Some Good Reasons 10

In the bathroom Joey had to hold Colton on the toilet so he could go, but at least they made it through without getting anything on either of them, leaving them to go up to Johnny's office instead of going out to the car to get a change of clothes.

When Colton realized where they were going next Joey could see the realization come over his face.  His eyes went wide and his mouth shaped into a little O shape before he took off down the hall to the stairs that would lead them up to where Johnny's office was.  He ran ahead to Johnny's office door and even though it was cracked open a bit, waited for his father before trying to go on in.

"Joe," Johnny said from his desk when he pushed the door open and knocked at the same time.  He must not have seen Colton over the edge of his desk, "Come on it."

"Johnny!"  Colton wiggled passed his father and ran into the room and Joey winced.  He knew he shouldn't feel bad about his son acting like a little kid, but having him run in the room like that really wasn't the attitude he wanted to come into the room with.  He wanted to be professional.  This wasn't a social call.  They had business to discuss, important business that would be determining what Joey would be doing for the next few months.

"Hello there Colton," Johnny said very formally then pulled him up into his lap to sit on his knee.  Joey liked the way that Johnny was more than a manager to him and his family.  He had his "boss" days, but for the most part he was more of a fatherly figure to all of them, making sure that their lives were going well as well as their careers were going well.  Joey knew this was because Johnny benefited monetarily from their lives and their careers, but for the most part he never let it seem that it was the reason that he was doing what he was doing.  "Did you have a good Christmas?"

"Yeah," Colton made a face and laughed, "I just saw you yesterday."

Johnny smiled at Joey.  "Go ahead and sit down Joe," He spoke with an even tone then looked at Colton.  "But you were so busy yesterday playing with your Uncle Justin and your dad that I didn't get to talk to you."

"Hi," Colton said.

"Hi," Johnny said.  "So what'd you get for Christmas?"

"Tons of stuff," he said.

Joey was confused as to why Colton would be so outgoing with Johnny, but so reserved with Melinda.  He had been painfully shy moments ago, but now he was a talking machine.  "Colton I think you can tell Johnny about your Christmas stuff later."

"Daddy says that you're the boss so I gotta be good," Colton said.

"Colton, come and sit over here in the other chair so Johnny can work."

Colton wiggled a little then came over and sat in the free chair next to where Joey had taken a seat.  It was way too big, but he sat there, put his arms on the armrests like Joey was and sighed.

"Did the offer come through?"

"Yes," Johnny said then looked at Colton for a second.

"It's ok," Joey said.  "So what's the deal?"

"They want you to try out for Roger."

"Roger?" he asked, "I'm thinking I'd be better as Marc.  I'm not-- I'm not sure that I could pull off Roger."

"You think?"

"I've got the CDs and I've tried to sing that high, but there's no way in--"  He looked at his son, "Believe me.  Marc's parts are better for me anyway.  No offense to the play or whatever, but seriously I'm not if my career could handle me playing a man with AIDS."

Johnny nodded and looked at the contracts.  "I can see where that might be a challenge."

"How about I go back to them with the idea about you playing Marc--"  He wrote something onto his calendar that covered the massive desk, "--you practice some of the songs from the soundtrack and maybe get your hands on the copy of the play and we'll see if we can make this work."

"Sounds good."  He sighed, "I got tickets to see RENT in about three weeks with Lance, Colleen and Kelly.  We're going up there for the weekend if they want me to audition in person then."

"I'll mention it to them," Johnny said then looked at Colton.  "So what are you cool guys doing for the rest of the day?"

"I have to go to get food at the store, but I think before we do that we may go over to Luis's house."

"How was the trip?"

"Boring," Joey said, "Why didn't you tell me that behind the scenes junk was so boring?"

Johnny laughed, "It's definitely different, isn't it?"

"Yeah," Joey nodded, "I hate being away when I'm not the one who is really there to work.  It's one thing when it's me doing all the work, but there were a few hundred times over the last few days before Christmas where I was just like--I could be home with Kelly right now or I'd sit there and wonder what the kids were doing.  I swear I think I'm gonna miss Trey's first words or something like that if I'm gone like that."

"Well what about the play?"

"I was thinking that maybe I'd move everyone up to New York for a few months.  Get a great place in the city for a little while and have Kelly be able to see everyone up in New York, maybe have my parents up there for a while so that they could see everyone back in the old neighborhood."

"Have you talked to Kelly about this?"

"I was thinking that I'd get it all set.  There is no use in getting her all upset if nothing actually comes through, ya know?"

"Yeah," Johnny said, "Ericka gets pissed at me though when I don't tell her about my trips.  She freaks out like I'm leaving her or something even though normally she's coming with me on these trips anyway."

"OOHH--"  Colton said.

"What?" Both older men looked at him.

"You said a bad word."

"What was that?"

"I can't say," Colton said.

"You can tell me," Joey said, "Then I'll tell Johnny not to say it anymore."

Colton slid out of his chair and crawled up on Joey's lap and cupped his hands and noisily whispered, "He said Pissed."

"Oh." Joey nodded, "Want me to tell him that it was a bad word?"

"You say the word and I'll tell him."

"Pissed," Joey said.

Colton nodded.  "That's a bad word."

"Ok ok," Johnny said, "I won't say it anymore.

Colton smiled, "Ok."

Joey decided that it was time to go.  He could definitely sit there and talk to Johnny the rest of the afternoon, but he knew that Johnny probably had better things to do.  "We should go," Joey said and lifted Colton up.  "Thanks for talking to me."

"No trouble," Johnny said, "I'll give you a call about this other offer--see if we can get it going for everyone."

"Thanks."  Joey smiled.

"Bye Colton."

"Bye Johnny," Colton said as Joey turned and left the room.

"Where are we going now?"

"To see Luis," Joey said, "Just for a minute though because he's been working a lot lately and he's probably tired."

"Oh.  Ok."


A few minutes down the road they pulled into Luis's small-ish four bedroom home.  Joey got Colton out of the back and set him down and he ran to the door to knock.  Luis already had opened the door by the time Joey got there.

"Hey.  I knew I almost forgot my meeting with you Colton."

"My daddy's gots a meeting with you, not me silly."

"And why's that?"

"Cuz I don't have a job.  You only have meetings when you have a job."

"OH."  Luis laughed a little and picked the boy up in his arms.  "How've you been Colton?"


Joey sat back and watched his son and Luis interact.  It was nice, he realized after a bit, that the attention wasn't all on him.  When they'd been on the road that last week he'd missed out on the fact that no one really was caring what he was doing because all he could think about was being bored and being away from home, but now it didn't seem to bad.


He looked up and found Luis and Colton looking at him.

"You ok?"

"Yeah," Joey sighed, "Just got a lot on my mind.  I was going to tell you this last week, but I wasn't sure if things were going to go through, but I may be going up to New York for a few months."

"Few months?"

"Yeah," he said with a half smile.  "I may have gotten a chance to do a play on Broadway."

"Oh my god man."  Luis smiled widely, "That's great!"

"Yeah well it is and it isn't.  It's going to be a lot of work and it's gonna take me away from Orlando for a while and I'm not gonna be able to help out with your--"

"It's ok," Luis said, "I know that Broadway was on your list.  I've known since high school that it was."


"You were worried?" Luis said, "I think you need a beer or something.  Of course I'm upset cuz you won't be able to hang out and all, but Broadway is Broadway."

Joey sighed and let his shoulders fall.  One down and only a million more people to tell.  He was sure that management would be behind him and his father would be excited, but his mother he wasn't so sure about.  She and Kelly both would probably wonder why after all this time that he'd want to up and leave town like this.  They all seemed to think that his career was winding down instead of starting up again, the way he wanted it to.

"Come on guy," Luis said and held the door open.  "I bet you guys haven't eaten and it's almost lunch time at Casa de Luis."

"Casa de Luis?" Colton repeated.

"It's Spanish," Luis said, "It means, my house."

"I know Italian," Colton said, "Cuz Daddy is Italian."

"Really?"  Luis asked, "What kind of stuff do you know?"

"Ciao mi chiamo Colton. Amo la mia mamma. Amo il mio papŗ. Posso avere un'altra birra? "

"Wow," Luis said, "What'd you say?"

"Hi my name is Colton. I love my mommy. I love my daddy. Can I have another drink?"

Luis and Joey cut up laughing.  "You were supposed to say La bevanda. Posso avere un'altra bevanda?"

"Nooo," Colton said, "You always say birra."

Joey laughed.  "That's because I'm allowed to drink beer."

"Speaking of that.  We should get one."

Joey nodded and went into the house with them.


**I donít know Italian so I looked on and translated the quote.  I just pray that they are translated correctly.**

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