Snap Shots Series: Picture Perfect


When he heard someone's phone going off he thought to look for his, but remembered that it was in his pocket with Willa. The people around him were staring at him and finally a woman behind him leaned over the chair and said, "I think it's in her purse."

"Ah yeah," Lance said and grabbed the purse. Everyone had been told to turn off their cell phones during the ceremony, but she must have forgotten to do it before she'd disappeared at the commercial break to use the restroom.

"Willa's phone," Lance answered the call.

"Willa?" the voice asked.

"Ah, no," he said and laughed. He wondered if the person would know it was him. He was glad to hear that it was a girl. He might have picked up when Brennan called and he didn't want to even begin to imagine how that conversation might go.

"Where's Willa? Who is this?"

"Well who is this?" he asked.

"I asked you first." The woman's voice came out with attitude much like Willa's.

"This is Lance," he said with a laugh.

"Oh my God. Lance Bass?"

"Ah, yeah that would be me," he said and flashed a smile to the woman who'd pointed out Willa's purse to him.

"Oh my God! She really is dating you! I'd heard from the papers that you two were together, but I didn't believe it. I thought I'd never see that day that--" the voice cut off suddenly. "Is she there?"

"She's in the ladies room at the moment, I think." Lance scratched his head. Was it appropriate for him to announce where she was? He hoped that it wasn't someone too important on the line. He'd already done enough damage with his first announcement and he didn't want to do the same thing with another one. "Do you want to leave a message?" Lance asked.

"Tell her to call Amy as soon as she can." Lance could hear her giggling. "I have to tell her something important."

"Ok Amy, I'll tell her," Lance said.

"Where are you guys right now?" the female voice asked.

Lance looked around. "In the middle of the Metro Opera House."


Lance laughed. Whoever Amy was, she sure didn't live in New York. Everyone knew that the awards were on that night. It was on billboards and the sides of buses all over the city. "We're at the VMA's."

"OH MY GOD!" the girl yelled into the phone. "You're at them right now?"

"Yes," he said, "Do you have any messages for anyone here?"

"Oh, no." More giggling filled the line. "Just tell Willa she'd better call me."

"I will." Lance hung up the phone without saying goodbye and stuffed the phone back into the bag that Willa had left in the chair when she'd gone out.

The show came back from commercial break and everyone settled into the chairs. Lance was about to sneak out and try to find Willa when she suddenly appeared and brushed past him to sit down into her seat.

"You ok?" he asked leaning over. He touched her hand and squeezed it.

"Yeah, the line was a bitch." She smiled and turned her head to the host who was about to introduce the next presenters.

"Your phone rang a while ago," Lance said.

"Who called?" she asked.

"Someone named Amy," he said.

"Shh!" Chris said from next to them. He was looking at them like he was the responsible one in the group, which Lance knew for a fact was a joke.

"S is for Shad-dup," Willa said rolling her eyes and laughed.

Lance stared at her. "Where did that come from?"

"I did a little research. So sue me."


Lance glanced up from where they were leaned towards each other talking and was shocked to find the camera in his face.

"Well get up you dufus!" Willa said and pulled him up and hugged him as the rest of the group made their way to the stage. "Congratulations," Willa whispered and planted a kiss on him before he could pull away.

Lance left her side reluctantly. He held onto her hand until the last possible moment then let go of her fingers and walked up the isle and up the steps to join the others at the podium.

Justin was already making the speech. "We'd like to thank Wayne for a great video, Dennis for the choreography, andů"

"And Willa for looking so damn hot!" Joey yelled from the back.

Everyone laughed and Lance watched Willa scrunch down in her seat and cover her face as a Cameraman stuck a camera in her face. The shot of her was up on the big screen above the stage when Lance looked up. It was obvious that she wasn't happy with all the attention.

Before he could dwell on what Joey had said Justin broke out in a little song and did a dance, "We got a moon-man we got a moon-man."

Everyone laughed as they went off the stage and the next presenter came out across the stage. Lance glanced out into the crowd before he disappeared backstage and saw Willa had returned to sitting normally in her chair. He caught eye contact with her and smiled. She waved and was surprised to find her blowing him a kiss.

The guys would be heading to talk to the press. Lance liked to call it "The Line-Up" since it seemed like they were just thrown questions. They weren't as extreme as the whole where-were-you-on-the-night-of-so-and-so, but it was fairly rapid fire while they tried to get a sound-bite or a picture.

Lance didn't listen to the questions until he heard his name mentioned. The reporter shouted out something about him and Willa. "Let's just keep this focused on the video," he said, "That's what we're here for."

Another set of questions was thrown their way and then the guys were rushed into the backstage area. Lance found the clothes that had been sent over with the other wardrobe stuff. He had a black sleeveless shirt and red wind pants and running shoes. They had to perform a medley for four minutes and as Lance sat down to untie his shoes and let his mind go over the routine in his head.

This I Promise You. TV work.

Lance threw his shoes in the tiny locker next to Justin's and slid out of his pants.

Don't forget the timing on the turn. You're first and if you go to early everyone is going to screw up.

Pulling on the red nylon pants he knotted the waste, double tied it then slid out of his shirt and pulled on the sleeveless shirt before looking for the other set of clothes that were going to go ontop of that outfit.

Intro to It's Gonna Be Me.

Lance leaned to snap the snaps of the rip-away pants:

Move upstage and to the right. Make sure you leave enough room between Francesca and Nikki so you don't step on their feet.

When both sides of the pants were secure Lance went over to put on the other pair of shoes he'd wear during the performance.

Melinda had entered the room now that they boys were half dressed and was helping them hang up the clothes they'd first been in. When she got to Lance she looked him in the eye and with a slight smile said, "Breathe Lance. It's only four minutes."

"I'm not nervous."

"Sure and the pope isn't Catholic," Melinda said.

"He's from the bible belt. I don't think he knows who the Pope is," JC said with a laugh.

"Whatever," Lance said.

"He's nervous because his GIRL-FRIEND is out there!" Justin said jumping up and down and pointing at Lance.

"I'm not the circus sideshow guys, Jesus!"

"You kiss your mother with that mouth?" Melinda asked then laughed as she left the boys alone in the room.

They went through their normal pre-show rituals and then stood and waited for the MTV representative to come and get them and bring them to the stage.

"Don't screw with your in-ears Justin or you're gonna be off key." JC warned as the youngest member of the group kept reaching to his belt behind his back to mess with the knobs on the monitor that he was wearing.

"It's going to be fine," Justin said.

Lance kept his mouth shut, but was finding that his mouth was gettting dry. He walked over to a cooler that had been left in the room and grabbed out a water. He was about to take a drink when the door burst open and the MTV representative came in yelling at them that they needed to get going. Lance slammed down a drink of water and had just enough time to put the cap back and to throw the bottle into the container again before JC grabbed his arm and dragged him out into the hallway.

The next ten minutes of Lance's life went by in a flash. They were lead to their starting spots and about five minutes later they were back stage again. The performance had gone great and everyone was telling them how good they'd done. Melinda even was excited as she went with them back to the dressing room.

"Ok guys we need to get you back out there. If you want to change then get to it," Melinda said, "Meet me out in the hall in five minutes."

Lance got changed and was out in the hallway in enough time to go with the others back to their seats.

"Wow!" Willa greeted him when he sat back down.

"Thanks," he said. "Nice, huh?" He watched the stage for a moment then felt her arm curl through his.

"That was great," she said and leaned and kissed his cheek.

Lance stared at her for a moment. "What was that for?"

"Don't all your dates kiss you?" she asked and turned and watched the next presenter.

"Ah yeah," he said and turned his head to watch the stage. "All my girlfriends are just like you." It was said with heavy sarcasm, but he didn't think she even heard him.

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