Snap Shots Series: Picture Perfect


[ The next day…]

Slamming his hand down on the table Lance looked around the room. He was alone for once which was nice, but at the same time he was getting worried. When he'd called Willa that morning to try to talk to her he couldn't get a hold of her. He'd called Spanky and had him drive by and Spanky had said that she might just be shopping or something.

"You ok Lance?" Wes asked from the open door that lead to the hallway.

"Where the hell is she?" he asked. "I've called her house, I've called her cell. I even called Elena at the agency. It's like she's disappeared. I think I really screwed up this time."

"You called the woman and serenaded her in front of an arena of people. I don't think that there is a woman alive who could resist that."

Lance laughed. "You really don't know Willa then. She'd fight me to the end just to say that she won."

"There's got to be a reason for that fight. I mean really. If she was mad at you she would have stopped talking to you long ago."

Lance rubbed his forehead, "She told me she loves me." He looked up at Wes. "What am I supposed to do with that?"

"Love her back, even if she stops. She'll come around. It's all too perfect not to work out in the end."

"I think that's the problem. It's too perfect and it's gonna get in the way of something normal."


Willa stepped off the elevator and slowly made her way down the hallway. A few doors seemed to be open, but no one sitting in the hall or inside the rooms seemed to notice her. She got a nod from a security guard at the door and a smile when she caught eye contact with JC as she passed what she figured was his room.

When she saw Wes standing in the hallway just outside a door she walked slower and listened to see who he was talking to.

"It's too perfect. How am I supposed to live up to that?" Lance's voice sounded worried and tired. She prayed that he still felt the same way he'd felt the night before. If not her thousand-dollar ticket out west was going to be a complete waste of time and money.

Wes took a breath and turned and noticed her there. She put a finger to her lips and stayed where she was.

"Hey Lance?"

"Yeah?" she heard his voice say from inside the room.

"I think there's something you should see," Wes said.

"Is Chris running around again?" Lance asked.

Willa motioned to Wes to have him take Lance down the hall the way she'd been heading and that she was going to go up behind him to surprise him.

"No," Wes said.

"What is it then?" Lance asked.

"Just get off your but and come here and look at this," Wes firmly commanded.

"Fine," Lance said.

Willa watched as Wes guided Lance along. She snuck up so that she was just behind and to the side of him then reached and grabbed his hand.

"You're gonna get lost if you follow this guy around," she said with a smile.

Lance stopped in his tracks and again that slow motion "Dream Weaver" thing happened.

No lights.

No cameras.

No hallway.

No Wes.

No nothing.

It was just them.

And it was JUST PERFECT.

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