This story is the second in a series. 
To read the begining of this series please read 24 Hours.



Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.
-- Unknown

1,440 minutes in the life of a personal assistant might seem boring,
but what does Vivian really think of all the things that happen to
Justin and her on a daily basis and people that are in their lives.
 You'd be surprised at the insight she has and the not so insightful thoughts
of this woman as she maneuvers through a day of her life.

::Authors Note::
** This is definitely fiction.  None of the opinions in this story are at all Justin's real
thoughts or feelings except where interviews/quotes are referenced.
Please don't take offense to anything in this story.  It's fiction and I thought that
 the unique point of view would be something different to read. -- Thanks, pbmaxca**

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