Snap Shots Series: Picture Perfect


"Speak to me," Lance said into the phone and threw a pillow across at Justin. They'd decided to hang out that afternoon at Lynn's house since they had a break in their recording schedule with Justin's little brothers. Justin didn't get to see his half brothers often since they lived with Justin's dad in Tennessee, but they were visiting which meant that no other plans could have been made for the afternoon. Lance went along partly because he knew that Lynn would cook them dinner that night, and partly because he missed his own family and seemed to find that the Harless house was a good substitute for the real thing.


The older boys had come over thinking they'd play a little basketball or watch a little television. The two younger Timberlake boys had different plans. They'd decided that a long drawn out pillow fight was called for considering that Jonathan said that he and Justin had started one a few weeks before and never got to crown a winner.

"Hey Lance," the voice said, "It's Doug Brown."

"Hey Doug, what's up in JIVELAND?" Lance asked knowing that the JIVE representative was probably calling him from the office even though it was the weekend.

"Nothing much, other than I got a call today from a certain modeling agency that wanted to confirm the invitation that was sent to one of it's charges." He could tell that Doug was smiling with this one.

After the whole fiasco and reaming that he got from Johnny everyone around the JIVE office and the WEG offices had been trying to smooth things over with the press while trying not to break any of the groups' fans' hearts.

"Really?" Lance said. He was kind of surprised at the quick reaction. He'd thought that she'd resist a little more, but it seemed as if his plan really was working out.

He ducked as Jonathan, the older of Justin's two brother's came over to hit him on the head. He held the phone away from his ear for a moment and looked at Jonathan sternly. "Go get your brother. I have to talk to this guy real quick."

"Ah Lance!" Jonathan whined then turned and ran back over to Justin.

"Don't leave me for two long with these two!" Justin called out.

Lance looked over to see Justin with his youngest brother, Tyler, in a headlock, tickling the kid into a fit of laughter.

"I won't," Lance said with confidence. He put his ear to the phone again. "So Big D, what's with the plans for this little shin-dig?"

Doug laughed into the phone. "Well first off, she's asked for your cell number, but I thought I'd clear it with you before I gave it out."

"Yeah you can give it to her," Lance said with a laugh. He could imagine her getting pissed off and posting it on a bathroom wall or on the Internet, but figured he'd take the chance. He could always get the number changed if he needed to. "So what else is going on?"

"Well according to her booking agent she'll be free the weekend of the ceremonies in New York. She lives in town so she'll be meeting you at the hotel and spending the evening with you. She plans to attend the party--"

"Are you reading this from a press release or something?" Lance asked. Doug was starting to sound like one of those Tele-marketers that didn't speak for themselves, just read from a script.

"Her agent sent me an email that was almost four pages long when I printed it out. I forwarded it to you by the way so you should check it out."

"Great…another stupid contract to look over," he said with a sigh.

"It's the price you pay," Doug said.

"Anyway she'll be free the day of the ceremonies and the day after so she'll be there with you and at all the after parties. She refuses to do any press before hand, other than walking the carpet with group, and she says that you have to pay for her hair and make-up expenses."

"I can deal with that," Lance said. He knew this was going to be an expensive endeavor, but it was worth it, just to see the look on her face when she had to follow him around like a puppy for the evening. "What about her dress?"

"She currently is shopping for one, but she thinks she can get that for free so you won't have to worry about that."

"Look, I'll read over the rest of the email later and if I have problems I'll give you a call and we can work this out."

"Lance, it's a date for God's sake. You don't need a contract to take the girl out."

"You'd be surprised Doug. It takes a lot more than just dinner and a movie to impress someone these days. Willa's just trying to make this so complicated that I'll want to back out."

"Well so far she's doing a good job of it. I'd back out if it were me." He laughed. "So what should I tell her people?"

"Tell them that I'll agree to whatever until further notice."

"Fine," Doug said.

Lance watched Jonathan watching him and knew it was time to get off the phone. "Look. I have a pillow fight to get back to."

"Tell Jonathan and Tyler to be nice to their big brother. If that guy sprains anything I think legally JIVE can sue the little Rug-Rats!"

"Don't let Justin hear you call those kids that or you'll be the one being sued."

Doug laughed until Lance heard the phone click to the off position and silence filled the line.


Willa pushed the door open to the office building that she'd called home her first two months in New York. She had long since gotten passed using the place as a security blanket, but she still marveled in how it was almost like coming home when she walked through the front doors. The modeling agency logos beamed at her as she clutched her bag to her side and held her little paper bag with her other hand. She felt some sense of pride as she walked by the receptionist who told her that Elena was at her desk if she wanted to go and talk to her.

She wove her way through the cubicles and filing cabinets and found Elena on the phone yacking away like she was sitting in her own home instead of in a crazy office.

Willa always admired Elena for that. She had been a model when she was younger, but now in her early forties, she still had the model looks with her long straight blond hair and blue eyes, but had been burned out on the business. She was now helping a lot of people in the agency get the right contacts. Willa's callbacks had doubled since Elena had taken over her bookings and although Willa knew that she got monetarily compensated for her work, Elena would rather eat Willa's grandmother's cookies than get paychecks any day.

When Elena saw her, she smiled then spoke into the phone, "I'll have to call you back on that. The travel arrangements should be made by tonight and you'll get your itinerary in the morning when you stop by."

Willa smiled at the face Elena made as the person on the other end of the phone spoke to her. Elena was making fun of the chatty person on the other end of the line by mouthing the words, blah, blah, blah. "I know that you're nervous sweetie, but really, it's ok. Just trust me on this one."

A moment later the phone was back in its cradle.

"Do I have any messages Oh High Priestess of the Phones?" Willa asked.

"Not unless you brought me those cookies," Elena said.

Willa plopped her paper grocery bag onto Elena's desk and brought out the batch of cookies she'd made the night before and held out a thermos. "I brought you cookies and coffee from Jake's."

"Ah, a woman after my own heart," Elena said pulling off her phone headset she pushed her chair back from her desk. "Let me get you a chair and we'll chat."

Willa nodded and waited as Elena left her cubicle for a moment, returning only a second later with a chair for her.

"So did you find that number I asked for?" Willa said.

"Yes, I talked to Doug Brown over at JIVE this morning and he sent along the number." Elena grabbed out a mug for coffee then flipped her date book a few pages then handed Willa a little card that said Lance's name and number on it.

"Thank you," Willa said taking the card she slid it into her jeans pocket and poured the coffee.

"You know what Willa, you're already ten times as popular as you were last week."

"What are you talking about?" Willa asked taking a cookie. She looked around for a moment to see if any of the higher management agents were around then stuffed the cookie into her mouth.

"Well I've gotten calls from almost every entertainment magazine wanting to get interview time with you. MTV called and said that they wanted you to tape an episode of House of Style, and the E network wants you to do a special for their new behind the scenes documentary show."

Not knowing whether to be shocked or happy Willa just smiled. "Wow."

"Honey, this is great for your career. Of course it's wow."

After she thought about it for a moment she almost hated the fact that she was more popular because of this. It wasn't that she couldn't use the extra PR help, but it meant that Lance had been right all along and she knew that she didn't want him to come out on top on this one.

"Don’t look so distraught honey," Elena said. She ate a cookie then almost coughed it up. "I almost forgot to tell you. Amy called and left you a message. She just got back into town from being in Australia and wanted you to call her. She moved over into the Columbia district…" Elena leafed through some papers and pulled out a phone message sheet and handed it to her. "I know you two haven't seen each other in a few months but the girl sounded like she missed you."

"Good old Amy. She leaves the country for four months and doesn't leave a number for me," Willa smiled.

"I still can't believe that the two of you are so successful now. Its crazy to think that this time last year you both were huddled in that horrible apartment with the other girls just trying to make ends meat and now look at you both. Amy is successful in her acting and modeling and you are about to hit the big time with this whole Lance thing."

"This whole Lance thing isn't going to bring me much," she said, "I've worked hard and that's why I've gotten successful, not because I'm going to be linked to some superstar's arm for s few award shows."

"Whatever you say honey. Either way the two of you are more famous than I ever expected you to be."

"Thanks for the confidence vote Elena."

"Oh you know what I mean," Elena said.

"Yeah, whatever."

"Well anyway honey, I'd love to stop and chat, but work is calling my name," Elena said as the phone rang. "You give your boy a call and make plans and if I don't see you before the VMA's have a good time and enjoy whatever comes with it."

"I'll try Elena, I'll try."

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