Some Good Reasons 7

"Where are you off to?" Kelly asked as Joey looked for his keys and Colton followed him around the house.

Joey turned to keep tabs on Colton when he bumped into his son.  “Colton go find your sweatshirt in case it rains.”

His eyes were wide with excitement.  “What one?”

“The green one with the white letters on it,” Joey explained.

Kelly slid away from the counter with an apple in her hand and raised her eyebrows.  “Where are you gonna take him?”

“Out.”  Joey shrugged and looked around for a minute, “Do we need anything at the store?”

She took a bite of apple.  “You’re going to go shopping with him?”

“Yeah,” he said, “I figure I can slip into Wal-Mart for a little bit and not get noticed.”  He pulled out his keys and shook them a little then slid them back into the pocket of his black sweatshirt.  It had been raining off and on that morning.  It was still probably a tropical temperature outside, but the rain and the added air conditioning always seemed to bother him so he usually layered up on clothes.  “I mean who really is gonna be looking for me at Wal-Mart?”

She laughed a little at the face he made.

“It’s not like they’re going to announce it over the loudspeaker.”  He took a breath.  “Blue light special on Joey Isle 13.”

“That’s K-Mart,” Kelly laughed.


She smiled.  “That announcement thing…That’s K-Mart.”

“Does it really matter?” he asked.

“Can you stop by Publix and pick up something for dinner tonight?”

“Sure,” he said with a shrug, “What are we having?”

“I don’t know,” she said, “What are you making?”

“So I get to make dinner?”

“At least you get to chose,” she said, “And no cheating and going over to your mom’s and pulling out leftovers.”

He held up his hands, “Got it.”  He leaned down when Colton came into the room carrying his tiny green sweatshirt.  “You ready buddy?”

Colton nodded.  “I gotsta put on this."

Joey took it from him and Colton immediately put his hands up into the air so that Joey could drop the sweatshirt over his arms and head.  He pulled it into place then moved Colton’s foot a little and made sure that his running shoes were tied.

Kelly smiled at the two of them.  “Better head out before Brianna gets wind of this.  She’ll freak out when she finds out that Colton got to go with you and she didn’t.”

Joey nodded, “I think I’m gonna swing by and see Luis for a minute then go to the store.”

“Take your time,” she said, “Have fun Colton.”

Colton nodded.

"Did you go potty honey?" Kelly asks her son.

"No," he says looking at the both of them.

"Well go on and go and then you and daddy can go play," Kelly says and sends him towards the downstairs toilet.

“Do you think I need to take a diaper with me?” Joey asked.

“Pull up,” Kelly said the same time Colton did as he was walking.

"Oh,” he said, “Sorry.”

“I’m a big boy,” Colton said with an innocent voice turning around to stare at them.

Kelly went to the closet and pulled out a black backpack.

“There is an extra set of pants in there and a shirt and pull up and a book or two and—“

“Good lord,” he said, “I’m only going away from a few hours.”

“Yeah,” she said, “But you haven’t hung out with Colton in a while.”

"It's a fact of life honey," she says, "You just have to go with what he knows.  He's pretty much potty trained, but sometimes he forgets so we just have him wear them to make sure that he doesn't have an accident."

"There's so much that I forget about when I go on the road."

"You've been good though," she says, "You've helped out a lot, even if sometimes it's just more distracting the kids rather than actually helping out."

"Hey now."


"What Jelly Bean?" he asked.

"I go to a paw-ty."


"It's Suzy's birthday so I'm gonna take her down the street and come back here and put Trey down for his nap."

"Sounds good," Joey said.

"Daddy.  I'm ready!"

Joey shook his head and looked at Colton who was trying to tie the ties of his sweatshirt shut.  “You’re high maintenance kid.”

"Eye Maintenance?"

"Yeah kiddo," Joey said, "You want your hat too?"

"Can I?" Colton looked at Kelly for a moment.

"Joe, you have to get it for him.  We hung it in the den with your hats."

"With my hats?  Why--?"  He looked at Kelly then at his son.

Colton smiled, "The boy hats gotsta go in yow room."

"Oh," Joey widened his eyes for effect, "I forgot."

Colton grabbed Joey's hand and pulled him towards the den where Joey kept most of his junk.

"That one!"  Colton tried to jump up and grab one off the set of hooks on the back of the den door.

"Which one?" he asked seeing that there were three tiny baseball hats along with his hats on the hooks.

"Are you gonna wear one?" Colton asked.

Joey looked at the hats then his son's and decided that he'd pick the one that was close to matching Colton's.  "How about you wear this one--"  Joey took his black Orlando Magic hat off the hook and placed it on Colton's head then took Colton's black Old Navy hat and tried to put it on his head.

"No daddy," Colton said, "That one's mines."

"It is?" Joey took off the hat and looked at the brim of the hat where Colton's name was written in black sharpy marker.  "Oh yeah.  There it is--Colton Fatone."

Colton handed over Joey's larger hat, "Told you."

"Ready kiddo?"

"Yeah," Colton nodded.

They walked about out into the living room and Joey grabbed his bag then lead him out to the car.  He opened up the back door and threw the backpack in then reached and picked up Colton.  Just when he thought he'd just pick him up and put him in the car Colton caught him around the neck and hugged him.

"What's that for?" Joey asked.

"I misseded you," he said softly then pushed away and started to lean towards his car booster seat.

"Hey now kiddo.  Be careful.  We don't want you to fall down."

"I fallded at the park, but I didn't get blood on me.  Mommy says I'm a tough guy."

"You are a tough guy."

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