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Even in the cool water of the pool I'm still thinking about what I saw in the bedroom and how I kissed the breath out of her in the kitchen.  Ducking under the water I hold my breath for a moment then scream in the water.  If it was night I'd corner her and make love to her in the pool, but with the sun still being high in the sky I know it's never something she'll let happen.

When I surface I push my hair back on my head and shake out the water then look over at her.  I sink down so that my chin as at water level and move my arms around and try to concentrate on how cold it is.  She's already staying away from me, sitting on the steps kicking her feet a little and leaning back a bit working on her tan.

I should have never let her wear that bikini.  I'm gonna be over at Mom and Dad's tonight sitting next to her still picturing her in that thing.  I start to swim over towards her and when I'm at a point in the pool where I can stand on my knees I kneel in the water and move so that I can sit next to her on the steps.

"It's hot out here," she says, squinting her eyes.

"Yeah."  I want to be the perfect man, but when she splashes up water on to her chest I can't help but stare at the water as it drips down into the depths of her bikini top.

"Your nose is getting burnt honey," she says and puts a wet finger down the length of my nose and across my cheeks, leaving a line of water on my already dry face.  "You need to watch that."

"I need a little sun." I say.  I want to run my hands all over her body, but instead I move my hands to my thighs and look up at her.  "I've been in the studio too much lately."

"I know," she says and leans and kisses me.

My hands move to her hips and move her around so that she's sitting on my lap facing me.

"Lance--"  She uses a warning tone, but she's smiling so I don't take much notice to it.  "--What are you doing?"

"Just getting in the shade."  I move my arms around her and pull her snug against me.  The heat of her body hits me through the cool water and I feel myself immediately react to her.  "I thought you wanted me out of the sun."

Her tongue moves out and she licks her lips then she looks around.  "I want you out of the sun, but I'm not sure that covering yourself with my body was what I had in mind."

I frown.  I use the pout which I know will get a reaction out of her.  "You don't?"

"I want you out of the sun," she says with a sexy voice as her hands move to my shoulders.  She closes one eye with a squint and looks at me with a smile as the light makes her not be able to see.

I hold my hand up so that she can see and she nods to me in thanks.  Her hands massage the skin on my bare shoulders.  "But if THAT is what you want I think we should go in the house."

My voice lowers as she moves her hips against me. "I don't think there is ever a moment that I don't want THAT.  Even the other night when I made an ass of myself and you were pissed at me I saw you in your nightgown and would have just--"


"Fuck," I say and move Tammy off my lap a bit as I turn to see a pair of the boys coming around the side of the house.

"There you are."  A smile meets my look at them.  I wonder if they know how pissed off I'm gonna be later when I really have a full thought about how every time I touch Tammy people keep showing up.  "Your sister said you were here."

Tammy slips away and glides to the far end of the pool going under the water then back up again.

"Gabe." I say and move so that I'm in deeper water, standing between him and Tammy.  "Vinny."  These idiots are my friend, but I swear at the moment I'm not feeling very friendly, at least not towards them.  "What the hell are you two doing here?"

"We heard you were back and thought we'd come and party but--"  He gets distracted as Tammy moves up behind me.  She's swimming, but has her hands on my shoulders for balance.

"I'm gonna go inside and get my shower."  She speaks softly and moves towards the stairs and I watch her grab a towel and dry off before she slips inside.

"What was that all about?"

"That's my girlfriend Tammy."  I close my eyes for a moment and think about dunking under the water again to scream out my frustration.  "I would have introduced you, but She needs to get ready for dinner."

"We didn't scare her off did we?" Vinny asks.

"No--"  I want to get out of the pool and go after her, but I know I can't if the guys are here.  I don't really know if I want to get out though if the guys are standing there watching me.  I try not to think dirty thoughts about what's going on, but picturing her upstairs in the shower is really not helping the fact that I'm basically ready to have sex with her.  Getting out of the pool with my dick hard is going to get me in trouble so instead I move lower in the water.  "--She's probably just tired and we both were getting too much sun.  We've had a long week and a four hour flight out here wasn't a great way to spend the day."

"Oh." Gabe is the more respectful of the two of them and seems to realize that they've scared her off even though I'd never say it to him.

Vinny on the other hand is too hyper.  It's just his personality to speak before he thinks.  "So what's the plan for the weekend?"

I sigh.  I know what they are talking about.  If this was a normal weekend I'd be out drinking already.  Normally I go straight from the airport to the bar.  I don't stop at home until usually early the next morning.

"Nothing," I say.  "I've gotta have dinner with the parents tonight and I'm going to church with them on Sunday, but mostly I think I'm just going to stay at home with Tammy."


"Yeah."  Why does everyone think I'm insane for wanting to stay home?  I don't get it.  I need some downtime too and I'm trying to spend most of that downtime with her, out of LA and the prying eyes of Access Hollywood.

Vinny looks hurt that I don't want to go out with the guys tonight.  I don't know what to tell him, but my priority for the weekend is family and Tammy.  I can't add my friends into the mix until those other two things are taken care of.  Yeah it'd be nice to go out and see everyone, but after the last few days of drama with Tammy and the Oscars and all that I know I need to take care of business before I go off and have fun.

"You gotta go out with us at least once."

"Maybe."  I shrug and move around in the water.  "Maybe tomorrow night, but I can't stay out too long because I need to get to church in the morning.  Mom and Dad are wanting me at the service and at the Easter egg hunt."


I move towards the steps and start looking for a towel before I step out onto the decking around the backyard.  "I don't want to kick your asses out, but I gotta get upstairs and get a shower and get next door for dinner."  I glance up and see Tammy standing there watching us and try not to draw attention to the fact that she's up there.  "I'll give you a call tomorrow around lunch and see about doing something, even if it's just us over here with a few beers playing pool."

"Sounds good," Vinny says.  He's a really good guy when it comes down to it, but the both of them should know better than to just come over, especially when I haven't been home for so long.

I dry off and head into the house with the promise to call the next day and find my way back up the bedroom.  I expect to find her in the shower already, but instead I find her lying on top of the covers of the bed.  Her arm is flung over her face and she's not moving so I try to treat her if she's asleep and walk into the bathroom.

"Are you gonna take a shower?" she asks.

I turn back towards her.  "I thought you were sleeping."

"I thought I'd try my luck and see if I might be able to wait to take my shower and maybe join you."

I lift my eyebrows at the thought of having her in the shower.  I know she looks hot in that bikini, but taking it off her and having her in the shower with me is probably going to be even hotter.  "Join me?"

"You got a lot of sun on your back and you probably need to have someone wash it off."

I guess all the teasing earlier and the short session in the pool had put her in the mood.  Normally she's fairly aggressive when it comes to us being together sexually, but normally I'm the one that makes the first move.  "Really?"

"We haven't been together since before the Oscars.  With you doing promos and me working on that project and with the Olsen twins drama--"  Her hand moves up and plays with the strings of her bikini near her neck.  "--It just hasn't been right.  I'm almost afraid that if I don't take advantage of the moment I may not get some alone time with you for the rest of the weekend."

"Its a free country," he said, "If I was in LA I'd say that we need to conserve water or something lame like that, but if you want to take a shower with me then there isn't really anything stopping you."

She rolled a bit and looked at the clock.  "What time do we need to be over there?"

I watch her lazily and hope and pray that this isn't going to be a tease and that no one will come to the door.  I make a note to myself to lock the bathroom door once we're inside.  I'm not having my mother or father or anyone else come in and interrupt us.  "In a few hours."

"Good," she said, "Maybe after the shower we can soak in the tub for a bit."  She wiggles her eyebrows at me.  "We should find a place with a Jacuzzi tub in Los Angeles."

"We can kick JC out of his place for the weekend when we get back and use his tub."

Her nose scrunches up.  "I'm NOT having sex in JC's tub."

"So you're thinking we'll have sex in the tub here?"

Her eyes light up and I see her gaze go lower on my body for a moment.  I don't even realize what has happened, but when I move my hand to my shorts I can tell that my reaction isn't going unnoticed by her.  "Don't drool baby."  She pushes herself up off the bed and walks past me into the bathroom, shaking her hips a bit as she walks by.  "It's not a very becoming reaction to my suggestion."

By the time I walk into the bathroom and shut and lock the door I find her standing in the tub moving the shades next to the window down so just the skylight above is lighting the room leaving it with only natural light to show us the way.  I lean against the door and watch her walk towards the glass walled shower at the far end of the room.  She turns on the water, but doesn't let her touch her body other than what hits her hand as she checks the water temperature.

"Is there warm water?" I wonder if anyone made sure that the pilot light is on.  Everything else in the house is checked, but warm water really isn't on the list of things that the cleaning woman, Martha, needs when she comes to check on the place after cleaning up the house next door.

"It's getting there," she speaks carefully and smiles at me.  "How hot do you want it?"

"Jesus you're a tease--"  I almost groan out the sentence as I walk towards the shower.

When she steps into the water, facing me and letting the water flow over her body I step into the shower and close the door behind us.  The shower stall was about three times the size of what a normal one would be so there is enough room for us to stand there without touching each other.

"Baby--"  She speaks softly even with the sound of the shower running near us.  "Come on and get under here.  It's gonna feel good on your shoulders."

I shuffle towards her and we end up exchanging places so that my back is under the water and she's standing out  away from the water.  "You can turn on that other shower head."  I point to the knobs that are to the right on the shower and she smiles and starts working with them to get the right temperature.

"You're shivering."  I touch my hand to her back and she jumps a bit.  "Turn up the heat a little."

"I am."

"Seven--"  I reach around her body, hand sliding over the wet skin on her lower back, "Just come stand with me.  You're going to shiver all day if you stand over there."

When she's standing with me again we're front to front and even though we're both in our swim suits still it seems as if they aren't there.  Her arms wrap around me and holds me close, leaning her forehead against my chin.  She stands there for a moment before taking a deep breath.  "We should take off our suits and wash them out."

I nod and reach to the tie at my waist but find that her hands are already there so I reach behind her and move the strings of her top to untie them.  I lean and kiss her shoulder.  "You got some sun on your shoulders too."

"I know."  Tammy isn't normally a giggly kind of girl, but when I move my mouth to kiss her neck as I work on the other set of ties near her neck she lets out a laugh.  "I haven't been able to  sit out for a while.  I think I'm going to need to put aloe on my back and shoulders later."

"We can do that after the shower."

She has started to get nervous.  I can tell by the next thing she says to me.  "What should I wear to your parents?"



"Please don't talk to me about my parents when I'm about to undress you and make love to you in the shower.  It's not something I want to have in the back of my mind while I'm pressing you up against the wall--"

She giggled a little nervously.  "Against the wall?"

"Well if I had a bed in here I'd throw you on that--"  I try to make the comment light and funny, but truly I could pick her up right now and carry her out of the bathroom and into the bedroom and have her right on the bed, but somehow the scenario of having her in the shower is keeping me here.  "The shower floor isn't going to be a possibility."

Her swimsuit top comes free and I move it away from her body.  When I step back a bit to remove my bottoms she steps back also taking off hers too.  We stand there for a moment before she hangs her suit over the knobs of the unused shower head then hangs my suit over the shower head.

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