Snap Shots Series: In Focus


Fun was exactly what Lance wanted to have when he'd thought to invite Willa down to Orlando to visit for New Years, but this kind of fun should have been deemed illegal by the local authorities. He'd wanted to have a good time that New Years and he was sure that this definitely wasn’t going to be a night he would soon forget. He was a normal twenty-something guy and expected that most of the guys his age would act the way he would. He knew that any guy his age would have thought about the same thing having their girlfriend lean all up against them the way Willa was clutching to him. It was clear that this behavior wasn’t just showing that she wanted to cuddle. The sexual tension between them had built up long enough and it was time now to release some of that energy on the dance floor, only a taste, he thought with a smile on his face, of what might come later.

The action of dancing was definitely having more than a little effect on him. He’d tried earlier to stop himself from getting too involved in the moment. After all, he was in a public place and things like that were hard to hide from prying eyes, but the fight had been short lived to keep himself under control. She’d gotten to him mentally, since he couldn’t stop picturing her in bed with him later on that night, as she rubbed herself against him seductively as they danced. He’d already figured out, through some hands-on exploring of his own that she was wearing little under the skirt and shirt she’d worn to the party.

The clothes themselves might have kept her modestly covered, there were girls walking around in less, but they didn’t seem to appeal to him the way she did. He thought that it came partly from the fact that he didn’t suspect that there was too much under her outfit to be covering up. She wasn’t naked, he knew that much since he’d spent more than a few minutes tracing her panty-line with his palms through her skirt as they ground their hips together to an R&B song earlier, but she was definitely going bra-less that evening. There was no mistaking the feeling of her through the material of her top when they pressed together as they made their way across the room to get another drink at the bar after dancing for five songs in a row.

He took a breath as she dipped again and her hip rubbed against him. She grabbed at his shirt collar and brought him closer to her with every beat of the song. Her eyes were sparkling now as she leaned and kissed him. He kept his hands conveniently hooked into the waistband of her skirt and prayed that no one was watching them. God forbid that a moment like that would come back to haunt them. He could see someone being interested in a picture of them like that, since they hadn’t been overly affectionate with each other in public, or in private for that matter, but he didn’t want to know what they looked like being so caught up in the moment. He was out of control himself and he was sure that she was way over the line and he didn’t think they needed to be reminded of that later on since they were both usually so in control of themselves.

For the moment all he wanted to do was to enjoy the feeling of his arms around her and his lips on hers when they had the chance to kiss between dances. Nothing else needed to be remembered or recorded, other than the bliss that had come along with them being so freely affectionate with each other.

The whole physicality of the relationship was something new for them. He was just now getting used to having her in his arms and knowing her body the way he’d known her personality over the last few months. He thought that the tension before would have slowed up them learning to be in the same place together, but she didn’t seem to mind and he wasn’t going to stop her exploring; he was going to enjoy it. She had been shy that morning and the day before, but now she seemed like she’d realized that he was free territory for her to explore. True, it was making it difficult for him to stand away from her without his feelings literally showing for her, but the way her body felt against his was way too good to keep himself from.

Usually he kept his cool about such things. He had to due to his position in life. Being in the spotlight day after day made it important for him to be almost non-sexual when it came to such things. He was supposed to be a heartthrob that everyone wanted, but no one would ever believe would actually have a sex life. He wanted one with Willa. He’d been trying all night to keep his mind on other things, but it was abundantly clear. After all the fighting and struggling with Willa in the past, this new relationship was something he vowed he wasn’t going to complicate with his own preconceived notions of how they should act towards each other.

He wanted Willa. That part was simple to figure out. He’d wanted her since the first time he’d seen her, but now that he had the chance to actually be with her he wasn’t sure how it was going to go. He wasn’t sure if they were at the point in their relationship to really make things more than what they’d been before, although from her actions towards him since they’d gotten onto the dance floor she seemed more than ready to take the next step with him. Petting and pawing at each other was one thing, but bringing sex into the mix definitely wasn’t something to take lightly.

"Fred?" he said softly to her as she turned in his arms and danced with him. Her back pressed against his chest and stomach as her bottom moved in time with his hips. He wrapped an arm around her stomach and rested his chin on her shoulder. "Fred?"

"Huh?" she said. She turned and faced him again and he could see how the dancing was causing her to sweat a little. She didn’t seem to notice the wetness on her forehead or the way that her whole face had become flushed as they’d been moving around the dance floor. She seemed perfectly at ease to be there with him and to hold onto him as they rocked to the music.

"Honey do you wanna get out of here?" he asked. He rushed the words, saying them closely to her ear so that no one else would hear. He was nervous about the outcome of his proposal and thought for a moment if he had to repeat it he’d stumble even worse over the words. Sometimes actions did speak louder than words. If he could just pull her out of the room and into the car he was sure she would come along, but actually asking her was a different thing entirely.

She tilted her head away from where his lips had delivered his message, "Huh?"

Lance leaned again, but this time he changed what he said to her. He would have repeated his suggestion to her, but when he was about to deliver the message to her again he caught someone across the crowd watching them. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end. It wasn’t Amy and Brennan or he would have kept up the act. It was the Planet Hollywood photographer staring at them from behind his lens so he smiled against her ear. "Do you want to go and get a drink?"

She nodded and turned, holding on to his hand she danced her way over towards the bar. He followed along after her, slipping an arm around her waist when they paused to side step a few people in their path. He leaned and kissed her neck and she giggled. "What do you want honey?" she asked.

"How about a slammer?" he suggested into her ear as he pulled her tight against him. He’d already had a few drinks that night, but he could use another one. Since he’d turned twenty one he hadn’t really kept track of his drinking habits. He knew his limits and hadn’t passed them very many times since he’d celebrated his birthday with everyone a few months before.

At least going to the bar would keep him from being so close to her for a little while. He knew that if he didn’t get a little space between them he was going to lose himself too much in the moment and make a fool of himself in front of the few hundred people in the Planet Hollywood that night.

"Sure!" she said enthusiastically.

"Not for you silly girl, for me," he said with a laugh. He squeezed her tight against him for a moment and tried not to imagine her with him like that naked, although that’s what he’d been doing for most of the night.

"What?" she said sounded offended that he wouldn’t be offering her a drink. She turned in his arms and kissed him hard then pulled back. "No love for me?"

"You’ve already had a few Fred," he spoke playfully to her as moved her hair away from her face a little so that he could see her.

"Don’t call me that," she said, "And I’m completely fine." She tried to look sober for a moment. She was having a hard time of doing it, but for a moment her giggles disappeared and the smile was gone from her face.

Lance let out a laugh. "Ok honey, I won’t call you that."

"You’d better not," she said with a smile.

The bartender set them up with drinks and they clinked glasses together before they did their shots. Afterwards she leaned and kissed him deeply. He could taste the alcohol in her mouth and somehow it tasted better than the shot he’d taken. "That…" she said with a smile against his lips, "…was great."

"Good." He captured her lips with his again, nipping softly at her bottom lip before she leaned back a little. He pushed some hair out of her face and kissed her cheek.

"What’s the plan for after this?" She leaned against him wrapping her arms around his waist. Hooking her hands together behind him pulling his hips against hers. She danced a little with the music as they stood in place. The bar area was crowded, but no one seemed to care that everyone kept hitting into each other and no one seemed to mind her dancing with him.

He slid one arm around her to steady her as she began to lean too hard on him then he moved his arm and pushed back his shirtsleeve to look at his watch for a moment. "Well we have another half hour until midnight then we’ll see. Breakfast at Lynn’s doesn’t start until about three or so."

"So what to do between midnight at three?" she asked. Before he could answer she looked around the room then turned back to him. "Do you know what the other guys are going to do until breakfast? I don’t want you to change plans or something if you guys all had planned something."

He looked around nervously and wondered if she was getting at what he thought she was getting at. "I think they’ll end up staying here maybe go to some other party."

"What are we gonna do?" she asked. She placed a hand over his heart and tapped the rhythm of the song on his chest as she waited for his answer.

"Whatever you want to do," he said and leaned against her a little more relishing the way her body was feeling of her against him.

"Can we go home?" she asked innocently. She danced against him smiling in what he took to be a seductively manner. Her eyes seemed to be half open and her once perfect make up now was smudged a little making her eyes seem smoky and seductive in a way that made him want her even more.

"Go home?" he asked. He wanted to make sure that’s really what she wanted and that he understood her correctly. He didn’t want to assume something more than he should.

"I wanna be alone with you." Her statement was firm, though her voice was soft and seductive in its delivery.

"Alone with me, or just not with all these people?" he asked.

She leaned and sucked on his earlobe for a moment. "Alone with you."

Lance leaned back and looked in her eyes for a moment. She didn’t seem as drunk as she had been a few moments before. There was some soberness, some intent, behind the look in her eyes that made him think that she knew exactly what she was doing.

"How about we stay until just after midnight then go home?" he said, "You don’t want to miss the confetti and the balloons do you?"

She nodded her head no and smiled, "Let’s go sit down though."

"Ok." Lance did a quick scan of the room and found the area that the guys had reserved for the night. Wes and Mike were sitting at the long span of tables that had been pushed together chatting. He wondered for a moment if everyone else was out dancing. He hadn’t been able to spot them in the crowd, but he knew they were probably all there somewhere.

"Come on Fred," he said softly. He tucked her into his arms, facing the table, then pointed so that she knew where they were headed. As they pushed through the crowd to the table he prayed that he could keep his cool. Her body was pressed against his as they walked and the thoughts of being with her later weighed heavy on his mind. He had to stop thinking like that or it was all going to get out of control.

"Hey guys!" Willa said loudly as the two of them slid into the far side of the table so that they were sitting on the bench seat facing the crowd.

"Willa this is Mike. Mike, this is Willa."

"Nice to meet you," Mike said and reached to shake Willa’s hand.

Lance slid an arm around the back of the bench as he slid closer to her so that his hand could rest on her shoulder. He found that while she chatted with the two security guards her hand made its way from resting on her own knee to resting on his. Without looking at him she rubbed her hand against the material a little then tapped her fingers to the beat.

"You guys having fun?" Mike asked.

Lance kept his eyes on the guys across the table. He knew that he should act as normal as possible, but it was going to be hard with her hand in his lap.

"It’s been a blast!" Willa said with an over-dramatic enthusiasm.

"Too much fun." Lance nodded and quickly glanced down at Willa’s hand. Both of his hands were in plane sight and he wondered if the guys noticed her hand being under the table. "We’re gonna head out early tonight, just after midnight."

"Going to get some rest before Lynn stuffs you with breakfast?" Wes asked with a laugh.

Lance wasn’t sure if there was a hidden meaning behind the comment, but he figured Wes probably knew why they were going to leave early. The issues of dating and the guys sex lives had been discussed before and Wes knew not to make comments about his relationships, but this time Wes almost seemed glad that he and Willa would be leaving the party together.

Willa nodded and Lance felt her hand slowly move up his thigh. It made him nervous to have her hand on him like that. He knew that no one could see them, but things like that didn’t happen every day and he wasn’t sure how he should react to her. The table blocked anyone’s view, but he was surprised to find that she was so bold with her exploration of his leg.

Just as her hand began to stray where he knew that it shouldn’t be, he put his hand over hers and stopped her. They made eye contact for a moment and he tried to give her a warning look. He wanted her to stop, not because he didn’t like it. He liked it too much and thought that if she was going to act like that she should wait until they got home to do so.

She was hurt by his expression. He could see it in her eyes.

"Willa honey," he said in a firm voice into her ear. "If you don’t keep your hands off of me until we get home we’re gonna make fools of ourselves."

She smiled and gave him a flirtatious answer back as she ran her other hand along his collar, letting her fingernail trail along his neck. "Can we make fools of ourselves at home?"

Lance leaned and kissed her neck. "Of course." He took her hand and placed it more towards his knee and less towards his lap then spoke again, "But until then I don’t want you teasing me."

"Me? A tease?" she said with a laugh, "Never. I’m an angel." She moved her hands away from him to make a halo over her head.

"You know what I mean Fred," he said.

"What?" she said bumping her hip into his. "I’m not doing anything."

"Sure you aren’t," he said and watched her.

She turned to Wes. "Hey Wes!"

"Hey Willa!" he said back with a silly look on his face.

"Am I a good girl Wes?"

Wes made a sour looking face. "I’m not sure you should be asking me that. Was is or was it not you who smacked Lance a few weeks ago?"

She put her hands on her hips and looked at Lance then back at Wes. "I had a good reason!"

Mike began to laugh.

"Oh shut up you!" She pouted at him. "Be nice to me! Boys are supposed to be nice to girls."

"Boys?" Mike asked with wide eyes.

Lance didn’t think of himself as a boy and wondered why Willa had called Mike a boy. It was actually kind of funny considering that Mike was probably a little too big to be considered a boy. He and Wes both were huge men and Lance had to admit that if he didn’t know the guys better he would have been scared of them.

"You know what I mean."

"Whatever. Just don’t smack the guy again."

"What are you talking about?" Wes interrupted. "You SHOULD smack him."

"Hey you!" Lance yelled. "You watch it!"

"Yeah!" Willa said firmly. "I had my reasons! You weren’t even there. He was being rude and he deserved it!"

"Yeah but I heard about it and that was good enough!" Mike said.

"Be nice!" She pouted. "You’re gonna be next on my smack list!"

"Oh really?" he asked. "You wanna take this outside?"

"Bring it on!" she taunted.

"See I was right. You aren’t an angel." Lance pulled her against him and kissed her forehead trying to get the argument to stop.

"I am so!" She pouted cutely and pushed away from him.

Lance mimicked her face then let out a rumbling laugh and kissed her deeply, running his hands up into her hair and pulling her close kissing her until they were both breathless. Panting he kissed his way along her chin and neck until his lips met with her ear. "I never said that being a bad girl was something negative," he whispered.

"Oh really?" The tone of her voice suddenly changed. She now seemed interested in his reaction to her being a bad girl, as if it now might be a challenge for her to live up to her new bad-girl status.

He nuzzled her neck a little with his nose and placed a kiss on the skin below and behind her ear, making her shiver. "Bad is good sometimes," he said softly into her ear.

"Oh really?"


"Just a little," she said, "I mean I always thought you were the good one, but I’m finding out that you are probably the most not like your little star profile."

He smiled at her. "You’d be surprised."

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