Snap Shots Series: Picture Perfect


When the final music played announcing the end of the show Willa was ready to go. She'd had just about enough of the whole music video scene. Everyone had been nice to her, but she felt out of place there because she kept thinking that people were making comments about her being there with Lance.

The row of people associated with NSYNC stood up. Everyone stretched, like people do when they're getting up from a long movie and Lance looked down the line. "Where are we headed to guys?"

"Party, party, party." Joey started to do the cabbage patch, which made Willa laugh.

Chris did a little dance too, as if he was trying to compete with Joey.

Chris's girlfriend laughed at him then turned to Willa, and finally, after almost four hours of utter silence spoke to her. "Do you think we can change dates for the night?"

"Don't you dare Willa," Lance said and slipped an arm around her. "She's taken."

Dani made a face at Lance and Willa curled into his hug. She didn't know if it was for show or not, but she was going to enjoy the attention while it lasted. She'd decided about half way through the show that she was going to have as much fun as she could at the after-parties, even if it meant playing along to whatever scheme Lance had planned for them.

The show had been great and the guys had won the awards that they'd come to win, including Viewer's Choice, which was a big accomplishment. Everyone was in a party mood, and although things between she and Lance seemed tense she hoped that the party atmosphere would ease tension. She knew that she could use a good stiff drink to take the edge of and hoped that after everyone got out of the stuff theater atmosphere that they would act like normal people.

JC led the way a moment later and the others followed them out to where the limo was waiting. People were on the streets again cheering, but no one seemed to notice as they all piled back into the limo.

The limo took off without instructions and soon Willa found herself back at the Ritz. The car ride there had been filled jokes and kidding around. Willa sat for most of it with Lance's arm around her as everyone sang along to the songs on the radio. She only moved away from Lance when Joey decided that he was going to stick his head out the sunroof, which landed her next to Justin for a moment, who sang a Backstreet Boys' song purposely off key I her ear.

She didn't understand why they'd returned to the hotel since everyone had been so excited about going out for the evening then Lance explained in the elevator. "The guys and I are going to take showers then we'll head over to Planet Hollywood and go from there. There are huge parties tonight so I hope you're ready for a late one."

Willa nodded and noticed how he still had a hold of her hand even though he didn't need to be since it was just the group in the elevator. He'd taken it when they'd gotten out of the car at the curb and had never let go.

The group in the elevator soon unloaded and everyone went running for their rooms. Lance dragged Willa along and once inside the hotel room started to strip out of his clothes. "Hang out and watch TV while I take a shower then we'll go and celebrate."

Willa didn't know what else to do so instead of watching him undress she searched for the remote and flipped the television on, quickly finding a movie to watch while she listened to Lance bang around in the bathroom until she heard the shower go on.

It was hard to do, but Willa kept her eyes on the television even when she noticed that the door was cracked open a little. She could hear the sound of the water splashing down in the shower and soon she heard a sound. For a moment she thought that Lance was talking to himself for something, but she soon heard him singing.

Thinking quickly Willa went to the door and pushed it open. She couldn't see him behind the shower curtain, but she surely could hear him. She stifled a laugh as he started to sing the sappy love song that he'd chosen to listen to on the way over to the VMA's. She had liked the song that had been on the radio, but Lance was putting his own twist on the song. It was really out of his range vocally, but he still was singing it.

Tell me that you live for love
That forever is never enough
That you wanted all your life to see
That you want so badly to believe
Tell me that it's not just me.

(It's Not Just Me by Rascall Flatts)

When he held the last word out for a few seconds she burst into laughter. She knew she was in trouble when he slid the shower curtain back so that his head could stick out and stare at her.

"What are you doing in here?" he asked.

"Enjoying my own private concert," she said, "I just have a question for you."

Lance wiped soap out of his face and wrapped the shower curtain around him a little. "Now?" he asked.

"Yes now," she said.

He gave her an annoyed look. "What is it?"

"Who sings that song?" she asked trying to hold back a laugh. She'd waited to use this one on someone good and it was perfect for him.

"Rascall Flatts," he said, "Why?"

"Let's keep it that way," she said and grabbed the towels closest to him and ran out of the room laughing.

"Damn it Willa bring me back those towels!" he yelled a moment later.

She was already out into the room and was trying to figure out how to hide the towels so that he couldn't get them. She didn't expect that he would come out of the shower, but when she heard a strange noise coming from the bathroom she turned towards the door.

Lance was standing there wrapped in the shower curtain. She backed away from him for a moment with the towels still in her hands then watched as he tried to corner her. She took a step the other way from him and got past him.

"Willa, just give me the damn towel or we're gonna be late."

"So we'll take a taxi," she said and backed towards the door that led to the hallway. She watched him for a moment and said, "What? Is Mr. Singer a little sensitive about his singing abilities?"

"Whatever Willa. Give me the towel back."

"No," she said with a smile. She backed up some more when Lance came towards her.

All of a sudden Willa seemed to notice something, not that she hadn't seen it before, but Lance was standing there half-naked in front of her. She'd seen him that one day on the set without a shirt on, but now she was standing there in front of him, alone, with him half clothed and she found herself not wanting to look at him. Not that she was at all disgusted by him, but because she thought she'd start to blush if she did look him in the eyes.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing," she said and stared at him for a moment longer.

"Then stop staring and give me the towel."

Her eyes strayed down his stomach and she found herself not able to look at any part of him that didn't make her blush.

"Stop drooling Willa and give me the damn towel."

Lance stepped forward and grabbed onto the towel in her right hand. He pulled her towards him and tried to get it out of her grasp. When she went to readjust her hold on the thing she caught part of the shower curtain in her grasp and although Lance was only fighting her with one hand while the other hand was on the edge of the shower curtain.

There was a knock on the door just then and Willa turned to step out of the way, but ended up pulling the towel, and the shower curtain with her leaving Lance standing naked and wet as the door flew open.

Willa was half behind the door and could hear a scream of laughter erupt in the hall. She looked through the crack and it seemed as if the whole group was standing there watching Lance as he slammed the door shut.

Willa immediately threw the towel to him. "I'm sorry," she said with a laugh. "I'm sorry."

Lance grabbed the towel up and wrapped it around himself and stomped into the room. Willa could still hear the laughter in the hallway and knew she was going to get it for this one, but somehow the situation was extremely funny and she couldn't help but to laugh along with the people outside the door. That was until Lance grabbed up some clothes and stomped his way into the bathroom, slamming the door in her face when she tried to stop him so that she could apologize again.

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