Some Good Reasons 3


When Joey made his way back up to the crowd in the yard he felt a little bit better about the situation that was going on with his wife.  He knew that something was still wrong, but if Kelly wasn't going to hand over the information easily that he'd have to ease into more conversations and slowly pull it from her.




"Hmm?" he asked looking down to where Colton was still sitting with Justin.


"Wanna play?"


"Sure," Joey said and looked over a Trey's carrier for a moment to make sure the baby was still asleep.


"He's still fine."  Justin started to shuffle the deck of cards, "--which is more than I can say for you right now."


Joey blinked a few times and realized that he had been a little preoccupied with making sure that Trey was ok in the yard that way.  "What?"


"Troubles with the Misses?" Justin asked.


"No," Joey explained, "We just--"  He sighed.  Truthfully he didn't know what they needed to make things better, but having a few nights where they could actually act like adults and not parents seemed like a good idea.  He was glad that he'd booked the flight to New York for a few weeks from then.  There of course were other reasons for him to be in New York that weekend, but bringing her with him for the weekend seemed at the moment to be what might bring up their spirits.


"Women issues are never easily explained," Justin said.


"It's not that--And you better not let Mere hear you talking that way.  She might smack you up side the head and blame it on the hormones," Joey said.


"Like she hasn't already done that?" Justin laughed and rubbed his head a little.


"Mere doesn't like Justin right now," Colton said.


"She likes me," Justin said.


"She's mad at you," Colton said reaching for the cards.


Justin looked a little stunned then a confused expression crossed his face.  Joey knew that he was instantly second guessing every word he'd said to her that day, probably the day before, and in fact Justin would likely think over the last week's worth of conversations with her.


"Why do you say that?" Joey asked looking at his son.  Colton had a very innocent look on his face and Joey figured he'd probably overheard something and turned it into something it wasn't.


Colton pursed his lips and thought for a moment before explaining, "She said to Mommy that Justin made her fat.  She said that if it weren't for Justin she wouldn't have to buy new clothes and that she wouldn't be fat."  Colton looked at Justin, "Are you gonna have a fight?"


Joey busted up laughing, "No, they won't fight.  It's kind of hard to explain, but I don't think Meredith meant what she said."


Justin turned around and looked towards Meredith.  "She's gonna have to watch her mouth."


"You can't watch your mouth," Colton looked down trying to see his own lips.


"Ok.  That's it," Joey said and pulled Colton into his lap.  "You're gonna spend a few days with me in town.  Hanging out with your Mommy is making you too silly."


Kelly felt a hand on her shoulder then soon felt Brianna being pulled away from behind her.  She would have turned right around but she was dishing up a plate of potatoes and only had one had to hold the spoon since Brianna had insisted on being carried that afternoon.  She clenched her arm around her for a moment until her mother’s voice soothed her.  “Let me take the babies and you go hang out with your hubby for a while.”


Whas dis?” Brianna said once in her grandmother’s arms.  Brianna who was instantly entertained by Kelly’s mom’s earrings.


“Are you sure mom?"  Kelly never liked it much when people helped her like this.  She enjoyed the time outs that her family gave her, but half of her felt as if their help came from the feeling that she couldn't do things for herself and she never wanted to feel like a burden to any of them.  "I can handle hanging out in the corner with the kids.  You should go visit with everyone.  I see these guys all the time.”


“Go on and spend some time with Joey."  Her mother reached blindly for Brianna's hand and removed it from her earring then kissed her tiny fingers.  "From the sounds of it he’s gonna be leaving town again in a few months.  You need to have some time with him.”


Kelly’s eyes slid over to the table and she could see Joey sitting with Trey in his arms rocking the baby with one arm and drinking a beer with the other hand while chatting with Justin, Colleen and Lance.  Her heart went into her stomach.  She’d just gotten him back into her life almost  full time and she wasn’t sure she wanted to give him up so soon.  It had been months since they’d toured, but that thought of him leaving always was on her mind.  He’d done short trips with Luis to the west coast for promotions and had done the JIVE assigned appearances, but she knew that luxury of picking and choosing when he was going to be away was soon going to disappear.

“Go on,” her mother said with a smile and kissed her cheek.  "Go sit with Joey and I'll take care of Brianna and Colton is with your father--"

"Ok," Kelly said and felt a little strange as she made her way across the yard.  She found a soda to drink then saw that a seat was open near Joey so she found her way across the yard to sit with the grown ups for a while.  One good thing about not having Brianna in her arms was that she could concentrate on other things.  She could catch snippets of conversations.  Everyone seemed to be talking about plans for New Year’s Eve and for the new year in general.  Kelly hadn’t really given it much thought.  She suspected that everyone would be in New York or Vegas for New Year’s and as for the new year coming up she was sure that she’d do the same old thing.  She was raising three kids and keeping track of her busy husband and it seemed to hard to think about anything outside of that.

When she got to the table everyone looked up at her for a moment.  Lance smiled and looked around for a moment.  "Where's the bean?" he asked.

"Grandma and grandpa were missing her," Kelly said and leaned across the table to move Trey's little baseball hat more over his face since they were sitting in the sun.


Joey nodded his appreciation with the help then held up his bottle to her from across the table and toasted her as she took a seat, "Se so che che l'amore è, è a causa di lei."


“Hmm,” she said with a smile.  It had been a while since he’d said something to her in Italian.  It must have been the beers that brought out the more romantic side of him, THAT and the fact that they hadn’t had more than a few stolen romantic moments in months now since the kids were so active and Joey had been away for a week or so.  “Dove ci è l'amore ci è la vita.”


“What’d he say?” Colleen leaned towards her whispering it so she wouldn’t bring too much attention to the conversation.


Kelly sipped her drink then smiled.  It was times like this that she was absolutely in love with Joey.  Of course she loved him all the time, but there were these little things that he did during the day sometimes that stopped her from breathing for a moment because he was so romantic.  “He said If I know what love is, it is because of you.”


Joey set Trey down in his carrier carefully and made sure that the baby was in shade as he played with the little mobile that was hanging from the handle of the carrier.


“And what’d you say back?”


Kelly watched the way Joey had turned to Lance and finished his discussion as if his words were just the normal everyday thing to say to your wife.  He kept a foot near the carrier almost as if to make sure that Trey didn’t disappear.  “Where there is love there is life.”


“OH Kelly!”  Colleen hugged her from the seat next to her then reached across the table and grabbed Joey’s hand, “JOEY!”


“What?” He turned around quickly from where he’d turned to talk to Lance.


“You’re just too cute,” Colleen said.


“Hey now!”  Lance protested, “What is this all about?”

"You know you need to work on those moves," Ree said walking up.  From the look of the three cups in her hand she must have disappeared to get drinks for everyone.


“You need to learn a few quotes in Italian,” Kelly said with a laugh as Colleen started to get sniffly.


Meredith waddled over and took a seat on Justin’s knee on the far side of Lance, “I thought I was the only woman here allowed to cry since my hormones are going insane.”


“I’m sorry, but that’s just sooo romantic,” Colleen said blushing.


“Well,” Lance pushed back from the table with his hands and said, “I guess I can’t let Joey take all the spotlight.”


Kelly watched the nervousness on Lance’s face and knew what he was going to do probably before he knew his own plan.  She smiled at him and looked at Joey who wiggled his eyebrows at her before reaching across the table to hold her hand.


“Where’s he going?” Colleen asked as Lance disappeared for a few minutes inside the house.

"Ummm," Ree said and looked around for a moment, "I'm--"


“I’m not sure,” Kelly said trying to act dumb.


Lance returned a few moments later with this strange look on his face.  He simply came over to the table and looked at Colleen.  “Can I talk to you for a minute?”


“Yeah,” she said and Kelly could see her getting nervous that she was in trouble.


A moment later Lance had pulled her onto the deck so everyone could see them and stomped his foot a little on the decking causing everyone to look over.  “I just want to steal the spotlight for a moment—“  He looked at Colleen.  Joey seems to have been deemed the romantic of the day because of a few Italian phrases, BUT—“  He took a breath, “Since I don’t know much Italian except for the swear words that Joe Sr. taught us but we aren’t allowed to use—“  He dug into his pocket and pulled out a ring, “I’m going to say this in English.  Will you marry me?”


Kelly watched Colleen with a tad bit of jealousy.  When Joey had asked for her hand in marriage there hadn’t really been anything romantic about it.  He’d been upset and she’d been upset, but then they’d ended up together, because after all who were they going to be with.  This proposal was different.  Colleen was being wooed into it by someone who truly loved her and wanted her with all his heart.




Everyone stared at Colleen and for a moment Kelly worried that the answer would be not what Lance was looking for.  She prayed with all her heart that she'd say the right thing.  She loved the idea of Lance finding someone.  She'd always worried about him.  He seemed to be looking for love in all the wrong places and while he had flings that were slightly meaningful, Colleen was what he needed in his life.


“Don’t cry Colleen,” Justin said from the crowd, “Because if you cry then Mere will cry and we’ll never hear the end of it!”


A few laughs filtered up from the group.


Lance’s face was turning beat red in the sun and in shock of her being so silent so he started to ramble a little, “Colleen what I have learned over the past several months is that you and I fit. Before I met you I felt alone, scared, like I was never going to find someone that completed me the way that Meredith does Justin, Kelly does Joey Zana does Jace, and Dani does Chris. I thought I was doomed to be Brianna's single uncle...that was going to get set up on an endless string of blind dates."


Everyone laughed a little at that comment.


Colleen's eyes started to tear, "Lance--"


"Hold on I'm not done yet.”  He took her hand and squeezed it.  “Colleen you changed all that. From the moment you put me in my place on my way to New York I knew. I knew when I saw you standing in the middle of my hotel room with that angry look on your face. I knew you were it for me. That I had finally found someone to complete my life."


The tears were streaming from Colleen's eyes at this point. Her eyes were locked with Lance's as he poured out his feelings. "So will you? Will you complete my life?" Kelly didn't see the move but somehow Lance was on one knee in front of her staring into her eyes with a blue box with a white ribbon in his hand.


Colleen was quickly losing control of her emotions but managed to speak her answer before she threw herself in his arms knocking him over so she was laying on top of him on the deck.  "Yes, yes, yes," she repeated.


"Hey Joe?" Kelly whispered looking at Lance.


Joey rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb and spoke with a lazy drawl, "What Kel?"


She nodded towards them, but kept her eyes on Joey and the way that he was looking at her.  His romantic streak was showing and she wouldn't have been surprised at all if he took her out to dinner that week just to remind her what she meant to him.  "He wins."


“I don’t think so,” he said with a smile.


“He proposed,” Kelly said with a smile, “You can’t really beat that.”

"Joey's just jealous," Meredith said from next to them.  "You should have bet something.  I'm sure whatever it was Lance would have loved to win the prize over Joey."


“He might have won his prize,” Joey said moving so that he could lean over the table to kiss her. “Ho avuto il mio premio per quasi dieci anni adesso.”


“What’d he say?” Meredith asked leaning over.


Joey cleared his throat, “I've had my prize for almost ten years now.”


“That’s not fair Joey,” Meredith said finding herself in tears.  She turned back to Justin and buried her face in his neck and hugged him.


“Enough of this women crying thing,” Justin said rubbing Meredith’s back.  “She’s not gonna stop for hours now.”


“You know you love it,” Joey joked.


“You try getting a woman to stop crying when she’s pregnant,” Justin complained.


“I have three kids Justin,” Joey said with a laugh and released her hand.  He pushed himself up fromt he table and stretched a little,  “Speaking which…I better go see what Colton has gotten himself into.  It’s too quiet around here.”

**Joey’s Italian message to Kelly is a quote by Herman Hesse.  **

**Kelly’s quote is from Mahatma Gandhi.** 

**I don’t know Italian so I looked on and translated the quote.  I just pray that they are translated correctly.**

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