Snap Shots Series: Picture Perfect


Willa opened her eyes and squinted. Her head hurt and her eyes felt way too heavy considering that she'd gone to bed early the night before. She would have thought she might have been sick, but she decided to blame her crying from the day before instead of dwelling on the moment. She let her eyes adjust to the realization that it was morning. She looked around for a moment then sat straight up in bed. She didn't know if Lance was back. She'd fallen asleep the night before and hadn't heard him come in, not that she'd really been waiting up for him, but she had kept an ear open. She wondered for a moment if he had gotten into trouble or something the night before. He probably hadn't called Spanky to take him out with him.

"Lance?" she called out. If he was there surely he'd answer. She didn't know what she was going to say to him if he did answer, but she wanted to know that he was safe.

There wasn't an answer and she found her heart sinking. She thought that he would have at least tried again with her. He didn't seem like the type to give up so easily. He hadn't given up so far. Maybe she had pushed too far. She'd been slightly irrational, not staying around to hear what he had to say about Tracy.

The thoughts of her dead little friend caused her pain and in that pain she knew that the one person in the world who would know what she was going through wasn't around at the moment. It had been her fault though. She began to doubt herself a little. She hadn't wanted to fall for him and she hadn't wanted to rely on him, but now she found herself missing him more than she knew how to handle.

Deciding that she'd better go and see if he was still asleep she made her way out to the living room. He might be a heavy sleeper or he might have stuffed his head under a pillow or something.

What she found in her living room wasn't anything that she could have expected. She expected to find her house empty, but Lance had left her a little bit of a present. "A little bit" was an understatement. The entire floor of the living room was covered in small flower arrangements. She didn't know how he'd done it, but he must have bought out all the flower shops in the area. There were all kinds of flowers all over the place, the main focus being a vase of roses on the table to the side of the bigger arrangement.

As she leaned to smell the arrangement of long-stem red roses that were on her kitchen table she saw a card. She hoped that this wasn't going to be something bad. If he'd given up she almost didn't want to know.

I know you want picture perfect.
It may be something I can't give you,
but I want you to know you already
have the most perfect thing I could give.
My love and my heart.


Willa's breath caught in her throat. She could have never expected something like this from him. Just when she was expecting something completely NOT like this, he was acting the part of the romantic. She'd expected him to keep brushing her off or ignoring her for a while, not the lavish present that he'd left her. There had always been this thing about flowers. It was a simple gift, but it spoke volumes.

Now though, that the ball was in her court, she was going to have a little fun with him. She had a plan and was going to try to make him pay a little before he let things settle between them. When he called she was going to make him grovel a little. She wanted him to know that he was going to have to work for it if they were going to be together.

Flowers were always a good start, but after what he'd put her through they were only the start.

Willa picked out a flower and went to go find herself some breakfast. She noticed her answering machine blinking so she went over and pressed the button.

"Willa, this is Elena. I just wanted to call you and tell you that Todd wants to reschedule the shoot you passed up. He found out why you didn't come to the shoot and decided that he'd reshoot with you as soon as you can give him time. I know it's not the most convient thing, but how does Christmas in Jamaica sound? Call me back when you get this message."

The machine beeped and then another voice came on.

"Willa, this is Lance. I hope you like the flowers. I'm boarding my flight in about five minutes. It's just after seven. I have a show tonight, but I want to call you. I think we have a lot to talk about, that's if you'll even hear what I have to say. Anyway I'll call you later."

When the phone rang a few moments later Willa jumped. She reached for the phone. "Hello?"

There was a laugh and a scream then a rushed voice. "Girl what happened last night?"

Willa looked around the room and laughed. "God Amy! You're so nosy!"

"I had to witness the whole Days of Our Lives episode in the airport. You can't leave a girl hanging like that."

Willa folded her arms across her chest. "This isn't some soap opera."

"I'm waiting," Amy said. Willa could picture her with her hands on her hips staring at her from across town.

Willa looked around. How was she going to explain her way out of this one? It wasn't like anyone could understand any of this. "Well I'm standing in my living room and there are about a million flowers around here."

"Flowers?" she asked.


"Are you guys together still?"

"No, but it's in the works. His people are going to have to call my people."

"Now what are you planning to do?"

"Milk it girl, I'm going to milk it and make him squirm a little before I give in."

"What'd you tell him last night?"

"The truth. I love the guy." She sighed at the sound of that. It was good to get it out. She needed to be happy about it for once. "I can't help that. I want something more though and he's gonna have to work with me if we've got any hope at all."

"It's gonna be like pulling teeth with that guy. He's dense if you hadn't noticed!"


"Shh…" Lance said and smiled. He dialed the phone and waited as it rang.

Joey stood next to him and counted off the rings.

"Hello?" He smiled at the sound of her sleepy voice. He knew he might catch hell from her to call her this late, but he had to take the chance.

"Lance?" she asked.

"Hi Willa."

"Why do you sound like you're in a tunnel?" she asked.

Lance made a face at the crowd gathered. "I'm not in a tunnel."

"What are you doing? It's past midnight. Actually it's past one." She paused for a moment. "Am I on speaker phone?"

A few people cracked up at that comment and Justin tried to motion for them to be quiet.

"I know its late and I know I shouldn't have called you and woken you up. I just wanted you to hear something."

"Now?" she asked. "You do know there is such a thing as a time difference don't you? I thought you had a show tonight."

Her words were met with silence.

"What's going on?" she asked.

Lance nodded and the guys began to sing. The audience fell silent as the accapella sound of the song "I Thought She Knew" began to flow. It was cheezy and stupid to dedicate the song to her. He had promised himself he'd never do something that silly, but he found that he was at the end of his ropes on this one. He needed something new. He also thought that it might just work. He'd embarrassed her in public once before, but this time he had good intentions behind it and he thought that she'd take that into consideration.

When the song came to an end he didn't hear anything.

For a moment he thought she might have hung up on him. He almost expected that, but deep down he knew that this would get through to her. He wasn't the perfect guy that she wanted and he did need to do some work to try to save things with her, but at least now she would know that he was thinking about her and cared enough to try.

"Willa?" he asked.

"Yeah?" her voice came out weakly. He smiled as the crowd cheered.

It took a moment to quiet them down, but after he got them quiet he held the phone to his ear. He took a deep breath and looked across the stage to where Wes was standing. The man gave him a nod and Lance spoke. "I love you honey, go back to sleep."

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