Name: Patty

Age:  Legal

Nickname:  pb, pg, Pat-Tay, pbmaxca

Location: Just moved to Chicago, IL from a town near San Francisco, CA

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 Thank Yous:

Thank Yous are always hard to write.  When people get up at award shows and have to look at lists of people to thank I totally understand what they are going through.  At the moment I'm having a hard time remembering everyone that has helped me over the last few years.  I feel like I want to thank everyone that I know even though most of the time they don't even know that they've helped me out...so here is a small list of people that have helped me with my writing over the last few months and some have helped with more than just what is on paper.


Ok...how can I thank you?  You've given me writing advice, internet space and a lot of other things that I can't remember, but surely appreciate.  There aren't enough ways to thank you for everything.  I love your writing and your friendship and your strange Joey and Chris obsessions.  The stories brought us together, but I hope that it's the friendship that keeps us going into the future.  One day you need to become a writer.  You are one now of course, but the rest of the world needs to see your stuff....so flash the world girl and give them hell!!!



You've been my friend for months now and were the inspiration that started the whole Twist of Fate Series.  Without your love of Justin I don't think that I'd be able to get enough material together about the relationship in Wasted Love.  I hope that what has started out as a Pen-Pal friendship will turn out to be something more in the coming years.  Just know that I'll be here for you always.  I think of you as my little sister now and I can't wait until you become a famous writer so I can say that I knew you way back when.



How can I write down all the things that you have helped me with.  Even though you are technically my "little" sister I feel like there are things that you have helped me with like a mother or a bigger sister.  The outside perspective you have on my life and my writing has helped me more than you know and I hope that I can return the favor when needed.  My quest of writing a Colleen/Lance story was to pay you back in a small way for all that you've done so I hope you like how it turns out...and if not tell me how to edit it...and how to add more John Mayer songs to it...hehe.  I hope over the next few years that the Three Musketeers--AKA..you, me, and Cherries--will have more good times and more good trips ahead.



You know when Bean told me that she thinks of you as a big sister I have to agree with that feeling.  Especially over the last few weeks and in the last few months I've become connected to not only your writing, but your friendship and I hope that there are many green apple martini's in our future.  I am amazed every day with the way you are so dedicated to your writing and the fact that you can be as connected to your characters as I am to mine makes me feel a whole lot better about my little writing obsession.  I just pray that the caffeine doesn't get you and that the CAPTAIN will get off his high horse and bow down to the "Cherries".



What would I do without your tales of Amy and Kyle and your hubby to keep me going.  You've always had a kind word for me and have helped along the way to remind me that the people that read my stories aren't always who you'd expect them to be.  I hope your fiction section only grows and grows.



Even though you are new to my writing world I have to thank you for your dedication to writing feedback.  You're the best about remembering to write and its because of fans like you that I've kept writing through all the drama that's going on in my life.



I know it's strange to thank another author that I don't even know that well, but I have to mention her.  She's kept me not only entertained, but has taught me a lot.  Her writing inspires me to write more, not just because she's got the reputation around the FanFic world, but because of the craft that she uses when constructing her stories.  I may not have been a big fan of the way the hype around Lyn has been handled, but the talent in those pages can't be ignored.