Kelly shoved her left elbow against the door to enter the house as the automatic garage door opener lowered the outer door back to the closed position. She'd barely squeezed her Tacoma in it's space next to Joey's Escalade in the garage, leaving just enough room for her to manage to grab out the five plastic bags of groceries that she was now struggling to hold onto. She knew she could call Joey out to help, but with the garage still closing and three cars lined up down the street full of fans she wasn't about to attempt it. The fans had already screamed and waved when she drove by and she didn't want him to be bothered by them that day. It was family day. There were no plans, just time for the three of them be together.

"Joe!" she called out coming through the mud-room where the washer and dryer were both at work.

From the other room there was a noise then she heard Joey yelp, "Brianna!"

The next sound that filled the air was Brianna's crying. It was a high pitched squeal that turned into mumbling cries, mostly asking for Joey to get her mom for her. Kelly knew enough that her child wasn't hurt. This was her "I'm startled cry" like when she'd be sitting out on the porch and the door would slam shut and scare her. If it had been something else she would have gone running, but this didn't seem to be a life or death situation.

"Joe!" Kelly repeated pulling the five bags clumsily into the kitchen trying to avoid Nikita, the miniature Doberman, who was now nipping at her feet and yelping. "Joe get this dog out from under my feet and come and help me put the groceries away. He's biting my jeans again." She looked at the dog who had a tooth caught on the hem of her jeans and growled at him. "Nikita...I swear that you're the devil."

"You don't have to yell at my baby," Joey said calmly from the entryway. He held a still crying Brianna in his arms, one arm under her bottom and the other around her back holding her close to him as she cried. She'd left over two hours ago to run errands and returned to find her daughter in a new shirt and shorts, meaning that there had been some accident, probably involving food that had caused him to change her into something new.

The scene, if not for the noise around them would have been a Kodak moment. She always loved when he held their daughter. He was so caring and careful with her that sometimes she forgot all the stories she heard in the press about him flirting and roughhousing with the guys. She knew the stories were all false, or at least according to Joey they were, but seeing her man and daughter together truly erased whatever images came to mind when she thought of him.

Kelly pushed her hands through her curly hair, pushing strands out of her face before she finally got frustrated and redid her pony tail altogether. Turning her head up she smiled the foot difference between their heights and moved her lips to show a kiss before she went on with her cleaning. "I wasn't yelling at your baby. I swear we need to get that dog checked for rabies. He's crazy. He's obsessed with my jeans and these are brand new."

"You were the one who was yelling honey," he said as Brianna wiggled in his arms towards her mother. "You don't even realize that you're doing it."

"Well it's hotter than he--" Kelly stopped and smiled and reached for Brianna stopping to hold onto her daughter and hug her. "Brianna, what's wrong jelly bean?"

She touched her ears, tugging a little on her tiny gold stud earrings and looked at Joey with a frown. "Owwie."

"Did you have a good trip?" Joey got a guilty look on his face and changed the subject as he moved across the small kitchen space. He leaned for and received a kiss from her on the lips then handed her Brianna motioning that if she took Brianna he'd help put things away.

"What were you yelling at Brianna for earlier?" she asked as she moved her hands over Brianna's cheeks to wipe away her tears. She turned and looked at Brianna who still had tears caught in her eyelashes. "It's ok jelly bean."

His head lifted a little as he dug through the bags then he turned and looked at her as he walked the milk over to the refrigerator. "I wasn't yelling. I'm not the yeller in the family..." He went and shoved the bread in the breadbox and then mimicked her in a high pitched voice, "Joe! Joe! Come and help me put the food away."

She rolled her eyes and moved Brianna to her hip, pausing to tug her shirt over Brianna's diaper and bare tummy before she grabbed out two cans of frozen juice and started to put them away. "Ok...what did you say to Brianna loudly to make her cry?"

With that comment, Joey stopped in the middle of the small kitchen and she watched his expression turn into one of shock. Kelly loved his expressions. The over exaggerated O-shape of his mouth and his eyebrows lifting made him into almost a cartoon version of himself. They had been part of the reason that she fell in love with her.

His voice was soft when he spoke. "I didn't make her cry."

"Joe. I mean it. What happened earlier to make her cry?" She hated how easily she slipped into parent mode. It was one thing to be that way with Brianna, but acting that way to her boyfriend was just a little strange.

"She threw a shoe at my balls," he said simply as if he was talking to one of the guys.

Even though Kelly should have said something to him about the use of balls in front of their child she thought about the situation a little. Joey seemed to be reacting as if Drew Bledsoe threw the shoe at his crotch, not a one and a half-year-old baby girl. Brianna could barely pick up his shoe let alone throw it shot put style at her father's privates. She giggled trying to picture that. "She can't throw that hard. I'm sure it wouldn't have hurt that bad."

Joey turned around from where he was putting some cans away and looked at her. "When you grow balls I'll show you how it felt," he said angrily shaking a can of beans at her, "I never told you that it shouldn't hurt when Brianna bit your boob so don't tell me about my balls. We may already have one kid, but I'm planning on having another one day and I kind of need these little guys." He put the beans in the lower cabinet where they belonged with the other canned stuff then quickly touched his crotch.

"Joe stop saying balls and boobs in front of her. She picks up everything you say."

"No she doesn't," Joey said.

"Yes she does," Kelly said looking at Brianna, "Don't you baby." She smiled and kissed her daughter. "But mommy says not to listen to daddy's swearing right?"

"Is not good," Brianna said, "No poop o a-wod."

"Yep that's right," Kelly said, "No saying the a word or poop."

"What words are those?" Joey asked.

"She was running around here saying--" she paused and started to spell the words, "A-S-S and S-H-I-T."

Again Joey made that surprised face. "I didn't know that she was picking that stuff up. I'll have to talk to the guys."

"Maybe you should have a talk with her dad," Kelly said with a smile, "He's the one with the worst language."

"Hey Kel," he said protesting her comment, "I'm trying. I've been better this trip."

"Until today when you said the b words over and over again."

"I'm sorry, but she hurt me and I have to be protective of myself." Joey sighed, "We better have a boy next time so I'm not the only male in the family. I'll kill myself if I have to deal with--"

"You'll love whatever we have." She leaned and kissed him. "Do you need help with that stuff, or are you good?"

"I'm good."

[ five hours later...]

Joey pulled the door to Brianna's room shut and took a deep breath. He could believe he'd just spent the last half hour talking to his daughter about Barbie and Ken sitting in her Barbie pink room. The guys would never let him hear the end of it if he told them that knew the family history of Barbie and had spent at least a half-hour playing with Ken and Barbie for Brianna. He felt for a moment that all the testosterone had left the house and felt like having a beer and watching football or something to make up for it.

A yawn formed before he could catch it and he looked at his watch. It wasn't even that late, but he felt as if he'd been working that day instead of just staying home to stay with his family. He'd been with her most of that day, other than the hour that he'd fallen asleep before dinner and had forgotten how much energy it took to take care of her.

"Kel?" he said walking into their bedroom as he pulled off his belt. He paused for a moment as he saw that she was pulling on her clothes and let his eyes rest on her almost naked body for a moment. When she turned and looked in his direction he threw his belt on the foot of the bed and sighed, "I'm gonna have to get you a spa day again. I didn't think I remembered how much energy that little girl takes out of grown ups."

"Welcome to my world honey," she said as she pulled her pajama top over her bare breasts then leaned to pull on a pair of matching shorts. When she leaned over he could see the curves of her chest due to the v-neck of the shirt being stretched out a little. "I'm glad you stayed with her today. She misses you and I'm not sure she's old enough to understand everything just yet."

"I miss her too," he said then slid out of his shirt and looked towards the bathroom. "I'm gonna take a shower real quick Hon then I'll come to bed." He threw the shirt towards the doorway of the walk in closet.

Kelly began to pull the pillows off the bed and put them on the wooden chest at the end of the bed. "You don't have to tell me Joe. I'm in the middle of this book--" She picked up a thick book from the nightstand and showed him the cover, "I'm not tired just I'll wait up for you."

"You look kind of tired babe. If I take too long just go to bed," he said and walked to her side, holding his pants up with one hand. He leaned and kissed her twice, once quickly and once more slowly, "I love you."

"I love you too honey." She smiled, "Thank you for spending time with Brianna today so I could run errands."

Joey shrugged and waited for a moment for her to get settled into bed then stepped out of his jeans and threw them across the bed to his side. He never would have picked the tan and light brown swirled bedspread that Kelly liked, but now that they'd lived with it for almost a year he wasn't minding it so much. "No trouble. I'll be back in a minute."


"What?" he asked turning around.

"Sweetie throw those underwear out." She opened her book and began to search for the page she'd been reading the night before.

"Why?" he asked turning to look at the back of his boxers.

"You've got a hole in the butt," she said.

"So?" he said, "They're comfortable."

"Joey...I'm not letting you run around in underwear that have holes in them...don't you know that old saying that you should always have on good underwear in case you get in an accident."

"You're the only one that sees me in my boxers anyway Kel," he said with a shrug, "Trust me."

"Whatever honey."


Joey's shower lasted about fifteen minutes, enough time to soap down, wash his hair and rinse off. He really hadn't done that much that day, but he'd been running around after Brianna so he thought he'd take a shower and relax a little before he went to lie down.

When he came back out into the bedroom Joey didn't bother with pulling on clothes. He wore a towel around his waist and used another one to dry off then pulled both towels off and threw them towards the closet before he slipped under the sheets next to where Kelly was still sitting with her book in her lap.

The lights were off except the lamps on each side of the bed so he didn't feel like he was putting on a show. He might have been half erect thinking about the possibilities of the event, but he didn't think that she'd mind. He'd never heard her complain in the past about wanting her.

"Joe what are you doing?" she asked looking over.

"Nothing," he said with a smile, "I'm just getting comfortable." He plumped his pillows up a little, fixed the blankets so that the comforter was off him, but the sheets were then put his hands behind his head and stared up at the ceiling.

"You're naked," she pointed out.

"Yeah?" He looked over, "Is there a problem with that?"

"No...just why?"

"I always sleep nude," he said.

"No you don't."

"Yes I do," he replied back looking at her with a goofy smile on his face. "Easy access."

"Great," she said, "My man the whore."

His hands slid out from under his head and snaked across the bed towards her. He curled his arms around her middle and pulled her across the bed, letting her book drop to the floor.

"Joe!" she said in mock protest then slid her arms around her middle to cover his.

"Baby," he said, "It's my last night home for two weeks." His hand slid up a little under her shirt and moved across her breast a little.

"Joe?" she said.

"Yes?" he said, "That's my name."

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm trying to seduce you," he said the pulled away, turning away from her to playfully pout about the situation, knowing that if he did so Kelly would play along. "But I guess I'm losing my touch. I walk around naked, touch you, use all my little tricks, but I guess it's not working."

Moments later the lamp next to her side of the bed was switched off and he felt her move across the bed. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, pulling in the scent of her as she pressed her body against his bare back. Her hands slid around his hips and across his stomach as she whispered, "Turn out the lights Joe."

Joey reached and flipped the lights off then turned and pulled Kelly against him. He held her there for a moment against him. He ran a hand over her hair and kissed her temple then moved his hands to her cheeks to pull her face close to his for a kiss. He ravished her lips with his for a time before pulling back breathlessly to ask, "Kel, take off your clothes baby."

"What?" she asked smiling against his lips. "No foreplay? Just wham bam thank you ma'am?"

"Kel?" He rolled them over so that he was lying on top of her. He reached and spread her legs out a little to settle himself between them then propped himself up so that he could look at her in the low light of the room. He didn't let that sigh of contentment from her pass from his attention. She liked this as much as he did.

The streetlights from outside left them with just enough light to see each other. She took the look he was giving her and smiled, licking her lips. In return he leaned and kissed the exposed skin of her neck and chest before panting out, "I want to make love to you then get to the foreplay and do it all over again."

She smiled up at him and moved her hands around his neck putting her hands through his wet hair. "Oh."

"Does that sound good?" he asked moving one hand down to caress her thigh.

Kelly moved her hands from his hair and neck and ran them down his back, exploring every inch of skin before sliding down over his butt to pull him closer as he nibbled on her neck and lips.

"Kel?" he breathed out.

"Yeah?" he asked.

Joey moved away from her for a moment so that she could move. "Take your pajamas off."

Kelly did as was asked and moments later their bare bodies were touching head to foot. He'd been home for two days now, but making love to her hadn't been the priority. The first night he'd been home he'd been too tired to do anything. The next night the excuse had been that Brianna hadn't gone to bed on time and had insisted to sleep with them, but tonight was all theirs.

He was amazed at how just touching her like that made him feel so much better. She felt like home. He always had been considered the flirt of his group of friends, but having someone familiar with him was what he wanted. He wanted to be able to know how to make a woman happy without thinking about it or searching for sensitive spots. He'd known Kelly so long that he could tell what she liked and didn't like and even though some guys might have said that it was boring when they got that familiar with a woman, Joey craved it.

They still had a fresh attitude towards their sex lives, making love in the shower or in the backyard when Brianna was at his parents' house, but nights like this were the best. Knowing that he could make love to her and fall asleep in her arms without having to get up and leave or worry about someone in a hotel seeing them together was something that he loved.

"What's wrong?" Kelly asked.

Joey shook his head and smiled, "Nothing baby." He realized that he'd totally stopped and was staring down at her, probably with a strange expression on his face. To make up for his absent-minded-ness he ran his hands over her body then ran his hand between them, touching her intimately between her legs before he sighed. "I was just thinking about how good you feel. I miss this when I'm not home."

"You miss my vagina?" she asked. "Thanks Joe."

"No," he said slipping a finger in her knowing that it would stop her from speaking, "I missed you. I miss knowing someone the way I know you. It's hard to be out on the road and not have that."

"So you don't like to hang out with whores?" he asked, "You should at least ask them their names."

Joey removed his hand from her, "That's not what I was talking about."

"Joe." She slid her hands between them. She caressed him slightly teasing the sensitive skin of the head of his penis to catch his attention, "Joe. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to distract you with that. I'm glad you think of me as home."

Joey took a breath and pushed her hair away when he started to feel like he wanted to press against her hand more than he should. He wanted to save himself for her. He didn't need to be cumming in either of their hands if the real thing was sitting right there. It didn't make sense.

"I love you," he said and moved so that he could easily slip inside her. He paused for a moment to look at her, "You ok?"

She stared at him for a moment and leaned and kissed him, "You feel good."

"You feel good too," he said softly and began to move his hips against her, watching the way that her eyes slid half closed and her tongue darted out to lick her lips every so often as their love making began.


Hours later, just as the sun rose, he slid from bed, slipped on a fresh pair of boxers and went to go check on Brianna. He would be leaving that morning again for tour, but wanted to kiss her goodbye before he went.

When he found her awake sitting in her bed playing with her Barbie he went in the room.

"Hi jelly bean," he said and lifted her from her bed, making sure that her Barbie came with her. "We need to change your diaper then go see mommy."

"Diapo," she said.

Joey was careful as he laid her on her back on the changing table. "Did you sleep good jelly bean?"

"I not jeey bean," she said as he moved her frilly Barbie pajamas out of the way. "I Bri-na-na."

He smiled at her and leaned and kissed her, "You're a cutie Brianna."

When he removed her diaper he found it fairly dry and sighed a sigh of relief. He wasn't at all going to complain about changing diapers, but he was glad that she was getting old enough now to be potty trained. She normally had a few accidents through the day, but was getting better about telling people when she needed to use the "bafroom", as she called it.

When she was back in a fresh diaper he pulled her up and carried her into the master bedroom.

"Joe?" Kelly said sleepily from where he'd left her.

"I woke up and Brianna was up so I changed her and brought her into snuggle with us before I have to leave," he said as he slid into bed, setting Brianna in between them.

Their little family spent the last hour of his being in Orlando lying together and talking. Brianna normally wasn't that talkative, but she decided to tell them a story about Barbie and he listened and watched the loves of his life interact, memorizing every word and every moment so that it would last him another few weeks until he could see them again.


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