Snap Shots Series: Portrait


Lance wasn't in the mood to socialize after the show that night. He'd done well in the show, shutting himself off from the real world for the two some hours while he was on stage. When he exited the stage and hopped on the bus to go to the hotel his mind again wandered to the subject of Willa and the upcoming birth of their child.

Knowing that he had a guest, Lance had to act accordingly. When it came time to go out to a club with the others, he took his shower, put on the clothes that he'd saved to wear that night, and had escorted Jackie on their night out on the town as if nothing was wrong. In the car on the way over to the club she'd held onto his hand. She had been staring at him strangely, but he just smiled at her and tried to keep the subject of conversation far away from that day and the woman who had just thrown his life permanently upside down.

The tension radiating from the other guys was still present, but after a few drinks Lance didn't care. He kept Jackie at arms length and tried to party with everyone as if everything was ok, all the while his brain was still trying to process the information that had been thrown at him that afternoon.

"You ok?" Jackie said into his ear as the bass from the music bumped around them. Her arms were around him and she was hugging herself to him in the crowded club. Usually she wasn’t that clinging, but since he’d been keeping her close to him that night Lance figured that she was getting the signal that he wanted to be with her that night. It was something that he wanted, but at the same time that wasn’t his first reason for keeping her close to him. He wanted her to be there to remind him that he shouldn’t be thinking about Willa. He needed to have fun and party and he could deal with Willa the next morning.

Lance took a sip of his drink. He almost didn’t taste the thing in his cup anymore. He’d totally forgotten what he’d ordered last, but it looked like some kind of cola which meant that it was probably just a rum and coke. He nodded his head when he noticed her still watching him then leaned and kissed her since her mouth was close to his. It wasn't an overly intrusive kiss, just a quick one that showed that he was thinking about her without making it too obvious to the public what he was thinking about her. He kissed his way along her jaw line and up towards her ear. "Now I am," he said in a heavy voice leaning into her so that she could hear him.

Jackie wrapped her arms around him as he began to suck on her earlobe. He let out a big sigh and cringed a little as he nibbled on the lobe of her ear. "You're crazy, you know that?" she asked.

"Not crazy. Not crazy at all," he said with a lazy tone. "Unless you think that it's crazy for me to want to be with my girlfriend tonight."

"No," she said.

"See then," he smiled against the sensitive skin along her neck.

"Lance?" she pulled back from him for a minute. "What's gotten into you?"

"I don't know," he said with a smile and kissed her chin then trailed his kisses up to her neck, where he knew he’d get a giggle out of her if he kissed her just right, "Maybe it's your perfume."

She cringed a little as his kiss tickled her. "Maybe its all that alcohol."

"All what alcohol?" He said with a laugh pulled a little ways away from her to give her a smile. "I’ve been good. I’m twenty-one. I can legally drink what I want to."

"I’m not saying that. I just think its time to stop," she said.

"Why is that?" He asked trying to make a serious expression. He found it really hard to be in her arms and not smile and somehow that shouldn’t have been a burden to him, but it was.

"Because I think you’ve had enough," she said as she lifted his glass from his hand.

Lance grabbed for it back, got his hand around it again, but accidentally spilling some on her.

"Great Lance," she said with an annoyed look at him.

"I’m sorry," he said giving her a pouting look that he’d sometimes had seen Justin give Britney when Justin got in trouble with her. Usually Justin could weasel his way out of things with that look. He wasn’t sure that it was working for him.

"Let's go home," he said.

"Home?" She looked at him with a serious look. He really wasn’t that drunk, just relaxed enough to be able to actually have a little fun, but from what he could tell she wasn’t in the mood. She had been, but now she wasn’t. "You mean the hotel?"

"Yeah," he said loosing his balance a little as she took the glass from him again.

"OK there big guy, let's go," she said.

"I'd like that," he said with a nod of his head that made him dizzy. He kept his one hand firmly on the glass in his hand and put the other up to the side of his head to rub his temples a little.

"We should go find Wes," she suggested.

"You want a threesome?" Lance joked before he could stop himself. He laughed at the comment, but could tell that Jackie wasn't amused.

"You keep that up and I'll go be with Wes alone tonight," she said and hugged him, placing a kiss on his cheek and pulled the glass away from him again.

"That guy will crush you," Lance said with a smile trying to grab the glass back again.

"We better get you home," she said with a laugh quickly set his glass on a counter next to them and curled her arms around his waist and began pulling him towards the door.

Somehow between the club and the hotel they picked up Wes as a shadow. Lance was so used to having the guy follow him that sometimes he didn’t notice that he was there.

Tonight though it puzzled him a little about the when and where that they’d met up with him. Lance had been alone with her on the way out of the club and had sat in the back of the cab alone with her, but when they got out at the hotel and people began snapping pictures, Wes was there to guide them into the hotel.

Their pathway across the hotel lobby was a blur to him. He remembered seeing the flashes of more than a few faces staring at him, but other than that he wouldn’t have been able to describe the scene back to anyone. In the elevator he yawned and leaned against Jackie, putting his head into her neck to kiss her a few times as they waited to get to the floor.

"Are you ok?" she asked him at one point.

He nodded slightly this time remembering that his head had hurt the last time he’d nodded and he looked up at her. His depression from earlier in the day began to settle back on his shoulders as he waited to hear the ding of their arrival. He didn't mean to feel that way; it wasn’t fair to Jackie, but he couldn't help it. He wanted things to be perfect with her and they were that way from the outside, but inside it was all a mess.

When they reached their floor they got out of the elevator and walked down the hallway. Jackie at one point hugged herself to him, grabbed the key out and let them in the room. Lance remembered walking into the dark room and flopping onto the bed. He lay flat on his stomach and didn’t remember anything until he felt Jackie nudging him with her hand. "Honey, get changed and we’ll go to sleep."

"Hmmm?" He rolled onto his back and stared up at her. "You changed clothes?" He asked.

"Yeah," she said, "It’s bedtime honey. You need to put on your PJ’s."

"Ok Mommy," he said sarcastically letting out a laugh.

"Come on Lance get up," Jackie said and pushed at him again, "Get up and get changed so we can go to sleep."

"You want to go to sleep?" He asked looking at her. "You don’t want to stay up and hang out with me?"

"You were already asleep for a half hour," she said, "I think you should just go back to sleep." She moved away from the bed and he watched her walk across the room in her pajama bottoms to where her suitcase was sitting and T-shirt before he pushed himself up.

"Fine," he sighed, "I’m up." He got to his feet and tried to kick his feet out of his shoes. It took a minute to get them all the way off, but soon he was getting himself out of the rest of his clothes.

Jackie moved back across the room and pulled back the covers on the bed and slipped under the covers. He turned and smiled at her then pulled down the covers of his side of the bed and slid under the covers and curled up to where she was laying facing away from him.

"Jackie?" He said after she’d settled back into his arms.

"Yeah," she answered.

"Remind me tomorrow I have something to tell you," he said with a sleepy smile. He pressed a kiss to where his chin was resting against her shoulder.

"Why can’t you tell me now?" She asked.

"I don’t want to tell you while I’ve been drinking," he said.

"Does this have to do with the whole fight thing room this morning?"

"Yeah," he said, "Some of it does. Just remind me ok?"

"Ok," she said.

"Night," he mumbled and squeezed her to him before he closed his eyes.

Moments later the world seemed to be coming to an end. Lance’s cell phone rang, his pager went off and the hotel phone rang all at once.

When Jackie went to move away from him Lance didn’t let her go. "Don’t get that," he said lazily. "They probably just want to make sure that I got home ok and knowing the guys they probably want to try to interrupt me trying to have sex with you."

He felt Jackie cringe as the shrill sound of the hotel phone rang again. "You should at least answer one of them," she said.

"No," he said and pulled her closer to him. "Leave them alone."

"Are you sure?" She asked.

"Yeah," he restated. His hands roamed over her body and soon she turned in his arms as their petting soon transitioned into foreplay that left them panting between the kisses that they shared.

"Lance?" Jackie said as he began to slowly undress her.

"Hmm?" He sighed out as he lifted her shirt up and ran his hands along her sides, over her stomach and then up towards her breasts.

"Are you sure that you don’t have to answer the guys’ calls?" She asked.

Lance’s eyes shot up to hers. He couldn’t believe that she was questioning him like that. He might have bee a little over bearing with his movements that evening, but he couldn’t help it. She’d danced with him, hung on him, and drank with him and it was hard to ignore the effect she had on him, not only the mental teasing that she’d done, but the physical need he felt for her currently. "You really want me to stop this?" His hand slipped over her breast and he caressed her skin. "I don’t think you do."

Jackie smiled and moved towards his touches, but her voice protested the action, "I really think you should--"

Lance leaned and kissed her mouth deeply trying to distract her since it was clear that his hands on her weren’t enough. "Jackie, I want--"

A knock and the door made Lance groan out his frustration. "Fuck," he breathed out then turned towards the door, "Who is it?"

"It’s JC," the voice said.

"What do you want?"

"Open the door Lance. I need to talk to you."

"Not now!"

"Lance!" There was a banging on the door again. "Lance Willa’s in the hospital and Spanky says that we need to get there. Something happened to the baby."

Lance’s blood pressure shot through the roof. Willa. Hospital. Baby. The only words that would cause him to break out in a sweat. "What?" He immediately abandoned his exploration of Jackie’s body and hurried to the door, slipping back into the pants he’d pulled over a short time before.

A moment later he threw open the door and found JC standing there with an extremely upset look on his face. "She’s at the hospital," JC said and curled an arm around his shoulder as he guided him towards the elevator. Loni and Mike were there with them as they walked towards the elevator.

"Lance, you need a shirt," Wes called out from behind them and as they waited for the elevator to come Wes delivered a T-shirt to it’s owner.

Willa. Hospital. Baby.

"Thanks." He grabbed it and slipped it over his head.

Willa. Hospital. Baby.

Wes didn’t move away from where they were standing. "What do you want me to do with Jackie?"

Lance looked up. "Jackie?" He couldn’t get the words out of his head.

Willa. Hospital. Baby.

Willa. Hospital. Baby.

The words started to get a little worried him that he was having this reaction, but at the same time he reveled in the feeling. His baby was being born.

His baby. His head began to hurt.

He’d totally forgotten about the woman laying in his bed. "Tell her I’ll call the room when I find out what is going on."

"Does she know that the kid is yours?" Wes asked.

"What the fuck?" Lance said, "Does everyone fucking know?"

"Just about," JC said.

"I hate you," Willa gritted out between clenched teeth. A pain shot through her catching her by surprise. Her mouth opened and she held her breath.

"I know sweetie, I know. Keep breathing Willa. I know you're not feeling your best right now, but please don't pass out on me," Spanky answered from beside her. Her grip on his hand was hard and she could see her fingernails digging into his skin, but he didn’t once flinch away from their bond. He stood there with a smile on his face watching her as if he was getting some kind of enjoyment at seeing her lose her cool.

"I hate him too," she said as she ground her teeth a little with the pain. She'd never been in so much pain. She'd thought that losing Lance had been the worse thing that ever had happened to her, but the contractions that had hit her earlier. "He's a bastard! How could I have ever let him do this to me? I mean you hear about stuff like this on movies and books, but let me tell you… This isn't something I would wish on my worst enemy…well maybe Lance deserves to feel some of this pain, but really…"

"I know." Spanky nodded.

Willa was amazed at his reaction to all of this. When her labor pains had begun Spanky had taken it all in stride as if this sort of thing happened to him every day. He packed her up into the car and calmly drove her to the hospital while she spit and swore at him as the pain got worse and worse.

Now she was laying in the hospital pushing when the doctor said to as if it was just another day on the job to him. He held onto her hand and took the brunt of a string of assaulting words that flew at not only him, but also the hospital staff in the room.

"I’m sorry," she said as the pain subsided a little.

He gave her a sympathetic smile. "I know."

Willa frowned. "Will you please say something other than I know!"

Spanky looked around, then picked up a towel and brought it to her forehead then made eye contact with her again. "The guys are in the hallway waiting for you." His voice came out kind of chipper as if that news would take her mind off the situation she was in at the moment.

Willa reached over with her other hand and slapped at him, one slap with each word, "That. Wasn’t. The. News. I. Wanted. To. Hear."

"Lance isn’t out there. He was back at the hotel and JC went to go get him," Spanky informed her, "Justin, Chris, Joey, Bobbee and the other guards are out there."

"How nice," she said with a smug tone. Willa sighed and a pained and angry look came over her face. "I bet that boy will be late for his own wedding too."

"You want me to beat him up for you?" Spanky asked. His tone was still comical and she appreciated the effort he was taking in tyring to calm her down and get her mind off things, but she knew at the moment it was probably going to be impossible for her to forget the pain she was in.

"No," she said, "I’ll do it after I’m done here."

"Sure you will," the doctor piped in from where he was standing between her legs.

In her anger Willa had forgotten about her modesty. When she'd moved to LA she'd found Dr. Peter Bowman who she'd been told by Elena had helped with the pregnancy of a few of her model friends. He was a nice guy and they got along well, but at the moment she wasn't up for his humor.

"Excuse me," Willa said with a sharp tone. "This conversation doesn’t have anything to do with you so..." A labor pain came just as she was about to go on a tirade.

"I love you too Miss Marviani," the doctor said from behind the surgical mask he was wearing. "You think you can give me a few more pushes?"

"If I can get this damn--"

"Willa?" Spanky said stopping her swearing.

"Leave me alone you big oaf!" Willa said to him then turned to Dr. Bowman, "If it gets this baby out of me then I’ll do anything for you."

"Just pushing is all I need," he said and began to countdown with her.

When it was all over a few moments later Willa leaned her head back on the pillow and looked away from Spanky. She had tears in her eyes and she knew that they should be tears of joy, but they weren’t. She knew that this was just the beginning of another set of headaches for her. Of course she would love her baby and do all that needed to be done, but at the same time she knew that the kid needed a father and the act that the father was missing in action made her more upset than anything.

"It’s a baby boy," the doctor said a few moments later.

Willa’s hand slipped out of Spanky’s and reached for the crying baby. When she took him into her arms she felt him shiver and she immediately looked at the doctor in surprise.

"He’s just a little cold. Don’t worry about it," the doctor said, "He’s got all his fingers and toes and he’s going to be just fine. We're going to keep him here for a few nights since he was born about three weeks before he should have been, but don't worry. From that cry of his it seems like he'll be out of here in no time flat."

"Thank you," she said and cuddled him up next to her. "Well James Wilfred, it’s nice to finally meet you."

The baby cried more which brought tears to her eyes.

"I’ll leave you two alone," Spanky said and began to back away from where she was lying.

"No," Willa said and turned the baby towards him, "JW I want you to meet your Uncle Spanky."

Spanky smiled at her then at the baby and stuck his finger near JW’s hand. The baby surprised the both of them when he reached out and grabbed Spanky’s huge finger.

A nurse soon approached them and took the baby away. "We'll bring him back in a little while, but you need to rest and I believe you have some visitors."

"Are there four guys outside?" she asked the nurse.

"There are a few men and two or three woman and I think I saw a reporter or two waiting downstairs when I started my shift about an hour ago," the nurse said.

"Reporters?" Willa groaned.

"Don't you worry about that ok?" Spanky said, "Just lay back and relax. "Do you want me to go find out who's outside."

"Yeah, would you?" Willa asked.

"Lay back sweetie. I'll be right back."

As the nurse opened the door to the room Willa could hear some commotion in the hallway.

"Let me in. I'm the dad of that kid!"

"Lance?" She spoke in a whisper as tears came to her eyes. He'd come and he was going to save her from all of this and make things like they had been the year before.

Willa sat straight up and waited to see what would happen. A few moments later a man appeared in the door. Her heart sunk when she saw that it was the wrong man.

"Hi honey," Brennan said approaching her.

Willa cringed back from his approach and covered herself with her blanket more. A chill came over her causing her to shake. The action made her even more upset because she didn't want Brennan to think that she was scared of him, although a little bit of her was still a little leery of him.

Spanky stood between them and stared at him with an evil look. "Get back," he said when he got too close.

"What are you doing here Brennan?" she asked.

"Nothing," he said, "Other than coming to see my son or daughter."

"The kid isn't yours!" Willa screamed at him. She grabbed at the pillow behind her and threw it at him. It wasn't something that would at all hurt him or even detour his actions, but she needed the phsycial movement of the throw to calm herself down.

Spanky took that moment to push him out of the room. "Willa try and get some sleep. I'll be back after I get rid of him."

"You know this is abuse," Brennan said, "I could totally sue you."

"Do it," Spanky said as they went through the doorway, "Go right ahead. In fact if you give me the number of your lawyer I'll be sure to file the papers myself."

The door closed and Willa found herself feeling sleepy. She had been excited to hold her new baby and now found that she already missed him, but her fatigue got the best of her and she let her mind begin to wander.

It took a minute, but soon she found a comfortable position to sleep in and she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


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