Somebody Needs You 6

"What's gotten into you?" she asked as she stomped down the hallway with him.  She was having a bit of trouble keeping up with him, but she tried not to let it show.  Any weakness with Lance now would only give him more ammunition.

"I'm trying to get to our box because I don't want to cause a riot out here," he said eyeing her.  She could tell by his disapproving look that he wasn't at all thrilled with the idea that she might actually bug him about something like that.  "What's gotten into YOU?"  His eyes scanned her body and this time there was a look on disgust on his face instead of the slight appreciation she'd seen in his eyes earlier in the hotel room.

She'd gone into the bathroom and gotten ready and came back to find a completely different man waiting for her.  Throughout dinner he'd been fairly quiet, but she didn't know if that was just him or the fact that she and John seemed to have so much to talk about.  When he'd stepped away from them he'd made a phone call and it seemed after that he'd completely lost interest in her and the concert and everything else, as if that phone call had erased everything else in his head.

When they got to the door he unlocked it and looked at Loni who waved and went down to the end of the hall.  Loni had been listening to the conversation and would probably ask about it later, but for the moment he seemed to want to get away from the two of them.  "Do you want to come in or do you want to extend this conversation to the rest of the floor?  I don't know about you, but I'd love to get my picture all over the internet fighting with a woman.  That would be a perfect end to what's been an extremely perfect night."

"Oh this is far from over," she said and walked past him.  

The clicking of the door closing met her ears and she heard Lance slide out of his jacket.  She heard it fall onto the couch and heard his breath in the silent room.  She wasn't sure how this was going to go, but she almost felt like she needed to make the first move because if not he would always think that this conversation was his idea and that he'd won whatever prize they were competing for.

By the time she was turning around to face him he had covered half the room.  Lance had a smooth way about him as he moved towards her and grabbed her around the waist.  She'd have screamed or made some kind of protest, even called for Loni, but he prevented that from happening when he kissed her.  His tongue and hands made their mark on her and when he pulled away moments later she couldn't think of anything to say to him.

She'd always heard of kisses that would literally erase every thought in someone's head, but this was the first one she'd ever experienced.  Boys had kissed her and taken her breath away, but this was the first time she wasn't sure if she could walk or talk ever again.  Her heart raced and her lips had gone dry and she longed for him to kiss her again so he could start her back up again.

If it had been someone else she would have smacked them, but the look in his eyes made her soften to him.  There was clearly something wrong with him and with one look she was made his friend instead of his enemy.  She should have pushed him away, smacked him or something to show him that she was upset about him doing what he did, but it would have been a lie.  She liked the devilish look in his eyes.  This look was something she'd never seen, or at least she'd never seen it directed towards her.  There was passion and a bit of pain and when he moved to kiss her again she didn't move away.

As his hands slid around her they played with her belt loops then he moved his hands to press against her lower back.  His fingertips moved slowly across her exposed skin when he pushed her shirt aside and as his tongue moved with hers, pulling the kiss to a deeper level, his hands pressed against her, massaging her skin and bringing her closer.

Finally he broke the kiss and his hands loosened a little.  His chest rose and fell as he tried to catch his breath.  She was so oblivious to everything else that she didn't realize until moments later that she was doing the same thing.


"I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" she asked not sure what to think of this conversation.  She couldn't remember anything at the moment.

"I'm sorry.  I'm just pissed off about stuff that has nothing to do with you."

"What happened?" she asked, "I don't want to pry, but who the hell was on the phone that made you sooo pissed off?"

"Shh," he breathed into her ear.  He closed his eyes and shook his head.  The soft breath on the sensitive skin there made her neck move.  She was ticklish and she squirmed a little to get away.  "There's something I want to show you."

It was another one of those moments that needed a lot of thought but wasn't going to get enough.  Rationally she should have run away from him right that moment and left him there, but the other half of her brain was enjoying the feeling of his fingertips moving along the edge of her pants and shirt.

"Lance?" she breathed out.

"Colleen," he breathed out.

There was a loud roar of noise outside where they were standing and the whole building seemed to vibrate.  "Up next--JOHN MAYER!"

"Oh my God," she said and moved away from him to look out over the balcony as the lights went down a little.

His eyes lingered along the waist of her jeans and his eyes followed the seam that led from her lower back down towards the curve of her bottom.  He ached to reach and move his hands over the back pockets of her jeans, but he knew he shouldn't.  He'd already made a bold move by kissing her and he was lucky she hadn't called the police on him earlier when he'd taken her bag.

The short break in the sexual tension between them would give him a chance to calm himself down.  If he was going to go through with what he started before he sure as hell wasn't going to make love to her there.  The couch would have been big enough for the both of them, but he didn't want to do it that way with her.  It was too important to him to cheapen things between them.

"Babe?" he said, not thinking that it was probably wrong of him to call her that nick name.

She didn't hear the name so he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, putting his lips close to her ear as John Mayer started into his second song.  "Babe?  You want a drink?"

Colleen moved her head and put her mouth near his ear.  "Anything except beer."

"Ok, I'll be right back.  Don't fall over the balcony on me, ok?" he said.

She laughed and pointed.  "I love this."

"I know," he kissed her cheek and moved away from her, going over to where catering had been set up for them.  It had taken a more than a few phone calls and he'd called in a few favors, but that afternoon while she'd probably had been plotting his death, he'd arranged for them to have drinks and desert and to see the show.  He was glad to see that all that he'd ordered had arrived.

Grabbing a Corona for himself he popped the top off a Mike's Hard Lemonade and moved back across the room towards her.

cause I wander sometimes
about the outcome
Of a still verdictless life
am I living it right
am I living it right
am I living it right
why, why Georgia, why

rent a room and I fill the spaces with
wood and places to make it feel like home
but all I feel’s alone

"You having fun?" he asked moving towards her as she sang along with the live performance.  Her cheeks were pink and her eyes wide as if she didn't want to blink and miss a thing.

She nodded and took her drink from him.  She drank down a gulp of it then knocked her bottle against his and surprisingly enough leaned and kissed him quickly.  "Thank you."

When she shivered Lance gulped down his mouthful of beer before he reached down to push the coffee table out of the way and moved one of the bar stools closer to the edge of the railing.  He sat down on it and pulled her closer so that she wouldn't be cold, maneuvering her so that she was between his legs.  He kept one arm around her and grabbed his beer and took another swig of it.  "Better?"

"Yes," she said and leaned back against him as she watched the show.

Over the next half hour or so he gulped down three beers and she'd matched him drink for drink with Mike's Hard Lemonades.  He was surprised to find out that Colleen knew every word to every song that John sang and she basically knew the order of the songs he'd sing, even though she claimed that she'd never been to a concert before that night.

"Are you getting tired yet?" he asked her into his ear as he slid his lips down to cover the bare skin that lay between her ear and her neck.  The way she was standing left her enough room to move between where he'd had his feet propped up on the rungs of the barstool and occasionally treated him with the pleasure of having her bottom or hip grind against his crotch.

She turned in his arms.  John was taking a quick break to change guitars and get a drink so there wasn't as much noise.  Her eyes were shining with the alcohol and the excitement she was having.  "We don't have to go home early do we?"

"No," he said.  He put his beer down and put his hands on her hips as she put hers around his shoulders.  "I just wanted to make sure that you were still having fun."

"This is the best time I've had in a while."  She smiled at him.  "Thank you."

"No trouble at all," he said watching her lips as she spoke.  There wasn't a lot to his plan for that evening, but he knew that he wanted to be there with her and have some time to spend with her that wasn't work time.

"Are you having fun?" she asked, "I know he's not your--"

Lance pulled her forward and kissed her.  "As long as you're having fun then I'm having fun."

"What are we doing?" she asked as he moved his lips to her neck again and pulled her even closer.

"I was kissing you," he said, "You seemed to like it before."

"Why?" she asked.

"You seriously want to get into a discussion with me about this?" he asked tipping his head back a little to look at her.

"You just seem so caught up about stuff earlier that I didn't think I was even--"  She nervously stared at his lips.  "I didn't think that I was in the running for something like this."

"Something like what?" he asked.

She moved back from him and closed up the sliding glass doors that connected to the rest of the arena so that they could hear each other a little better.  "I don't know."

"Hey hey," he said and tried to act a little drunker than he was.  He was seeing her pull away and didn't want her to and knew that if he acted that way, maybe she'd relax and actually talk to him thinking that he might not remember it in the morning.  "Come on.  You and I are all about having fun," he said, "Sing for me again like you did on the flight."

"No," she said and blushed, "I'm horrible at it."

"But you have personality though!"  He pulled her closer.  "Sing for me.  I'm always singing for other people, but no one ever sings to me anymore."

"I'm really bad," she warned.

"Please," he said and began to pout.

"What should I sing?" she asked.

"The next song.  I know you have to know it."  He moved his body to cause her to danced a little.  "You know them all."

"Ok," she turned her head a little and he reached up and caressed her neck with his hand.  He liked the way that she leaned into his touch a little and felt himself get completely aroused when she turned back and smiled and began to sing to him.

We got the afternoon
You got this room for two
One thing I've left to do
Discover me
Discovering you

His hands were pulled from his side and her neck and she put them on her hips.  She began to move her lips a little and he held onto her as she swayed and sang the words to him.  His eyes started where his hands were at her hips and moved across her belly before moving up towards where the t-shirt dipped low between her breasts.  He moved his hands up her sides, gripping her ribs lightly before touching his hands to the undersides of her breasts.

One mile to every inch of
Your skin like porcelain
One pair of candy lips and
Your bubblegum tongue

His lips were met by hers as she leaned an put her arms around him.  He finally made contact with her eyes and she was drunker than he'd first suspected.  She seemed to be ok on her feet, but she wasn't wearing her heels so he had a feeling that she would be steady on her feet.

"Come here," he said.  His hands slid low now and reached the hemline of her shirt.  He pushed the fabric up and looked again at her mouth as she sang more lyrics.

And if you want love
We'll make it
Swimming a deep sea
Of blankets
Take all your big plans
And break 'em
This is bound to be a while

Your body is a wonderland
Your body is a wonder (I'll use my hands)
Your body Is a wonderland

Her hands moved down his chest as his slid her shirt up a little farther as her hands reached his fly.

"Let me," she said before her brain could stop her.  Her hands moved from where they'd started to undo his pants.  His hands had made it to the fly of her jeans and she wasn't going to let him rip them off of her.

Her heart broke in two, but at the same time those pieces were fused together in a manner that she'd never thought possible. The thought of being in Lance's arms that night gave her a million times more pleasure than a hundred nights of saving herself from harm.  She was shocked at her behavior, shocked that she would chose to be with him even though she'd had so many run-ins like this before.  She'd never been with a man physically like this before.  It wasn't the fact that she didn't have the experience.  Now it was the principal that she would take a chance on a man--the one man in her life--that wasn't available.  With his hands on her like that and her hands getting no resistance from him she knew that she should go with the flow and enjoy everything that was going to happen that night.

She stepped away from him and for a moment it crossed her mind that she could draw this out a little.  She'd had enough practice taking off her clothes, but she'd been drinking and wasn't sure if anyone was going to see them through the glass windows that were protecting them from the rest of the concert goers.

Lance shook his head and moved her hands away when she started to take off her shirt.

"What?" she asked.

Her jaw almost dropped to the floor as his expression changed.  He became innocent and nervous and as he stepped towards her she tried not to be nervous too.  She got a little confused when he moved passed her, but when she found him closing the blinds to the rest of the people she smiled.  He moved back across the room to lock the outer door then came to stand in front of her again.

Both his hands reached for her shoulders and slid down her arms before curling around her.  He hugged her tight for a moment before his hands moved again to the fly of her jeans and began undoing them.  She expected him to just drop her pants right there but instead he pressed a kiss to her neck then leaned down a little, moving his hands to the laces on her shoes.  "Hold onto my shoulder," he said.

She did as she was told.  Her hand moved to his shoulder and she steadied herself as she moved her foot out of the first shoe.  She repeated the process with the other foot and soon was standing there in underwear, and bra.  He'd stripped her like a professional and she was finding herself enjoying the attention.  She felt like covering up, but knew that he'd realize the truth about her if she even flinched at his actions.

When he stood back up he leaned and kissed her lips, this time being very sensitive with his lips.  As he moved to walk away she watched him.  "What are you doing?"

He looked back over her shoulder as he walked towards the bar stool he'd been sitting on before, but didn't say a word.

"Go sit on the couch," he said and moved away from her.  She was about to ask again where he was going, but she soon found out.  She expected him to come back over to her, but instead she watched him reach down and pull off his shoes.  He kept his back to her as he pulled off his shirt and then worked on the buckle of his pants.

Not knowing what else to do she moved to the couch.  He'd arranged for a nice suite for them.  It wasn't the back of some car in an alleyway.  That was the only thought that comforted her as she sat near the pillow and watched him as he slid out of his jeans and hang them over the back of the other couch.

When he turned around it was apparent how she had caused a reaction in him.  When she looked up at his face as he walked back over in just his boxers she saw a confidence in his eyes.  His eyes never left hers as he came to stand in front of where she was half lying on the couch.

"This is your last chance to back out of this," he said.

"I don't want to," she said and moved her hands up to his hips.  She didn't know what was going to happen in the next few moments, but the thought of leaving made her want to cry.

Lance smiled at that comment and moved onto the couch with her.  She saw fire in his eyes as he began to sing the next line of the song.  "I'll never let your head hit the bed without my hand behind it."

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