Some Good Reasons 11

"Daddy's Home!"  Brianna screamed out suddenly.  Kelly dropped the plate in her hand, but luckily it was one of the plastic ones that Trey usually ate out of so it just bounced off the floor.

She could hear Brianna's feet on the floor as she ran from the window that faced the street in the formal living room across through the family room and out towards the door of the garage.  "Brianna baby wait until Daddy comes in the house ok?"

"She is," Joey said and appeared a moment later on the far side of the breakfast bar with Colton on one hip and Brianna on the other.  He looked surprisingly comfortable with them with him.  "I brought food home with me."

She could have easily ended the conversation there, but instead she decided to add the kids into it.  She laughed a good laugh then looked at Brianna and Colton and with a fairly serious face said,  "We can't eat the kids Joey."

Joey made a face at Colton and Brianna.  "I know."  She loved the way that he tickled them both before he looked back at her.  "I thought that I'd get the food out of the car and we could eat that."

Kelly nodded.  "Sounds good to me."

"So did you have fun Colton?" Kelly asked.

"Yeah," Colton said and wiggled out of Joey's arms.

"Wanna help me get the food?" Joey asked Brianna.

She nodded so while Trey came around the counter towards Kelly, Brianna and Joey slipped outside again.

"What'd you do today?"

"We went to the drive through and got a pop--"  He paused a little and Kelly knew that it had probably been too early in the day for him to be drinking pop, but that Joey had probably done it as a special thing that she wasn't supposed to know about.  "Then went to Johnny's and Daddy had a meeting and we saw Christina Milian and I told daddy to tell her that she was pretty--"  He came over to her and motioned for her to lean down and then he put his hands to her ear and whispered to her.  "I said it soft though cuz she's so pretty--"  He pulled back from Kelly and looked at her.  "She was almost as pretty as you."

"Good lord you're so your father's son."

"I know."  Colton said it so confidently that she couldn't help but to smile.  He took a breath.  "And then we went to Luis's house and I told him some Italian and then we had lunch and had another drink."

Kelly laughed at her son's explanation.  "That sounds like a lot."

"Yeah," Colton yawned.

"How about you sit down in front of the television and we'll put on a tape and maybe you might take a little bit of a nap."

"Can I have a cookie first?"

"Let me talk to your daddy real quick and then we'll see."

Colton started to whine.  "I ate my sandwich and even had milk at lunch time."

Kelly leaned and kissed the top of his head, "Why don't you go find the movie and I'll talk to your daddy about it."

Colton went into the living room and searched for a video then put it and crawled up onto the couch.  She watched him for a moment and found him quickly leaning into the pillows on the end of the couch.


"Hmm?" she looked up and found him standing there with six or eight bags in his hands and Brianna carrying one bag of smaller things with her.

"Oh sorry."  She reached for the bags and helped him put them on the counter.  "What all did you get?"

"I thought I'd get stuff to do burgers with for the kids, then I thought I'd get something to make lasagna with."

"You're gonna cook for me?"  She asked, "Twice?"

"Yep," he smiled and leaned and kissed her. "How was your day?"

"Good," she said, "Brianna went to a birthday party and Trey slept most of the morning away and I hung out."

"Hung out?"

Kelly paused and looked at him.  There wasn't much else to say.  She could have told him that she was searching for schools to go to, but she didn't want to start that conversation just now.  She didn't need to have that discussion in front of the kids.

"Yeah," she said, "I would have cleaned, but it wasn't that dirty and I was tired from getting up early the other morning so I thought I'd take a break."  She smiled, "How was Colton today?"

"He was great," Joey said, "Told me he had to go potty when he needed to and was good at Johnny's and at Luis's and rode in the cart pretty well at Publix."

"That's good.  He said that you had sandwiches and milk for lunch."

Joey laughed a little.  "He had milk, Luis and I had beers."

"Why the laugh?" she asked.

"He told Luis some of the Italian that he knows and instead of saying drink he said beer so he asked Luis if he could have another beer instead of another drink."

"Oh God Joe," she said, "Better make sure that he doesn't say that to the wrong person?  We might end up with the whole country on our cases for teaching him that."

"It was fine," Joey said, "He's pretty good about what he says in public and what he doesn't say in public."

"Are you sure?"

Joey leaned against the counter then started to take the food out of the bags and set them onto the counter.  "I'm sure honey."

"So what are we gonna do tonight?" she asked.

"I think the kids will get to sleep early tonight--"  He wiggled his eyebrows.

"God Joey."

"I meant that maybe we could curl up with a bottle of wine and watch a movie."


"Maybe in a few days we can get Steve and Audrey to baby-sit and we'll go out to dinner or something.  Maybe go out and see a movie on the town instead of being here."

"What's wrong?"

He looked a bit shocked, "Nothing.  Why would you think anything was wrong?"

"No reason really, but you're being all nice all of a sudden."

"I just haven't taken you to dinner in a while and I think it would be upsetting to have you have to wait until we go to New York before I can take you out on the town again."  He put his hands up in surrender.  "Sor-ry."

"Well when you say it like that..."  She moved some of the things on the counter then looked over at him.  "I'm sorry.  I'm just getting paranoid in my old age."

"Old age my foot," he said and moved to hug her.


Kelly leaned and took the bag from her daughter, "Brianna why don't you watch the movie with your brother for a minute and Daddy and I will start dinner."  Kelly looked at her husband, "Daddy got hamburgers for dinner."

"Really?"  She asked, "From the store?"

"Yep," Kelly said, "But you have to be good and don't wake up your brother if he falls asleep."

Brianna nodded.  "Ok Mommy."

When she looked up Joey was putting things away.  She was surprised to see him helping out so much.  Normally when he was home he pitched in, but he was being especially good that afternoon and it was freaking her out a bit.

"Colleen called today," Kelly said, "She and Lance are already back in LA."

"Really?"  His eyebrows raised a bit.  "They excited about going to New York?"

"Yeah," she said, "I'm sure that Colleen was, but Lance apparently was asleep in his underwear--"

"Kel," he moaned, "I don't want to know about Lance in his underwear."

"It's not that bad," she said, "I tell Colleen about you in your underwear all the time."

"Great Kelly," Joey said, "That's just great."

"Good lord," she said, "You're too much."

A few moments of silence passed between them then Joey said, "So they are ready to go up to New York?"

"Yeah," she said, "Colleen also mentioned that she might give up her job and stay with Lance while he's doing his movie stuff."  She took a breath.  "I wonder if I had a job if I'd give it up for you."

"You did," he said, "Sort of."

"I probably should have stayed in school," she said, "I could have gone another two years and--"

"Hmm," Joey said.

When she looked up she could see Joey staring into the living room.  "Look at them," he said.

"What?"  She turned and found her kids both half asleep on the couch.

"I'm gonna get the camera," Joey said and disappeared.

While capturing her kids on film was something great, she wasn't pleased that he'd ignored her hint at something being wrong in her life and went to get the camera instead.  She was glad at least that it was at least something related to their family and not work that was taking him away.

When he came back a few minutes later when the camera she lost any kind of anger when she saw Joey carefully take the camera into the room move so that he was standing on his knees and he took a few pictures.

"Joey, don't wake them up," she said carefully.  "They've had a long day."

"I know."  Joey smiled then turned the camera on her and took a picture.

"Don't even start with me," she said and put her hand up.  "I'll let you be the one to take the pictures and be in the pictures."

"Come on Kelly," he said, "You've had your time in the spotlight."

"Yeah well, that's your job honey, not mine.  I'll stay in the background thank you very much."

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