Chapter 1

Girl come on your gonna be late if you don’t hurry up. Kristin quickly tied her shoes and rushed out to the car where Jennifer had gone to wait for her. "I’m sorry I was not ready Jen I fell asleep and lost track of time." "That’s ok I know that with all the rehearsing and recording you have been doing lately that you’ve got to be tired," Jennifer said sympathetically. "I am, and I will be even more tired after practice today," said Kristin, "I am so glad that you decided to come and watch me." "It will be fun," said Jen. "Especially to watch your dancers, they are some fine specimen of men," Jennifer said mischievously.

The girls arrived at the RCA studio in Orlando just in time so that Kristin wouldn’t be late. When they entered the studio the friendly voice of the lobby secretary greeted them. "Good morning Kristin," said Mrs. Wilson, "Darren is waiting for you downstairs in rehearsal room 1." "Thanks Mrs. Wilson have a great day." They got into the elevator and headed downstairs. When they reached rehearsal room 1 they walked in to find that Darren and her 3 backup dancers were already there waiting for her. "Sorry I’m late guys, I fell asleep and lost track of time." "That ok, we were just working on the guys parts until you got here," said Darren, "Nice to see you again Jennifer."

Jennifer went and sat down on a chair at the side of the room and watched her best friend do her magic. As she sat and watched she thought to herself about how far Kristin had come. One day she was performing in a local talent show and the next she was signed to a major record company, had released her first single, and was on her way to becoming a star.

The rehearsal was going really good, Kristin and her dancers moved like they were one person. They stopped the rehearsal a few times to touch up a few moves, but since they had been practicing for months now there really weren’t that many flaws. "Kristin were gonna work on your singing combined with the dancing now," Darren instructed. Kristen just nodded in exasperation. When the music started and she belted out the first notes the room became consumed with her talent. She danced and sang like she never had before. The song ended and Jennifer ran over and gave her a giant hug. "That was great," said Jen. "Thanks," said a tired Kristin. Just then the door opened and Kristins manager Mr. Stephens walked in. "I could hear you all the way out in the hallway, you sounded fabulous."

"I have some good news for you," said Mr.Stephens, "You are going on tour." "I am," Kristin said excitedly, "Do you really think I’m ready?" "Darlin you are as ready as you’ll ever be," said Stephens, "You are going to be opening for *N’sync." "Ha ha ha that’s really funny for a minute there I thought you said that I was going to be opening for N’sync," Kristin said hysterically. "I did, you leave in two days to join them for two months on their no strings attached tour." "Oh my god I’m opening for The N’sync, I can barely believe all of this." "I am so proud of you hun this is so exciting," said Jennifer. "Oh and by the way Kristin, you need to find a chaperone to go on tour with you, because your only 17," said Stephens. "I already have a chaperone," said Kristin coyly. "You do," said Stephens, "who?" "Jennifer of course," said Kristin. "Me, you want me to go on tour with you?" Jennifer said questioningly. "Are you kidding me you’re the only person I would take," said Kristin, "Please Jen." "You don’t have to ask me twice," said Jennifer. "Ok it is all settled you two, the guys, and security of course fly out Thursday morning to Chicago to meet up with *N’sync!

Chapter 2


It was hard to believe how fast Thursday morning came. The last two days had been a blur trying to pack and get everything together that would be needed in the next two months. Jennifer and Kristin had decided to meet up at Jennifer’s apartment where they would then wait for security to come and pick them up and take them to the airport. The limo arrived on time, the chauffeur put there many bags of luggage in the trunk and they were off. When they got to the airport they realized that they had an hour to spare so they decided to go and check out the gift shops.

"My goodness, will you look at this Kristin," Jennifer Exclaimed. Kristin walked over to Jennifer and noticed her looking at the magazine rack. "I have never in my life seen so many magazine covers with N’sync on them," said Kristin. "Yeah tell me about it," said Jennifer, "and just think in a matter of hours you are going to meet the men behind the pictures." The girls finished looking around and then headed to their flight gate. A woman’s voice came on the intercom "Now boarding first class flight 342." "That’s us Kristin, I can’t believe we are first class," Jen said happily. They found their seats and settled in, this was the part that made Jennifer quisey, she hated taking off. The plane took off and Jennifer decided to take a nap to take her mind off flying.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hey curly lets play some B-ball." "Yeah sure let me see if Lance, JC, and Joey want to play," said Justin. Justin stepped on to the large tour bus to find Lance and Joey playing cards at the table. "You guys want to shoot some hoops." "Yeah man I can be air Joey," Joey joked. " The only air you will get Joey is the air in your head," Justin teased. Joey had a puzzled look on his face trying to figure out what Justin was talking about. "What about you Lance," Justin questioned. "No thanks, there is no point in me playing basketball when I never even get the ball," said Lance, "besides I told Danielle that I would call her when we got here." "Suit yourself, but you are gonna be missing out on some serious game," said Justin, "I see that JC is still sleeping, I wish I could sleep like he does." Justin and Joey headed outside to find Chris already throwing free throw

"Hi hon., Yeah were here…I miss you too…It is only a couple of months then we’ll see each other…well you take care of yourself and I will talk to you later." Lance got off the phone just as JC was getting out of bed. "How long have I been asleep," said JC groggily. "About four hours," Lance responded, "Its good that you are up though we have to get to the meet n greet pretty soon." "Yeah, hey I heard that tonight is Mandys last night on the tour," said JC. "That’s right, we have a new pop female singer joining us for the last two months of the tour, her name is Kristin Kercher," answered Lance. "That’s cool, it is always nice to see new talent," said JC, "but why is Mandy leaving?" "Johnny thinks that she is just too young and not really stirring the crowd enough," said Lance, "I would have to agree with him." "Well we better grab the guys and get this show on the road," said JC.


The plane landed and Jennifer was glad to be in one piece. When they got out of the terminal they were greeted by a staff member from the tour, she escorted them out of the airport and to where the limo was waiting. Their luggage had been retrieved for them and was going to follow them in a van along with her dancers and securities luggage. When they arrived at the venue they were shocked to see thousands of screaming fans waiting outside in hopes to get a glimpse of N’sync. The staff member saw the startled look on the girls’ face and told them that they would get used to it. Once they were in the gates their baggage was unloaded and they were shown to their bus.

A couple minutes later Jennifer and Kristin were startled when they heard a knock at the door and then saw two girls come in. "Hi I’m Leslie and this is Nancy," said a tall friendly looking woman, "We are the hair, make-up, and wardrobe people." "Its nice to meet you, I’m Kristin and this is my best friend and chaperone Jennifer," said Kristin. "Well we thought that we would come and see how you were settling in and also see if you would like a tour," said Nancy. "That would be great, " Jennifer said appreciatively. The four girls headed out to tour the venue, they saw the stage, backstage and make-up/dressing rooms. Then they entered a big open room that contained lots of tables and there was a long table covered in enough food to feed an army. "This is the cafeteria," Leslie explained, "each venue is catered so whenever your hungry you can just come here and chow down." Just as Leslie said that the doors opened and Jennifer and Kristin were shocked to see N’sync coming in the room.

"Where’s the food," Justin groaned, "I’m famished." "Your always famished," JC teased. "I’m a growing boy," Justin commented. As they walked in to the cafeteria they noticed the four girls standing in the middle of the room and walked over to them. "Hey Leslie, Nancy, who are your friends," said JC. "Guys this is your new opening act Kristin Kercher and her best friend and chaperone Jennifer," Leslie answered. The guys politely introduced themselves and then asked if the girls would care to join them for lunch. This whole time Lance couldn’t help it but he was staring at Jennifer. He was drawn to her sweet essence and elegance. Chris spoke up "You look a little young to be a chaperone Jennifer." "Well I’m 19 years old which I think is plenty old to be a chaperone," said Jennifer. "Plus I wouldn’t even think of going on tour without her," Kristin added. "Are you excited about your first tour Kristin," Justin asked. "Excited, nervous, scared, happy, but mostly excited," said Kristin. "That reminds me of how I felt on our first tour with Janet," Justin added. Finally there is someone here that’s my age. This should be a nice change, Justin thought to himself. "Well you guys are coming to the concert tonight right," Lance questioned deeply hoping that they were going to be there. "We don’t have tickets," Kristin answered. "Girl you don’t need tickets, your family now," said Justin. "Please," coaxed Lance, "we even have a VIP box that you get to sit in." "Well how could we resist an offer like that," said Jennifer. How could I resist pleading eyes like those Jennifer thought to her self.

Later that evening the girls were in their seats and the house lights went out. Mandy Moore came on stage and started singing her first single candy. Kristin wasn’t very impressed and it seemed that neither was the audience. This sent chills up her spine she hoped and prayed that the audience would like her but she was beginning to have doubts. When Mandy left the stage the audience was in an uproar because they new what came next N’sync. They entered the stage in one large blast of light sound and Fireworks. It was amazing. HERE WE GO!!! The guys sang their hearts out song after song it was never-ending. Then it was time for them to take a rest from dancing, and they started to sing God Must of Spent A Little More Time On You. When the first notes were sung Jennifer’s heart was about to melt. The concert was almost over but there was one more song. As the guys started to sing sailing they were magically lifted in to the air. Their smooth voices filled the stadium. They flew out over the audience singing their song when they were heading back to the stage Jennifer looked up to see Lance directly above the VIP box she looked into his deep intense eyes and then he blew her a kiss. "Did you see that Kristin," said Jennifer lightly, "he blew me a kiss." "What did you say Jen, Kristin hadn’t noticed since she had been watching Justin. "Nevermind," said Jennifer as they watched the guys finish up their concert.

Chapter 3


As soon as the stage lights went off security ushered Jennifer and Kristin to their bus. The girls were a little disappointed because they wanted to tell the guys how great the concert was. They arrived at the hotel that they would be staying in tonight, and headed up to the tour artist’s floor of the hotel and found their room. Ever since the concert had ended their mouths were moving a mile a minute talking about the show. Jennifer had been to one of their concerts on their last tour and was surprised that not only did they do their new songs but they also did a few of the old ones. Just then there was a knock on the door.

Jennifer went to answer the door and was surprised to find N’sync showered and changed standing out side their door. "Hi guys, come on in, what are you doing here?," said Jennifer. "Well we wanted to see what you thought of the show and also to see if you two would like to go out with us tonight," said Lance. "The show was absolutely completely awesome," said Kristin. "Yeah, you guys get better every time," Jennifer added. ""Does that mean that you have seen us before," Lance questioned. "I saw your show on your last tour," said Jennifer. "So are you guys gonna come with us or what," Justin asked. "Where are we going," asked Kristin. "Clubbin, of course," Joey answered. Jennifer and Kristin looked at each other and then at the guys and at the same time said, "Yes." "Ok well lets get going," Joey ushered them out of the room.

When they arrived at the club they were pleased to see that people were there but not too many so it wasn’t over crowded. They found a table and the girls sat down while the guys went out onto the dance floor and started dancing. A few minutes later Justin, JC and Lance came over to the table. Justin asked Kristin to dance and she accepted. JC and Lance sat down next to Jennifer,

"So how long have you known Kristen," JC asked.

"For years our parents are best friends so I’ve known her most of my life," said Jen

They all looked in the direction of Kristin and Justin and were surprised to see them grinding to the music. "Will ya look at that," said JC, "I think we are gonna have to watch those two." "Yeah tell me about it, I’ve never seen Kristin act that way before," said Jennifer. "How come your not dancing," asked JC. "I’m not really a very good dancer," said Jen. "That’s no excuse," said JC as he grabbed her hand and whisked her out onto the dance floor. Lance stared intently at Jennifer as she danced with JC. Not a good dancer, what is she thinking she is an awesome dancer. Look at how her body moves to the music. God she’s gorgeous.

A few songs went by and Jennifer and JC were still dancing when JC felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around to see Lance.

"May I have this dance," Lance asked just as a slow song came on.

"Sure man," said JC. Lance walked up and wrapped his arms around Jennifer’s waist and she placed her hands on his chest.

"I’m not very good at slow songs," Jennifer commented," I never know where to put my hands."

"Let me help you," Lance said in his deep bass voice. He grabbed her arms and placed them up around his neck. Then he put his arms back around her waist pulling her into him tighter. "That’s better," said Lance. Jennifer just nodded as she stared into his deep green eyes.

My god he is so gentle, I feel like I could lose myself in his eyes. Where are these thoughts coming from, earth to Jennifer this Lance Bass he doesn’t like you. Why would he like you when he could have any girl he wanted?

I hope this song never ends. She feels so good in my arms. What are you thinking Lance you have a girlfriend who is thousands of miles away, but she doesn’t know that.

Lance tightened his grip even more and Jennifer rested her head on his chest. "This feels nice Lance," Jennifer said quietly not knowing if he heard. "I agree," said Lance witch slightly startled her.

Over at the table JC, Joey, and Chris had been watching what was going on between Lance and Jennifer and they didn’t like what they saw. They all knew that Lance was still with Danielle and they didn’t want to see Jennifer get hurt, so the three of them decided that they would pull Lance a side sometime and speak their minds.

When the song ended which had actually been two slow songs back to back that neither Lance nor Jennifer noticed Lance loosened his grip a bit and leaned down and softly kissed her on the cheek. "Thank you," said Lance. "For what," Jennifer asked. "For dancing with me," Lance said.

They walked back to the table not noticing that they were holding hands. "Ahem have a nice dance," said JC. Lance noticed that he was holding her hand and let go of it. "Yeah it was great," said Jennifer. "I think that we should grab Kristin and Justin and go," said Jennifer, "Tomorrow is her first day on tour and I think that she should get some sleep." The guys agreed and went to find Kristin and Justin. When they found them Kristin and Justin were dancing and laughing hysterically. It was quite a site. "Come on you two were gonna head back now, Kristen has a big day ahead of her and so do we," said Chris. "Do we have to," Kristin pleaded. "Chaperones orders," said Joey. "Oh Jen come on," said Kristin. "N O you need your rest and there will plenty more nights to party," said Jennifer.

The seven new friends got back on the bus and headed back to the hotel. When they got to the hotel the guys said goodnight and went to their room except for lance who decided to walk Jennifer and Kristin to their room down the hall. Kristin and Jennifer said good bye and walked in to the room. Lance grabbed Jennifer’s hand and pulled her out into the hall and closed the door. "I just wanted to tell you that I had a really good time tonight and I know it was because of you," said Lance, "I don’t usually have that good of a time when we go dancing, because I’m not that great of a dancer, but you made it fun tonight." Jennifer was speechless, but managed to say that she had a great time too. Then lance leaned down and gently kissed her on the forehead and said goodnight. As he walked down the hall to his room, Jennifer stood in the hallway with her eyes closed, not able to move. Lance looked back at her and when he saw her a smile came to his face. Jennifer quickly composed herself and went into her room.

Chapter 4


A shrill ring came through the air and Jennifer reached over and turned the alarm off. Jennifer looked at the clock and was startled to see that it was 6:00 am. Her and Kristen only had gotten four hours of sleep. "Kristin wake up, it is time to start the day," said Jennifer brightly. "I don’t want to get up, I just went to bed," said Kristin groggily. "Well you have a photo shoot that you have to be at in two hours, so I suggest you get up," Jennifer said even more determined, "It is your own fault for staying up late." The girls showered, got dressed, and headed down to the lobby to get some breakfast.

Meanwhile JC, Chris, Joey, and Lance were all up and ready to start the day. JC, Chris, and Joey all decided that this was as good a time as any to talk to Lance about last night, since Justin was clueless about the whole thing anyways. "Lance we need to talk to you," Chris spoke up. "About what?" Lance questioned. "About last night, we saw what was going on with Jennifer and we don’t like it," said JC sharply. "We can see the way you look at her and the way you act around her and it has got to stop," said Joey. "To add to it Jennifer looks and acts the same way as you when she is around you," said Chris. "Guys everything is fine nothing is going on," Lance pleaded. "No Lance everything isn’t fine, you have a girlfriend and it isn’t Jennifer," said JC harshly. "You need to tell her about Danielle, Lance," said Joey. "Danielle is a million miles away and I am not going to ruin something that might happen and be so wonderful because of her," said Lance. "For all I know Danielle is out having a great time with other guys all the time especially Ben Savage, so I am gonna have a good time here," said Lance losing his temper. "Lance were not worried about Danielle we are worried about Jennifer, and we are not going to support you in any way when she gets hurt," said JC. "I have never felt the way I feel about Jennifer for anyone ever, and your gonna tell me that is wrong," said Lance, "Well it’s not wrong its right and I would never hurt her." "You need to decide what you want Lance, Danielle or Jennifer and the longer it takes you to decide the worse it will be," said JC.

Just as that was said Justin walked in the room half asleep. "A guy can’t get any sleep with all this shouting going on," said Justin, "What’s going on?" "Nothing," said Lance defiantly as he left the room. "Ok, I don’t want to know," said Justin, "I just want my cereal." All the guys laughed at Justin as he said that and joked about him and his cereal.

Kristin had been so tired the whole day first at the photo shoot, and then at the magazine interview, but as the time drew nearer and nearer to her performance all the tiredness vanished and nervousness replaced it. It was time for Kristin to get dressed and get her hair and make-up done which only put the inevitable in front of her. This is it, tonight I am performing in front of 20,000 people. After she was done getting ready Kristin headed to the back stage area; Jennifer was already out in the VIP box so that she could see Kristin’s performance.

A couple minutes before she was about to take the stage Justin came up to her backstage. "Are you nervous," he questioned. "I’ve never been more nervous in my life," said Kristen. Justin just nodded then he leaned down and softly kissed her cheek. "What was that for," said Kristin. "That was for luck," said Justin, "but you really don’t need that because you are going to do fine, you will be great." "Thank you Justin for your kindness, it means a lot to me," said Kristin. As the house lights went out the crowd got louder. Kristin knew it was time to go. She ran out onto the stage and sang and danced her heart out.

From where Jennifer was sitting from the VIP box Kristin looked great. Jennifer could tell that as soon as her friend had hit the stage that all nervousness had vanished and all that was left was Kristin trying her hardest to entertain the crowd and it was working. The crowd was clapping and dancing supporting Kristin every step of the way. When she sang her single there was even a few people in the audience singing. Jennifer always knew that Kristin had it in her to do anything she put her mind to. As soon as Kristin was off the stage Jennifer rushed to the backstage area to greet her.

When Jennifer got to the backstage area she could see that the guys were already swarmed around her before they had to go onstage giving her compliments. "May I say something," said Jennifer. Everyone turned to look and saw Jennifer standing behind them her arms crossed. Then she ran up to Kristin and embraced her in a huge hug. "I am so proud of you," said Jennifer. Before the guys headed on stage they told the girls that they would see them at the hotel and that they should take a nap when they got there because as soon as they themselves got back that they would all be going out.

When the girls got back to the hotel they remembered the guys advice but it was no use. Kristin was way to excited to sleep, besides they had a long bus ride scheduled the next day, so she could sleep then if she was still tired. A couple hours later once again there was a showered and changed N’sync standing out side their door.

"You guys ready to go," said Justin. "Ready, we’ve been ready for the past two hours, let’s go," said Kristin. They all went down stairs and climbed into their awaiting limo.

"So what club are we going to tonight," asked Jennifer. "Were not," said Lance, "and that is all you need to know." They drove for about a half an hour when the limo stopped in front of what appeared to be a closed carnival. "You took us to a closed carnival," Kristin questioned. "No not closed, this carnival doesn’t open until 11pm," said Chris happily.

When they walked up to the gates the girls noticed that the carnival was indeed open and people were even there. They purchased all access passes and headed in to the park. "Let’s go on the roller coaster," yelled Chris with excitement. They all agreed that that was a good idea and headed in the direction of the roller coaster. "Hey I have an idea," said Chris, "lets race to the roller coaster….ready….set," Chris started to run, "Go." Everyone started to run after Chris, when lance grabbed Jennifer’s hand and held her back.

"Let’s go somewhere else," Lance suggested. "What about the other guys," said Jennifer. "I think they can handle things without us," Lance answered. "Ok," said Jennifer not trying to show how much she wanted to be alone with him. Jennifer noticed that they were still holding hands, but decided not to say anything about it. They walked in the opposite direction of the roller coaster and found themselves in front of the house of mirrors.

"I won," said Chris happily. "That’s only because you cheated," said a grumpy Joey. "You know you can’t beat the champ," said Chris. "Hey guys where’s Lance and Jennifer," JC questioned. "That boy is never gonna learn is he," said Joey. "I just hope he knows what he is doing," said Chris. Kristin and Justin looked at each other with confused expressions. "Is there something you’re not telling us," asked Kristin speaking for herself and Justin. "No, nothing," replied JC. "Well go and find them after this ride," said Chris.

Lance and Jennifer walked into the house of mirrors, they started walking through the maze of mirrors trying to figure out which way to go and laughing the whole time at their reflections. Jennifer turned to look at Lance but when she did he was nowhere in sight. "Lance are you there," Jennifer called. Just then he stepped into view but he was everywhere surrounding her. Jennifer couldn’t tell which one was real and which ones weren’t. Lance had a mischievous grin on his face and he could see Jennifer’s puzzled expression. He slowly started to walk towards her so that she still wouldn’t know which one was him. "Ok lance, enough is enough," said Jennifer. Just then two hands reached out and covered her eyes. Lance slowly turned her around, released his hands from her eyes and wrapped them around her waist. They stared deeply into each other’s eyes. "Lance I don’t," Jennifer started to say when Lance put a finger on her mouth to hush her. "Jennifer don’t think," said Lance. He slowly leaned down and Jennifer closed her eyes as Lance’s lips softly pressed against hers, kissing her tenderly.

"Oh Chris, lets just go on the Ferris wheel first and then we will all go and find Jennifer and Lance," Justin pleaded. "Ok just the Ferris wheel and then we’ll go find them," said Chris sternly. "Thanks dad," responded Justin. Justin and Kristin got on the first open chair and started to go up. JC and Joey got onto an open chair that was as far away from Justin and Kristin because of balancing weight and Chris just decided to wait on the ground. He never liked heights. The Ferris wheel went around 4 times before stopping with Justin and Kristin’s chair at the very top.

"Why did it stop, something is wrong," said Kristin. "No everything is fine, they are just letting people on and off," Justin reassured. Then Justin pulled her in tight to him and wrapped his arms around her. "Your safe with me Kristin," said Justin. Kristen rested her head on his chest. Justin pulled her head up with his hand and starred down at her. "You know you are so beautiful," said Justin. Then he whispered into her ear "Can I kiss you." Kristin thought that it was so sweet that he would actually ask first. She reached her hand up and pulled his head close to hers and gently kissed his lips. Justin was shocked that she had made the first move but pleased. Just then the Ferris wheel began to move and stopped at the bottom to let them off.

After everyone was off the ride, they began their search for Lance and Jennifer. When they got to the house of mirrors Chris stepped into the beginning of the maze and called out to see if anyone was in there. "Lance, Jennifer are you in here," said Chris.

As soon as Lance and Jennifer heard Chris’s voice they immediately broke their embrace and headed to the exit. Holding hands Lance and Jennifer appeared in the exit Jennifer’s face was flushed. "Are you ok Hun," said Kristin seeing Jennifer’s flushed face. "Yeah I’m fine," responded Jennifer. "How come you guys ditched us," asked Joey. "Um I really am not much of a roller coaster person," Jennifer lied. "That’s not true you love roller coasters," said Kristin. "Well I didn’t feel like going on one tonight," Jennifer defended. JC, Chris, and Joey all knew too well that wasn’t the reason but had already decided that they would not interfere any more. "Well it’s getting late, so I think we should head back to the hotel," said JC. They all agreed and found the limo and headed back to the hotel.

Chapter 5


When they arrived back at the hotel they all hurried off to their individual rooms to get some sleep. Jennifer and Kristin to their room, Joey and Chris to their room, JC and Justin to their room, and Lance to his room. Ever time they stayed at a hotel they took turns on who got the single room and this time it was Lance’s turn.

Just as Lance was climbing into bed he heard the ring of his cell phone. "Hello" Lance said wondering who would be calling this late at night. "Hi honey," came a familiar voice. "Hi Danielle." "I am so glad I got a hold of you I have been so worried that I haven’t heard from you," said Danielle. "I have been really busy Danielle." It annoyed him that she always had to know where he was every minute of the day. "Too busy to call your girlfriend," said Danielle. "Danielle is there a point to this badgering, I am really tired." "What’s wrong Lancy poo, did you have a rough show?" "No the show was great one of the best we have had, I just had a late night." "You know Lance just because the guys go out clubbin every night doesn’t mean that you have to join them, besides I don’t think you could have much fun without me there to dance with and I know you wouldn’t dance with anyone else." "Danielle when you go out clubbin with Ben do you dance with him?" asked Lance. "Well yes of course I do." "So what makes you think that I don’t dance with other people," said Lance getting angry. "Well because your not aloud to unless it is me." "But your aloud to dance with Ben or any other guy for that matter?" "Yes, because I am a girl and in the end you are my boyfriend." "That is a bunch of bull crap Danielle and you know it," Lance responded as he hung up the phone.

God that bitch is so controlling. Why am I in this relationship? I should have known that this relationship was doomed from the beginning. Who does she think she is saying that she can dance with whomever she wants but I can’t. Screw her, I don’t need her especially when there is someone as nice and gentle as Jennifer. Lance gathered his thoughts before finally going to sleep.

Mean while back in Kristin and Jennifer’s room, Kristin had decided to take a quick shower before bed and Jennifer had a phone call she wanted to make.

Jennifer dialed the number and anxiously waited for one of her other best friends Marie to answer the phone. After two rings a quiet voice answered. "Hello." "Hi hon, how are you?" asked Jennifer. "Jennifer is that you, I’m so glad you called." "Yeah it’s me, I would’ve called sooner, but we’ve been so busy." "So you have to tell me, what is it like being on tour with N’sync?" "Oh Marie it is so much fun and the guys are so nice." "Ever since we were little I knew that you would meet them before I did." "Well one of the reasons I called to talk to you is, the fact that we are gonna be in California in a week, and of course I want you to come see the show and meet the guys." "You’ve got to be kidding me, I get to meet N’sync," Marie questioned. "Of course you can meet the guys, I’m sure that they will be very happy to meet you." "So Jennifer I’m dying to know, what are they like, like each guy?" "Well Chris is quite the goofball/older brother, Joey is very flirtatious out to have a good time, Justin is very energetic and the object of everyone’s jokes, JC is very kind, funny and Sensitive, and Lance…well Lance is perfect in every way possible, I’ve never met a better person." "Ok Jennifer what are you not telling me?" questioned Marie. "Um…well I guess I can’t keep it from you forever, Lance kissed me." "Oh my god, when did this happen?" "Tonight, in the house of mirrors at the carnival, no one else knows," Jennifer replied. "I am so happy for you Jennifer, I always knew you would find someone." "Marie I never said that we were together, we just kissed, and I don’t even really know why that happened." "Jennifer wake up and smell the roses, the man likes you." "Why Marie, what could he possibly see in me?" "If you don’t know the answer to that question than you have bigger problems than I thought." "I don’t know what is going on Marie, that’s all I’m saying." "Ok well I will talk to you later I really need some sleep as I’m sure you do too." "Bye Marie." "Bye Jennifer." Jennifer hung up the phone and quickly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Jennifer and Kristin had woken up bright and early, packed their things and gotten on to their bus. Jennifer was in the back room watching a movie, while Kristin was sitting in front reading a book. A couple minutes later Kristin looked up from her book to find Justin and Lance starring down at her. "Well good morning you two aren’t you supposed to be on your bus, were about to leave," asked Kristin. "Well we are but we wanted to visit with you guys for the bus ride so we asked the guys to tell the head check person that we are asleep in our bunks," replied Justin. "Well I’m glad you guys came," said Kristin. "Where’s Jennifer?" asked Lance. "She is in the backroom watching a movie I think," Kristin replied. "Well I think I’ll join her," said Lance.

Jennifer was startled when the door to the back room opened and Lance was standing in the doorway. "Hi," said Jennifer, "What are you doing here?" "Oh Justin and I decided to stow away on your guy’s bus for the day," replied Lance, "I hope you don’t mind." "No of course not," answered Jennifer. "May I sit down," asked Lance. Jennifer nodded. Lance sat down next to Jennifer on the couch and could see the questions in her eyes. "Jennifer I wanted to talk to you about last night," said Lance. "You don’t have to say anything Lance it’s ok, I know it didn’t mean anything," responded Jennifer shyly. "What are you talking about, last night meant everything to me," said Lance, "That kiss meant more to me than you will ever know." "It did, I didn’t think you felt anything," Jennifer said with her head turned so as not to look in his eyes. "Jennifer I have never felt the way I feel when I am with you before, ever since I met you, you have been in my thoughts 24 hours a day," said Lance, I feel complete when I am with you." At those words Jennifer turned her head to look straight at him as a single tear fell from her eye. "Don’t cry honey," said Lance softly as he wiped the tear from her face. He cupped her cheek with his hand and traced her mouth with his thumb. Then he leaned down and kissed her. He continued to kiss her with so much emotion and she reciprocated the kiss. It was as if they couldn’t get enough of each other. When they both stopped because of the need for air she rested her head on his shoulder as they held each other close. Lance laid down on the couch and Jennifer cuddled up next to him. Laying there cuddled up in each other’s arms they fell asleep.

Mean while Justin and Kristin had been sharing their life stories to one another. Justin was amazed at how hard she had worked to get to where she was today. Justin was pleased to find that Kristin liked basketball and kept up with the sport. Not many girls he was attracted to had this quality making her all the more special. After talking for a while Justin and Kristin decided to play some cards. Justin was glad that they weren’t playing with money because he would find himself broke. The time went by and neither one of them had mentioned the kiss they had shared the night before. After the kiss happened Justin had decided that he wanted to take things slow with Kristin so as not to screw things up. They were both getting kindof bored so they decided to go and check out what Lance and Jennifer were doing.

They walked to the back of the bus and quietly opened the door because they didn’t hear anything. Both there mouths dropped open when they saw Jennifer and Lance cuddled up together asleep on the couch. They quietly left the room and headed back to the front of the bus. "Why do I get the feeling the other guys knew about this and decided to leave us in the dark," said Justin. "I get the same feeling, I had no idea that anything was going on with Lance and Jennifer," replied Kristin.

About an hour later Jennifer and Lance had woken up and decided to head to the front of the bus to see what Kristin and Justin were doing. To their surprise they found them sitting on the couch cuddled up together talking. "Hey guys have a nice nap?" questioned Justin. "Um yeah, very nice," Jennifer responded. Lance had an embarrassed look on his face. "So Jennifer, Lance, when did you two think that you were gonna tell Justin and I about this," asked Kristin. "Let’s just say that Jennifer didn’t know what she wanted until I convinced her," replied Lance coyly. "Oh and what is it that I wanted Lance?" said Jennifer. "Now don’t tell me that we are gonna go into that again," Lance replied. "Don’t worry sweetie, I heard you loud and clear," Jennifer said playfully. "I am beginning to not want to know," Justin said sarcastically. That made them all laugh.

It was about 5:00 in the evening when they finally reached their destination of Denver Colorado. While on the bus Lance, Justin, Kristin, and Jennifer had decided that since they had the evening free that after they were settled in their rooms that they were going to go shopping. Kristin had been informed that she and Jennifer would need a formal dress for an upcoming promotional event, and that could mean only one thing. It was time to go shopping. What Jennifer and Kristin didn’t realize was that Lance and Justin liked to shop just as much as they did.

As Justin and Lance were settling into their room, Justin decided that now was the time to ask about Jennifer. "Hey Lance, I wanted to talk to you about Jennifer," said Justin hesitantly. "Before you say anymore Justin, I have already had this talk with JC, Chris, and Joey and I know what I’m doing, I will fix everything tomorrow," replied Lance. "Oh and how are you gonna work out having two girlfriends?, because you do realize that is what Jennifer is now," stated Justin. "Tomorrow I am breaking up with Danielle," Lance said. "You’ve really got it bad for Jennifer don’t you," questioned Justin. "Man, I’m crazy about her, I don’t know what I would do without her, and all Danielle and I do anymore is fight, were not meant to be," said Lance. "Well I hope that everything works out man, now let’s hurry up we don’t want to keep our ladies waiting," said Justin. When they got to the lobby they found Kristin, Jennifer and three bodyguards waiting for them.

The girls felt kinda silly walking around the mall with Justin and Lance who were both wearing hats and sunglasses as a disguise as if the bodyguards didn’t give them away. They went to all the designer dress shops where the girls tried on dresses and modeled them for the guys. Jennifer eventually decided on a forest green, velvet, strapless, and form fitting dress with a slit up the side. The dress looked stunning on her and it brought out her emerald green eyes. Kristin decided on a baby blue, speggetti strap, beaded, and form fitting dress with a slit up the back. While the girls were purchasing their dresses, the guys were browsing over at the jewelry store. Before they were able to leave the mall Justin wanted to stop in to a sports wear store and Lance wanted to stop into Abercrombie & Fitch. Jennifer was also happy to go into A&F because it was her favorite store. When she started looking through the racks of clothing a voice started singing behind her.

I like girls who wear Abercrombie & Fitch/ I’d take her if I had one inch/ but she’s been gone since last summer/ since last summer. Jennifer turned around to find that Lance was the one singing. "Well I like guys who wear A&F," said Jennifer. "Well you have found the right guy," said Lance. A couple bags of cloths later, they decided to head back to the hotel. Justin and Kristin wanted to play some basketball and Jennifer and Lance felt like cuddling up and watching a movie.

Chapter 6


When Lance, Justin, Jennifer, and Kristin got back to the hotel it was already 9:00pm. Justin and Kristin quickly headed up to their rooms to change their cloths and then headed to the basketball court. Lance and Jennifer headed up to her room to watch a movie.

When Lance and Jennifer got to her room, they quickly turned on the TV and searched the paperview channels for something to watch. Jennifer stopped flipping the channels when she came across the movie Notting Hill. "Oh I love this movie so much," exclaimed Jennifer. "Yeah it is a great movie, let’s watch this one," replied Lance. "Sounds good," said Jennifer. Lance and Jennifer cuddled up together on the bed and started to watch the movie.

At the basketball court Justin madly dribbled the ball around the court and then slam-dunked the ball in the net. "Oh yeah, all net baby," smirked Justin, "so come on try to get the ball from me." "Justin just because I like basketball doesn’t mean that I am good at it," Kristin replied. "Oh you can’t be that bad, you start," said Justin as he threw her the ball. Kristin started to dribble over the court and Justin tried to block her, just when he wasn’t looking she ducked under him and shot the basketball into the hoop getting a two pointer. "What was that," asked Justin, "I thought you said you weren’t good." "I’m not, I just have luck and well you don’t," replied Kristin. "Well let’s see if your luck will let you do that again," said Justin as he threw her the ball. "Ok your on," replied Kristin. Kristin dribbled the ball around, but Justin was all over her, she had no where to go. Just as Justin was about to grab the ball Kristin tucked the ball under her shirt. In stead of grabbing the ball Justin picked Kristin up and swung her around in circles. "You stinker, I think your luck ran out," said Justin. They were both laughing hysterically when Justin finally put Kristin down, still holding her in his arms. Then he leaned down and began passionately kissing her. Sparks and chills were running all over her body. Justin knew that he wanted to take things slow with her, but he wanted her so much and just couldn’t stand it any more. Kristin kissed him harder, not wanting him to stop. Justin finally pulled away to catch his breath. "Wow," is all Kristin could say.

"Oh this makes me so mad!" exclaimed Jennifer, "You would think that if Julia Roberts had a boyfriend, that she wouldn’t have started anything with Hugh Grant." "Maybe she just falls head over heals and can’t think straight and doesn’t want to lose him, so doesn’t tell him," Lance defended. "You can just tell how hurt he is, I know that if I was him I’m not sure if I would give her a second chance," replied Jennifer. At hearing that Lance’s gut dropped out of him. This movie resembled his life so much, and he knew that he couldn’t bare to loose Jennifer if she found out. "Jennifer I was wondering," stammered Lance, "If you would be my date for the promotional party?" "Really you want me to be your date?" questioned Jennifer. "More than anything," replied Lance. "Of course I will," answered Jennifer, "I wouldn’t want to go with anyone else." Then Lance kissed her tenderly as she cuddled closer to him. Laying in each other’s arms they fell asleep.

"It’s getting really late, I think that we should head back up stairs and go to bed," suggested Justin. "Yeah I agree I am really tired and we have that day concert and then the flight to New York for that promotional party," agreed Kristin. "Speaking of the promotional party," said Justin, "I was wondering if you would be my date?" "I would love to," responded Kristin, "but can I, I mean what would people say If I came with you?" "I don’t care what people say," Justin replied, "besides just look at Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, they are going out and go everywhere together, and people talk about it but not much and nothing bad." "Ok, then you have got yourself a date," replied Kristin as they headed upstairs. Justin walked Kristin down to her room. She opened the door and was surprised to see Jennifer and Lance fast asleep. Kristin went and turned off the TV. "Now what am I gonna do," asked Kristin, "I don’t want to wake them up." "Then don’t and come stay with me," replied Justin. "Are you sure," asked Kristin. "Well if you don’t want to," said Justin. "No, I want to, just let me grab my pajamas," replied Kristin. Kristin grabbed a few things and then her and Justin headed to his room. She went into the bathroom to change, while Justin changed into a pair of boxers and a wife beater. Kristin came out wearing a two piece, shirt and drawstring pants, that had big red lips and the words kiss me written all over it. Justin saw what she was wearing and said, "I think I can take a hint." Justin walked up to Kristin who had been starring at him and the lack of clothing he had on, admiring his body. Justin took her in his arms, held her tight, and kissed her. He then picked her up and laid her down on the bed, continuing the passionate kiss. Justin laid down next to her, Kristin pulled him in closer. They kissed some more before finally cuddling up and falling asleep.

The next morning JC woke up early and decided that it was time for the rest of the guys to also get up because they had an early concert. He went and opened the door that connected his room with Justin and Lance. The first thing he noticed was that Lance wasn’t in his bed and that it was neatly made. The second thing he noticed was two lumps under the covers of Justin’s bed. Oh isn’t that cute they decided to sleep together JC thought to himself. He walked over to the bed and yanked off the covers to reveal Justin and Kristin asleep in each other’s arms. Justin and Kristin woke to a startled JC. "What are you doing here," JC asked Kristin. "Sleeping what does it look like," chided Kristin. "Get off her back man, last night we found Jennifer and Lance asleep in her room, so I told her she could sleep in here," said Justin. "Well anyway, you two need to get up and get ready because we have an early concert," responded JC, "I will go and wake up Lance." JC left the room and headed down the hall to Jennifer’s room.

JC loudly knocked on the door. The door opened to a very sleepy looking Jennifer. "Hi JC, what do ya want?" questioned Jennifer. "Is Lance awake?" asked JC. "Yeah he is awake, but he is in the shower," said Jennifer. "Why is he taking a shower in here," questioned JC. "Well we figured that Kristin slept in his and Justin’s room so he didn’t want to disturb them," replied Jennifer. "Oh ok, well just tell him that he needs to get ready to go to the concert," said JC, "Are you going to watch today?" "No, I’m gonna stay here and pack mine and Kristin’s things for the trip to New York," replied Jennifer. "Ok, well I guess I’ll see you at the airport then," said JC as he left the room. Just then Lance came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, while dripping wet. Jennifer’s mouth dropped open at the sight of his sexy muscular body. "Careful you can catch flies that way," said Lance noticing her expression after seeing him. "I um… um," said Jennifer speechless. Lance walked over to her and placed a finger on her mouth. "It’s ok, just kiss me," replied Lance. Jennifer smiled and wrapped her arms around his wet body and kissed him tenderly. Lance loved how well she fit in his arms, but ended the kiss because he needed to get ready to go to the concert. He quickly got his cloths and went into the bathroom to change, when he came out he said good bye to Jennifer and that he would see her in a few hours.

As Lance got to his room Kristin was just leaving. When he went into his room Justin was in the shower, so he decided that it was a good time to call Danielle.

"Hi Danielle, we need to talk," said Lance. "Hi hon, I’m so glad to hear from you," replied Danielle. "Danielle I’m not happy, with you, with us, I want to end it." "What are you talking about Lance, everything is fine between us." "No its not, your not the right person for me and I’m not the right person for you, in the end there is only gonna be misery," replied Lance, "I don’t want to continue this relationship." "Where did all this come from Lance, I don’t understand why you are doing this." "It has been building up for a long time and I just recently realized that you and I aren’t made for each other." "I can’t believe you are doing this, but if it’s what you really want then I guess there’s not much that I can do," replied a crying Danielle. "I’m sorry Danielle, it was fun, and I’m sure you’ll find someone who is just right for you," said Lance, "well I have to go, we have a day concert today." "Good bye Lance." "Good bye Danielle, and good luck." Just as Lance was hanging up the phone Justin came out of the bathroom. "Who was that man," asked Justin. "Danielle, I just broke up with her," replied Lance. "Oh sorry man, but it was the right thing to do," said Justin.

Kristin and the guys headed over to the venue for their concert while Jennifer stayed at the hotel and packed. A few hours later Jennifer and N’syncs staff and all the luggage headed to the airport. Jennifer waited patiently at the terminal for Kristin and the guys to arrive. When they arrived Jennifer found out that the concert had gone well, and they all boarded the plane and found their first class seats. Justin was sitting with Kristin, Lance was sitting with Jennifer, JC was sitting with Chris, and Joey was sitting with some girl whom he had met before boarding the plane. The flight went smoothly and Jennifer slept the entire way cuddled up with Lance who was also sleeping. When they got to New York the guys had to head straight to an autograph signing and hours later when they were done with that they headed back to their hotel and went straight to bed. The girls also went to bed early because they were very tired from traveling.

The next day when the girls got up they quickly got ready and headed to the mall. They wanted to buy some new make-up for the party that night. By the time they got back from the mall it was already early evening so they had to quickly shower before Leslie came. Leslie had offered to do Jennifer and Kristin’s hair and make-up for the party and the girls graciously accepted. "You two look great, now hurry up and get dressed you don’t have much time," stated Leslie before she left the room. Jennifer and Kristin had just finished changing when there was a knock on the door. Kristin opened the door to find Justin and Lance handsomely dressed in their tuxes waiting out side. "Please come in gentlemen," said Kristin grandly. "Damn you look good girl, and your wearing my color," stated Justin. "Why thank you, and why do you think I picked this dress," replied Kristin. Lance walked in the room and began circling Jennifer not saying a word. "Hmm something is missing," stated Lance. "Well I don’t think that anything else is gonna fit in this dress," replied Jennifer a little hurt by what he said. "I know what it is," said Lance as he pulled a small box out of his pocket and handed it to Jennifer. "What is this?" asked Jennifer. "Don’t ask so many questions and just open it," said Lance. Jennifer opened the box to find a tear shaped diamond necklace. "Oh Lance you shouldn’t have," said Jennifer, "It’s beautiful." "A beautiful necklace for a beautiful woman, now the outfit is complete," said Lance as he took the necklace out of the box and put it on Jennifer. Justin and Kristin stood off to the side and were just gawking at what they were seeing. "Our Limo awaits," said Justin. "Shall we go," said Lance holding out his arm to Jennifer. Jennifer took his arm and they walked out the door with Kristin and Justin following.

Chapter 7


The Limousine chauffeur opened the door for Jennifer, Kristin, Lance, and Justin to get in. In the car JC, Chris, and Joey were waiting. "Wow, you two look hot," commented Joey. "Yeah, you both look really beautiful," said JC giving Joey a stern look to behave. "That is a gorgeous necklace Jennifer," said Chris, "Is it a family heirloom?" "Um no, Lance just gave it to me tonight," responded Jennifer. Everyone in the car stared at Lance except Kristin and Justin. "I just thought she needed something to compliment her beauty," said Lance. Jennifer was blushing.

A few minutes later they arrived at the Ritz hotel in front of a big red carpet. Outside the Limo and on either side of the carpet were reporters and photographers. The chauffeur opened the door and JC, Chris and Joey got out. Lance then got out and helped Jennifer out of the car. By this time the reporters were screaming the guys’ names and yelling out questions. Then Justin got out of the car and helped Kristin out of the car. As soon as Kristin got out of the car she also began to hear people yelling her name. She was surprised at how many more people new who she was every day. The guys started to walk down the carpet stopping and answering questions from reputable reporters. Lance and Jennifer were pulled aside by entertainment tonight. "Lance who is this lovely lady with you?" asked the reporter. "This is Miss Jennifer Butler," replied Lance. "Jennifer how does it feel to be on the arm of one of the hottest stars today?" questioned the reporter. "It’s amazing, he’s a great guy," responded Jennifer. "So I guess the question I’m getting at here is, are you two an item?" asked the reporter. "At this time I am not disclosing that answer," replied Lance. Justin and Kristin meanwhile had been pulled over by the reporter from Teen People. "Kristin, Justin it is great to see you both here tonight," stated the reporter, "Are you excited about tonight Kristin since this is obviously your first promotional party to go to?" "Yeah, I am estactic, and I haven’t even gotten to the party yet," replied Kristin. "Ok Justin every teenage girl in the world right now wants to know one thing here, Is the teen heartthrob Justin Timberlake off the market?" asked the reporter. "Justin took one look at Kristin and replied, "I certainly hope so." Kristin was about to crumble, she could barely believe her ears. Out in public Justin had just declared to the world that he wanted her to be his exclusively. "Many a heart are breaking tonight," replied the reporter. After answering a few more questions they all headed inside and found the table that had their names on it and sat down.

"You guys never told me that Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and 98 degrees were gonna be here," said Kristin. "You never asked," replied Justin, "Oh and the Backstreet boys and Christina Aguilera are also gonna be here." "Yeah this particular promotional party is for pop music," added Lance. "What about Mandy Moore?" questioned Kristin. "Well lets just say that she has been out for about 3 months and you who have only been out for two weeks already have ten times as many fans as her," replied Chris. "I guess I should feel lucky then," responded Kristin. "It has nothing to do with luck, just talent," said Justin. Every one decided to get up and socialize with people at the party. Kristin was socializing with some girls that were fans of her when the girls said oh my god. Kristin turned around to find Nick Carter of the Backstreet boys standing behind her. "Hi I’m Nick Carter, and you must be Kristin Kercher, said Nick. "Yes I am," replied Kristin, "Nice to meet you." "The pleasure is all mine, I love your single," replied Nick. "Thanks," said Kristin. "You know you are a very beautiful women Kristin, you are going to go far in this business," flirted Nick. Justin searched the crowd for Kristin, when he found her he didn’t like what he saw and headed towards her. "Um excuse me Nick, I’d like to dance with my date if you don’t mind," said Justin as he grabbed Kristin’s hand and whisked her out onto the dance floor. Nick walked over to the rest of his group and said, "Why does he get all the chicks?" The guys just laughed at him.

Justin and Kristin were having a great time dancing, after a couple fast songs a slow song came on. Justin and Kristin gracefully swayed to the music. Justin leaned down to whisper into her ear. "I meant what I said earlier to the reporter," said Justin. "What was that?" asked Kristin knowing perfectly well what he was talking about. "That I hope I am off the market," answered Justin. "Oh that," said Kristin shyly. "Will you be my girlfriend?" asked Justin. Kristin’s heart skipped a beat. She looked into his eyes and said just a simple "Yes." A smile came to Justin’s face as he held her closer to him.

Meanwhile Jennifer was talking to Jessica Simpson. "So how do you and Nick make things work?" asked Jennifer. "Well I think the most important thing in our relationship is trust," replied Jessica, "If we didn’t trust each other completely then our relationship wouldn’t work." "Are you worried about a relationship with Lance?" asked Jessica. "No I’m not worried, I just wanted to know if it is possible to date a celebrity," replied Jennifer. "Yes it is if you both stay grounded and always remember what is important in life," said Jessica. Just then Lance and Nick Lachey who had also been talking walked over to the girls. "We were just talking about you two," Jessica stated. "Oh really, everything good I hope," replied Lance. Jennifer was blushing and Nick noticed. "Well if it makes you feel any better we were talking about you two also," said Nick, "And believe me it was all good." Now Lance was blushing. "Honey, why don’t we go and get a drink," Nick said to Jessica giving her a slight wink. "Um ok yeah that’s a good idea," said Jessica getting the hint. When Jessica and Nick had left Lance grabbed Jennifer’s hand and said, "Let’s go somewhere private and talk." They walked out of the main ballroom and into a side room that was filled with plants and flowers and had a domed glass roof. "Dance with me," said Lance. He held her in his arms and she rested her head on his shoulder. They slow danced for a few minutes both with their eyes closed. Lance looked down at her so peaceful in his arms. He stopped dancing and she opened her eyes. Lance led her to a cement bench that was on one side of the room and they sat down. "Jennifer I wanted to tell you something," said Lance, "I think I’m falling in love with you." Jennifer was completely shocked and at a loss for words. "Ever since I met you, you have been the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing at night," said Lance, "And I would be the happiest man on earth if you would be my girlfriend." Jennifer stared into his intense green eyes and said, "Lance I love you too, and I would love to be your girlfriend." Lance was taken aback by her words, he had hoped that she felt the same way about him and now he new she did and was overjoyed. Then Lance leaned forward and kissed her softly. She pulled him closer and kissed him harder. The kiss wasn’t very long, but it was the most magical of all their kisses, for it was the moment they knew that they were in love.

After that Jennifer and Lance decided to rejoin the party and headed back into the main ballroom. Kristin and the rest of the guys were sitting at the table when Lance and Jennifer returned. "I’m gonna go to the bathroom," said Jennifer. "I’ll join you," said Kristin. "I never will get that, women going to the bathroom in groups," said Justin. "It is just so that they can have girl talk," responded Lance.

When Jennifer and Kristin reached the bathroom and checked every stall to make sure that no one was there they started talking. "Oh Kristin, I am so happy Lance loves me and we are going out," Jennifer said excitedly. "Really, that is so cool, Justin and I are going out too," replied Kristin. "I want to thank you so much, because if it hadn’t been for you I never would have met Lance," said Jennifer.

Back at the table. "So Lance where were you and Jennifer for so long," questioned Chris. "We stepped out of the room for a minute, I asked her to be my girlfriend," replied Lance. "You did what, are you crazy," said an angry JC, "I’m sorry Lance but this is going to far, having two girlfriends." "I don’t have two girlfriends," Lance reassured, "I broke up with Danielle this morning." "How come you didn’t tell us man," asked Joey. "I just figured it wasn’t important, Justin knew because he came in the room right after I got off the phone with her," said Lance. Just then the girls were back at the table. "I missed you honey," Justin said to Kristin. "Honey?" questioned Chris. "Oh I guess I forgot to mention that Kristin and I are together too," Justin said coyly. "My goodness you two have just been busy," JC said to Justin and Lance. Everyone laughed at that.

A couple hours later everyone was tired and decided to head back to the hotel. They had an early flight the next morning to San Francisco so everyone wanted as much sleep as possible.

Chapter 8


The next morning on the plane to San Francisco Lance was fast asleep resting his head on Jennifer’s shoulder while Jennifer was writing in her journal. Jennifer wrote:

Dear Diary

I have not written in you for a long time, but after the recent events of my life I feel obligated. I am in love, my heart has been stolen by James Lance Bass. In the few weeks that I have known him he has completely turned my world upside down. I think that I must be the happiest woman on earth to have such a great guy in my life. It has been a long time since I have been able to love again, especially after Bryan hurt me with his lies. Now I know that I have found the one and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

Yours Truly


After Jennifer finished writing in her journal she decided to call Marie to tell her when their flight would be in. "Hello," answered a familiar voice. "Hey sweetie, what’s up?," asked Jennifer. "Jennifer is that you, where are you?" questioned Marie. "I’m 30,000 feet in the air," replied Jennifer. "Really, oh I can’t wait until you get here," responded Marie. "Yeah me too, I’d love it if you met us at the airport," said Jennifer. "Oh you know I will," replied Marie, "What time and what gate?" "We land at 12 noon your time, gate 3A," said Jennifer. "That’s only an hour from now, I better get going," responded Marie. "Ok see ya there chica," replied Jennifer. "Bye Jennifer," said Marie as she hung up the phone. The plane landed right on time and Marie was there waiting. She noticed that all the normal passengers got off the plane first, probably for security reasons. Jennifer rounded the bend of the terminal and saw Marie waiting. She let go of Lance’s hand and ran to her friend and embraced her in a big bear hug. "Oh I have missed you so much," said Jennifer. "Me too, I’m so glad that you are here," replied Marie. Now Lance, Kristin and the rest of the guys were standing next to Jennifer. "Are you going to introduce us to your lovely friend here," asked JC. "Yeah guys this is my oldest friend Marie, Marie this is Joey, Chris, JC, Justin, and my Lance," replied Jennifer, "You already know Kristin." "Hey, Hon, I’m so proud of you," Marie said to Kristin. "Thanks, it’s great to see a familiar face," responded Kristin. "Well enough of this airport chat we need to get to the hotel," said JC. "We have to take the bus, but if you follow us Marie you can come and join us for lunch at the hotel," added Jennifer. "Ok, I’ll see ya in a few," said Marie.

They arrived at the hotel they were gonna be staying at an hour later. They all brought their things to their room and were gonna meet downstairs in hour. Marie hadn’t arrived yet, but she wasn’t worried because she knew which hotel they were staying at. Jennifer went into the private dinning room and found JC playing the grand piano that was in the room. "That’s beautiful," Jennifer commented. "Why thank you," said JC motioning for her to sit down next to him on the bench. "Do you play," asked JC. "I took lessons a long time ago, with no luck, I have always been more inclined to singing," replied Jennifer. "You sing?" asked a startled JC. "Well I haven’t told Lance this but in high school I was in two choirs a formal one that sings really tough music, and I was also in a show choir that toured parts of the country," replied Jennifer. "Your kidding me, that’s awesome you should tell Lance," said JC. "Yeah it was the best time of my life. Marie was in both groups as well," responded Jennifer. "Will you sing something if I play," asked JC. "Oh I don’t know I haven’t done that in a long time," replied Jennifer. "Please," coaxed JC, "Pick a song." "Oh ok, you win," replied Jennifer, "How about The first time I ever saw your face." "Ok I know the accompaniment for that one," said JC. He began to play. The words just flowed out of Jennifer and it was beautiful.

The first time I saw your face

I thought the sun rose in your eyes

And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave

To the night and the empty skies my love

To the night and the empty skies

The first time ever I kissed your mouth

I felt the earth turn in my hand

Like the trembling heart of a captive bird

That was there at my command my love

That was there at my command

I the first time ever I lay with you

And felt your heart beat close to mine

I thought our joy would fill the earth

And would last ‘till the end of time my love

And would last ‘till the end of time

The first time ever I saw your face

I thought the sun rose in your in eyes

And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave

To the night and the empty skies my love

To the night and the empty skies

At the last beat of the piano came an uproar of clapping. Jennifer and JC turned to find Kristin, Marie and the rest of the guys standing by the door applauding. Jennifer began to blush. "How come you never told me you could sing like that," asked Lance. "I knew," replied Marie, "That is one of our old songs from the Ambassadors." "What’s the Ambassadors?" asked Lance. "It was a show choir that we were in, in high school," answered Jennifer. "No way," replied Lance, "That is so cool, I loved it when I was in a show choir." "How come you never tried to sing professionally?" Chris questioned. "Well if I had known that you guys were standing there I wouldn’t have sounded that good," replied Jennifer. Lance walked over to Jennifer and kissed her and said, "Well that was beautiful honey." Jennifer whispered into his ear, "I imagined I was singing to you." Lance smiled and kissed her again. "Ok, enough of this mushy stuff can we eat, I’m famished," stated Joey. "No ones stopping you Joey go and eat," replied Justin. They all got their food and had a great lunch. JC seemed to be very interested in Marie and likewise with her of him. After lunch they all had to head to the venue to prepare for the show that night. Marie was invited to tag along and get a backstage view of things, which she graciously accepted.

After their the guys’ sound check Lance was sitting by himself in their dressing room when he heard a soft knock on the door. "Come in," responded Lance. A look of shock and disbelief came across Lance’s face when he looked up to find Danielle at the door. "What are you doing here Danielle?" Questioned an angry Lance. "I needed to see you, to make sure everything you said was real," answered Danielle shyly. "Danielle I don’t love you," said Lance. "Well I love you, and don’t believe any of this," replied Danielle. "Danielle yesterday I broke up with you, what part of we are through don’t you understand," yelled Lance. Just as Lance had said that last sentence Jennifer, Kristin and Marie had just arrived at N’syncs dressing room and were standing at the door. Lance looked over at the door to see the shocked, hurt, and pain in Jennifer’s expression. "Oh Jennifer, wait let me explain," said Lance as he was getting up to go over to her. Jennifer was shaking her head and began crying as Lance was getting up Jennifer started running down the hall. In the midst of her running she stumbled and bumped into JC, Chris, Joey, and Justin, but she kept on running until she reached Kristin’s tour bus and locked herself inside. Jennifer ran to the back of the bus laid down on the couch and began sobbing uncontrollably.

After Jennifer had run into the guys they looked down the hall to see an angry Kristin, Marie and there next to them Danielle. They knew what had just happened and were not happy about it.

Chapter 9


"What have I done, I’ve screwed everything up," said Lance, "Now she probably hates me, I’m such an idiot I should have told her." "Serves you right man," said JC. "We told you this was gonna happen," replied Justin. "Now we are on her side," added Chris. "Now wait a minute, you guys knew about this and didn’t tell Jennifer?" questioned Kristin. "Kristin we thought Lance could handle this himself, and since he really didn’t care for Danielle anymore we thought he would do the right thing," responded JC. Just then Danielle who had been watching this whole thing spoke up. "Now let me get this straight, you were cheating on me," stated Danielle. "Yes," replied Lance. "You fucking bastard," yelled Danielle. "Danielle will you just shut up and leave, I don’t need this right now," shouted Lance, "All I need to do right now is get the woman I am in love with back." Everyone was silent, they didn’t know the extent of Lance’s feelings for Jennifer and it shocked them, especially Danielle.

Kristin figuring Jennifer would lock the door got the bus key from the bus driver and went inside the bus. She could hear faint sobbing coming from the back of the bus. Kristin peered in the back room. "Jennifer sweetie are you ok?" asked Kristin. "Leave me alone Kristin," responded Jennifer. "No I am not going to leave you alone because you are not ok," replied Kristin as she sat down next to Jennifer. Jennifer looked at her with tear stained swollen eyes. "How could he…" Jennifer started to say when she broke down again and cried uncontrollably. Kristin embraced her friend and just held her there letting her cry it out.

Since the door was surprisingly unlocked Lance entered Jennifer’s bus in hopes of finding her. Lance slowly walked to the back room. He found Kristin gently rocking Jennifer back and forth in her arms, trying to calm her. Lance couldn’t stand seeing the pain that he had caused.

Jennifer looked up when she heard footsteps and saw Lance standing in the doorway. "Jennifer we need to talk," said Lance. "No get out, I don’t want to talk to you," replied Jennifer with an angry, but hurt look on her face. "Maybe you two should talk," said Kristin. She got up and gave Jennifer a reassuring look as she left the room. "Please let me explain honey, I can’t bare to loose you," said Lance. "Well maybe you should have thought of that before, and don’t call me honey," said Jennifer coldly. "That’s the thing, I didn’t think of that before I was only thinking about how amazing you were," replied Lance. Lance put his hands on her arms and turned her around because she had her back to him. "Jennifer I love you, and would never want to hurt you," said Lance. Jennifer looked up into his deep green eyes, which she had been avoiding. The minute their eyes met Jennifer exploded into tears and pushed past him and ran off the bus. She ran outside the arena’s gate and hailed a cab and told it to go to the hotel they were staying at.

"Jennifer are you ok, Lance told me he saw you get in the cab," replied Kristin. "I’m fine, but I need to tell you that I am leaving," said Jennifer, "I will wait until you get back from the concert, but then I am catching a 9:00 flight home." "You can’t leave you are my chaperone, besides what will I do without you," responded Kristin. "You are going to be 18 soon and don’t need a chaperone anymore, besides I can’t stay there, not with him there, it hurts too much to look at him," stated Jennifer. "I know you are in love with him," said Kristin. "I don’t know anymore, what is love without trust, and how am I to know that he isn’t lying to me when he says he loves me," replied Jennifer. "Jennifer will you just promise me one thing?" asked Kristin. "What," replied Jennifer. "That you will listen to your heart no matter what," responded Kristin. "I’ll try," is all Jennifer could say. "I’ve got to go, but don’t leave before I get there," said Kristin. "Ok I won’t, have a great show," replied Jennifer as she hung up the phone.

"I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I overheard your last sentence," said Lance, "she is leaving?" "Yes she is, you hurt her more than you will ever know," replied Kristin, "It took her a long time to love again." "What do you mean?" asked Lance. "Well I don’t know if I should be telling you this, but I will," said Kristin, "Jennifer has only been in love once before, her and Bryan were practically engaged when she found out that the entire time they had been together that he had been cheating on her with another woman." "Oh my god," replied Lance, "I didn’t know." "Well, it took a lot for her to let you into her heart, I think that she just needs space and time now," replied Kristin, "She is still in love with you, whether she will admit it or not, this I know." "You better get going, it is time for you to go on stage," Lance reminded.

As soon as Kristin was done performing she hurried off to the hotel with Marie. When they got to the girls’ room they found Jennifer all packed and ready to go. "I am going to miss you so much," said Kristin. "I am gonna miss you too, I wish it didn’t have to be like this," replied Jennifer. "I invited Marie to join the tour for a month while she is on winter vacation and JC seconded the motion," said Kristin. "I am so happy that you have Justin and that you soon will have JC to care for you guys," replied Jennifer to Kristin and Marie. "Promise me that you will call everyday," demanded Kristin. "I will, don’t worry but I really have to go, I don’t want to miss my flight," responded Jennifer. "Ok Hun, Group hug," yelled Kristin. Jennifer got in a cab and as she drove away some soft tears flowed from her eyes.

Lance had an awful show. All his dance moves were off, he didn’t smile, and all he could do the entire time was think about Jennifer. Every love song, even some of the non-love songs she was there in some way. When they came off the stage after singing God Must of Spent A Little More Time On You, Lance broke down and started crying. "Come on man, you have to pull yourself together," said JC. "You have thousands of fans out there that came to see a good show, now give them a good show," added Justin. "I don’t care about thousands of fans only one, and she doesn’t care about me," sobbed Lance. "Maybe he shouldn’t go back on," said Chris. "No I need to go back on, I don’t want this getting out to the press," responded Lance. They finished the show and then Lance gloomily headed back to the hotel.

Jennifer entered her dark cold apartment and turned on the lights. It felt so barren and lonely, she was used to having lots of people around when she was on the tour. Jennifer quickly realized that she needed to get away from all memories of her old life and be somewhere new for a bit. "I think that maybe I will go to New York for awhile," Jennifer thought to herself aloud. Jennifer sat down on her couch and opened her journal to write in, when she read her last entry, the one she had written yesterday on the plane.

I am in love my heart has been stolen by James Lance Bass. In the few weeks that I have known him he has completely turned my world upside down…….. Now I know that I have found the one.

Tears streamed out of her eyes and she broke down crying after reading it. She closed her journal and cried herself to sleep.


Chapter 10


(Two Weeks later)

"I can’t believe that I am really here," said Jennifer to Carson Daly. "Well I just knew that when I saw you sing at that night club a couple weeks ago that you would be an awesome co-host," replied Carson, "And since MTV thought that we needed a co-host for the new season of TRL I thought why not you." "Well I am really happy that you did," responded Jennifer. "Are you nervous?" asked Carson. "Well yes and no, I have done stage work before but I have never been on television," replied Jennifer. "Well there’s nothing to it, you just smile and read the words off of the teleprompter and then add in your own personality to the mix," said Carson.

Lance hung up the phone. He had received the answering machine once again. "Kristin I just don’t understand, she is never home, I always get her machine and she never returns my calls," said Lance. "I don’t know what to tell you Lance, give her time," replied Kristin. "Kristin I’m miserable, I can’t live without her," stated Lance, "You talk to her everyday, can you please tell me what is going on?" "Lance I can’t be a middle person between you two," replied Kristin. "I know, I am just so worried about her," responded Lance.

"Hi this is Carson Daly and this is TRL, the show where you vote on the hottest videos around," said Carson, "Here with me today is my new co-host Jennifer Butler." "Hey Carson, what’s happening today," said Jennifer. "Well we are gonna see if N’sync can hold there place of #1 for their newest video Bye Bye Bye," replied Carson. "Now we have our number 10 video which is Jessica Simpson’s latest," said Jennifer. "You did great," said Carson, "And just watch before you know it we will be at the #2 and then #1 video and it is over." Sure enough Carson was right and it was time to announce the #2 video. "Today’s #2 video falling back into the runner up spot is N’sync with Bye Bye Bye," said Jennifer. As Jennifer watched the video Carson could see a lot of pain and anger in Jennifer’s eyes. He didn’t know anything about her past, but could tell that the video brought up bad memories. "Are you ok Jennifer," asked Carson. "Yeah I’m fine," replied Jennifer, "Do you know who wrote this song?" "Um I’m not sure, but I think Max Martin did," responded Carson. "Oh," is all Jennifer said glad that none of the guys had written the song. "Although I heard that Max heard that Lance had broken up with Danielle Fishell and thought the song would fit the guys perfectly," added Carson. The video ended. "Now we have the #1 most requested video in the country, here is the Backstreet Boys with Show me the meaning of being lonely," said Carson. Now Jennifer’s eyes filled with tears. She struggled to hold them back and Carson noticed. "Jennifer do you want to talk about it," asked a concerned Carson. "No, not really, I need to get home," replied Jennifer. "Ok, well if you need someone to talk to I’m here ok," said Carson. "Thanks Carson I appreciate that," responded Jennifer.

When Jennifer got home she immediately burst into tears. Why did I have to let Lance into my heart so deep. It is almost Christmas and I miss him so much, but he hurt me so bad, Jennifer thought to herself.

"I can’t wait until we are in New York," said Kristin, "The city is so beautiful this time of year and I am excited to sing Christmas music." "Me too babe," said Justin, "And it is my first Christmas with you." "And mine with you," said JC to Marie. JC and Marie had been quick to get together and were turning out to be just the cutest couple. Marie had never been happier in her life than when she was with JC. "I just love Christmas, it is the best time of year," said JC. "I used to, but it is just not the same if you can’t be with the one you love," said Lance. Everyone began to feel bad because they had unintentionally been flaunting their happiness around Lance. Lance got up and headed to the back of the bus. "Guys we need to do something for him," said JC, "We have to figure out someway to get him together with Jennifer." "Well I know how to do that one," said Kristin. "How?" questioned Justin. "Jennifer is the new co-host for TRL, she has been in New York since she left and got a job at MTV," replied Kristin, "You guys could call up Carson and say that you want to be on the show and like sing one of your Christmas songs." "You are a genius baby," responded Justin. "I know," said Kristin. "That is a great idea, and we will make sure that Jennifer doesn’t know we are coming," added JC.

(Two Days Later)

"Come on guys we are gonna be late for TRL," said JC. "Just a second, Lance let me fix your hair," said Kristin. "Why, my hair is fine," replied Lance. "It will only take a second, besides TRL is a big thing in your guys’ career," responded Kristin. "Then how come you aren’t doing this to the other guys," asked Lance. "Well because if you haven’t noticed you haven’t exactly been taking care of yourself lately," stated Kristin. "Oh I guess your right," responded Lance, "Hey JC what song are we singing today?" "Love’s in our hearts on Christmas day," replied JC. "Do we have to, every time we sing that song it makes me think of Jennifer," said Lance. "Yes we do, now come on or we are gonna be late," responded JC.

"Today on TRL we have a surprise guest showing up in the studio," said Carson, "such a surprise that not even my co-host Jennifer knows who it is." "That’s right Carson I can’t wait to see who we have on the show today," replied Jennifer.

"We have a surprise for you Lance," said Chris. "What is it asked Lance?" "Not yet, just a few more minutes and you will know," replied Justin.

"Now it’s time to bring out our surprise guests, they are the hottest group in the country right now, let’s hear a round of applause for N’sync," announced Carson. Jennifer could barely believe what she heard. The guys came out and Lance almost stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Jennifer standing next to Carson. "Hey guys it’s great to have you on the show, have you all met my new co-host Jennifer," said Carson. "Were old friends with Jennifer," responded Justin. Jennifer and Lance were stuck in a dead trance. "Oh so you guys used to hang out," asked Carson. "Actually she was on tour with us a couple weeks back as the chaperone to our opening act," replied JC. "Wow that must have been really cool for you," said Carson to Jennifer. "Yeah it was great," Jennifer managed to say half-heartedly. "Well I hear that you guys are gonna sing for us one of your new Christmas songs," stated Carson. "We sure are," replied Chris. The guys walked over to five stools that had been set out for them in an open area.

"We would like to dedicate this song to two people whom we love dearly and are going through a hard time right now, you know who you are," said JC. Lance gave JC a look that could kill, everything made sense to him now. They began to sing Love’s in our hearts on Christmas day.

Justin I know great distance to be made

Between us

But this could be sent to hold on

It’s the happiest time of the year

Filled with laughter and good cheer

As you watch the snow

Sweet love you hear me say

You’ve got my heart on Christmas

Inside my soul

Your love will raise

Love’s in our hearts on Christmas day

Justin Mmm ooohhh

JC The days and weeks and months go by

So slowly

We are both wishing in the fly


As the night begins to fall

Twilight clouds and bedroom cheer

Such rush with Joy

All Rush with Joy

JC When love it comforts me

And I do believe

All Love’s in our hearts on Christmas

Though far apart as one we pray

Love’s in our hearts

JC On Christmas day

Justin Snowflake melts in your eye turns to a tear

JC But your cheek it stays dry

But your warm smells so near

I have no fear

Were gonna make it

All Oh oh oh

JC Oh oh oh

JC As one we pray love’s in our hearts


Justin On Christmas day


JC Love’s in our hearts on Christmas day

Justin Love is in our hearts on Christmas

On Christmas day


Lance looked at Jennifer and she burst into tears and ran out of the room. Lance wanted so badly to run after her, but he knew that if he did that the next thing he would know it would be in the press everywhere. Carson was surprised when Jennifer ran out and he saw Lance almost run after her. He now knew that the way Jennifer had been acting lately had something to do with Lance, but he didn’t know what. After the show was over Lance quickly went in search of Jennifer. He found her in her dressing room sobbing. "Jennifer please talk to me," coaxed Lance. "Go away Lance, please just go away," replied Jennifer quietly. "Jennifer look into my eyes and tell me that you don’t love me and I will go away forever," said Lance hoping to god that she wouldn’t do it. "I can’t," said Jennifer weakly as she pushed past him and ran away. Lance was relieved but also saddened. I have got to find a way to get her back, Lance thought to himself.

Chapter 11


"So what was that all about," Carson asked the guys. "To make a long story short, Lance was going out with Danielle when he met and fell in love with Jennifer, she fell in love with him too they made themselves an official couple, Lance broke up with Danielle whom he never really cared for and Jennifer found out about Danielle," said Chris in one long breath, "Now Jennifer is heartbroken, and both of them are miserable without each other." "Wow, she never told me, but I knew something was wrong," replied Carson, "Especially whenever your guys’ video played." "This whole thing today was to get them together without them knowing about it," added JC. "Well I hope it worked," replied Carson. Just then Lance came up to them. "Where’s Jennifer?" asked Justin. "Gone, she ran off, when she couldn’t say to my face that she doesn’t love me," replied Lance. "So you still have a chance?" questioned Carson. "Yeah I have a chance," agreed Lance. Just then Kristin and Marie showed up. "Kristin Kercher what are you doing here, and when are we gonna get a video from you?" asked Carson. "We came to get our men and to find out why after you guys performed Jennifer was gone," replied Kristin, "And you will get a video from me soon." "She ran off crying," responded Lance gloomily. "Oh cheer up Lance, you will get her back," responded Marie.

(Christmas Morning)

Jennifer awoke early in the morning, as she had every Christmas morning since she could remember. This Christmas just wasn’t the same though, she had never been away from her family before and as she sat on her couch with her Christmas tree aglow and the fire lit tears came to her eyes. She had never felt so alone in her life. She missed Lance so much, but still could not trust or forgive him. She was listening to N’sync’s Christmas album especially the song that they sang on TRL as her tears thickened and she fell asleep. Jennifer woke to someone knocking on her door. She looked at the clock and saw that it was 10:00. Who could be here thought Jennifer as she went to answer the door. Jennifer opened the door to find Lance standing out side. "What are you doing here?" asked Jennifer. "Well I came to wish you a merry Christmas and to give you this," replied Lance as he pulled a small box out of his pocket. Lance could tell that Jennifer had been crying and didn’t want to push his luck by trying to comfort her today. Jennifer took the box from Lance and said, "You didn’t have to Lance." "Yes I did, but I have to go I am flying home for the day and then I will be back here tomorrow," said Lance and then he walked away. Jennifer went inside and began to open the present Lance had given her. She pulled out a heart shaped gold locket that had a little keyhole in it and also an actual small key hanging from it. Jennifer put the key into the hole and opened the locket. Inside was a small picture of Lance on one side and on the other an inscription that said "You and you alone hold the key to my heart, Love Lance." Jennifer broke down in tears no one had ever given her anything like this, and even though it helped she was not completely convinced about Lance’s feelings.

When Lance got home he was happy to be with his family, but wished that he could be with Jennifer too. "Lance why are you so glum honey?" asked Lance’s mom. "I’m in love, but I screwed up and now I am trying to fix my mistakes," replied Lance. "Well maybe you should write down your thoughts," responded Lance’s mom, "I know that used to always help me." "That’s it, thanks mom you’re the best," said Lance as he kissed his mom and ran up to his room. It was perfect Lance would write a song about his feelings and then get Jennifer to hear it and dedicate it to her. The words flowed quickly and before he knew it he had a song written. Lance called the rest of the guys and told them of his plans and they all decided that they would go into the studio tomorrow and put the song together.

Back in New York, Jennifer was sitting on her couch reading a book when there was a knock at the door. Jennifer peered through the peephole and saw Kristin, Justin, Marie, JC, and Chris. The first thing Jennifer did was tuck the necklace Lance gave her under her shirt so that they wouldn’t see and then she opened the door. "Hi guys what are you doing here?" asked Jennifer. "Well we most certainly couldn’t let you spend Christmas alone now could we," replied Kristin. "I just thought that you guys would all go home to see your families like L…," said Jennifer hoping they didn’t catch the last part. "How did you know that Lance went home?" questioned JC. "Um… he stopped by before he left," replied Jennifer. "Oh really," said Justin, "Anything good happen?" "It’s really none of your business and I would like to drop this subject," said Jennifer sternly. "Well to get to the point we thought that it might be fun to go dancing," said Marie. "I don’t know," replied Jennifer. "Oh come on it will be lots of fun," responded Chris. "Well ok, just let me change real quick and we can go," replied Jennifer. Jennifer quickly changed and they were off.

When they got to the club it wasn’t too full, but it was full enough that you could still get lost in the crowd. Justin and Kristin instantly started dancing as did JC and Marie. Chris also quickly found someone to dance with and was having a great time. Jennifer sat down at a table and watched all the happy couples dancing. The last time Jennifer had been at a club was the night that she realized that she was falling for Lance Jennifer thought to herself. About five songs later Chris came over to the table and asked Jennifer to dance. They were dancing and having a great time, it took Jennifer’s mind off of Lance. Then a slow song came on and Jennifer wrapped her arms around Chris’s neck and rested her head on his shoulder. She felt very safe dancing with Chris. Then Savage Gardens song I Knew I loved you came on and Jennifer burst into tears. "What’s wrong Jennifer, please don’t cry," said Chris. "This is the first song Lance and I ever danced to," replied Jennifer between sobs. "Chris I love him so much," said Jennifer. "I know you do," replied Chris, "Let’s go sit down and talk ok." "Ok," responded Jennifer. They went sat down at the table and Chris supportingly wrapped his arms around her. "Talk to me Jennifer, tell me what you are thinking," said Chris. "Part of me wants to run into his arms and tell him how much I love him and stay there forever," Jennifer managed to say, "but the other part of me doesn’t trust him and is just so angry." "Sweetie I know you may not believe this now but you can trust Lance," replied Chris, "Just don’t shut him out, give him a chance to prove himself." "Ok Chris, if you think I should," responded Jennifer.

Just then Kristin, Justin, Marie, and JC came over to the table. "Are you ok Jennifer," asked Kristin. "Yeah I’m fine, thanks to Chris," replied Jennifer. Everyone gave a surprised look at Chris. "Hey I’m just good that’s all," boasted Chris. "You just keep telling yourself that," replied Justin. The rest of the night went well and they all had a good time including Jennifer.

Chapter 12


As soon as Lance got back to New York him and the rest of the guys met at the recording studio and started to work on his song. Lance had gone as far as to not only write the song but he also wrote the background music. Everything had to be perfect. "Man this song is awesome," said JC. "You should become miserable and love sick more often if it is gonna produce something like this." "No thank you, once is enough, but if it doesn’t work you just might get your way," replied Lance. "Yeah well anyway, I think that we should put this on our next album," added JC. Since Lance had done such a good job putting together the song and the guys were so efficient the song was finished in only half a day. "Well guys I’ve gotta run, are you sure that you guys are gonna be able to perform this song tomorrow night?" asked Lance. "You just hurry your butt up or you will be late, well have the song ready," replied Justin. "You guys are the best," Lance said as he was running out the door.

Jennifer sat on her couch reading her book, she didn’t have work today because TRL was having a guest host. The doorbell rang and Jennifer went to see who was there. Jennifer opened the door to find Kristin outside. "Hey girl what are you doing here?" asked Jennifer. "Well I just thought that since we are only gonna be in New York for a few more days that I would stop by and hang out with you for a bit," replied Kristin, "I really miss having you on tour." "I miss being on tour, I wish things could be different," responded Jennifer. "Do you want to watch some TV?" asked Kristin, "There is supposed to be a really special surprise guest on the Rosie o’donnel Show today." "Sure if you want to," replied Jennifer. Jennifer turned on the TV to the show and Rosie was doing her opening talk and joke segment.

"Now it is time to bring on my first guest, welcome my surprise guest Lance Bass from one of the hottest groups today N’sync," said Rosie. "Wanted to spend time with me huh, I should have known you were up to something," said Jennifer. "Jennifer calm down and just watch the show, and I did want to spend time with you," replied Kristin. Lance came on and gave Rosie a hug and then sat down. "Lance you are such a cutie patootie," said Rosie. Lance blushed. "So there is a special reason that you are here today, why don’t you tell us what it is," said Rosie. "Well I’m here because I made a mistake and now I want to make a proposition to someone who is very special to me," replied Lance. "Ok Lance go ahead," responded Rosie. "Jennifer if you are watching this, this message is for you, All I ask is that tomorrow night you be in the audience at the charity concert that is being held, Kristin has your ticket," said Lance, "All I ask is for you to be there and if your not then I will know there is not hope, give me a chance to prove myself." "What girl could resist that," replied Rosie, "Come on Jennifer give our Lance here a chance."

Jennifer looked over at Kristin, she could barely believe that he had just went on national television for her. "Give him a chance Jennifer, he deserves that much," said Kristin. "Will you be there?" asked Jennifer. "I will be one of the performing acts," responded Kristin, "It will be a lot of fun, there will be celebrities and stars there." "Ok, I’ll go but don’t tell Lance," replied Jennifer. "Ok I won’t, here’s your ticket," responded Kristin. "Front row seats?" questioned Jennifer. "Of coarse, only the best," replied Kristin.

(The next night)

Jennifer had been pacing around her apartment all day. She was so nervous, she had no clue what Lance was going to do therefore she didn’t know what to expect. Jennifer desperately wanted to trust Lance, she had become so miserable without him. As the time for the concert drew near Jennifer began to get ready. She checked herself out in the mirror. She was wearing a navy blue sparkly strapless formfitting dress. Her hair was pinned back but curled and she looked great. Jennifer hailed a cab and headed to the New York opera house where the concert was being held. Jennifer felt kinda silly arriving in a cab while everyone else was arriving in Limousines. She walked down the red carpet and entered the building, she quickly found her seat and waited for the concert to begin.

"Guys I am so nervous, what if she doesn’t come, or what if she comes but won’t take me back," stammered Lance. "Relax man, she will come, I know she will," stated Chris. "How do you know?" asked Lance. "Let’s just say that I told her to give you a chance to prove yourself and she said she would," replied Chris. "When was this?" questioned Lance. "When we went dancing on Christmas," responded Chris. "I didn’t know about that," replied Lance. "Well you went home to Mississippi remember," stated Chris.

The show was about to begin. One by one performers of all music types and ages took the stage. Next up was N’sync. The guys came out onto the stage and sat on five tall stools. Jennifer was watching Lance the whole time. Lance was relieved to see Jennifer sitting in her seat and didn't take his eyes off of her for a second. Then Lance began to talk. "The song that we are going to sing tonight I wrote for a very special woman, Jennifer I dedicate this song to you," said Lance.

Ohh ohhhhhhhh

When the visions around you,

Bring tears to your eyes

And all that surrounds you,

Are secrets and lies

I’ll be your strength,

I’ll give you hope,

Keeping your faith when it’s gone

The one you should call,

I’m standing here all alone…

And I will take

You in my arms

And hold you right where you belong

Till the day my life is through

This I promise you

This I promise you

I’ve loved you forever,

In lifetimes before

And I promise you never…

Will you hurt anymore

I give you my word

I give you my heart (give you my heart)

This is a battle we’ve won

And with this vow,

Forever has now begun…

Just close your eyes

Each loving day (each loving day)

I know this feeling won’t go away (no..)

Till the day my life is through

This I promise you

Ooh I promise you…

Over and over I fall (over and over I fall)

When I hear you call

Without you in my life baby

I just wouldn’t be living at all…

And I will take (I will take you in my arms)

You in my arms

And hold you right where you belong (right where you belong)

Till the day my life is through

This I promise you baby

Just close your eyes

Each loving day (each loving day)

I know this feeling won’t go away (no..)

Every word I say is true

This I promise you

And every word I say is true,

This I promise you

Ooh, I promise you…

Chapter 13


Jennifer sat in her seat with tears in her eyes. No one had ever done anything like this for her before. Lance looked like he was about to cry too as the song ended. The crowd gave them a standing ovation. The guys left the stage and then a 20-minute intermission was announced. Jennifer had to go and find Lance. She went to the backstage area and tried to get in but a bodyguard wouldn’t let her pass. "You don’t understand I have to get back here, it’s very important," said Jennifer, "It’s a matter of love, can’t you understand that." "I’m sorry miss but I am not authorized to let you back here," responded the bodyguard. Jennifer collapsed on a near by bench and began sobbing. She couldn’t help it, she couldn’t go another minute without Lance in her life.

"What’s wrong, why are you crying?, don’t cry Jennifer," came a familiar voice. Jennifer looked up to see Lance squatting down in front of her. "Oh Lance," said Jennifer as she wrapped her arms around him and clung to him for dear life. "Shh it’s ok I’m here," soothed Lance. "That man wouldn’t let me back there and I thought that you would leave and I wouldn’t get to see you," stammered Jennifer. "I wouldn’t leave without seeing you," replied Lance. "I love you Lance, I’ve been so miserable without you," said Jennifer. "You don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that," replied Lance, "I am so sorry for everything, I never ever meant to hurt you." "I know," responded Jennifer, "I know that now." "God I’ve missed holding you," said Lance as he held her even tighter. Then they looked into each other’s deep green eyes and leaned in and passionately kissed each other. Neither of them wanted to stop kissing it felt so good and right. They finally pulled apart and Lance just held her in his arms. "Jennifer will you go out with me after the concert?" asked Lance. "Of Coarse I will," replied Jennifer.

"Well finally," said a familiar voice. Jennifer and Lance looked up to find JC, Justin, Kristin, Joey, Marie, and Chris standing in front of them. The voice had obviously come from Justin. "So does this mean that now Lance will be back to normal?" asked Joey. "Yes Joey, I will be back to normal," answered Lance. "Good because I can’t take you moaping anymore," responded Joey. "Don’t you have to be getting ready backstage honey," Justin asked Kristin. "I sure do, wish me luck," replied Kristin as she quickly kissed Justin and ran backstage. "She’s so cute," said Justin after Kristin left. "Well we better get back to our seats," stated JC. "Well I guess I will see you guys after the show," replied Jennifer. "Are you kidding me, I just got you back and I am not about to let you go anytime soon," replied Lance, "You can sit in Kristin’s seat. "Ok," responded Jennifer happy that she didn’t have to keep sitting alone.

Just as they were taking their seats the house lights dimmed. The curtain opened to find Kristin’s dancers on stage in a pose. Kristin walked out on the stage and began to talk. "The song I am going sing tonight is a new song off of my first album," said Kristin, "And I would like to dedicate this song to two very special who I am glad things have worked out for, you know who you are." Kristin got into position and the opening notes began to play. It was an upbeat song and Kristin and her dancers kicked in to gear as she began to sing.

No one ever said

That love was gonna be easy

Gotta take the ups and downs the in-betweens

If you take this journey

Gotta give yourself completely

Never let nobody step on our dreams

You better stop

Listen to these words that I say

You better stop

Don’t ya throw this good thing away

Put your trust in me

And I’ll make you see

No the rain won’t last forever

Find a way to make it better

Long as we can stand together

Love will find a way

Gonna make a new tomorrow

Say goodbye to tears and sorrow

Better listen when I say

Love will find a way

Somebody tried to tell me

Love don’t last forever

Said it only happens in your wildest dreams

After all is said and done

We’re still here together

Never listened to the lies and jealousy

You better stop

Don’t you let ‘em turn you around

You better stop

Hang on to this love that we’ve found

Nothing that they say can stand in our way

I want you

I need you

You know that I believe you

We got it

You know it

So if it’s real just show it

As the song ended Lance looked over at Jennifer, Jennifer just smiled back at him. "I guess she knew this was going to happen," said Jennifer. "Yeah, you have one pretty smart friend," replied Lance. Justin had been listening to their conversation because he was curious as to what their reactions would be. "That’s my girl," said Justin. Everyone started Laughing.

When the concert ended they all went to find Kristin and then slowly get out of the building. As they headed back out the red carpet reporters started to ask Lance questions seeing him come out with a girl whom he didn’t come in with. "Lance is this the infamous Jennifer?" asked one reporter. "Yes this is Jennifer," replied Lance. "What was your going on the Rosie O’donnel show and the dedication all about?" asked another reporter. "That is between us and that is all I have to say," responded Lance as they brushed past the reporters.

"So are we gonna all go dancing?" asked JC. "Um Jennifer and I aren’t," replied Lance. "Ok well I guess we will see you guys later then," responded Chris with a wink to Lance.

"Where are we going?" asked Jennifer. "It’s a surprise," replied Lance, "You will just have to wait and see." They walked for about and hour when they came to Central Park. They walked into the now seemingly empty park. "Look the carousel is still on," said Jennifer. Lance just smiled and nodded. "Come on," he said as he pulled her onto the carousel. When they were both on the carousel began to move and play its sweet melody. "Dance with me," said Lance. Lance wrapped his arms around her body and gently swayed with her. He looked down at her with eyes filled with love. After a few minutes they sat down on one of the carousel benches as the carousel continued to move.

"Jennifer in this time that we have been apart I have had a good chance to think about things," said Lance, "One thing I realized is that I never want to be without you again, I want to wake up next to you every morning till death do us part." Lance pulled a small black box from his pocket. Jennifer’s eyes popped out of her head. "Jennifer I love you, and you would make me the happiest man alive if you would be my wife," said Lance, now kneeling down on one knee in front of her. Tears came to Jennifer’s eyes, she embraced Lance and whispered in his ear, "I would love to marry you." He quickly slipped the diamond ring on her finger and then kissed her passionately.

The End


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