Snap Shots Series: Picture Perfect


"So are you deaf now?" she asked with an innocent voice from over his shoulder. She set her chin on his shoulder and turned her head. She could tell, after only a second that her closeness to him was having the desired effect. She could practically see the muscles in his back and neck tense up. The motion of the muscles tensing made her want to lean over and kiss him there, just where his neck curved down to meet his shoulder.

He turned his neck to the side as if to try to ease the tension then said, "Huh?" She could see from his surprised expression that he hadn't expected her to be the one that interupted him.

"Oh and dumb now too?" she said bluntly without thinking about it. "You're a real catch there Mr. NSYNC. I'm sure all the girls in the world are jealous of me. But really, they can have you."

"What do you want?" he asked with an annoyed tone as he threw down the magazine back onto the pile of others.

She reached around him and picked the copy up. She made sure to touch his back with her chest as she did it. She normally tried not to be too sexual in front of people she didn't know. She'd had numerous bad experiences, that of course her agent and her parents had reassured her were harmless, but they hadn't felt harmless at first. Soon though the whole whistling and staring thing got old. With Lance she felt as if this was all just a little game that they were playing. If she wasn't asleep at least she could have an entertaining time with him.

"Checking out my layout?"

He looked away from her and took a step away before she could continued. She wondered for a moment if he moved because he wanted to get away from her. Did she really turn him off? Or had he moved away because her being so close got him a little antsy?

"So do you like the new suits?" she asked.

"Why would you think I was looking at you?" he asked.

She expected some sort of reply from him about the suits, maybe some insults to go along with his tense mood, but instead she got denial. Typical.

"Do you think I'm clueless?" she asked flipping through the magazine.

"Not exactly," he mumbled.

"Come on Lance. You were looking at them. I caught you, but hey really, it's ok." She found the picture she wanted and held it out for him to see. "I like this one myself." Her arm brushed his as she turned the page.

"Hmm," Lance said. She could tell that he was trying not to stare at the picture of her lying in the surf looking longingly at the camera, but he wasn't doing a very good job of pretending to be uninterested.

"I like that suit." She smiled at the thoughts that might be running through his head. She knew that most men would immediately try to picture her in that suit standing in front of them. "They let me keep it, you know."

"Really?" he asked.

There was a silence as they looked at the other pictures. For a moment they weren't fighting. It was nice, almost too nice. She was too comfortable with him.

"You get to keep a lot of your suits?" he asked.

"A few. I usually don't though, because I already have so many of them."

"Sounds like the deal we have with all the stuffed animals that fans send us. We usually donate them to local charities or hospitals."

"How very noble of you."

Lance let out a breath quickly and stepped away from her.

"Hey!" she said. She threw the magazine back with the others. "What was that for?"

"What was what for?"

She imitated the way he'd let out his breath.

"Oh THAT," he said, "Well THAT--" He repeated the sound. "That was for the lovely attitude you're giving me."

"Me giving you?" she asked, "You started this."


"Look," she said taking a tough stance. "You and I have to work together tomorrow and although at the moment I can't stand you, we need to be professionalů" She leaned into his face and pointed at him. "So you Mr.-High-and-Mighty-all-the-girls-want-me, need to settled down. We could be in some compromising positions tomorrow and don't think I won't knee you in the balls if you give me attitude tomorrow."

"Are you finished?" he asked.

"No," she said, "You may think that I'm--"

Willa's breath caught in her throat as Lance pulled her close and kissed her. It was shocking to say the least. She got caught in the moment until she felt his hands on her back.

Pulling back she smacked at his shoulder and stepped further away. "What the hell was that?"

"The last time I checked, I think it was a kiss." He brushed his fingers across his mouth and looked at her from under heavy eyelashes. She watched him check his fingers for color then wipe them against his t-shirt.

"You frustrate me to no end." She turned and stomped away from him. No man, hell no boy had ever forced her into a kiss like that before. While she wasn't at all displeased with the actual kiss, she was appalled with the manner in which it was delivered.


Lance watched her leave with a smile forming on his face. She went towards the elevators and he laughed when the elevator didn't come right away. He wondered if anyone really knew how flustered she could get from the simpliest comment or lack of comment. She seemed to be perfect, but deep down she could tell that there was something not so perfect about little Willa Marviani.

He stepped out into the lobby and leaned against the wall with his arms crossed watching her. He knew it would make her uncomfortable so he kept doing it even when she pretended to ignore him, although he'd seen her stare at him at a mirror on the wall she was facing.

Score one for me. She's at least interested. Now all I have to do is get through tomorrow without killing her and we're set.

He watched her get into the elevator then heard a commotion at the front door and turned to find the others coming back from the club. Justin, Joey, Chris, and JC all were still hyper from the club. He hoped that he might get away with hiding from them, but Justin saw him and ran over.

"Man, you missed it!"

"Missed what?"

As Justin launched into a huge long story about a girl that Joey had been all up on, the others joined them. It was the typical flirting story. Joey made eye contact with some girl when they walked into the club and by the end of the night the two of them were drunk and kissing in the corner.

He still had his eye on the elevator when he noticed that Justin's story had ended and that the four of them were staring at him strangely.

"What the hell are you looking at?" Lance snapped.

"Whoa!" JC said with a little bit of slurred speech. "LB has some attitude!"

"Shut it C!" Lance said then looked at each of them to see which one of them was the least drunk. He needed to have a rational conversation with him, if he was going to find out what they were staring at. "What are y'all staring at?"

Joey reached over and slid a finger along the side of his mouth. He examined the color left on his finger then showed it to Lance and asked, "Who've you been kissing up on?

Lance dodged his hand and made a face at his bandmates when Joey reached out again towards his face. "What?" Lance was shocked that they would ask him that. He knew that he shouldn't do it, but he found himself wiping his lips. He'd thought he'd done the lipstick check well before when she'd been standing next to him, but apparently he'd missed a huge spot. Trust Willa not to tell him that he might get caught.

"BUSTED!" Justin said hyperactively bouncing up and down on his tiptoes.

"LB you sly dog." JC said with a smile.

"So who's the lucky lady?" Chris asked.

"It was nothing," Lance pushed passed them and went to get to the elevator.

He'd tried to say it forcefully, but he wasn't having much luck believing it really was nothing. There was something between them, some chemistry that he couldn't quiet understand that kept bringing them together. They fought like cats and dogs, but Lance liked to view that as sexual tension more than anything else, what else could explain the way she was acting? He'd noticed the way she'd brushed up against him and stood almost too close to him.

He smiled at the thought of it. She liked him. She must like him or she wouldn't be acting that way. It was an amazing epiphany. He'd known before in his life when girls had liked him. He remembered the moment when he realized that Danielle liked him, but this was somehow different. With anyone else it would be easy to get the person to admit their feelings for him, but with Willa it was going to be a challenge. She might think that she could keep up her cool attitude towards him, but if their kiss proved anything it was that there was a passionate woman behind all those pictures and it was going to be his job to get to the bottom of all the hostility that she threw at everyone.

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