He’s famous, so he thinks he can everything he wants.  Little does he know that someone isn’t about to give in to him, just because he’s famous, no instead she gives him a lesson, something he won’t ever forget.


I’m A Person Too

Erin was looking at the display of dolphins before her.  Dolphins had always mesmerized her ever since watching the television show  ‘Flipper’ when she was younger.  She looked at the various things with either Dolphins on them or model Dolphins.  She was continually drawn to this one model in blue.  It sparkled brightly and it wasn’t too big or too small.  She knew that it would fit perfectly with the display she had in her own apartment.  She decided that she would choose this model as her next purchase.  Just as she was about to grab it off of the shelf another hand went over hers to grab it also.

“Sorry, but I was about to purchase that, why don’t you find something else” She said firmly, yet politely as she turned around and looked at the person on her left side.

“This is the last one here, and I’m only visiting in town, why don’t you find something else?” he answered back with a slight tone of rudeness to his voice.

Erin looked at the man beside her carefully, still not letting go of the model, and tried to focus on his face that was slightly covered by the hat on his head.  It didn’t click at first, but when he raised his head to look her in the eyes the recognition hit her.  She smirked at him and shook her head.

“I don’t think so Justin, just because your famous, doesn’t mean everyone is going to give you everything you want,” she said with a light laugh

“Hey, shh, I don’t want any attention drawn to me,” he said lifting his hand off of the model to put a finger to her mouth.  She immediately pushed his finger away from her mouth.

“It’s the middle of the day, during the week, we’re the only ones in this store, I wouldn’t worry about it” she whispered to suit him

“What if I said this was for Britney,” he whispered back

“Well, if you mean Britney Spears, given that’s she’s an intelligent woman, I’m sure she would completely understand that I’m not gonna give this to you just because your famous” she continued to whisper back at him taking a firm hold on the model he released from his grip.

“Oh come on, you obviously know how famous I am, can’t you cut me a break here,” Justin pleaded

“Listen Justin, I’m a person too, I have the right to want things and get them, just because I’m not famous and have lots of money…speaking of that…you could have any of these models even the more expensive ones, why not pick something else up, I’ll help you choose the perfect one for Britney,” Erin offered hoping he would give up trying to buy the model she was holding.

“But you don’t understand, Britney drew a picture of something exactly like this and when I saw it I knew I had to get it for her, it would mean so much to her,” he pleaded with Erin batting his eyes at her

“Oh my God, you think the batting of your eyes will get me to change my mind, I’m not in love with you, yes I know who you are, but get off your high horse there Mr. Timberlake, I’m not going to melt into a puddle, I’m a 30 year old woman, not some little teeny bopper,”

“Your 30?” he asked rhetorically “I’ve been known to make 30 years olds blush,” he said proudly puffing out his chest

“Please, you are so full of yourself, but I’m willing to make a deal with you,” she said looking over to the salesman at the counter.

“What’s that, you want more money for it or something, I could give you more money, that’s not a problem,” he said, shrugging his shoulders

“I don’t want your money, I was thinking that if I could put in an order for this and it’s possible to get another one, I’ll wait for it and you can take this one, since your just visiting and all,” she said looking at the model in her hands.

“Really, you would do that, without trying to get something else out of me?” Justin asked genuinely surprised

“Don’t be so shocked, I’m doing this for Britney, if your reason for buying this is because of what you said, then I’m willing to wait, but that’s only if I can get one ordered, if I can’t then I’m taking this one,” she said firmly looking at him squarely in the eye

“Deal,” he said smiling back at her

Erin went over to the sales counter and talked with the salesman about ordering another model such as the one she had in her hand.  She pointed over to Justin and explained that her ‘friend’ was visiting from out of town and wanted the exact same model.  The salesman informed her that he could order one and that it would take two weeks for it to be delivered.  She put down a deposit for it and walked back over to Justin.  She put the model in his hands and looked up at him.

“It’s all yours, I hope Britney likes it, good-bye Justin and I hope the rest of your trip goes well,” she said quietly as she turned around to walk away from him.

Justin stood there stunned for a moment looking at the model in his hands then back up at Erin.

“What’s your name, if you don’t mind me asking,” Justin said as he lightly grabbed her arm and used it to turn her around so he could see her face.

“It’s Erin,”

“Thank you Erin, I was telling you the truth, and I’m sorry for being so rude, can I ask you one more thing?” his voice had softened towards her

“Sure, what do you want to know?” she sighed heavily

“Are you a fan of Nsync?” he asked shyly looking at the floor.  Erin was surprised that he had turned his attitude around so quickly and wasn’t sure if she should reveal the answer to that question.  She was quiet for a minute and then decided that no harm could be done in letting him know, after when would she ever see him again in this type of situation?

“Yes, I am, I have been for a while.  You are all very talented and I especially love your latest CD, Celebrity,” she answered chuckling slightly

“What’s so funny?” he smiled back at her

“Would you be so into me if I wasn’t a celebrity, I guess you should have written, would you give me things I want if I was a celebrity, that would have been more suited to this situation, huh?” she smirked

“I guess it would, that’s good,” he said laughing as well “Listen, thank you again Erin, I really appreciate you doing this for me.”

“No problem, I’ll be getting mine soon, so good bye once again, Justin.” She said, finally walking away from him.

She walked out of the store and turned around to see Justin paying for the model, he must have sensed her watching him because he looked up at her and smiled.   Erin felt good about what she had just done.  Even though she gave him the model, she would get her own and she didn’t give in to him just because he was a celebrity, she was a person too and deserved to buy the things she wanted as well.

Two weeks later Erin walked into the same store to pick up her model.  The salesman had phoned her at home to tell her that it had arrived.  She approached the counter and told the salesman her name and he went into the back of the store to get her item.   He came back with two items, a 5x7 envelope and her model.  He placed them both on the counter and Erin paid for the model.   As she went to grab the bag with her model in it, the salesman stopped her.

“This envelope is for you also.” He said

“I didn’t order anything else,” she replied to him

“I was instructed to give it to you with the model, apparently your friend had it delivered to the store because he didn’t have your address and he knew you would be picking up your model here.” He answered

“Oh, okay, thank you,” she said puzzled as to which ‘friend’ knew she was picking up her dolphin model.  She walked out of the store and put the envelope into her shopping bag.  She had to pick up a few more things in the mall next door and forgot about the envelope until she got home.

When she took the model out of the bag, she saw the envelope there and took it out as well.  She placed the dolphin model down on the counter and opened up the envelope.  Inside was a picture covered with another envelope with her name on the front.  She took the second envelope off and without looking at the picture put it down beside her model.  When she started to read the letter, she couldn’t believe what she was reading.

Dear Erin:

I wanted to thank you again for allowing me to purchase the dolphin model for Britney.  She absolutely loved it.  She decided to send you a copy of the picture that she had drawn.  I’ve sent this to the store because I didn’t have your address.

Erin immediately looked over at the picture on the counter top and picked it up.  The picture was beautiful and it did look exactly like the model.  She smiled to herself knowing that she had done the right thing.  She looked back at the letter and continued to read it.

I wanted to also let you know that you taught me an important lesson that day in the store.  You were right, just because I’m a celebrity doesn’t mean that everyone should give me everything I want.  I have been forgetting that there are other people in this world that deserve much more than I do.  You’re a person too, and a very special person, Erin. 

I hope that you are still a fan, and I hope that everything you want in this world you get.  You gave me more than that model that day, you gave me a lesson that I will never forget.  I hope our paths cross again, I’m sure that you have more lessons that I need to learn.  Until then, I hope you enjoy your model as much as Britney is enjoying hers. 

Your friend,

Justin Timberlake

Erin smiled and put the letter down.  She picked up the model and the picture Britney drew for her and walked over to her display cabinet.  She opened it up and put the items inside.  Her display was perfect, even more so now, because she felt that there was a purpose to that purchase to prove to someone else that indeed she was a person too, famous or not.


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