Somebody Needs You

"I think the group is going to do well." 

When he turned around and saw her standing there he had to blink a few times before he realized that it was her. He brought his glass to his lips and sighed before taking a long gulp of it.

He started to say her name, but she stopped him and pointed towards the group of people around him.

"Thanks," he said, forcing a smile before he looked back towards the girl in front of him, holding his hands out to her to get the picture she wanted autographed. 

"I was wondering if we could talk later?" Carrah asked.

"Yeah." He could have made her the priority of the moment and told the fans that he would be back, but in this type of atmosphere and with the tension between them he wasn't going to move his schedule to fit hers. He didn't want to look desperate to get back in her good graces, even if that was his first reaction. "Sure, whatever. Let me just get these girls their autographs and then grab something to eat before I can get away for a minute." 

She nodded and pointed towards the bar. "I'm going to grab a drink and I'll head over to VIP." 

He nodded and looked back at the papers in front of him. 

"Who was that?" a girl asked. 

"One of my friends from home," he said with a smile. "I didn't even know she was gonna be here tonight." 

"What about Colleen?" 

"What?" he asked hearing her name.  He looked around.  They hadn't made any plans to see each other right away knowing that she had to work and he had to finish up with the group stuff, but they were going to call each other that next day and plan another weekend together.

"The girl that was with you at CFTC?" 

"Oh yeah," he said, "She had to get back to work--umm, she's not here." 

"Oh." The girl said. 

"Well it was nice meeting you. I should go and try to find my friend. I'll talk to you all later." 


"Bye," he said and waved to them before he scoped out the room and found her by the bar still.

Maybe it was just that he was missing Colleen, or maybe it was because he was lonely in general that night, but when he came up behind Carrah at the bar he moved to hug her from behind and held her there for a long time.

"Hey," she said softly and leaned her cheek against his arm.  "I'm sorry I showed up like that, but Zach and I are in town and I wanted to see you.  I called Melinda and she made sure that I'd be able to get in."

"No," he said, "No, that's good.  So where is this Zach guy?"

"He's--"  She looked around the room and found someone then pointed, "Over there with--"  She patted her head.  "The one with the red baseball hat on."

Lance's eyes found a large, but a gentle looking man talking to one of the newest MTV VJ's.  He watched him for a moment and didn't see anything wrong with the guy for the moment.  "You're really getting married?"

"Yes."  She didn't quite look him in the eyes and that bothered him.  "He's a great guy Lance and he makes me happy and--"

"Is this why you couldn't hang out with me?"

She nodded and wiped at her face.  "I tried to do both and Zach said that he couldn't deal with me if I was being your venting post."

"Venting post?"

"You call up like a whirwind and dump on me then get off the phone and I could handle that before, but it causes havoc in my life."


"I know you need that Lance.   You need somebody to be there for you and I'm sure someone will end up being that person for you, but you have to realize that with a relationship you have to work both ways.  That person is going to need you too and you have to be there for them."

"Things do work both ways.  You've always known that you can call me up any time to talk.  When you were going through--"

"You have to make it a priority though Lance.  That day that I called you in Orlando and you screamed at me.  You didn't even realize that everyone was worried about you.  We do have lives too Lance and there is a lot of stuff going on at our end of the world too."  She sighed.  "I thought you were dead or something.  You were drinking and when Dani called me and neither of us could get a hold of you--They were about to call the police."

"I was fine."

"No you weren't.  Something is going on with you.  It's happened over the last few months and I don't like it.  No one likes it."  She moved closer to him.  "Dani says that the only time she's seen you really happy lately is with this girl Colleen--"

"Yeah well that might be over anyway," he said.  He turned to the bar tender.  "Can I get a Sam Adams?"  He looked at her.  "You want?"

"No thanks," she said to him and looked at the bartender.  "What do you mean it might be over?  Wasn't she in Orlando over the weekend?"

"Yeah," he said grabbing up his beer.  "She basically denied me when I told her that I loved her.  Maybe it wasn't the best thing to say, but I did mean it and I'm not sure what I should do to--"  He took another drink.  "I'm over it.  It's not worth going after someone that doesn't say it back right away."

"That's not true," she said, "If you love her then you should go after her."

"Nah," he said, "It's idiotic to think that she should love me back--like you said.  I didn't care--I don't care--I don't have the luxury of being able to care."

"Lance stop it," she said, "You--"

He sipped at his drink again and looked across the room.  "I should go mingle or something."

"You've turned into a real jerk you know."  She tried to grab at his bottle and he pushed her away.  "And it's your own fault.  You need to go find her and tell her again and again and again until she believes you."

"I'll put that on my list of things to do."

"Whatever Lance, but from what Dani says, Colleen loves you and she doesn't want to mess things up and pressure you into something YOU don't want to do."

"What?"  He sighed, "What does Dani know?"

"Dani and she have talked on more than a few occasions and Colleen is in love with you and you better open your eyes and see that you need to make sure that she knows that you're really in love with her.  None of this bull-shit come to my party crap either.  I mean that you go to her and tell her and beg and plead to be with her because if you don't I think you may never find someone who can love you despite yourself."

"You don't know jack about me Carrah," he said.

"Yes I do," she said, "I do and you're scared to let anyone else know you like that because of our friendship being messed up.  Just give it a chance Lance.  You'll be surprised to find that there are some women out there who genuinely care about you that are on a list longer than your mother and me and your sister."

"Whatever," he said and pushed away from the bar.  "If I'm not an ass in a few weeks I'll see you at the wedding, but if not I'm sure I'll have someone send you a gift."

Carrah was already walking in the opposite direction and didn't hear him.

When Justin showed up in Meredith's room Colleen stayed to the side and watched the couple hug.

"Where's Lance?"

"I don't know.  The man parties like a--"  His head turned and he noticed her standing there.  "Colleen.  You're here?"

"Yeah," she said, "I figured I'd ruin a party or two in New York since I ruined Orlando too."

"Lance is still at the party I think.  He was with some girl, but I couldn't see who it was--"  He stopped talking and stared at her.  "That didn't come out right.  I saw him at the bar hugging someone, but--"  He stopped again.  "That didn't come out right either."

Colleen got up from her seat.  "It's ok.  I should be going anyway.  I'm going to go across town and get a room and see if I can meet up with Lance tomorrow."

"Why don't you just go break into his room and sleep.  He's got the suite from the WB.  There's got to be an extra bed in there somewhere."  Justin smiled at her.  "Or we can call the front desk and get you something here.  It's too late for you to be out and about in the city."

"Don't you love how protective he's gotten lately?" Meredith asked.

"Really, it's ok.  I'll be fine.  I'll call you guys--"  She moved towards her bag and grabbed it and headed towards the door.

In the hallway she heard voices and turned to see Lance, very drunk and hanging on some other girl.  She closed her eyes for a moment and told herself not to cry, but by the time she opened them again they were closer and she could tell that it was really him and he was hanging on the girl hard.

" sugar..."  Lance slurred at her.

"I know.  You need to call your Colleen and tell her that you love her," the girl said.

"No," he said, "Is there--"  He laughed.  "I sound jus lick Brinana--Bri-na-na.  That's such a funny name for a girl.  I cand say it when I sleep--I mean drink."

The girl that was holding his weight up looked at her.  "You are Colleen?"

"Yeah," she said and wiped her face.  "I was just on my way out so if I don't stick around you'll understand."

"Listen," the girl said, "Lance needs to--well he needs to sober up and you should do this before I should be the one--"

"I think you're doing a good job so far."

The girl looked at her and smiled.  "Jealousy.  You really must love him."


"I'm Carrah--"  she said, "Lance told me a little about you and I've heard the rest from Dani.  This guy is sick in the head over you and decided that Sam Adams was going to be the one he'd tell his troubles to tonight.  I don't know what he was drinking before I saw him, but after he seemed to be trying to set a record--"



"Lance's Carrah?"

Justin poked his head out into the hall.  "Carrah.  What the hell are you doing here?"

"I flew in for Lance's big night and well he had a big one.  Can you help me get him into the suite so I can get back to Zach and Colleen here can take care of him?"

"You're Lance's Carrah?"

"Yes," she said, "Like I said.  I just wanted to make sure that he came home tonight to the right girl.  I didn't think you were in town, but I guess this works--"  She stopped and looked at Lance.  "Honey, Justin's gonna help you get into the room.  Put on some pajamas and drink a lot of water and you'd better buy this girl breakfast in the morning because you've caused a lot of troubles tonight."

"I love her.  I love her," Lance said and looked at Justin.  "Isn't see the bestest?  She flews all the way here to see me."

"Yeah yeah," Justin said and started to walk him to the door.  Meredith stuck her head out into the hallway.  "I'll be right back Bear."

"What's going on?" she looked at them.

"Lance got drunk off his ass and Colleen got jealous because I was bringing him home and according to Lance he loves her so I'm gonna--"  She ran over and hugged Meredith.  "--I'm gonna head back to my fiance and let all of you get to bed."


"I got engaged," she said hurrying away.  "I'll call you tomorrow and tell you about it."

When Carrah had disappeared Meredith and she stood in the hall and looked at each other.  "What the hell just happened?"

"Your boy loves you and got drunk because he missed you.  He's done it before and he'll be fine in the morning, but I'd go and watch him sleep it off then tell him that you love him in the morning and get engaged and get married--"  Meredith rambled, "That whole engaged and marrying thing doesn't have to happen for a while, but that boy is gonna tell you a million and one times tomorrow that he loves you and he's gonna completely mean it."

"I don't--"

"Just do it," Meredith said, "You're not going to regret it or him."


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