"Just a Kiss"

Note from author: I dont own them blah blah blah...i know it prays on stariotypes and is completly unbeiliveable..oh well! The facts are not correct most likely...reviews and flames welcome! btw i cant spell..

On tour choreographer. How cool was that. I wasnt going to say I was the best out there..or I was having the time of my life. Tour life is what they say, hectic, and tiresome-with more people than imaginable putting it together. I didn’t have to work as much as the stagehands, or talent. I did perform for 2 songs with the guys but out of the entire concert that’s not much. I actually can’t say I got the job from luck or that I was the best. My best friend (who is dating the famous Justin Timberlake) gave me a call. Everyone has heard Jes and Justin’s story so I feel no need to tell you the with them from the start saga. Its not like we cheated...I just new about it before anyone else. I did not choreograph the entire tour. Two songs out of the whole thing. Wade did the rest. I was the one there to go over all the songs though, and iron out the small things. That’s my job. For a while atleast. Its a long story. Things turned out to be a nicer version of Romeo and Juliet, thankfully. We were a couple months in a year long tour, when it all started...

"Hey you want lunch?" Jessica said popping her head in her boyfriends dressing room, finding him without a shirt on.

Justin spun around with a surprised look "Whatch it peoples could be naked in


"But there not, there’s a deli down the street..." She replied coolly, smiling.

"Ok give me a sec, go get the guys..." She left stifling a childish giggle as she

went to see who wanted to go.

"Where’s Julie?" J.C. asked noticing she wasnt around, as they all gathered in

the hall. Joey and Chris skipped but they were accompanied by stage hands and


"Oh she's skipping lunch and working on a dancey thingy for your new song."

Jessica replied putting on her sunglasses.

"You sure she didn’t want anything to eat?" J.C. asked not trying to sound


"Yeah, stop googling over her and lets go" Lance said matter of factly.

"Is googling even a word?" Jes asked to no one in particular, as others gave out

a small laugh.

When everyone got back the guys had to do a sound check at the arena, and

Jessica was working. I got changed, and decided to go shopping. I went in a couple of

stores and bought some stuff for me and some other people/the guys, the other

dancer, and stagehands. I picked up JC this small frame that looked like it would go

perfectly with his stuff. Finally I got back to the arena.

I decided not to give it to him until after the concert. I wasnt suppose to be there

after my 2 pieces, but I sat on the side of the stage, behind the curtain so the audience

couldn’t see me, anyways. I just listening to the music that I had heard everyday. I

watched as the guys danced and sing among the many colorful lights and with all the

screaming girls. I focused in on J.C., he loved his job and did it well. He was so sweet.

I remembered back when we would sit in the tour bus and talk . He’s not that

sentimental when people are around but its so differently one on one. I took myself out

of my daze. I looked at his beautiful face and his deep eyes. "Could I be falling for

him?" I thought to myself "Nahh get out of it." I just sat there looking at him for the rest

of the concert.

All the guys were walking past me, not noticing I was there. But as J.C. walked

past and noticed me, flashed me a smile, and walked to his dressing room. I tried to

hold back my blushing as I was like all those girls in the audience and gave him a smile


I help put things back on the bus and get things organized. Finally we were


I went and crashed on my bunk. Jessica and I plus Kara (the other dancer) all

slept on the "Talent" bus. I listened to all the noises of people getting ready for bed and


" Good show huh?" Jes said walking in, in her pajamas.

"Yeah, the guys did good." I said sighing

She climbed up on her bunk, and immediately went to sleep.

I saw the frame, next to me, and decided to give it to him. I stopped and paused

for a second at JC’s bunk. He wasn’t in his little bunk so I assumed he was still getting

ready, or watching a movie. I placed it on his pillow and went to bed. I feel asleep

before anyone else went to bed.

The next day when I woke up we were still driving to our next location. I looked

at my watch 7:00. I got up , threw my long brown hair up, and went out to see what

everyone was doing. I found Chris and Justin playing video games, Lance and Jessica

talking, Joey and J.C. were still asleep. I went up to Harry who was driving." How long

we got until our next stop?" I asked yawning. "10 minutes, and after that 5 hours." He

replied. I decided to go wake up Joey and J.C. To let them know what was going on. I

walked up to Joeys bunk pulled back the screen and he wasn’t there. I looked at it

confused. "Looking for me?" I heard a his voice say behind me. I gave out a small yelp,

as he grabbed me from behind as he said it. He gave out a small laugh and walked


I went over to where J.C. slept. He looked so cute with his brown hair all a

mess, I didn’t want wake him. "Josh" I whispered in his ear "time to get up." He opened

his eyes slowly and looked at me. I nearly melted right there and then.

"Hi" he whispered. "Sit next to me for a second."

"Okay I guess" I replied softly.

"I just wanted to Thank you for the frame"

"What are friends for." I smiled passively.

"Thanks anyways."He softly rose and gave me a friendly kiss on the cheek.

"Well your welcome" With that I left and went into the bathroom to change. By

the time I was ready the bus came to a stop. I hurried up and tied my last tennis shoe

and ran out with everyone else. The bus was getting gassed up as everyone piled into

a MacDonalds. We ordered our food and left. That evening we arrived in a small town

somewhere in Maine. We had to rehearse that night because they had to perform in

the TV special in the morning. We rehearsed on the pavement due to the stage not

being set up yet.

I walked out in front of the guys and yawned. "Ok I know this is the last thing

you want to do at 10:00 at night but the sooner we do it the faster we can get to bed, or

clubbing, or whatever, we’re only here because there stage is in a weird shape. " They

started singing and we all went through the dance moves. I was running it threw too,

even though they didn’t need it. I went to do a simple cross-ball change and pivot, my

foot landed in gravel and slipped. Landing on my butt, my leg and twisted under me.

Everyone ran over to me. I sat myself up, trying to move my leg. There was this

unbelievable pain in my knee. "Whats wrong?" Everyone kept asking me. I couldn’t say

anything, just lay there and pray I didn’t do damage. I was pretty pain tolerant but I

couldn’t move it. Someone called an ambulance, Jessica decided to ride with me, the

paramedics said I would be fine....but I wasnt so sure.

Next thing I knew, I was walking out of the hospital room...with crutches...so it

was more hobbling than walking. Jessica was next to me. As I walked in I saw J.C. and

Chris, Charol, Jack (stage hands), and of course my big security friends. They all came

over and started asking a million of questions.

"What did the Doctor say?" Chris asked giving me a small hug.

"I have bad news. I fractured my knee cap. " I said sadly.

"She’s suppose to stay off of it as much as possible." Jessica explained for me.

"Julie, Im so sorry." JC whispered.

" That’s not the worst part, I cant dance for atleast a 6 months! The position of

the fracture or something- was like the worst! Just my luck huh? Who ever heard of

that! And 6 months is the minimum! There afraid I might agitate it or something.

There’s a possibility that a might make a recovery, But there’s a possibility that I may

not have complete strength in it again......" I looked down at my cast. It fell silent, no

one new what to say.

"Lets go get some sleep....in the morning we will all sign the cast". Chris finally

said and lead the way out.

We all finally got in bed around 6 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep that night. I just

sat there thinking of when I danced in the past. I had been dancing all my life, and

now.....Not only that but I had no use for N'SYNC. I couldn’t dance for them anymore

and would have to leave. Jes, Justin, J.C...., how could I leave? I would be in

California. I mean sometime on the tour we had to hit there. What if I made a recovery?

What if I didn’t? What would I do then? I had absoulty nothing but years of dancing and

stagehand to fall back on... That night I cried myself to sleep.



J.C. couldn’t sleep well. He laid awake thinking about Julie and her injury.

Would she have to leave? He had a thing for her for the last 2 months and never had

told her. J.C. turned over and closed his eyes. Tomorrow I will tell her....He thought to

himself, and fell to sleep.

The next day they did there show in the morning and came back to find Julie still

asleep. J.C. decided to bring her lunch, and then tell her. He walked to the back of the

bus, he walked up next to her bunk. He stood there gazing at her, she was so perfect

just lying there, so peaceful. She had a very tiresome night, she had a right to sleep. All

of the sudden he noticed that she had tear streaks on her cheek. She was crying. He

leaned over, hesitated a bit and kissed her on the cheek.


I opened my eyes, there was J.C. I smiled wondering if I was still dreaming.

"Good afternoon, sleepy head." He whispered in my ear.

"Is it afternoon already? "I asked yawning.

"Yep, but not all of us got to sleep in." He joked.

"Im sorry for keeping you guys up so late last night."

"Hey, dont be. I dont mind, as long as your taken care of. "He took my hand

into his.

"Oh I brought Lunch. I figured you needed to eat." He handed me a Taco Bell


"Yummy" I sat up and grabbed the bag. "How did your show go this morning?"

"Good "He nodded.

"Im going back to California" I blurted.

"What? Why?!" In his eyes I could see he was worried.

"Well, I cant dance anymore, I have no reason to to stay on tour. I cant help the

group, i am even out of a job now for a while. I wont be able to get around very easy

and get in the way. I just think it would be better if I went home." I looked in his eyes,

and then looked down trying not to cry.

I slowly sat on the edge of my bunk, keeping my cast propped. He came up to

me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He had never done that before but I didn’t


"Stay here with the group "he said looking down at me.

"I...I...cant." I stuttered.

"Stay here with me "he replied quietly.

" You?" I looked down "But I have no job, Dancing was my job. Now I cant

dance that means I have no job. That’s the way the world works. Im not going to stay

on tour and be in the way. You love your singing and its your thing, well I loved dancing

and it was my thing. Now I cant so I have to move on. I might be able to later but who


J.C. pulled me closer and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around him and

hugged him back. Then all of the sudden he leaned in a kissed me gently. He pulled

back slowly waiting for my reaction. I smiled. Then he kissed me again, and left without

saying a word. I laid back on my bed reliving the moment over and over again, like I

was in high school or something.

Johnny who was visiting us on tour for a while soon came to talk to me.

"Hey Julie, How ya feelin?" He asked sitting next to me.

"Well, i am sore but ok. We need to talk. "I looked down at my cast.

"Yeah, I agree. What are you going to do now?" He asked.

"Im not of any use to the group, so i am gonna fly back to California. "I said

trying not to make eye contact.

"Do you want to stay?"


"I saw in your resume that you once did a lot of business work for the theater.

You have also done allot of extra work for the group. You can be like a assistant, if you

want to stay of course. "My eyes lit up as he spoke. "You could help Karli out"

"Really? I wont be in the way?" I asked becoming more and more exsited.

"Nope, For the next two week I want you to take it easy though. Then you can

start working again." Then he left.

I changed, and asked Harry to help me due to the fact that he was still there. He

was nice about it, but I could tell he was annoyed at the crutches. I set of to find

Jessica praying there wasnt stairs, those just hurt too damn much.

I finally saw her in the sound booth in the back of the building.

"Jessica, got a sec?" I asked sitting in the seat next to her.

"Sure, Im all ears, but I have a meeting in 15 minutes. Your looking much better.

How are you doing? " She said as she sat back in her seat and looked at me.

"Ok 1, There’s too many damn stairs in this place. 2. Josh kissed me....twice

3.im staying on tour as a assistant person." I smiled from happiness.

"H-H-Hold on, J.C.!!!! "She squealed." So are you two going out or what?"

"No, i am not sure whats going on.. "I looked down sadly. "What did it mean? I

mean what if he didn’t mean anything by it..."

"Girl He would never ."Jessica said cutting me off.

I looked up and smiled remembering what it was like to kiss him. "Just dont tell

anyone ok?"

"Yeah of course."She turned and went back to her work.


"Justin! Justin!"J.C. yelled as he ran up to him.

Justin turned around."Whats up man?"

"I kissed Julie"he said with a small smile.

"So are you two like a couple?"Justin asked nodding.

"No....not exsacty."he looked down.

"Justin, J.C., meeting in 15 minutes." Johnny yelled rushing past them.

"Oh and Justin, Don’t tell any one right now." J.C started to walk away.

"Of course not" He yelled after him.


At the meeting.....

"What are we going to do?"Chris wined.

"Our choreographer is broke, and I dont want a new one." Justin said crossing

his arms.

"Calm down you guys." Jessica throwing a small paper ball at Justin.

"You tell them " I said as I tried to menuver into the room where everyone was.

"Julie your alive!" Joey yelled happily.

"Uhhh...yeah...Johnny I know i am off but can I stay?" I took the seat next to


"I was just about to tell everyone what we decided." he replied. "Do you want to

tell them or shall I?"

I looked over at J.C who was across the table. He had a sad face and was

looking down at his notepad.

"I will... Im not going back to California, due to popular belief." I looked over to

J.C. who's eyes brightened and was looking strait at me. "I have the next couple weeks

off sort of, but after that I will be staying on tour, as a assistant." I sat back down.

"All right" Everyone gave knowing nods and "yays".

Eventually the meeting ended, then concert, we were all back to the bus.

"Where are we off to now?" I asked as I tried to get on the bus. I refused to have Harry

help me or anyone else.

"Having troubles?" Jessica asked laughing behind me.

"Hey! Going up stairs is hard! Plus it hurts!" I shot at her, then smiled. All the

guys were already on the bus and I was holding everything up, but I refused to have

help. JC and Justin got sick of it and came up to me each picking me up, then setting

me down by the couch.

When we all got on the bus, and everything was finally situated. With my leg

put up I leaned back and wondered what to do.

"Your taking up room." J.C. said gently lifting up my cast and sitting down and

placing my leg on his lap.

"Well exude me..."I smiled as I looked in his eyes, relising were alone. He

leaned over and we kissed again. It seemed as magical as the first time. His lips were

soft and gentle against mine.

"Anyone want to play a video game?"Chris asked walking in the room. We both

jumped back startled.

"I will but you have to hand me the controller." I said nervously, looking at Chris

hoping he didn’t see anything.

"All right! Here" He handed one to me."James Bond?"I nodded and we started

to play.

For the next couple of weeks the guys and everyone was busy and always on

the go. Everyone except for me. JC and I never talked about what happened between

us....we never had time. I must of watched every movie in the bus three times or more

and read all my books I had unfinished. The new on tour choreographer came, Darren

, but I didn’t see him. One day with help I slowly made my way out of the bus to go

peek in on one of there rehearsals. I went to the side of the side of the stage. The

guys saw me, smiled and waved. The guys were doing really well, but the more they

did the sadder I got. Soon I just left and went back to the bus and collapsed on my



The next day I was suppose to start my new ‘job’ I was up a bit early. Justin and

Jessica came out of the back all ready.

"Uhh Hi."I said between sips of coffee.

"Would you like to join us for breakfast? We’re going to stop soon."Justin asked


"I would but i am not dressed and i am not hungry." I looked at them. They

looked so cute together, standing there holding hands. They were soon to be

celebrating there 5 year anniversary. They soon left and I dressed and set off to find

Karli. I found her in the other bus drinking coffee and reading through some papers. I

hobbled up to her and before I could say anything she handed me a folder full of

papers and stuff.

" There’s enough work to last you for a long time, and there’s a page in there

that has the list of what to do and how to do it." She said taking a sip of his coffee.

"Ok cool, thanks." I sat in a chair across from her and started reading through

the papers. There was a lot there for me to do. I went to my newly acquired room and

got started. I had photo shoots to arrange, hotels to book, meet and greets to

organize, and more.

After the concert one night I went to there dressing room. I knocked on the

door. "Come in" I heard J.C. say.

"Hi.....good show." I walked in. JC was the only one there. He came over and

sat next to me.

"Thanks....its been a while sense we last really talked." He wrapped his arm

around me caressing my arm slowly.

"Yeah..."I replied relising that we barley had time to talk anymore.

"I missed you." He whispered. I looked up into his eyes and gently kissed him.

"What?" he asked. I rook a step back, looking away for a second and back to


"Whats going on with us? I mean.....look at what were doing." I said softly. He

hesitated for a second collecting his thoughts.

"You dont like kissing me?" He asked worried.

"No, I liked it.......I really liked it." I smiled at the thought, then my face fell.

"I...I....ah you know! I mean common Josh." I asked sitting back down next to him.

"Your my girl. I thought we were... I mean if you wanted to." He looked in my

eyes, taking my hands into his.

"Yes." I nodded as I smiled. J.C. smiled back, then kissed her again. We talked

for the next couple of minutes and agreed to keep the relationship low and only telling

Justin and Jessica (you tell one you have to tell the other). We hugged and then I had

to leave and go back to the bus while everyone got things ready. When I got to the bus

I went strait to bed.

The next day we were off and ended up at a airport. Before we arrived everyone

including me were scurrying around everywhere getting things packed and ready to

leave the bus. We went and checked in our luggage and then walked to the waiting

area. I looked at everyone who was walking in front of me in a fast pace, while I had to

take it slow. They were all talking not paying attention to what was going on around

them. I felt a wave of sadness. I couldn’t keep up anymore, I would only drag them

behind. JC stood back with me though after a while. Finally we got to the gate and

received our seating assignments.

"Justin and J.C. row six, Julie and Jessica row five, Joey, Chris, and me are row

four middle isle...." Lance said handing us our boarding passes.

"But I want to sit next to Jessica!!!"Justin wined.

"Well there’s my boarding pass."I said trading passes with him. I stole a glance

at J.C. who was smiling at me. We all boarded the plane and got situated.

"Hi, are you all ready?" J.C. asked buckling the seat blelt.

"Yep, I hope." I replied looking over at him. I yawned. Then I rested my head on

his shoulder and we both slept for the rest of the trip. When we got there we stayed at

a Hotel and everyone got there own room. I walked into mine, the bell boy put my stuff

on my bed for me and I started to unpack.


A month passed and I kept on trying to walk on my right leg again but only

failed. So I went back to my crutches. Eventually I got my cast off. As I walked out of

the hospital I found it much easier to get around, even if I still had crutches. Susan

drove me back to the bus where the guys were in a interview. I walked in just as the

reporter was leaving.

"Julie your cast is gone!" Joey said walking up and giving me a small hug.

"Yeah, finally. And soon ill be able to ware a pants again." I said with a smile.

They all clapped almost sarcastically happy making me blush. I sat by a small table.

While the guys all crowded around me.

"Time to celebrate." Chris exclaimed giving me a Pepsi. I laughed to myself.

Soon Jessica came in and we all spent the next hour talking and laughing. Then

everyone left to the places they had to be, J.C. was the last to leave.

"Hey Jewls..." He said looking at me and smiling.

"What?" I asked cautiously.

"Im sorry." He said his face turned to disappointment.

"For what?" I gently placed my hand on his cheek.

"That we hardly have time for eachother....for....us."He looked down into my

eyes. I kissed him gently on the lips.

"Me too." I looked down, putting my hand back at my side."I guess it goes with

the job."

He slowly lifted up my chin and kissed me. It was a soft kiss that was so

special. I didn’t want the moment to end but it did. We had to go to the meet and greet.

As we walked in J.C. joined the guys, and I joined Jessica in the back of the room. The

guys awnsered a couple of usual questions when the most frequently asked question

came up.

"Justin is it true you have a girlfriend?" A little teeny bopper asked standing

up."And do the rest of you?"

"Yes I do"Justin replied gently. I looked at Jessica next to me who was smiling


"Nope.."Joey replied bobbing his head.

"No." Lance and Chris awnsered at the same time.

"Not really." J.C. awnsered looking at me. I looked down, it hurt hearing him say

that. I know we agreed to keep it a secret but now I was having second thoughts. I

knew it was for the best but common!

Finally the meet and greet was over and the kids and teens were leaving, but

one came up to Jess and me.

"Your Justin’s girlfriend arnt you?" She asked looking at Jess.

"Yeah why?" She replied nervously glancing at me.

"I feel sorry for you." The girl said concerned.

"Why is that?" Jes asked with a confused look.

"He’s a big eyebrowed, flat-big nose, top-ramen hair, black wannabe, fat, ugly,

cant sing, piece of junk." Jessica's draw dropped.

"Why are you even here?" I asked, watching Jes get madder and madder.

"Well one day i am gonna marry J.C., so I figured that he can see me and fall

madly in love, now before i am taken." She replied, I tried to hold back my laughter.

Jessica just about to hit the girl when I stepped in front to block her. "Well little

girl, let me give you advice. To get with J.C. you have to be atleast this tall, and aren’t

still getting a allowance from mommy and daddy." I said raising my hand about a inch

over the girls head. She looked shocked, glared at me and ran out. I turned to see

Jessica smiling. The guys walked over to us after hearing our conversation with the


"Your suppose to be nice to the fans." Chris teased.

" I thought Jessica was gonna strangle her." I replied glancing at her. She was

clinging onto Justin and smiling at me.

"You probley made her cry." Joey said all concerned. I shrugged. We all were

walking out to get ready for the concert, and J.C. pulled me aside.

"Should I be jealous?" I asked laughing. He smiled and gave a small laugh, then


"Whats wrong?" I asked noticing something was wrong.

"I wish th--" Then he was cut off by Johnny.

"J.C. you need to be here."

"Meet me in the dressing room after please.." Then he was off. I went arranged

things in the guys's dressing room. I grabbed a pad of paper, sat on the couch, and

started making a list of things I had to go the next day. All of the sudden J.C. came in.

"Hey there."He said sitting next to me.

"How did it go?" I asked setting the pad aside.

"Good I guess." He nodded.

"So what was it you wanted to talk about?" I asked fiddling with his hair.

"I just wanted to ask you if you would stay up and talk to me on the bus, like we

used to." He asked - I think I actually saw him blushing.

"Of course I will....."Then I put my hand in my jacket pocket.

"Oh yeah....close your eyes" He did what I asked. I took his hand, and then

pulled a W.W.J.D. bracelet out of my pocket. I knew he had a black one so I got him a

red one for a change. I put it around his wrist, J.C. opened his eyes slowly. He looked

down at his wrist. His eyes lit up.

"Thanks" He exclaimed and then all of the sudden kissed me. I was surprised

but wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back.

"I should get you stuff more often." I said as we pulled away. He smiled. I had to

go work some more but I promised to stay up tonight no matter how tired I was.


That night we sat up all night long talking about everything. We laughed and

had the best time. He's a good listener, and very sweet, and always new the right thing

to say. So mature and head strong. He knew what he wanted out of life and was

serious about it. I sat there watching him talk, the way he moved, his voice, everything

about him.....I loved. As cheesy as it sounds as we sat there I was just falling in love.

I awoke with a startle. I looked around and found J.C. next to me asleep. I guess

we fell asleep talking the night before. I slowly got up trying not to disturb him, and went

back to my bed, changed, and limped to the small kitchen area.

"Hi" Justin greeted me, taking a bite of cereal.

"Hi" I replied sitting across from him.

"Sleep well?"He said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes.

"Is that all you eat?" I asked.

"No.....well...no..He replied taking another bite. I laughed. One bye one

everyone was up, then all of the sudden Jessica came running in.

"Whats wrong?"Justin asked.

"Guess who's coming to visit for 4 days?" She exclaimed running up to me.

"Who?"I exclaimed sarcastically.

"Grace!"She yelled.

"Oh my god! Are you serious?!?" I asked getting exsited as she was.

"Yess...in two days!"

"Ahhhhh..."We both squealed. Then we turned our attention to the guys, who

were looking at us like we were crazy. I laughed and sat back down. Jessica went back

over and sat on Justin’s lap.

"Grace is my cousin, a.k.a. Jessica's sister."I explained. I noticed Lance listening

with great interest.

"Lance she's your age."Jessica said looking over at him. Jessica and I looked at

each other and started giggling hysterically.

"Woman" Chris sighed as he walked out of the room.

We both tried to do all of our work ahead of time so we could spend as much

time with Grace as possible. I grew up with Jessica and Grace as my best friends. I

couldn’t sleep the night before she came.

The next day me and Jessica were up early and at the airport. Soon we spotted

her coming off the plane, we both ran up to her.

"Hi!"I said giving her a hug.

"I missed you!" Jessica asked giving her sister a hug.

"Hi, I missed you too! Im so happy to see you too...its been forever." She said

as we all walked to the suburban.

"You never have actually met the guys have you?" I asked getting in the drivers


"Ive seen there faces plastered everywhere but not actually met them." She

replied. "I have met Justin....I cant wait.....Im so nervous."

"Dont worry there gonna love ya.." Jessica reassuring. We arrived at the hotel

and was meeted by the guys in the room us girls were sharing.

"Hi!" They all said as we walked in. Jessica and I dropped her bags in the


"Everyone this is Grace this is everyone." Jessica said proudly.

"Uh... Hi" She replied blushing.

"Didn’t you guys have a photo shoot?"I asked sitting on the bed next to J.C.

"It got over early so we decided to wait for you girls in here."Joey explained

giving Grace a wink.

"Oh well how long till your sound check?" Jes asked walking over and sitting

next to Justin on the floor, leaving Grace standing.

"Grace you can sit."I said laughing.

"Naw I have been sitting all morning." She replied sticking her tounge at me.

"Umm...we have 15 minutes." J.C. replied looking at his watch.

"Perfect, when you guys leave we'll go shopping." Jessica said happily.

"Dont you girls have enough clothes already?" Justin asked playfully. Jessica hit


"We have to get new outfits for the concert.." I replied

"Huh? why?" Chris asked confused.

"Youll see" Grace piped up.

A hour later......

"What do you two think?" Jessica asked walking out of her dressing room wwith

the baby blue dress on.

"Justins favorite color- every other teenie will be waring that color." Grace

pointed out.

"Girl that looks great on you..." I said walking out in my red dress...

"Ohhh J.C.'s gonna die when he see's you in that." Jessica grined.

"Do you think Lance will like this?" Grace asked then blushed. Jes and I looked

at eachother and laughed. Grace has always had a thing for Lance.

"Ok lets change, the buy them, then hit a place where we can get dinner."

"Fine with me" I replied and went back into the dressing room. We bought the

dresses, went ate, arrived back at the hotel.

"Where are the guys?" Grace asked getting her new outfit out of her bag.

"Meet and Greet I soppose." I said checking my watch.

"Did you actually tell them we were gonna be front row tonight?" Jessica asked

combing her hair.

"No was I soppose to?" I said looking at her. We all laughed. I never actually

seen N'SYNC perform--with me in the audience.

We got dressed in our new outfits, and went and waited for the concert to begin.

Me and Jessica always laugh about how the tiny boppers would ware short dress's, and

now thats exsactly what we were doing. The opening acts came out and did there

thing. Soon the lights dimmed and the stage lights shown brightly, everyone screamed

including Jessica, Grace, and me.

I saw as each member noticed us, there faces lit up. They did a couple of fast

songs and I danced (as much as I could being hurt) and of course screamed. Soon it

came to one of my favorite songs, "I thought she knew" I swayed back and forith

listening to the music. I looked over at Jessica who was staring at Justin as he sang. I

looked back onstage, and found Justin staring back. I sighed. As J.C.'s part came up I

studied his every move as he sang.

He had his eyes closed and was singing with all his heart. I wished more then

than ever that we didnt have to hid our relationship. It was suppose to make things

easyer, but to me everything else was harder. He said that with the media and

everyone knowing it would complicate things, but if Justin and Jess could do it then why

couldnt we?

That night Jessica, and Grace, and I all went to sleep with dreamy looks in our

eyes. It was like we were all 10, but we really didnt care. The next morning I awoke

finding myself all alone in our hotel room. I slowly got out of bed and found a note on

the desk.


Me and Grace went to do some sisterly bonding. Hope you dont mind. See ya at

sound check.


I went over and called to J.C.'s room. We made plans to meet right before the

soundcheck on the stage. I was waiting on the stage when he arrived.

"Are you okay? You sounded as if something was wrong on the phone..." J.C.

asked worried as he walked up to me.

"Its just....Im tired of hiding all the time." I complaned. J.C. wraped his arms

around me.

"I am too..." He replied softly. I started to pull back knowing we wouldnt be alone

for long. "But..."J.C. continued.

"But what?" I snapped.

"Calm down. I love you and I want you to be happy." He cooed, gently pulling

me into a hug.

"W-wait, holdup. Back the truck up... You love me?" I replied softly. He nodded.

"I love you too." I said and then looked down. He placed his hand on my cheek.

I looked up into his eyes, I could see all my love and happiness in them. Suddenly he

kissed me. In that one kiss I knew how much we needed eachother. Finally when the

kiss ended,we were still close, in eachothers arms, living in the moment. Suddenly

someone sneezed and it wasnt one of us. I jumped back away from J.C., looking

around. Hidding on the side of the stage was Chis, Joey, Justin, Jessica, Grace, and

Lance, stage manager, and a couple other stage crew. One by one they came out from

behind the curtain.

"How long were you guys spying on us?" I asked putting my hand on my hip.

"Umm...well..uhh...It was Grace who sneezed...."Chris stuttered looking down.

"Jes?"I asked knowing she wouldnt lie.

"Just that you two are in love, and that J.C.'s a great kisser..."Jessica replied


"Hey! Im a way better kisser than J.C.!"Justin yelled. Right the Justin took

Jessica into his arms and inwraped her a deep, long, and passtionate kiss.

"Stop all the kissing!"Joey yelled. Justin pulled away leaving Jes gasping for air.

"Lets get this sound check going."J.C. said suddenly. I limped off the stage with

Jes, and Grace. I smiled knowing finally everyone knew.

"You two are like a Romeo and Juliet " Jes said as we walked off.

"Lets hope I don’t die k? " I replied with a laugh.

"You wont, you two are too damn stubborn for that..."

The end

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