Snap Shots Series: In Focus


Lance pushed the door open to the suite without knocking. It wasn't his normal MO, but after this morning's announcement, then seeing Spanky standing in the hallway yelling into his phone, it seemed acceptable that all the manners he learned when he was little could be thrown out the window. Something was wrong and he was about to find out what happened.

When he made it to their bedroom Lance stopped short and found Willa laying in bed, curled up to a pillow half asleep. He quickly shut the door and locked it behind him. For a moment that day he needed to lock out the rest of the world and concentrate on the two of them.


"Hey Fred," he said in a soft voice. He sighed a sigh of relief finding that she was ok. She looked a bit stressed, but looked no worse than she had that morning. For a minute out in a hallway, when he'd heard Spanky yelling, he'd thought something had gone seriously wrong, but it looked fairly normal from where he stood in the doorway. Her bags were next to his on the other bed in the room and she was there. Nothing could be that wrong if she was still there waiting for him.

She sleepily raised her head and blinked at him a few times trying to keep her eyes open. She looked around, dazed a little bit then asked, "What time is it?"

Lance kicked off his shoes and scrambled across the bed and curled up to her. He spooned up against her, moving her hair from her neck and placed a kiss near her ear. "It's still really early...go back to sleep. I got your message and I came over."

"Brennan called," she said sleepily and turned so that she could curl up against him. She found a spot against his chest, pressed her cheek tightly to him and hugged him before she moved to place a kiss on his chin.

Lance's mouth dropped open as he processed the information. "What?"

"Don't stress out," she said, "Spanky yelled at him already. He basically said what he said on the tv report, just had to deliver the message in person."

"Fred, why did you even talk to him?" He didn't mean to sound that way, but he was very disappointed in her. He'd thought he'd done enough to keep her away from Brennan and when he'd been gone Brennan had managed to get to her.

"I don't know." She sighed and squeezed him, "I should have just hung up on him. I just--"

"Well it doesn't matter now," Lance said stopping her. He was even more stressed than he'd been on the way over to see her and he needed to stop an argument before he started one. "Don't worry about it...everything is going to be ok."

"You keep saying that," she said looking up at him. Her voice shook with emotion, "How can you be so sure?"

"I'm not at all sure," he said and squeezed her closer to her. He moved so that she was more comfortable against him then reached with his free hand to grab up the covers. He threw the comforter over her and tucked her in around her. "I don't know at all what is going to happen, but I've been through a lot worse and have gotten through it just fine. I mean what else could be worse that the whole Pearlman incident. That turned my life upside down and sideways, but the group of us got through it."

"What about the group?" she asked. She sat up a little and rested her hand on his chest so that she could look at him comfortably. "I mean you ditched them today...are they going to be mad?"

"They'll get over it,"Lance said praying that he was right about that. He moved her hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. He placed a kiss on his finger then placed it to her lips. "Whatever decisions I make that have to do with them won't effect us. Hey know that."

He was sure that he'd hear something about it, but he knew that the guys wouldn't get totally over excited about it. His rage in front of Melinda would probably get him in more trouble than anything and the finger he threw at the people in the hallway wouldn't go unnoticed, but for the most part he'd probably get a slap on the hand for his behavior.

"Are you sure?" she asked, "I mean its one thing for me to do things...What I do effects me, Elena, and you, but what you do effects a whole group of people that I'm not sure I want to even think about. I just hope that they aren't going to be disappointed."

"Disappointed?" he moved his head to look at her from where he had been laying, "No one is going to be disappointed."

Her sigh was heavy before she spoke, "I just hope that all this trouble is worth it."

"It is," he said and squeezed her against him. "I started this whole press thing and I intend to not let it get to us. It was stupid for me to even start things off between us like that. I should have known how much of a pain in the butt it was going to be."

"You know," she said, "If it ever gets to be too much, I mean I'll understand if you and I--"

"Oh no!" Lance sat up. "Oh hell no girl. You're not backing out on me now...I'm not letting that happen."

"But Lance, all that's gone on since we started seeing each other has been drama. Are you sure you want to keep this up?"

"Fred, I'm not giving up," he said, "I've worked too hard on this. First I had to convince you to love me and I'm not going to let that work go to waste."

"It wasn't that much work," she said with a smile.

"Maybe not to you, but to me it was," he said.

"I'm sorry for making you working so hard. I loved you all along," she said softly.

"Sure you did," he said with a laugh, "I'm sure that you slapped me that one time just for fun then?"

"No," she said, "No that day I really hated you."

"Well I'm glad you changed your mind after that day."

"I am too," she said, "I just want to keep this going well. No regrets."

"No regrets," he squeezed her. "No regrets ever."

"Eva, eva?" she said with a cute kiddy voice.


* * * * *

The pounding noise of someone knocking on the door woke him from his nap. He looked around for a moment then found where the noise was. "Lance! Phone!"

Lance pushed himself off the bed where he'd been curled up to Willa and went to the door, stretching his arms and cracking his back as he went. He pulled the door open. "What?"

Chris grimaced at him. "Sorry man. There's a call for you."

"Who is it?" He asked knowing that anyone important would call his cell phone.

"Do you know a guy named Kenneth Clope?"

Lance thought for a moment, running through his mind all the business contacts he could think of. "No?"

"Well he's on the phone and he needs to talk to you."

Lance looked back and made sure that Willa was still asleep then left the room. "Ok?" Lance said and walked across the room to where the hotel phone on the desk was laying off the hook.

Lance settled himself in a seat. "Hello?"

"Lance, Kenneth Clope. Do you remember me?"

"No?" he said, "Should I?"

"I met you in the Orlando Airport a few weeks ago. You were waiting for your girlfriend and I was waiting for my wife."

After a moment the guy's face appeared in his head. "Oh...yeah I remember," he said, "How'd you get this number?"

"It took some doing, but I got the number through your management company."

"What can I do for you?" Lance asked.

"Well actually it's what I can do for you. A friend of mine is a lawyer in New York and came down to visit me the other day. You remember how I told you that my daughter has a picture of you and your group on her wall?"

"Vaguely," he said.

"Well my lawyer friend, Rudgar O'Mear saw the picture of you and started telling me about how he had someone come into his office a few weeks ago and try to set up some papers that would prove a pregnancy. They asked about you."


"I know its a big coincidence that I'd met you in the airport, and I'm sure my friend will lose his licence for me telling you this, but they are planning something and I thought you should know. My daughter was in tears over it when Rudgar told us the story so I thought I'd better track you down. It's taken me a while to finally get through."

"Thanks Kenneth."

"Look. I know that you're a busy guy, my daughter was telling me that you're up in New York for a week of press stuff, but I'm flying up to New York tomorrow on business and I thought we could meet up. Rudgar ended up not taking the case for those people, but he spent an afternoon with them and has paperwork that I think you should see."

"Thanks," Lance said. He thought for a moment. "I don't know how much this means to me. I mean this whole thing has been in the news."

"I saw. Trust my daugther to get me involved in something like this. My daughter clued me in, basically told me everything about you, and although I can't do anything really myself, I'm no lawyer, I thought you should know."

Lance smiled. Never again would he say another bad thing about a fan. If this little girl could save his realtionship with Willa she'd have free tickets for a lifetime to any concert she wanted to see. "Is your daughter in school this week?"


"Is she there right now?"

"Yes," he said, "Why?"

Lance took a breath and thought. "I have a surprise for your daughter, it'll make you the best father in the world if you say its ok."

"What is it?"

"If you say its ok I can get her passes for a press conference we're having on Friday. You can come by, deliver the papers and have lunch with us. I'm sure your daughter would love it. If your friend is in town I'd love to meet with him."

"I'm sure I could set something up like that," Kenneth said.

"Well then I'll see you on Friday? You know where we're staying so why don't we meet around nine in the morning?"

"Sounds good to me."

"I'll see you then," Lance said.

After hanging up the phone Lance slapped the table and everyone looked at him.

"What the hell is going on?" Justin asked.

"Have you seen Melinda?"

"I think she went to take a nap," Justin said.

"Which room is she in?" he asked.

"Next door, two down on the right," Justin said.


"What's going on?" Willa asked coming out of the bedroom with a sleepy look in her eyes.

"I'm going to kick some ass, that's what's going on!"

Willa appeared in the doorway.

"Huh?" She said.

Lance went to her side, hugged her in a huge hug and whispered into the side of her head as he hugged her, "I told you that I was going to fix this and I'm going to keep that promise to you."

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