Once he got to Janice’s bedroom, he was alarmed at what he saw. She was slumped against the wall with her head down between her knees. Joey quickly ran to her and Janice pushed him away. Her whole body was shaking in fear that it was Anderson coming back after her again.

"Janice it me, Joey. What happen? You can tell me." Joey was scared to death out what was wrong with her. He wanted to comfort her, but she was not letting him.

"He…ee…e…e…e" Janice was so shaken that she could not speak.

"Janice, did he do this to you?" Joey asked with a stern voice. Janice just shook her head yes and started to cry all over again. Sobbing harder and harder.

"Janice, we need to take you to the hospital. You need to be checked out."

Janice just shook her head no. She didn’t want to go anywhere. She didn’t want anyone to know that a guy who charmed her and beat the crap out of her manipulated her.

"Janice, I am going to call the hospital and then we are going to call the police." Joey tried to smooth her hair down, but she just flinched at his touch. She just continued to cry and started to stare off into her own world. Joey called the hospital to inform them that they would be coming in.

"Janice, were going to the hospital okay. We need to go." With Joey soft words Janice lifted her shaking hand to Joey and he helped her get up off the floor. "Do you want me to carry you?" Joey asked when Janice could not stand up. She just shook her head yes and Joey picked her up and took her to the hospital.

Part Four

Janice and Joey reached the hospital emergency room. She did not want to be there. She wanted to go back into her corner of her room. The nurse took her back into one of the rooms and started to ask her question. Joey stayed by her side.

"Joey I want to get out of here."

"You need to get checked out. We need to see if you are okay."

"OKAY! OKAY! Joey I’m not okay. That asshole beat the crap out of me and he…"Janice could not say the word rape. She could not even want to have the concept of her being raped in her mind.

"Janice it is going to be okay. The hospital is going to call the police."

"No, I don’t want to talk to them. I just want to get my wounds cleaned up and get out of here. I don’t want to relive it. Please, just let me go home after the doctor check me out. Please." Janice started crying again in Joey shoulder. He did not know what to do. He wanted to help out his best friend, but in this case he seemed powerless.

The doctor came into the room and he introduced himself. Janice just wanted to get it done and over with.

"Janice, because you were raped we need to call the police and file a report." The doctor uses a sympathetic tone. Janice just looked at him with fear in her eyes. She didn’t want to talk to anybody. Joey squeezed Janice’s hand and he looked at her with sympathy in his eyes. He was going to stay by her side the whole thing.

"OK, I..I..I to…the police." Janice’s voice was so shaky. Her whole was body was shaking.

"We will try to make this as simple as possible. We are going to do some test and then we will the police talk to you. So, just hang tight and we will get started as soon as possible. Could your friend step out into the waiting area while we do our test."

"Please, let him stay. I need him here with me."

"Yeah, he can stay." The doctor turns around and left the room. Janice started crying again. She couldn’t help it anymore. She was just glad that Joey was there by her side.

The conducted the test on her. The doctor, nurse, and Joey saw all the bruises on her body. Janice would wince if anybody touched her. Especially near her bruises and where he did the most damage. Luckily for her all of the tests came out negative.

"Janice, I’m officer Daniels. I need to ask you a few questions." Janice shook her head yes and looked at Joey.

"First of all, I know you have gone through something that was very traumatic and we are here to help you. But I am going to be asking you questions that you might not want to answer. But in order to bring charges against the man who raped you, we need to ask these questions." Again, Janice just nodes her head yes, and squeezes Joey’s hand.

"OK, can you tell me what happen last night."

"I went out on a date with Anderson. Everything was fine, he and I had dinner. He then asked me to go back to his place and have coffee. We got to his place and started talking. We were just making conversation and he asked me if he could kiss me. I let him kiss me, and we started to make out." Janice just stopped her statement. She realized that what happen to her was her fault. She encouraged him to do what he did.

"Janice, what happen after that?"

With shaky eyes and hands, Janice looked at Joey and Officer Daniels with the look of dread in her eyes. She put her hand over her mouth and started to bend over with her head in her lap.

"Janice, are you okay?" Joey asked with his arm around her shoulders.

"No, I’m not okay. All of this is my fault. I let him do this to me. I encouraged him to do this to me." Janice was sobbing and started to hyperventilate. "I told him ‘No’ but he just continued. I tried to make a run for it, but he grabbed me and tied me down. He picked me up and he took me to his bedroom. Where he…where he…where he…raped…me." Janice just broke down. Hyperventilating, she jumped off the table and collapsed in Joey’s arms.


Part Five

"Janice! Janice! Janice, please wake up. Officer, go get a doctor quickly! Janice please wake up." Joey was trying to wake up Janice. She just worked herself so bad that she collapsed. Joey was so scared. He has never been this scared in his life. He picked her up and per back on the examining table. Talking to her to get her to wake up. The doctor runs into the room and takes her pulse and checks her vitals.

"Mr. Fatone, your friend here has suffered a severe anxiety attack. We need to keep her for observation. We need to contact her family. Do they live around here?"

"No, all of her family is in the Midwest. She is here to go to school."

"We need to contact her family and let them know of her situation."

"I will contact them, if you don’t mind?"

"I don’t mind."

"Thank you, Doctor."

Joey looked at Janice as the started to put monitors on her. He started to hear the sounds of the beeps in the room. He just held her hand and told her that everything will be okay.

An hour later, Joey got off the phone with Janice’s family. They were frantic and they were on there way to see her. He told them what happen and as he was talking to them, tears began to build up in his eyes. He hated that his friend was in the hospital, all because of some jackass who wanted a good time. That jackass ends up hurting his best friend whom he loved very much.

They moved Janice out of the emergency room into a regular, private, hospital room. Joey called Lance and let him know that he could not make it to the studio tonight. He didn’t tell him why, but that he would explain later. He could not leave his little sister alone. Especially when she finally wakes up.

"Joey" she mumbled in her sleep. "Joey, keep him away from me. You were right, and I was wrong. Just don’t let him hurt me."

Joey heard Janice talking. He quickly went by her side and try to wake her up.

"Janice. Janice it is okay, I’m here. There is nothing to worry about."

"Joey? Where am I?" Janice said as she came out of her deep sleep.

"You are in a hospital. You had a severe anxiety attack and they admitted you to the hospital."

"Why did I have an anxiety attack?"

"Because you got yourself worked up on what happen last night and this morning. Do you remember what happen?"

Janice had tears coming down her cheek. She remembered what happen, but she wished she didn’t. "Yeah, I now remember. Please don’t leave me here by myself. I don’t want him to come after me."

"Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you. I called Lance, I didn’t tell him anything, but I told him I couldn’t make it tonight. I just told him that it was a family emergency. And that asshole is not going to come after you. He will have to through me first."

That idea brought a smile on her face. She squeezed Joey’s hand and fell right back to sleep.

Part Six

"Get Off Of Me! Get Off Of Me! Please, Get Off Of Me." Janice was crying telling Anderson to get off of her.

"No, I’m going to fuck you right here. And I am not going to stop. You got that, bitch!" Anderson was yelling at her right to her face.

"Please God just let me die now. Make him stop, please." Janice thought to herself as Anderson continued to rape her.

"WHY AREN’T YOU MAKING THIS SO FUCKING HARD!! HUH? HERE WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS!" And with a swift of Anderson hand he began to slap Janice in the face. He punched her in the face. Smacked her stomach and he was still raping her.

"Stoooooooop, pleeeeease…" Janice was sobbing and feeling so much pain her body.



"Janice, wake up." Joey was right by her side trying to wake her up from her nightmare.

"Get away from me. Please get away from me."

"Janice, sweetie wake up, it is me, Joey."

Janice was in a state of panic. She was clenching her fist in her blanket and would not let go. She had sweat coming down her brow and she saw Joey. She sat up trying to catch some air and Joey reached up behind her to consult her. "Don’t let him get me, please Joey, don’t let him near me."

"Shhhh… It OK, I am here, your Mom and Dad are here. It is okay. We won’t let anything ever hurt you again. You don’t have to worry about Anderson. He was arrested this morning. You don’t have anything to worry about."

"Yes, I have something to worry about. I have to get my life back and I can’t get it back. I’m now having dreams of him doing what he did to me. He has taken my life away and now I can’t get it back. I hate him. I wish that I never met him. And I wish I would have listen to you."

"Hey it’s okay." Joey just tried to make Janice relax. He knew that she had a long road ahead of her.


In the months ahead, Janice tried to get her life together. Every night, she would have the same dream over and over again and again. Eventually she just stop sleeping. She went to see a counselor, but that didn’t help. She felt as if she was going in a downward spiral. Praying to God, to have her old life back, when she knew that it would not.

Two months later, Anderson Hummgard, was convicted of Rape and was sentenced to 25 to 35 years in prison. That same day, Joey found Janice in her bed dead from an overdoes of pills and alcohol. Janice was only 21 years old.


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